The Power of Medical Cannabis: Healing Properties and Benefits

| Modified on Jul 11, 2023
Cannabis Leaf.

As more states and countries legalize medical cannabis, its therapeutic uses are increasingly recognized. With a history dating back to ancient Chinese practices, cannabis has been utilized for its soothing and hallucinogenic properties to treat various conditions. Today, its medicinal applications are more widespread than ever.

Understanding Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis refers to the use of the cannabis plant and its extracts for treating various health conditions. The cannabis plant comprises three distinct species and has long been used for producing fiber, hemp, seeds, oils, and medicines.

The plant contains specific components called cannabinoids, which give it therapeutic properties. Two of the most prominent cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis has been found effective in treating a wide range of health conditions due to its active ingredients. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Reducing nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing chemotherapy or those with AIDS.1
  2. Alleviating pain, muscle spasticity, and multiple sclerosis symptoms.2
  3. Improving appetite in patients with poor nutrition, nerve pain, seizure disorders, Crohn's disease, and insomnia.3

Potential Side Effects of Extended Cannabis Use

While medical cannabis offers numerous health benefits, it can also cause potential side effects, which vary depending on the length of use. Some common side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, short-term memory loss, and euphoria. More severe side effects may include anxiety, psychosis, liver disease, heart and blood pressure problems, depression, and panic attacks.4

In conclusion, medical cannabis is an herbal remedy with specific chemicals that can relieve and treat pain and various illnesses. When used appropriately, it has excellent therapeutic potential. However, like any other treatment, it may also come with potential side effects that should be considered.


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2 User Reviews
5 star (2) 

Posted by Stevie Lynn (Lala Land, Ca, USA) on 04/08/2013

I am new here, and I was very surprised to not find any mention of medical marijuana in the cancer remedy section. Medical marijuana has come a long way from somoking a joint to relieve the pain of glaucoma (though that is a remedy that I have heard from several patients works better than any other), or eating a magic browing to increase appetite in chemo patients...

Until recently most of the limited research that has been done in the US has been on the compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the active canabanoid that causes you to feel high upon cannibus consuption. Dr. William Courney, the leading researcher in medical cannibus, has isolated a previously unknown cannabanoid CBD (cannabinol) that is showing lots of promise as a cure for cancer and many other ailments. Strains of cannibus are even being developed that have a higher CBD to THC ratio and they do not even make you get the crazy head high that you get from THC. When you use Dr. Courney's prefered method of juicing, there is no high assoiated with it at all.

I am not very computer savvy, so I do not know how to post links, but if you type Dr. William Courtney MD into Google you will get enough info to keep you reading for days. He also has several very good lectures on Youtube.

Noteworthy cases are those of his wife Kristen, and he also recently cured two small children who were sent home to die with terminal brain cancer.

I am fully aware that marijuana is illegal in most places, however if you are sick and have the money to do so, moving to a state where it is legal could be a possible option....

In any case, it never hurts to be educated. I encourage you to learn as much as you can and educate others... Marijuana is a mirical plant that has many uses. The only way things will ever be changed is by education and by remembering to vote (assuming our votes count).

Before you write marijuana off as a drug, please concider this: when it was determined in supreme court that lifeforms could be pattented, the first pattent on a life form that the US Gov took for themselves was marijuana.

Replied by Fabio
(Campinas, Brazil)

There is a wonderful documentary about this called "Run from the Cure". It's posted on youtube for those who are interested.

I agree... Cannabis has obviously been demonized on behalf of special interests. Think about it: when was the last time someone for consuming it? IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED.

