How to Use Colloidal Silver for Cellulitis

| Modified on Dec 01, 2023

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Posted by Jemmren (Cobbora) on 02/26/2016

A few years ago I developed Cellulitis leg ulcers right up to my knee, and I had a terrible time with side effects from antibiotics then I found Earth Clinic...a literal lifesaver!! From many posts from long time users of Colloidal Silver, I purchased my own colloidal silver maker and all but the original ulcer, were cured over a 10 day period by taking 1/4 cup ( 5 tablespoons) Colloidal Silver every 2 hours, and spraying the entire area the same.. In the medical profession there is an almost ridiculed disbelief of Silver C and one site that reinforces that belief system is Webmed, which most GP's use..

In November last year we had a massive heatwave here and in the space of a week, 3 people got bitten by Wolf Spiders, including myself.. In a normal person , 5-10 days is the normal healing period... with my compromised health problem, I'm still battling the infection in my other leg..but the most wonderful relief is obtained by spraying the biofilm with Silver C..

Biofilm apparently, is a film of nasty germs over a wound like a canopy, and also the part exposed to the air.. Without Silver C, I would be leg-less literally because of the sheer negativity of doctors against the wound care that is available.. When I was working, it was costing me $48 per 1100 kms of Silver C and I was using 2 bottles per week..

Now I'm unemployed and make my own to 16 ppm and still spray it on , only now I drink it as well as spraying it, sometimes using up to 3 litres per week.. After leaving it to stir, using the purest drinking water available, for about 12 hours, I strain it with 2 coffee filters in a funnel and straight into my old brown glass bottles ( from SC bought at health food shop).

Had I relied on doctors and antibiotics, as I did previously for over 3 yrs, I would be a really bad statistic in the health system. I've had to refuse doctors and nurses touching my leg due to non washing of hands or poking at it with those wooden tongue depressors because they have told me I will lose my leg... The stats prove it apparently! Silver C stops that..

Years ago I lived in a mining town where electricity was non existent and hygiene a definite risk factor yet many of the older residents were sprightly and very rarely got sick .. Their secret ? Silver Colloidal made with a couple of batteries and wires.. Very, very basic units and also a lot of the European migrants thrived on the stuff, giving it to their animals for everything from spider/ant bites to chronic chest infections.. None died and today are still walking around, many in their 80's and 90's which testifies itself to the health benefits of Silver C...

We in the western world have been a bit slow to catch onto this marvellous stuff but please be assured that if Silver C is strained it is perfectly safe to consume, at the very least.. And to confound it further, I believe a lot of the older migrants just made it and drank it... No straining it yet none are blue! So a terrific amount would have to be consumed to get Aggria..( is this how it is spelt ?) Thank you from me And know this.... Never take your health for granted! Start early and enjoy life...❤️