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Lugol's Iodine

Below are a few of the most popular Lugol's Iodine posts on Earth Clinic, which we have pulled together for you from our ailments and remedies sections.

Discover how Earth Clinic readers used Lugol's for conditions like acid reflux, molluscum contagiosum, plantar warts, sinus Infections, COVID-19, ear pain, tinnitus and deafness, and more. One reader details important companion nutrients you should take with Lugol's iodine supplementation.

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Where to Buy Lugol's Iodine

Amazon has very reasonable prices for Lugol's Iodine. We have used the J. Crow's brand (3%) for many years with great success.

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Acid Reflux

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Posted by Michelle (Mcarthur, Ohio) on 04/14/2013

I am happy to say that I have had fantastic results with using The Lugol's Iodine for my acid reflux. I have suffered for years with this ailment and I have had so many prescriptions and special diet restrictions. I can't believe all this time I have been iodine deficient and that was the cause. I took a few drops a day and slowly built up my dose, taking a few days off here and there.

After a couple of weeks, I realized I was doing better and about a month later I haven't had any problems with my stomach at all.

I have had problems with stomach aches since I was a child. This is revolutionary for me. I am telling absolutely everyone about it!

Replied by David

My guess is that you were not iodine deficient.

Most acid reflux is in some way related to low stomach acid, which fosters the growth of bacteria or fungus (candida), and the iodine was knocking that out. Make sure your thyroid is functioning properly since that is one of the causes of low stomach acid. You can also supplement in the meantime with betaine/pepsin, or use apple cider vinegar with meals to keep stomach acid up. Remember that stomach acid is the gateway to whether or not microbes enter or proliferate in your body. Proper stomach acid is essential to keeping healthy, and after 30 years of age, we lose stomach acid to the point of having almost none when we get a few decades older. Also, remember that acid reflux is not having too much stomach acid, it is having it in the wrong place, ironically, low stomach acid causes the valve at the stomach to not close properly and it results in acid coming into the esophagus.

Replied by Laurel
(Virginia Beach, VA)
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I have Lugol's but haven't been taking it bc I read that It should be taken alone (an hour b4/after other supplements). Will someone please weigh in on this. Thank you!


I never take it past 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I decided to nebulize a couple of drops around 6:00 pm the other night and was up till 2:00 am; nebulizing definitely distributes systemically. As to taking it alone, I don't know that I did when I was taking it because now I just nebulize it so I don't have to worry about when I take supplements.


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Posted by Luann (Indiana, USA) on 10/23/2020

My husband and I both came down with the Covid-19 symptoms and after a few days I knew we had it. So I did some research on Lugol's Iodine 5% solution and this is what we did.

We both used 6 drops of this type of Lugol's liquid solution in our morning cup of coffee, then put 6 more drops into a glass of water, was just plain well water from our faucet and we drank this twice again during the was a total of 6 drops in coffee or water 3 times a day.

The coughing stopped on for both of us within an hour or so of taking the drink and by the fourth day the coughing hadn't came back, as well as the headache and body aches, fever, chills, just feeling totally rott'in and we felt completely well.

We didn't stop taking this for fear the virus would come back on us so we took this amount daily for a couple of weeks more. And we had no reaction from this amount of Lugol's iodine other than it killed the virus for us quickly and easily and we had no ill side effects from using it. I am not telling you to do this but just relaying my experience with using the iodine.

By the way, I'm 67 yrs old and my husband is almost 70. I read up on using this Lugol's Iodine 5% solution and many years ago this was the preferred method of healing as it kills better than any antibiotic. It said it was used for and kills viruses, bacteria, parasites and they have been researching it and say it's being used for cancers. So do your own research on it and don't believe all of those nay sayers, I didn't and I'm so glad that I used it. To each his own I guess.


Ear Pain, Tinnitus and Deafness

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Posted by Jacqueline (Devon) on 11/27/2016

I posted previously about this subject under ear infection.

I got an old eye drops bottle - tiny. Cleaned it and put 1/4 of Lugol's (I used 7%) but 5% will be ok. Fill up the rest of the bottle with cooled, boiled water and then stick the dropper bit back on. I put 3 drops, into the ears 3 times a day for the next 4 days and the pain from a severe ear infection, tinnitus and deafness all vanished, never to return. That was several years ago and it still hasn't returned, and had suffered every year, for many years, and it was untouchable by antibiotics. It should work against a fungal infection, too.

Lugol's is always in my cupboard. I also got rid of a urine infection last year with it.