Now think in terms os aspirin, alcohol, table salt, chemotherapy, antibiotics, cortizone, allergy medication, etc... it's insane! We just need to go back to common sense.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

They found some leaves in a four thousand year old mummy, who they thought was a shaman. We seem to have come a long way backward. The herb never killed anyone. It's probably the one main herb that the human brain has specific receptors for. It's good for so many things, and I don't mean just getting high, that there must be a reason for its demonising, probably vested interests like so much in the pharmaceutical world.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, USA)
2063 posts

I was, as a young man, fortunate to have used Cannabis recreationally with very little negative effects. The worst situations can occur in bad company, although in good company it can form deep interpersonal. And then there's the mildly psychedelic effect that can transform an otherwise mundane experience into something quite mystical or transcendental. An afternoon in a pristine natural environment with a beautiful setting sun, at sundry times arouses the greatest passion and tears flow in wonderment. It's those peak moments that fills the mind with love and courage that are held as priceless for a lifetime. This is why, in certain circles, Cannabis is considered a sacrament.

Replied by Mary
(Arcadia, CA)
49 posts

I would like to ask you a question. I don't smoke marijuana except once many years ago. I was on a boat with my boyfriend at the time. He had some maui wowie weed that his friend brought from Hawaii it was a very red color.

He rolled a rather large joint. We were smoking and watching a monster movie at the same time. He kept saying over and over, "wow that's scary, man that's scary." I looked up and noticed that the mast seemed to be going back and forth rather fast. It scared the heck out of me and I started to scream with tremendous fear. I ran up the ladder, we were in the cockpit.

I tried to drown myself. But he grabbed me and gave me coffee and orange juice. I started to cry, then I wanted to laugh, then I wanted to dance. I never forgot that. But that terrible feeling of panic stood with me. I now have severe panic attacks and depression.

Was that because of my mind or the way my emotions are. I was beaten by a brother who was mentally ill when I was a child. My life had been hell for over 15 years. I had a brain aneurysm that was clipped about 13 years ago and have pain in my head and neck from time to time. I also have osteoarthritis that is quite painful. Can I try cannabis or not I don't think I could repeat the same scenario now that happened to me years ago. Thank you and God bless you all. Mary

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Mary,

I am sorry to hear of your physical and emotional suffering! I am hopeful that there will be a natural solution for your pain.

I think that in your shoes, I would hesitate to try cannabis given the strong reaction you had in the past to an herbal narcotic. Herbs do affect people differently...Mullein is a gentle and safe herb, but I have one child who is allergic to it.

If you haven't seen Earth Clinic's arthritis pain page(s) you might be encouraged by the natural remedies that many find helpful. Also, many of these remedies are going to the root of the problem to eliminate pain instead of just making it less noticeable.

I think the easiest thing to start with is Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw. 1 Tablesoon in a tall glass of water once or twice a day. You can start with less and work up to that. It has helped so many people.

Also, I would try a magnesium supplement, which has helped some with arthritis and also is calming. A couple of us in my family use Natural Calm daily.

Plenty of water is very important. Pain is worse when you are dehydrated. Also, I find that coffee and sugar seem to make arthritis symptoms worse. I am not necessarily saying to completely cut them out, but perhaps use them quite moderately.

Please keep us posted and I hope you will be feeling better soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Denise

Dear Mary-I had a terrible first experience with cannabis, though without any attempts to hurt myself. While young (17) and naive I was with a bunch of friends and finally got stoned after previous unsuccessful attempts. Basically, I went through awful hallucinations, panic, paranoia and throwing up. It left me very shaken and for the next three years I had serious panic attacks. Looking back on it now (aged 62) I realize I toked too much and too deeply. I'm pretty certain I got WAY too much THC in my system and found myself in over my head. It sounds to me as if it's likely the same sort of thing happened to you. I plan to give Cannabis another try for health/spiritual reasons. THIS time, though, I'll be using Cannabis I've grown with a high CBD/low THC content. Also plan to take 1-2 tokes, then wait 15 minutes to see how my body reacts. I will have black peppercorns on hand along with lemon or orange peels. If I feel myself panicking while smoking, chewing on any of these will help to immediately calm things down. I will also be careful to be in a familiar, cozy setting with 1-2 close friends and my Husband. We will all be there to enjoy it together and support and help each other if things get a bit scary, though I don't expect that this time around. Do a bit of research and see if an approach like this makes sense to you. Best of luck to us both!

