How to Use Colloidal Silver to Improve Immunity

| Modified on Jan 07, 2024

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Posted by Donna (Toronto) on 01/04/2016

I would like to just add here my personal experience with colloidal silver. A couple of years ago I started looking for a method to improve my immune system. In the past, I used to get sick with every cold or flu that was around. It always started with a sore throat (my weakest point) and developed into a serious illness without exception. Headaches, stuffy nose, ear and throat infections were the norm.However, the worst symptom was losing my voice for a couple of days.

I tried different things found on the internet but many of them proved to be just snake oil.

Until one day, when I found information about colloidal silver and most importantly about how to make my own. At the time, after trying so many other things, I decided that I have nothing to lose if I tried this as well, so I did.

Since then, the moment I feel a sore throat coming on I immediately take a mouthful of it, keep in the mouth as long as I can and then swallow it. I haven't been sick with the cold or the flu at all. I also feel much better in general. My theory is that if my immune system doesn't have to constantly fight the cold or flu viruses, it can actually do its job and work on other health problems that I probably have.

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Posted by Paro (India) on 09/25/2015

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from India - _/_ Namaste :)

I am new to this site and this is my first post. I happened to see this website when I was doing some search on the curative properties of H2O2. However, it was the section on Colloidal Silver that caught my eye. It was an Aha! Moment for me.

Just thought I would update you on an ancient Indian practise.

As soon as a baby is born in to an Indian household the close relatives gift items of Gold and Silver to the baby.

Gold is gifted in the form of jewelry - chain for the neck, finger rings, ear rings, bangles, waist chain.

Silver is presented in the form of utensils - Plate, Bowl, Spoon, a specially designed container for feeding liquids.

The baby is adorned with all the various gold jewelry and fed using the Silver articles.

Similarly as people get older the veterans eat and drink using Silver utensils.

Want to guess why?

Most of the NewGen in India (including myself) think it's a ritual and have discontinued the practise. Most are unaware that both Gold and Silver dust called 'bhasmam' is used in ancient Indian medicine.

I now realise how intelligent my ancestors were.

Its a well known fact that the immunity of babies and the old are low which makes them susceptible to sickness.

Rather than use Gold and Silver dust in medicines to cure people after they fall sick, why not take a preventive approach? Wear Gold and eat/ drink from Silver so that micro quantities of both are available to the body on a continuous basis for protection against disease. Smart eh?

Replied by Mary

Here in the USA, when using sterling silver for eating, the silver pieces must be dated before 1935 after that date they made the sterling with too much copper.

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Posted by Ryeman (Rye, Co ) on 11/10/2014

The effectiveness of CS isn't "proven" because natural remedies, in general, aren't studied because there simply isn't any profit in it.
I have never taken CS but I know a lady in her mid to late 80's that swears by it. She drinks a small cup of it every day and is convinced it is what keeps her healthy.

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Posted by Kate (Hervey Bay, QLD) on 03/21/2009

colloidal silver has been wonderful, i take about a tablespoon neat, i hold it under my tongue as long as possible, gargle then swallow it. i have'nt been near a doctor in almost 6 months and it was only two years ago i almost died from respirtory problems. i even give it to my cat, i took her to the vet thinking she had cat flu, the vet told me she was ok but she continued sneezing, coughing and vomiting. now nearly 3 months of giving her colloidal silver she is much improved.