How to Use Colloidal Silver for Morgellon's

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Posted by Paula (Joshua Tree, Calif) on 10/16/2007

Hi, I have a friend who had a bad case of Morgellons, her arms & legs were covered in bloody looking sores & she told me that weird threads came out of these sores, she had been to her doctor who didn't have a clue as to what to do for her. I got interested in colloidal silver after I became allergic to antibiotics and wondered what on Earth I was going to do the next time I got seriously ill. I got sick and it was going into my chest , I was coughing all the time & had a very sore throat, I was frightend, but I went to the health food store & bought a little bottle of silver and took it and vitamin c about every hour, just a dropper of silver and 1000mg of vitamin c, in just two days it was gone, before I would be sick for weeks. Later I learned about how to make it myself with an inexpensive machine , now I can stop everything before it gets me very ill. I brought some to my friend and she began to put it on the sores & drink it internally in a few weeks they were healing up and now it is all gone, she just has white scars wherethe sores were. This stuff will kill over 650 different pathogens including virus's whereas antibiotics kill only bacteria and only about 30 strains. I have been taking it for over five years with no ill effects and my friend with the morgellons has been taking it for 3 years with no side affects except to get rid of the disease.

Replied by Monty
(Portland, Oregon)


Myself and some others I know are dealing with a similar situation to your friend with Morgellons. Could you please give any specific info on the practical application aspects of using the colloidal silver externally: Did your friend mix it with some lotion or aloe vera and what ratio, how often she use it, what things worked or didn't work,etc? All details welcome no matter how trivial they may seem. Also have you compared the quality of the brands (do you know anything about that)? I don't yet have enough money to buy the machine. There are different types of machines too and I wasn't sure about the quality of colloidal silver they produce, though I know some are definitely better than others. Appreciate your input especially with your friend's experience. Thanks very much.

Replied by Heidi
(Ogden, Utah)

To Monty in Portland, OR, your question about what to look for in colloidal silver. The best, most effective CS will have on the label 99.99% Pure Silver (not 99.9% but 99.99%)Sovereign Silver is the brand name we used initially, but my husband actually put together a machine that makes colloidal silver and we've kept the flu at bay very well this year. We take about a teaspoon under the tongue, once a day generally, and more often if we are around sick people, or beginning to feel unwell ourselves.

Topically, just put it on wherever needed. You can mix it with something, but not necessary. Pour it into a cotton ball and dab on the place where you need it. Or take it by mouth, which will get into your system and help whatever is affecting your skin.

Replied by April

I am spending way too much money on colloidal silver from the store. I saw a generator that makes it on a Morgellon cure site. Is making it with that machine the same as the major store brands? Is it easy to use and can you recommend a good machine that doesn't cost allot?

Replied by Art
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In reply to April (California),

I use a very versatile generator called a SilverTron. They carry two models. I opted for the more expensive one because it has the ability to make specific parts per million batches from 20 ppm to 320 ppm or more just by selecting your choice on the soft touch screen. The one I got also has the ability to make different size batches from one cup to one gallon or 250 ml to 4 litres, again, just by selecting the desired amount by entering it on the the soft touch screen.

The unit is very compact and features current controlled regulation to make repeatable and consitent ppm batches every time. Product support is outstanding. Instructions explain clearly and simply how to make ionic silver or silver nanoparticles as well as how to cap your silver nanoparticles in order to improve the ability of your silver nanoparticles to reach as many places as possible in the body. Capping can help prevent your particles from being altered or destroyed by stomach acid so that more particles reach the small intestine. Capping can also help prevent agglomeration of your particles, where they join together and fall out of suspension because they become too large and ineffective. Most recent studies confirm that silver nanoparticles that are too small (less than 10 nm) are deleterious to normal human cells while particles greater than 50 nm are much less effective against different pathogens. The effective range according to multiple studies is in the 10 ~ 20 nm range.

They also explain how to reduce your ionic silver to silver nanoparticles using a dirt cheap and readily available product while some other generator companies try to sell you their "proprietary reducer" at an exhorbitant price. Yes, their reducer works too, but at 10 times the price.

The unit also has an audible signal to let you know when your batch is finished which can be turned off if desired. Once your ppm set level is reached, the unit automatically stops production. If you are in the middle of a batch and have to leave for awhile, you can hit a button on the soft touch face to suspend the run and then when you return, you can hit a button to resume the production exactly where you left off. The more expensive model also has the upgrade option to run from an optional battery supply in case you need to make some particles when you are away from any plug in outlets such as when camping or if your area is subjest to many power outages.

The unit is easy to understand, is user friendly and is fast compared to many other generators.

I have used this generator for years and would highly recommend it to friends and family. I bought it after researching generators for months and quickly realized that this is the best generator I was able to find even compared to units costing twice as much or more. Do your own research and decide for yourself. I did and the choice was clear! I ended up buying two just in case. This unit is available at the SilverTron Store. The cheaper model is $130 and the more expensive one is $330.

Good luck with your search!


Replied by Kay

Thanks so much the colloidal silver is helping my morgellons also


Hi Kay, Did the Morgellons get a lot worse when you took the Colloidal Silver? I have been so worried about stirring up any more problems. Thank you for any information.