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Denise: Your post is a very good example of the mentality, approach, or methodology of Cannabis use.

First, as with any plant sacrament, it is best to grow or harvest for one's personal use. Many are the train-wreck reports from adolescents that purchased their MJ from drug dealers who also have hard drugs like meth, cocaine, and heroine on hand. Talk about bad karma! This is one big reason decriminalization and regulation is to the consumers or general public's safety & advantage. Imagine for a moment, your adolescent boy or girl buying a small amount of MJ from an illegal dealer associated with the underground criminal enterprise/cartel and saying: "oh, would you like to also buy some meth, coke, or heroine". This must come to an end, endangering the lives of our youth. Of course, a properly managed & staffed dispensary is all the science & hard work already accomplished (with little or no bad karma! ), and one is good-to-go instantly!

Yes on starting out with high CBD & low THC, and potency is very important as "smoking" is not the healthiest option, so also consider "vaping" to greatly reduce harmful effects of combustion. The leftover plant material will contain very little THC but usually lots of CBD, which if extracted properly, can be used as an oil or tincture.

Also, the Indica strains are far more relaxing than the Sativa strains. Sativa are on the other end of the spectrum to excitability. So you can choose the correct strain for your personal situation.

Also, a deficiency of Lysine, Magnesium, and Vit-C will allow for many of the negative side-effects of smoking MJ, like red eyes and panic attacks.

Now one can enjoy the many benefits of Cannabis healings of body, mind, and social illnesses. What Joe Cocker realized and vocalized way back in 1969 at Woodstock --"Beautiful". Peace & Love!

Posted by Pattycake64 (Senimole, Oklahoma, Usa) on 12/09/2011

I am a 40 year nurse. I have never used cannabis but am very familar with its effects from my patients. I work as a hospice nurse for 5 years at one point. I had a bone cancer patient. He was in the last stages of the illness. He refused to have morphine or any other medication normally used. He told us he had a little patch out back and he would take care of his pain. He never had nausea and vomiting. He never had pain. He never had depression. He never lost his appetite. He lived 9 months longer than the doctors had expected. Let's legalize this herb.....

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Posted by JJ (AZ) on 07/11/2023

I am interested in your take on "Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome"... it this a real "thing"? Or is it from long term use (I have smoked very low dose almost nightly for around 15 years)... that may have affected the thyroid function...

My enjoyment from use changed fairly suddenly around a year ago... no longer slept well, and my stomach/guts developed issues... I had been under a LOT of stress for the last two years before things changed...

Blood work all normal, except for slightly elevated hematocrit and very low Free testosterone. I quit for 7 months, felt a bit better but not completely... smoked a little the last 10 days and felt pretty rotten...
Is this the bitter end of my cannabis use?? I had hoped the long break would re-set things...

Any feedback would be appreciated and I will not consider any of it as "medical advice"... Thanks!!


2 User Reviews
5 star (2) 

Posted by Trudy (Flint, Mi) on 09/03/2014

I know this is controversial, however, I love this site and want to share my findings of this controversial remedy I found that is curing my dad's type 2 diabetes.

See, I found a site that said cannabis infused coconut oil (crockpot cooked for at least 3 hours I do 10 hours together under 225 degrees) cures the pain of fibromyalgia and since my step mom had fibromyalgia I wanted to try it to see if it helps it. I am a MMMP card holder.

Well my step mom no longer has pain in her hands from fibromyalgia but I didn't stop there. I had my dad put the cannabis into capsules and ingest it. He lost over 80 lbs. and has dropped his sugar level points from 11. something down to 7. something and it is only getting better. The accepted blood sugar level is 4. He has been taking it for a bit over a year but now he doesn't have to take the 2 half doses of the insulin shots during the afternoon times. He only takes his full dose in the morning and at night. Now he adds about 6 pills a night to his bottle of insulin. This saves my dad about $40 a month in the medicine and the instruments to give the insulin.

