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Posted by Sara Khan (Birmingham, Uk) on 09/10/2010

Hey guys read your comments and I thought I would clarify it is spearmint NOT peppermint tea. You need to drink two cups a day for 5 days in order for testosterone levels to decrease. Hence, not good for men!!! There are many websites which will explain the spearmint tea. However, I can recommend alum powder and rose water. Mix the two and apply with cotton wool on areas where hair is removed. This should be washed after 15 minutes... (but some may keep it on longer about an hour max) This will overtime reduce the growth of unwanted hair and coarse hair will reappear as fine hair and may eventually disappear overtime. The alum powder and rose water formula has worked miracles for many I know!!! Good Luck

Posted by Drpeprchick (Durham, Ontario) on 03/30/2010

I think spearmint tea is what you want to try.

Posted by Beth (Dublin, Ireland) on 03/28/2010
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Hi Nw ,I also suffer from really coarse hair on my chin, I have been taking peppermint tea now for about 3 weeks (2 cups per day)I have not seen any improvement, as yet!

Could you tell me what blackstrap molassses is? please.
Thanks Beth.


Posted by Nw (New York, Ny) on 02/09/2010
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I read on ec that excessive hair growth can be treated with blackstrap molassses and spearmint tea so i tried. i couldnt find spearmint so i got peppermint. its been 2 weeks and i cant believe the difference! I drink the tea 2x/day but am kinda lazy about the molasses. I used to have to "pluck" EVERYDAY because the hair on my chin was so coarse. its been so frustrating for so long and i think ive finally beat it. I bought the sand paper type thing they sell for unwanted hair just to get the few light hairs off that were left and now my face is so smooth, it has to be the tea...

Posted by Missg (Columbia, Ky) on 12/13/2009

I order my spearmint tea bags off the internet. I live in a rural area and it is hard to find specality items in the local stores. I take 3-4 tea bags and put them in a 10 cup coffee maker. I fill the coffee maker up with water just like I am making a pot of coffee. After the tea is brewed I take a 2 qt pitcher and pour the hot tea in it. I then add some type of sweetner to taste and fill the pitcher up the rest of the way with water. Then I leave it in the refridgerator to cool. I usually make a pot every day. I can tell a big difference in my facial hair if I skip a day or two. If I remember correctly it took a couple of weeks before I could notice a difference when I began using it. Good Luck!

Posted by Kay (In The Valley, Ca) on 12/12/2009

Do you take fresh spearmint and make a tea or just buy the spearmint tea in a box at the store? When you say 1 to 2 quarts a day, how many tea bags or spearmint leaves would that be? Thanks

Posted by Miss G (Columbia, Ky) on 12/11/2009
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I had a horrible problem with facial hair for a very long time. I read somewhere that spearmint tea would help reduce facial hair. I began 1-2 quarts of spearmint tea daily. I was so surprised to find that my facial hair disappeared! I am a firm believer in drinking spearmint tea. I also found out that if I skip a day or two of drinking the tea that my facial hair would come back. Spearmint tea along with tumeric has also helped reduce the amout of boils that I have!

Posted by Becky (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/10/2009

Mint tea for Hirsutism : This is not something I have direct experience with, but I have heard of a remedy for women with extra hair growth that is not listed here. It is spearmint tea! Yummy, right? You can probably find more info by googling it but I heard an herbalist talking about how mint tea will lower testosterone in women. Apparently it can start working within a week, drink two cups of mint tea a day. If anyone tries it please share your experience. Sounds like a really easy remedy to try. :-)


Posted by Lisa (S. California, Ca, Usa) on 11/18/2011

You have to take ENTERIC coated peppermint oil. Straight peppermint is way too strong to put into the stomach. Peppermint increase the gastric juices in the stomach, so it needs to bypass the stomach and get into the intestines. Peppermint relaxes muscles, ie intestinal muscles.

If I have a sudden attack and need IMMEDIATE relief, the capsules are NOT the answer. They take awhile to start working. For immediate relief, try peppermint tea ( will make you sleepy) or Altoids. With the Altoids, I usually eat around 10-15 in a 5 minutes period and it helps A LOT.

If you get stomach pain, eat some food with it or eat some DGL LICORICE chewables/lozenges from iherb. The taste is not great but it gets rid of stomach ( not intestinal) pain.

Posted by Mel (Kobe, Japan) on 11/10/2011
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A friend had success with these but said you need to take them for a few weeks before getting results. That said, they didn't help my IBS-D.

Posted by Lisa (S. California, Ca, Usa) on 04/11/2011
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I've been struggling with IBS and Celiac for a long time. I still get cramps even though there is no more gluten ( or hidden gluten) in my diet.

I found a softgel that has peppermint oil, fennel and ginger in it from iherb. Wow, do these things work great and really tame the tummy!!! I finally have some relief! I take 1 at night and one in the morning. If I still get painful cramps, I take another one. They don't help with diaherra though.

They are a bit hard on the stomach at first so take with a bite or two of food until you get used to them.

Posted by Butterflycari (Heber City, Ut, Usa) on 03/06/2011

One thing I notice is you have to get the ENTERIC COATED peppermint oil capsules. I have had really good results by using these and usually one dose is sufficient.

Posted by Natasha (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 02/12/2010
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I tried peppermint oil capsules for my severe IBS C and they gave me a severe attack. They are way to strong for my sensitive stomache sadly.

Posted by Moises (New York, Ny) on 11/02/2009
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I have tried enteric-coated peppermint oil capsules numerous times and they had no effect on my IBS.

Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 06/21/2009
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I had no success with the Peppermint Oil. Although I've tried Caprylic Acid, and alot of it, that had no effect either.

I have some kind of fungal infection, probably candida, could be a different fungus though. I've had success with two things so far:
1. Mega-Garlic (to the point that you smell offensive).
2. Coconut Oil (2 TBSP, morning and evening)(this is a bunch of calories, though). I'm sold on the coconut oil

I suspect mega-iodine (see Sporotrichosis for doseage) may help, but I can't confirm yet. Iodine is twice as strong of an antibiotic as Chlorine, less toxic, disolves starches(and yeast), and heavy metals. I've seen some success in the mouth with iodine, where success has been dificult to come by.