Replied by Cris

Lots of great info here. Regarding %, skin, etc. Iodine does not have a liquid state. It sublimes from a solid to a gas. If you apply lugol's, a mixture of elemental Iodine (the dark colour) somehow suspended on alcohol and potassium iodide dissolved in water( clear solution preferably super saturated I think) you will notice that it (the dark colour) disappears over time. The rate at which it disappears depends on how lacking in iodine your body is. If you have adequate levels of elemental iodine (not the KI) it will disappear slowly as your body seems to only assimilate what you need and the rate of disappearance is slow as sublimation to the atmosphere is the main removal of the Iodine. If you are low and most in Australia are, the dark colour will disappear slowly. So if you are concerned about toxicity, time the initial application and see if the time decreases. Personally, I use 10% (occasionally) without any problems. I also keep KI for use in preventing and curing, particularly, air transmitted infections via a few drops of supersaturate. Apparently KI can cause more problems if overused, but I have not seen any indication in myself or my farm animals whose basic remedies are Iodine, Vit C injection, cayenne pepper, etc.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

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Posted by Brianna (Devon, England) on 06/03/2015

Ah, Fibrocystic Breast Disease:

I know I shouldn't say this, but when I hear of a woman complaining about this, part of me gets really excited because I LOVE the satisfaction of being able to present her this cure that works 100% of the time (very few things are 100%, but this is).

If you're suffering from Fibrocystic Breast Disease, it could indicate that you're at high risk of breast cancer. Don't worry! This is an easily rectifiable problem. It's most likely that your body isn't producing sufficient estriol levels (a component of estrogen) to maintain breast tissue (which is what's causing your painful boobies! ) and low estriol levels are linked to breast cancer.

The trick is boosting your estriol levels.

Iodine is an amazing way of doing this and I can see that many people here are advocating it. But something that these people are unaware of is that they're taking it the wrong way.

Iodine is essential for the function of our thyroid gland, however, this isn't going to help your estriol levels, which is key in rectifying painful cystic breasts. What you need is for the iodine to go to the ovaries to stimulate estriol production. If you're swallowing iodine, virtually all of it is going to go to your greedy thyroid before it reaches your ovaries.


Saturate a cotton swab in iodine (not iodide) and swab your vagina.

I kid you not, within minutes, you'll notice a dramatic difference.

Repeat twice per week until the disease goes away (usually in about 6-12 weeks).

If you're a chronic-sufferer of FBD (Fibrocystic Breast Disease), maintain with an oral supplement of 10-12mg of combined iodine/iodide (since the thyroid is more dependent on IODIDE and also plays a part in FBD).

It works every time. I hope this helps! :)

(This will not work if you've had your ovaries removed, sorry.)


Replied by Jeroen


Please note that iodine has great potential to burn skin, or even easier burn mucus membranes. For ordinary transdermal use 5% is really max, and some people even experience burning skin, rashes, etc. iodine on the skin will go into the bloodstream, so becomes systemic.

I suggest the skin of the upper legs and the belly. if you must go for the vagina, I suggest to go to max. 2% lugs solution. nurture the skin with coconut oil directly after iodine application. it is easy to dilute your Lugol's iodine at home, dilute it with preferably distilled water. Double the volume to half the percentage.


My gynecologist didn't even suggest iodine! I was given pain meds, birth control. Nothing helped the severe pain I had and swollen breasts. Being in a moving car was misery for me.

I just happened upon an article about iodine and used Lugol's two percent on each breast. It's was a miracle.
I then found out I was hypothyroid, why this wasn't taken care of or diagnosed by my gynecologist or doctor I have no idea!

Now educated, I was severely hypothyroid!

I have never been burned by iodine and have use 5 per cent on my skin quite often.

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You can get equally effective results taking iodine/iodide orally. I like mine in pill form which is Iodoral but Lugol's is good too. Be sure to take the companion nutrients of selenium, magnesium (not the oxide form), vitamin C and salt.

(Illinois, USA)
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And I got my sore, lumpy, swollen breast back in line with 10% povidone iodine (betadine). After reading about iodine and breast cancer, I stopped reading long enough o use it. It was the only iodine I had. And when I smeared it over my sore breast, lumpy, swollen breast, it soaked in and disappeared almost instantly, the first time, and after doing that a couple of times, it was no longer sore and barely lumpy at all!

I test it on my wrist throughout the day. If it disappears, I reapply to the breast.

(Illinois, USA)
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Just a note - started taking a teaspoon of ACV in filtered water run through the coffee maker into a heavy glass measuring pitcher (to tone down the heat). 1 tsp of ACV, about a 5 count squirt of raw honey and a couple pinches of salt - morning and evening yesterday and morning today and the skin on the breast is taking iodine in again like crazy after it had slowed to not being absorbed for about 4 hours.