My dad is 68 years old and contracted diabetes around 40 years old. I am expecting by summer of 2015 he will no longer need any insulin.

Before my dad tried this remedy he was using all he could get from the medical community and before the end of the month he would run out of the testers and the insulin he desperately needed. His sugar levels sky-rocketed to 400 and even 500 sometimes as a normal reaction of not maintaining the levels. The medical industry will only give the ailing of diabetes a certain amount and beyond that they say "You are not eating right and need to keep your sugar down." Well that doesn't matter at the end of the month when you are about ready to die from the disease.

As I said my dad's levels are now maintained and getting better every day. His levels never shoot up to bad levels anymore and mostly is between 75 - 115 which is awesome for a sugar diabetic.

Since he was not a pot smoker this pill was a bit potent for him at first and he only started out taking one a day and has worked up just recently after about a year to 6 tablets once before bed.

As a bonus the oil that is made when creating the coconut oil soaked in cannabis trimmings is a miracle cure for other ailments.

My dad had a car accident before I made the oil and had injured his leg by the shifter going into the leg. The doctor tried to heal it for over 1 1/2 years. The first batch of oil I made my sister took over to my dad's and put it on this infected leg being ready to get amputated because it wouldn't heal and getting worse because of his diabetes and it was cured over night.
Arthritis/back pain
It works on pimples, cold sores, senile warts, and GH complex.
It works on Psoriasis, Eczema and other skin ailments…
It has helped 2 people get rid of tumors. One lady was stage 3 with a 7 inch tumor in breast. Because of the stigma that calls this SUPERFOOD a 'drug' she did not want people to know she was taking it including her husband. SO she got the radiation pills needed to start the traditional therapy by doctors but also took the pills and applied the oil to where the tumor was at on her body. She did not finish her first round of radiation pills. Her tumor had disappeared.

The other person I am not sure what stage she was but she just downed a 2 oz. bottle of the oil before going to rehab. Her doctor said she had a tumor hooked to her backbone. I hadn't seen her in about a year since she did this and found out that her doctor went in to do surgery to 'get the cancer' but there was just remnants of it left. He told her he feels it will not come back. :) It is a cheap and easy remedy. As easy to make as a roast without the cutting up of all the vegetables you put into the roast. It is simply 2 food ingredients so please if you can let's work together to make this SUPERFOOD turned back into a food instead of incorrectly categorized as a 'drug'. Drugs do not cure things they mask things…

Replied by Diane
(Sherborn, US)

Where do you get this product? And how do you make it.? I don't quite understand your explanation. Sorry. I am very interested as I have a condition that would likely be resolved with this protocol. Thank you.

Replied by Deborah
(Riverview, FL)

How much coconut oil and cannabis do you use? I have chronic pain everywhere from 36 years of rheumatoid arthritis. I got excited when they passed the CBD oil, but now they say it can't be used for pain! Thanks for the help. Deborah

Replied by Carly
(Wa State, US)

Hi Trudy,

That was an interesting post. I am glad your dad is doing so well!

Question. Any chance you could post more on the directions on how to make the cannabis infused coconut oil? Amounts of each, and how to store and how much to use Internal/Externally? Thanks! :-)

Replied by Shara

My sister smokes marijuana to keep her seizures at bay. She says it takes about three days of not smoking before the seizures come back.

