10 Ways to Use Colloidal Silver

Jul 18, 2017

Colloidal Silver Health Benefits

The element silver has been known to have health benefits long before the microbes they work against health were even discovered. Did you know that silver has been used medicinally for over 6,000 years?1 This natural remedy has been historically used to treat burns and wounds and purify water. Silver flatware, plates and cups were used by royalty as they were believed to reduce the incidence of disease.

With the invention of antibiotics the use of silver in medicine became nearly obsolete. However, those who pursue alternative methods of health have continued to use silver to treat bacteria, viruses and fungi. Burn and wound dressings that include silver are making a come-back as their effectiveness is again being valued.

Silver is effective against a variety of pathogens. One of its particular benefits is that it can be used internally and externally. It is also commonly used in the ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Its broad range of uses makes it quite handy to have around. Making your own colloidal silver has become popular among those who prize natural remedies because of  its history of effectiveness in addition to the very low cost of this simple remedy.

External Use of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a wonderful natural remedy when used externally. It is not messy and is nearly tasteless.

Ear Drops

Colloidal silver can be used as an ear drop for ear infections or painful ears. Simply put 5-10 drops into each ear several times a day or as needed.

Eye Drops

As an eye drop, colloidal silver can be used to treat pinkeye (conjunctivitis.) It should only be used twice daily for two days. If the infection has not cleared at this point, consider a different remedy.


Colloidal silver can be used to treat a cough by putting it into an empty nasal spray container. You then spray the spray into the mouth towards the back of the throat while inhaling sharply. Try at least three sprays at a time and repeat several times a day.

Sinus Rinse

A Neti Pot can be used to deliver colloidal silver into the sinus cavity to treat a sinus infection. At first the silver may burn but the sting passes quickly. If you do not have a Neti Pot, you can use a straw eye dropper to drip colloidal silver into each nostril. The fastest way to use colloidal silver in the sinuses is to put a little puddle of silver in your palm and snort it up into your sinuses. Used 2-3 times a day, a sinus issue is usually resolved in a few days.


Gargling colloidal silver can bring relief to a sore throat or tonsillitis. Gargle colloidal silver several times a day or as desired.

Mouth Rinse

Swishing colloidal silver around the mouth can eliminate infection and bacteria that can cause bad breath.


Colloidal silver can be sprayed onto wounds as a natural antibiotic. A spray is also useful for topical fungal infections like ringworm and athlete's foot.


Colloidal silver, made into a poultice, can be applied to bee stings and skin infections. Simply saturate a clean cloth and secure to the area of concern with a bandage.

Internal Use of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is commonly used internally to treat infections, colds, influenza, bladder infections, the stomach virus and food poisoning.

When using colloidal silver internally, it is preferable to use colloidal silver instead of ionic silver. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to ascertain which products on the market are which.

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Colloidal Silver for Pets

Because it is not messy or unpleasant tasting, it is a wonderful remedy for pets as well. Pets can benefit from topical use of colloidal silver just like their owners. Additionally, it is easy to add to their water for internal dosing. You will find more information about using colloidal silver for pets on this page.

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