How to Use Colloidal Silver for a Sore Throat

| Modified on Jan 07, 2024

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Posted by Carole (Takoma Park, Maryland ) on 08/11/2012

Colloidial Silver---I have been using colloidial silver spray for close to five years with excellent results. Sitting at a help center, one gets coughed on, unless I had my spray nearby, I would be getting all those cough induced problems too. A stuffy nose for whatever reason---a nasal spray to each nostril brings instant relief. I use it primarily as a topical solution for cuts and abrasions. Used on a sore throat, the result is instantaneous--spray to the back of the throat, hold a minute before swallowing if you can, when you swallow a second time, the pain is gone. I have used a few drops in water and used it for a vaginal rinse for a yeast infection---end of yeast infection. If I were to use it by ingesting, I wouldn't take it from a spoon. I would suspend it in water and drink it a few times a day to kill off a bacterial infection, but I haven't need of doing so. There's plenty of information on the web--most interesting is---before there were antibiotics, people used silver. I think it's important to have something on hand to use as preventative. One thinks of the tragic cases in the news resulting in death, from a simple scrape in the school gym or the tetanus that a woman got from a cut while doing garden work. A spray of colloidial silver would act as an immediate anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. I would caution anyone to use only the prepared product, this is not something to be made at home, without question. The silver particles must be minute, the water it is suspended in must be pure. There are things to be done homemade, this is not one of them. No amount of money saved is worth the risk of using a faulty product---please don't give colloidial silver a bad rep by making something at home which will be counter to the miracles of the stuff. You've wasted more than fifteen dollars a bottle before.... Buy a pure product.

Replied by Glen
(Dade City, FL)

I cry BS on not doing homemade colloidal silver. You just have to know what you are doing.

I cured early-stage Lyme using homemade CS.

Replied by Madelyn

Hi Glen, it would be helpful if you shared details of how you made the colloidal silver at home, as well as how much of it you took to overcome the Lyme infection.

Sore Throat
Posted by Jennywren (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 03/10/2012

I would also like to add the colloidal silver is highly alkaline, which is what our body needs to maintain health. Much of the food we ingest these days makes for an acidic body, which is where bacteria, viruses and diseases flourish, and where CS can come in as a second line of defence. In addition, CS is not stored in the body but excreted through the kidneys and bowels. Moderation, too, is key.

My family has been using a commercially-bought colloidal silver from the health food store (15ppm) for six months now and so far it has cured flu, conjunctivits, asthma, bronchitis, sore throats, hayfever, food poisoning and gastro. It has been sprayed, dropped in eyes and ears and down throats, nebulised and ingested. We are still rosy-cheeked and healthy!

Sore Throat
Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on 08/10/2009

A few days ago I started taking a silver solution and withing hours my chronic sore throat began to feel much better. The discomfort is almost gone. I also feel calmer and more sure of myself. Have less mental fog. Correct me if I'm wrong, aren't zinc, copper, magnesium, and chromium also metals that our bodies need? We know that there are ways of removing heavy metals from our systems; there must be a way to remove unnecessary silver as well.