As far as infused oil, I have a recipe I use and this community is welcome to it (thanks for all the remedies!! ):

Melt coconut oil in double boiler if it is not already in a liquid state. I use a larger pot with water in it, and place the smaller pot with the coconut oil inside of that pot. Mix in trim or broken up bud. You need just enough oil to submerge the herb, but feel free to use less herb or more oil if you want something less potent. Put on low/medium heat, just enough that the water simmers, but not a violent boil. I left mine on for about 30-45 minutes, watching it (very important) and mixing it, keeping an eye on the color of the oil. The finished product should still be green, maybe with a tinge of gold/brown. Please don't cook it until it's solid brown. I worry that the oils get broken down when it is over-heated or over-cooked.

Strain and enjoy. This oil can be used for edibles or taken straight. Always use caution with edibles. Too much can make for a bad experience.

Replied by Malia
(Idaho, US)

What is the exact recipe for the coconut oil and cannabis recipe?

Eating Disorder

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Snicklefritz (Rome, New York) on 07/28/2011

I have found cannabis to help me put an end to my eating disorder. A few years ago I became somewhat obsessed with self-image and was comparing myself with photoshopped models. I developed an eating disorder, was militant about counting calories, I was anorexic for about a year and to be honest looked quite skeletal. I have my familly to thank for bringing me to the realization of the issue. But my personal self-will to eat thankfully began again by cannibis use. I also became more happy and confident in myself.

Therefore through my experiences I find cannabis to be a very helpful cure for eating disorders, minor to moderate insomnia episodes, minor to moderate depression episodes, and stress.

General Feedback

7 User Reviews
5 star (6) 
1 star (1) 

Posted by Bob (Houghton, Mi) on 04/01/2015

The "weed never killed anybody" thing is redundant. We all know this! It is not a conversation that changes any nay sayers minds, just something for stoners and patients to feel good about. The conversation needs to be elevated in order to progress with the movement.

General Feedback
Posted by Airzone (Mississippi, Usa) on 03/27/2014

Just wanted to share this > The United States owns a Patent on Cannabis cures!

The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC)

General Feedback
Posted by Kentucky / Colorado (Dangersmith) on 11/25/2013

Go to facebook and search for "Justin Koozer" and read about the family's fight for their daughter's life using medical cannabis. Suffering from Aicardi syndrome causing 200-300 seizures a day and how medical mirajuana helps. This should give you a different perspective.

General Feedback
Posted by David (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 03/25/2012

Hi there, couldn't find your cannabis section when looking under remedies. Where might I find it? I wanted to add a link about a Dr. in California that is using the raw plant not the smoke or ingested plant, medicinally. Here is the link:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

EC: Here is the cannabis section under "herbs":

General Feedback
Posted by Tizzababe385 (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 01/17/2012

YEA: I personally used to smoke a lot of cannabis, not necessarily for healing, but I learned a lot about how it can be healing and how it helps physical and emotional pain. A lot of it has to do with how much and how often you smoke. Obviously, you are not supposed to smoke it at all. Eating it can be very strong, and needs to be taken in small dosages.

If I was suffering from a serious condition such as cancer or something like it, I would definitely resort to cannabis if that meant helping and possibly living a lot longer. Correct me if I'm wrong, but nowhere have I ever seen anything saying consumption of cannabis is fatal. In large amounts it can have some negative memory effects, but I doubt the people using it medically are using it in that way. The reason people are so scared of it is because it's illegal in most areas and/or they have never tried it. It is sad because it is all natural, unlike a lot of medicines today. Millions and millions of people have had it. Don't judge what you have never tried for yourself. You'll never know until you do. It's obviously not for everyone, but if it means saving you a lot of discomfort, pain, nausea, etc. then by all means what are you waiting for??

Replied by Carol
(Bridgetown, Barbados)

I do know that when you burn the cannabis and you get the ash and put it on a cut it heal the cut or if you have ringworm in your skin mix it with some petroleum jelly into a paste put it on the ringworm and it does get healed, I also boil it and give it to my daughter when the dr say that she is asthmatic and she no longer have asthma. This is about twenty years that she is healed. She is thirty years old now.

