How to Use Colloidal Silver for Pink Eye: Benefits and Safety

| Modified on May 14, 2024
Colloidal Silver for Pink Eye.

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is a common condition that causes inflammation of the conjunctiva - the thin, transparent layer of tissue that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and covers the white part of the eye. It can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or allergens and is characterized by symptoms such as redness, itching, swelling, and discharge from the eyes.

Colloidal silver is a suspension of tiny silver particles in water used for centuries as a natural remedy for various health conditions, including infections. Some people use colloidal silver to treat pink eye, either by applying a couple of drops directly to the eyes or by ingesting it orally.

Colloidal Silver for Pink Eye

One of the main reasons people use colloidal silver for pink eye is its purported antibacterial and antiviral properties. Silver ions have been shown to have broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against a range of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses that can cause pink eye. However, the effectiveness of colloidal silver against specific pathogens may vary depending on factors such as the concentration of silver in the solution, the size and shape of the silver particles, and the mode of application.

Another reason people use colloidal silver for pink eye is its anti-inflammatory properties. Silver has been shown to reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, contributing to the redness, swelling, and itching associated with pink eye. In addition, silver nanoparticles have been shown to promote wound healing by stimulating the growth of new cells and tissue.


  • Simply drop 2-3 drops of colloidal silver into each eye. Always treat both eyes when one is infected.
  • If the eye infection is not resolved within two days, you should try a different remedy. Colloidal silver is not suitable for long-term use in the eye.

In conclusion, while colloidal silver may have some potential benefits for treating pink eye, there is currently insufficient scientific evidence to support its use as a safe and effective treatment. If you suspect you have pink eye, it is important to seek medical advice from a healthcare professional who can recommend appropriate treatment options based on the cause and severity of your symptoms.

Have you used colloidal silver for an eye issue? We would love to hear from you!


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7 User Reviews

Posted by Janet (California) on 01/19/2017

I too had conjunctivitis a few years ago. My MD gave me 2 rounds of antibiotics to treat it. It wasn't getting any better and she was about to give me a prescription for a third round. Going home, I remembered the home-made bottle of ionic silver I had in my closet. Not having anything to lose, I sprayed in on my eye a few times over the next day. I was amazed at how quickly it cleared up!!

Pink Eye
Posted by Hoppimike (Kent, England) on 06/06/2015 26 posts

I found that colloidal silver worked well for an eye infection. I researched it a bit online and most people said it was fine.

I made sloppy CS, with mineral water, 9V batteries and a couple of 99.99% silver rods. Then I just used a dropper to drop a few drops of CS in my eye. It worked pretty fast and the infection cleared up. I couldn't tell you the exact strength, but yeah, that's my story!

Pink Eye
Posted by Ejules (Woodbridge, Us) on 03/31/2013

My family discovered Colloidal Silver over 15 years ago and it's been a staple in our first aid kit since then - both liquid and gel. We've had success with using it as many others on this site report.

Last year I got "pink eye" (conjunctivitis infection) in one eye and unfortunately for me I used the Dr's prescription first. Wow! The pain from the Rx was 10 times worse (and at multiple times a day for several days) than the infection itself. Now, whenever I feel either eye feeling strange in ANY way, I put a few drops of silver sol in it and the eye is relieved almost immediately. I'd highly recommend this for babies and small children instead of torturing kids with an excruciating Rx (Sorry, I don't remember the name of the Rx.)

Pink Eye
Posted by Cari (Glasgow, Ky/usa) on 01/09/2012

I have cured pink eye in horses in a couple of days. My neighbors had cows with pink eye at the same time and treated them with stuff from the vet. It took about 2 weeks for their cows eyes to clear and some of the cows took longer. I've used this in my own eyes too when they have been bloodshot and felt irritated and the red goes away in minutes.

Replied by Hannah

How much did you use on your horse? My horse has conjunctivitis and since I use colodial river on my own eyes I figured Id give it a shot on my mare...

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Hannah,

I would try a few drops of colloidal silver in each eye twice a day for two days. If that doesn't work, try a chamomile tea wash in each eye daily for a few days.

~Mama to Many~

Pink Eye
Posted by Amy (Beaver Dam, Wi) on 08/14/2011

I have used colloidal silver for my daughter's pink eye and it worked great. I just used two drops in morning and night. After a couple of days it cleared right up. Colloidal silver is one of the items I always keep on hand, so helpful for so many things.

Pink Eye
Posted by Anna (Charleston, Sc) on 06/21/2010

I, too, once had pink eye and didn't want to go to the doctor since I didn't have health insurance at the time. My mom (a registered nurse) recommended that I try a few drops of colloidal silver in my eyes upon waking in the morning, and again at night before bed. The first day, I put 2 drops in each eye 3 times, and when I woke the next morning, my eyes were about 95% better! They were no longer itchy, red, or watery, but still felt a little sore. So I kept my contacts out for another day and continued putting colloidal silver drops in my eyes and was completely back to normal within 48 hours. I now use it orally for an overall immunity boost, and still use it in my eyes occasionally when my seasonal allergies flare up...a definite must-have in my opinion!!

Replied by Crystal
(Bristol, PA)

Can you use the same bottle after using the drops in my affected pink eyes or would I need to buy a new bottle if pink eye pops back up later?

Pink Eye
Posted by Lilly (Brunswick, Maine) on 04/12/2007

Hi. I recently had a bad case of conjunctivitis which was not going away and lasted about two weeks. I purchased colloidal silver, sprayed it into my eyes two to three times in one day and it was gone the next!!! Great stuff and so is your site----thank you so much