The swelling in the breast hadn't gone down completely and it felt like there was something more, like behind the breast, and after the ACV, I felt something happening and some discomfort coming from behind the breast and moving toward the armpit and NOW, I have a definite walnut-sized lump on TOP of the breast and some discomfort below the breast, on my side! It's like the ACV is breaking whatever it is up and now the breast is taking iodine in very quickly again!

Ordered some Lugol's but it hasn't shipped yet as I've been using povidone iodine - can't wait to see what the Lugol's will do! I'm going to add a couple drops to my morning ACV tea! It's so fascinating and VERY exciting!! Gonna go make another ACV tea and take a 12.5mg iodoral and see what happens!

Replied by Jessica
(Toronto, Ontario)


Yeah, taking iodine helped to decrease my breast pain a lot (not completely! ) But I ended up getting Hashimoto's disease. Please if you're going to take iodine, take it in small doses so you don't end up like me.


I have read to reduce the chances of thyroid damage from using Iodine supplements, you need to take selenium. I forgot where I read that at but I trusted the source at the time. I use that technique to this day.


I believe that's why Asian women have low occurrences of breast cancer....they eat lots of see vegetables, like nori (sushi) which is very high in iodine.

(New York)

I used it dorall all as well in tablet form after I discovered lugols painted on worked miracles. Then I had my thyroid tested and was found hypothyroid. Why my gynecologist and doctor couldn't figure this out for me, have no idea.

I suffered for a couple of years in pain and lumpy breasts, given useless medication.

Replied by Clare

The cure that mentions using iodine on the vagina with a that the inside of the vaginal canal, and how much iodine do I use?

Lugol's Iodine Companion Nutrients

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Posted by Lauren (Tucson, Arizona) on 01/17/2015

Iodine has wonderful health benefits and you must take the companion nutrients along with it in order for it to be beneficial -- otherwise you will most probably have health problems. It is imperative to add this information and information on the salt loading protocol to the main description of iodine on this earth clinic site, to avoid people having problems with iodine and perpetuating the myth that iodine is bad for you. Please, if you have privileges to do that, do your research and add information on the the hyper-importance of the companion nutrients and salt loading to the description of iodine.

The companion nutrients are: selenium (200 to 600 micrograms); magnesium (400 - 600 milligrams); Vitamin C (3,000 to 10,000 milligrams); 1/2 teaspoon unrefined salt per day. If a person has autoimmune thyroid disease they would add Vitamins B2 and B3 - 100 mg riboflavin and 500 mg niacin, 1-2x per day. (People with autonomous nodule (toxic nodule) of the thyroid should not take iodine, so it is important for people with thyroid nodules to find out if the nodule is caused by Graves' Disease or a toxic nodule (Toxic Multinodular Goiter) -- see Grave's remission case report on

If you want to avoid the flush from niacin (the flush is not a health problem, but some people prefer not to experience it), then go with the niacinimide form (inositol hexanicotinate); stay completely away from the "timed release" or slow release forms of B3 as they have caused problems.

Iodine, which is very good for health, is in the same category of elements as bromide, chlorine, and fluoride, which are toxic to the human body. This category is called halogens -- they all go to the same receptors in our cells. We are surrounded by the toxic halogens, contained, for example, in our water supply and in things like flame retardant on mattresses. If a person has toxic halogens stored in their cells, when they take iodine, the iodine will begin to displace the toxic halogens, kicking them back into the bloodstream, and then the kidneys will excrete them through the urine. If the toxic halogens start hanging out in the bloodstream for a while before the kidneys can excrete them, they can cause a whole host of detox symptoms, so it is important to know that taking half a teaspoon of unrefined salt in 8 ounces of water, followed immediately by 12 ounces clear, filtered water will help the kidneys flush the toxic halogens right away (the sodium binds with the halogens). See for the salt-loading protocol as well as a list of bromide detox symptoms and iodine-literate practitioners. This is one reason why some people get confused and think they are "allergic" to iodine -- they take iodine without companion nutrients or without doing the salt push should they experience bromide detox.

One way to avoid detox symptoms altogether is to take one drop of 5% Lugol's solution per day, along with the companion nutrients, for one week. The next week increase to 2 drops per day, and so on, until reaching 16 drops per day, which is 100 milligrams of iodine. Another way, which I am less familiar with but which is described at, is to start right away with 16 drops of Lugol's 5% (100 milligrams iodine) or iodine in pill form, per day. Some people have experienced freedom from asthma using that dose. See curezone for that info as well as the other conditions that have iodine has affected positively. It can take quite a while at 100 milligrams (or more) per day to reach a state of iodine sufficiency. The length of time it takes depends on how ill a person is, for example it might take 6 months for a healthy person, or 3 years for someone with cancer. Once sufficiency is reached, the protocol is to drop down to a maintenance dose of, say, 50 mg per day.