Cannabis is a herb that God created just like any other herbs it is not to be smoked. Smoking does defile your body, I do not know why people have cannabis as a crime if you are caught with it. Probably someone smoke it find out it get you feeling high, they like that feeling, pass it on to someone else then people that try smoking it, like it. Then someone decide to sell it, then they find out that can get you rich so someone in a higher position decide to make it illegal, so they can become rich. But as I say that God created all herbs for the healing of the nation.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Carol (from Bridgetown, Barbados ), I've never heard of it being used any other way than smoking but as you said it is a herb that God created so thanks for the info. Some people smoke it to relieve their severe continuous pain, would you know if drinking the water the Cannabis has been boiled in helps with pain? Thanks.

Replied by Chris
(Essex, Vermont)

The active ingredient in Marijuana is THC and is not water soluble. It must be broken down with an oil for the body to get any effect from it.

Replied by Stevie Lynn
(Lala Land, Ca, USA)

What Chris is saying is true in all but one case, and that is ice water extraction hash... Also known as bubble hash... But this is very strong and concentrated.... however if you make it with a herb that has a higher CBD than THC ratio, than you can have a concentrate that is high in healing properties that will not make you high or as high, depending on the THC content of the plant. Many people find it tastes pleasing and eat it straight, or use it to make glycerine based tinctures.

General Feedback
Posted by V Qiong (Kampong Cham, Cambodia) on 10/18/2011

Yea, even though I don't use or have any apparent need for it now, I am all for Cannabis legalisation after having read much about its medicinal efficacy online, especially after listening to Rick Simpsons on you tube and much more.

General Feedback
Posted by Holly (Portland, Or) on 04/05/2011


I'm VERY surprised that Cannabis is not listed here, depending on the state you live in, it can easily be a "home" remedy b/c you can often grow it yourself. My husband is a Doctor for Medical Marijuana, and is the son of a woman who's life has been distroyed by chronic back pain and pain killers... and the resulting depression/weight gain.

He has begun polling patients and found that 100% said their back surgery either worsened their condition or did nothing to ease the pain. Cannabis reduces inflammation and helps localize the pain so it doesn't radiate over the body and can be put into easy dose capsules. It also helps with mood issues that may have been caused by the condition.

It is all natural, and has no negative side effects. It's not a CURE for back pain... although is curative for some other problems.

EC: Dear EC-ers,

All in favor of a new remedies page on this topic, say YEA.  Not in favor, say NAY.

Thank you!

Replied by R.
(Dallas, Texas, Usa)

Hell yeah! I guess that would be a YEA!

Replied by Annie
(San Bruno, California)
Replied by Donna
(Drexel Hill, Pa)

Yea on the cannibus page. Lots of info out there supporting its healing properties.

Replied by Knute
(Sacramento, Ca)


Why? Well, take a look at one of many, many reasons by doing a google search for 'Smoking just one cannabis joint raises danger of mental illness by 40%'

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa)

First of all, I am not a pot smoker (since my High School days anyway, wich were a long time ago).

I did a web search on the term you listed.

I see MANY websites with these results, but not a single documented case of RESEARCH that was done listed on any of them.

Please name the source of such wide claims?

Where were these "studies" that were done and when they were performed?

In my opinion, much more information would be needed to believe such claims. Heck, if one out of seven people I smoked pot with in HS became schitzophrenic... Well - I would know one hell of a lot of mentally ill people!!!!

PLEASE - Look at the web SOURCES you are quoting. If there are no bonafide hospitals or universities listed... Well.... that says a lot.

Just my OPINION.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

After my last post on the subject - I realized I didn't actually post a vote."Yeah". I would like to see this as a topic. Interesting stuff -Thanks!

