Cannabis Cures and Side Effects

Posted by Shara (Kentucky) on 12/31/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My sister smokes marijuana to keep her seizures at bay. She says it takes about three days of not smoking before the seizures come back.

As far as infused oil, I have a recipe I use and this community is welcome to it (thanks for all the remedies!! ):

Melt coconut oil in double boiler if it is not already in a liquid state. I use a larger pot with water in it, and place the smaller pot with the coconut oil inside of that pot. Mix in trim or broken up bud. You need just enough oil to submerge the herb, but feel free to use less herb or more oil if you want something less potent. Put on low/medium heat, just enough that the water simmers, but not a violent boil. I left mine on for about 30-45 minutes, watching it (very important) and mixing it, keeping an eye on the color of the oil. The finished product should still be green, maybe with a tinge of gold/brown. Please don't cook it until it's solid brown. I worry that the oils get broken down when it is over-heated or over-cooked.

Strain and enjoy. This oil can be used for edibles or taken straight. Always use caution with edibles. Too much can make for a bad experience.

Posted by Trudy (Flint, Mi) on 09/03/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I know this is controversial, however, I love this site and want to share my findings of this controversial remedy I found that is curing my dad's type 2 diabetes.

See, I found a site that said cannabis infused coconut oil (crockpot cooked for at least 3 hours I do 10 hours together under 225 degrees) cures the pain of fibromyalgia and since my step mom had fibromyalgia I wanted to try it to see if it helps it. I am a MMMP card holder.

Well my step mom no longer has pain in her hands from fibromyalgia but I didn't stop there. I had my dad put the cannabis into capsules and ingest it. He lost over 80 lbs. and has dropped his sugar level points from 11. something down to 7. something and it is only getting better. The accepted blood sugar level is 4. He has been taking it for a bit over a year but now he doesn't have to take the 2 half doses of the insulin shots during the afternoon times. He only takes his full dose in the morning and at night. Now he adds about 6 pills a night to his bottle of insulin. This saves my dad about $40 a month in the medicine and the instruments to give the insulin.

My dad is 68 years old and contracted diabetes around 40 years old. I am expecting by summer of 2015 he will no longer need any insulin.

Before my dad tried this remedy he was using all he could get from the medical community and before the end of the month he would run out of the testers and the insulin he desperately needed. His sugar levels sky-rocketed to 400 and even 500 sometimes as a normal reaction of not maintaining the levels. The medical industry will only give the ailing of diabetes a certain amount and beyond that they say "You are not eating right and need to keep your sugar down." Well that doesn't matter at the end of the month when you are about ready to die from the disease.

As I said my dad's levels are now maintained and getting better every day. His levels never shoot up to bad levels anymore and mostly is between 75 - 115 which is awesome for a sugar diabetic.

Since he was not a pot smoker this pill was a bit potent for him at first and he only started out taking one a day and has worked up just recently after about a year to 6 tablets once before bed.

As a bonus the oil that is made when creating the coconut oil soaked in cannabis trimmings is a miracle cure for other ailments.

My dad had a car accident before I made the oil and had injured his leg by the shifter going into the leg. The doctor tried to heal it for over 1 1/2 years. The first batch of oil I made my sister took over to my dad's and put it on this infected leg being ready to get amputated because it wouldn't heal and getting worse because of his diabetes and it was cured over night.
Arthritis/back pain
It works on pimples, cold sores, senile warts, and GH complex.
It works on Psoriasis, Eczema and other skin ailments…
It has helped 2 people get rid of tumors. One lady was stage 3 with a 7 inch tumor in breast. Because of the stigma that calls this SUPERFOOD a 'drug' she did not want people to know she was taking it including her husband. SO she got the radiation pills needed to start the traditional therapy by doctors but also took the pills and applied the oil to where the tumor was at on her body. She did not finish her first round of radiation pills. Her tumor had disappeared.

The other person I am not sure what stage she was but she just downed a 2 oz. bottle of the oil before going to rehab. Her doctor said she had a tumor hooked to her backbone. I hadn't seen her in about a year since she did this and found out that her doctor went in to do surgery to 'get the cancer' but there was just remnants of it left. He told her he feels it will not come back. :) It is a cheap and easy remedy. As easy to make as a roast without the cutting up of all the vegetables you put into the roast. It is simply 2 food ingredients so please if you can let's work together to make this SUPERFOOD turned back into a food instead of incorrectly categorized as a 'drug'. Drugs do not cure things they mask things…