Good sources of information on iodine are (lots of medical articles),, which has a free download guide to supplementing with iodine, and the iodine yahoo group. offers iodine testing.

Molluscum Contagiosum

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Posted by Wiesewose (Cairns, Australia) on 08/14/2010

My 5year old daughter had a severe case of molluscum contagiosum. She started with about 10 of the warts on her buttocks, and they started multiplying and spreading very fast. Within a year she had I estimate over a hundred all down her legs. And my 3 other children started to get them too. I freaked out. Twice I went to the doctor, and both times he told me to let it run its course. Yeah right; that was what I did for a year and look what happened! And what if it spread to my newborn baby? My daughter was getting self conscious, you could see them on her legs under her school uniform. I had to do something. I tried ACV, clay baths, a product from the chemist for warts, Epsom salts and olive oil mixed with lemon myrtle essential oil, or even pulling them out with tweezers. Nothing worked.

I then tried Lugol's iodine, and the little buggers started to crust over after 3 days of applying Lugols twice a day with a Q-tip, and when the crust fell off, nothing was underneath!

You could actually see the white center (that is the virus) soak all the iodine up and look like a blackhead, YEAH! That's exactly where the iodine needed to go. Within one month all my children are Mollusum free. You cannot describe the relief I feel, I have to share that.


Multiple Cures Reported

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Posted by Epeach (Ga) on 02/13/2018

I wanted to update my success from use of Lugol's Iodine Protocol and other healthy ideas I have found on E.C.

I began using Lugol's and companion nutrients 7 month's ago. Starting with 1 drop of 2 percent until I reached 20 drops.(please read protocol here on E.C.) I tried to change my diet, but was injured and now at the mercy of my husband and children for purchasing and preparing most of my food. Anyway, I have been indulging a little in sweets, fried foods, and breads. I did eliminate diet soda. I only use the water purifier from the fridge. Hopefully, because we have city water, I will be able to get a good one for the entire house, soon.

I also use 1 tblsp. ACV (for weight control and kidney stones, which I have passed 3 pain free), lemon/lime in each glass of water, baking soda, and Borax (had a terrible anxiety attack 2 days ago from it and my face broke out, badly!?). I take a borax/Epsom salt bath each day. I stopped taking P*x*l for anxiety and OCD, 4 months ago, after slowly tapering (1/2 dosage of 1 pill weekly, until completely eliminated), began using a non-fluoridated tooth paste, and switched to sea salt.


I am never tired during the day. I used to come home from work and take a nap, and sometimes sleep right through to the next morning!!!

My face is clear of acne. (except, that one day)

My seasonal allergies do not bother me, anymore.

Food allergies are not as aggressive. (Dairy)

No more breast fibrosis.

Goiter gone.

Toe nail fungus gone...fingernails not completely cured, but nails not afflicted, are long, strong, and healthy.

Frequent headaches gone.

Hand blisters gone (I believe a fungus).

Energy restored.

Gray hair (light amount) turned back to original color and thinning hair grew back healthier. It turned very dark/reddish for the first 3 months after beginning protocol(?) I was born blonde.

Eyebrows grew back to outer edges of eyes.

Several moles have disappeared. (external use of Lugol's)

Brain fog lifted most days. (I still suffer with bad weather)

OCD tendencies are reduced.

No need for reading glasses. Dr. said my vision actually improved!
Emotions in check, for the most part. (situational)

Avoided all colds/flu/viruses that my family suffered.

So as you can see...E.C. posters (THANK YOU)...I am restoring my health without the use of Modern Medical Doctors! Did I say thank you?

Plantar's Wart

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Posted by Liv (Bonn, Germany) on 07/01/2018

Lugol's Iodine for Stubborn Warts

I had a really nasty plantar wart on the ball of my foot for 5+ years. I tried many many things to get rid of it and nothing worked (prescription and natural remedies), and was contemplating having it cut out because it was very painful. Then I read somewhere on the net that Lugol's iodine worked. I scrubbed the wart down in the shower with a pumice stone till it bled a bit, then put a big drop of iodine on the wart and let it fully soak in, then covered it with duct tape. I did this repetitively every 3ish days and after about 3 weeks, the wart turned black and then fell out a few days later. It was really like a miracle after years of annoyance.. If it worked for me, I'm sure it will work for you! Probably a bit more powerful than ACV and banana skin methods I reckon. Best of luck to you:)

Recommended Iodine Articles

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Posted by Bodulica (Barrie, Canada) on 03/03/2022

Excellent article on iodine!

Sinus Infections

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Posted by Kathy (Florida) on 10/26/2013

2 drops of Lugols 2% in 8oz. water in a Sinus Rinse bottle (neti pot) cures sinus infection within 24 hours.