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

I give a resounding YEA. Even though I do not use marijuana and can't see myself ever using it, I feel the topic is an important one. I believe that we should put all the info. on the table and let people choose what is best for them. If, indeed, the danger of mental illness is raised by 40%, then the earth clinic family can warn us of the side effects they have encountered. At the same time, we will have the opportunity to hear the good results others have encountered. Let's not silence those who do not agree with our limited thinking. I truly believe this forum should be a safe place for people to share their experiences, yea or nay, for the good of all of us. Thanks, Kay

Replied by Heather
(Jerusalem, Israel)

To all those wanting research on Marijuana/Cannabis, please note the following post:

D'Souza DC, Pittman B, Perry E, Simen A. Preliminary evidence of cannabinoid effects on brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels in humans. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2008 September Epub ahead of print.
Schizophrenia Biological Research Center, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven, CT, USA.

the scope of the above paper publised 3 years ago is that smoking pot depleted the BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) - it was a double blind study. A person who has lower levels of BDNF will have a predisposition to depression and other mental disorders.

and YES this should be known. I agree. Thanks for all the wonderful info!

Replied by Earth Clinic

Thanks so much for the input, everyone. A new remedies page has been created and all posts in this thread moved to the new page.

Replied by Archimedes
(San Diego, Ca)

Seriously? We are publishing one stinking big corporation funded study to judge the medicinal value of canabis? This whole site is for PEOPLE to help each other with remedies of all sorts that may no tbe available through modern medicine. I have a cousin who uses canabis FOR DEPRESSION. All her life she struggled form one med to another and then finally began using canabis. All I can say is she has lost 50 pounds, she glows with happiness and it is very clear that she has found the correct medicine for her condition. I saw the crazy side effects of antidepressants on several family members, not good, not good at all. For those of us who know that nobody is going to seriously study a plant that can be grown at home and gains them no profit. Wake up folks, listen to your peers not the elitists.

Replied by Zan
(Trinidad, California)

I will add another YEA! To the vote for a cannabis page. And thanks for a terrific site.

Replied by Spirit Bear
(Minto, N.b Canada)


Before prohibition Cannabis was considered by MANY to be a Panacea (meaning Cure All)...

Cannabis has strong medicinal properties for a wide range of diseases, which is owed to it's THC content and Cannabinoids (various chemicals in the plant that have a healing value)

If you just google "cancer and cannabis" you will find NUMEROUS studies showing that cannibinoids AND thc are both effective and inhibiting Cancer growth.

Furthermore, there is a long list of diseases which Cannabis can cure or at least give relief from (whether smoked, vaporized, eaten, or made into healing oil for skin conditions etc)

Here's just a short list (all backed by research) :

Chronic Fatigue

The pharmaceutical companies probably find this both detrimental and promising (depending on the outlook). Eventhough they've begun to use chemicals from the cannabis plant in over the counter medications, it's detrimental to their business for us to have the knowledge that we can simply grow and utilize the plant ourselves without having to buy anything from them. Plus, in my view the whole plant should be utilized, not just certain selected phyto-chemicals. (the synergy is important)

At any rate, knowledge about the cureative properties of Cannabis (ganja, marijuana, etc) is growing amongst the general population. Already, many people utilize it for medicine where it's legal for medicinal use. So, I think it should definately have it's own remedy page. Why not? :-)

~ Spirit Bear

Replied by Georgie
(Rapid City, Sd, Usa)

Does anyone have any feedback on hemp hearts/seeds? I would be interested in hearing about anyone's use of those. Thank you.

Replied by Crystal
(Salyersville, Ky, Usa)

YEA!!!! I have an autoimmune disorder and fibromyalgia... And suffer from chronic fatigue. I would love to hear more on this subject because I have yet to find any medicine that has been effective for my conditions.

Replied by Camanokat
(Camano Island, Wa)

I am replying to the cannabis thread. Your readers may want to look at as it has thousands of studies of medical cannabis cures.

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I don't know where everyone who commented here really got their information. But this is what I have learned about cannabis. Refer to this link

The part of the plant that gets smoked is NOT curative. It is the oil that is extracted out of the bloom part at the top that is what is actually very, very healing and big pharma wants it clouded over, just like all of the other natural cures that come from the earth.

