How to Use Colloidal Silver for Itchy Skin

| Modified on Dec 01, 2023

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Posted by Ingo (Pattaya, Chonburi/Thailand) on 03/30/2009

Even though I live in the tropics I often caught a flu. When I got wet in a rain and I could not change my shirt and dry my hair, inevitably I had a stuffed nose the next day, sometimes even with fever. Then some years ago I came across 'Colloidal Silver' [CS] on the internet. I ordered from US a water distiller and a colloidal silver maker. Since then no more flu. When I get wet now in a rain I just take a sip of CS, repeat this every 2-3 hours. What happens is when the flu virus attacks I have to sneeze, which is proof for its presence, I drink CS this is the end of the story. They say that CS kills more than 600 different germs, including fungi. I also use CS externally. That's how I got rid of my dandruff and fungus on my chest. BTW it also works like magic on insect bites, the itching stops almost immediately.

Itchy Skin
Posted by Sally (Washington, USA) on 04/12/2007

Well, let's see if I can describe this without being too unladylike. I had some kind of terrible itching "down there" which I think first started out as the result of an abrasion that wasn't healing properly, and then got worse because of a reaction to the ultra cheap toilet paper at work. This was getting worse over the course of several weeks.

I got some relief from colloidal silver applied topically. I did that for a couple of days and it was helping. Then I mixed some colloidal silver and some tea tree oil with some aloe vera gel, and applied that, it was way too strong, but even though it had a warm sensation and I wanted to rinse most of it off right away it gave immediate and lasting relief from the itching. The next day I took some of the too-strong mixture and diluted it in some unscented lotion (Nature's Gate brand, very mild). I have been using that for a couple of days after showering and it is amazing how effective it is. No more itching and everything is healing nicely. Worked great. Hope this helps someone, I sure love this web site, trying to tell others about it too. Thanks!