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Lyn, I never said it cured me or any of my ailments! It helps with the side effects! Also part of what I smoke is the "the bloom part" that you speak of. Sometimes it is so sticky because of the heailing oil that you speak of! So you may want to study more than just one you tube video before you start criticizing others! Another thing you may want to know is the oil in the blooms comes form the roots, stalk, stems, and leaves, inwhich residue of the oil still remains!

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I am seeing a lot of debate about the uses of cannabis and the proper parts of the plant to use.... I have lived in Nor Cal for 8 years and I have done extensive independent research... The best I can tell, all parts of the plant in all of the plants many varieties and forms have value... Different parts and compounds of the plant are valuable for different ailments... and the best, most heathy way of consuming it as a preventative or a cure is by juicing the leaves of juvanile plants or CBD heavy strains made into a glycerine based tincture.

Dr. William Courtney recently cured a baby sent home to die with a massive brain tumor. CURED. You can see the full story by looking him up on YouTube or Google.

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Please talk more about the health benefits of Cannabis. I know some use it for recreation but this is a health form. For God's sake. Let's learn more. Too many of you are for what the government always complains about. I want to get better - how about you?

Hemp Oil

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I came across this site as a result of reading the FaceBook page of a well respected doctor. Thought you might be interested. The capsules looked good, although I don't know about the absorption rate. Seemed to be high quality. I have no financial or any other interest in this company.

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Of all the plant or natural medicines I have used over-the-yrs, Hemp/CBD Oil is in the top tier of all-time best. Laws concerning Hemp are very out-dated and are currently undergoing reform with new legislation.

For all USA residents, Hemp products are currently in the range of expensive in terms of cost for consumers. The reason for the high cost of H products is that most H products are imported from countries where it is not considered an illegal plant and is grown as an agriculture crop.

Please read more and support legislating Hemp as a legitimate agriculture crop and open the barn doors in terms of availability & affordability for consumers, as well as supporting local farmers.

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Most CBD Oil is derived from the hemp plant and is being used as a holistic alternative to prescription drugs to relieve a wide range of health issues. CBD Oil is 100% organic and the farming of Hemp is regulated by government standards. There are still hurdles to clear because some states want to declare it illegal. CBD Oil does not have any of the psychoactive properties of THC. It is clear that more education is necessary in order for CBD Oil to become THE alternative to opioids for treatment of many medical conditions. There are currently 23,000 documented research studies on the medical benefits associated with CBD Oil and even more research is being conducted to determine the effects of using CBD Oil to help relieve symptoms of Lupus, Parkinson's Disease, ALS, MS, Diabetes, seizures, certain types of Cancer, Depression, Anxiety, even certain types of addiction. Hemp is projected to be a multi-BILLION dollar industry within just a few years. I have been using it to treat anxiety and I ended up quitting smoking! I quit cokd turkey after 30 years; no withdrawals and no mood swings. I was ready to quit, so my results may not be typical, but WOW!!


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I am 65 have been using cannabis in different forms since I was 15. Don't take my word for truth just google Raphael Mechoulam THC he is from Hebrew university and researched cannabinoids for over 40 years. Cannabinoids are the greatest Anti-inflammatory natural substanse known to man. He says 'there is hardly a biological system in which one or the other derivative of cannabis does not participate'. Youtube has all lectures of Dr.MECHOULAM.

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Hello there have you heard of the above cure all please see attached video files

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This is a website for the cure for cancer among other things. This gentlemen has been trying to get this information out, and has cured the cancer patience who came to see him. If you or someone you know has cancer or other issues such as head trauma, epilepsy, depression, heart conditions, high blood sugar or diabeties and many more, check out this link, . For those of you that believe the bad hype around canabis, please do some research yourself on the internet and ask yourself why we were created with Canabaniod receptors!

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