How to Use Colloidal Silver for a UTI

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Posted by Lloyd (Charlotte, Nc) on 09/22/2013

I'm an advocate of the use of colloidal silver to kill infections so I'm now writing, Sunday night to report, real time, about blood in my urine.

Blood in the urine usually signals a fast trip to the urologist... with anticipation of anitbodics, and if that doesn't work then biopsy.

The blood first showed up early Sunday morning (today) and rather than panicking, I decided to practice what I preach. Headed straight to my supply of colloidal silver. I have used silver for years and in this case a real test: blood, bright red, almost pink. Something is going wrong either in the urinary track or kidney. But no pain or discomfort in either.

At 7 am I drank three tablespoons of colloidal silver after seeing blood in urine only minutes earlier.

At 12 pm only a little blood in the urine but not nearly as much as only hours earlier.

At 5 pm more blood in the urine but not as bright as at 7:30 am, but more blood and brighter than at noon.

Immediately drank another dose at about 7:50 pm, three tablespoons of CS.

I expect this: No visible blood before bedtime tonight (Sunday).

Very little blood Monday morning, but I will take three tablespoons of CS to finish killing the infection.

I expect no blood during the day and will take the silver solution again around noon on Monday and later in the afternoon and evening.

Tuesday there will be no blood in the urine... And for the rest of the week... hence, clear of infection.

So I'm putting it (CS) to the test: In basically real time. In front of anyone who's interested. I'll let you know what happens. If the blood continues then I'll call it quits on the CS helping and schedule an appointment with the Doctor.

Stay tuned and let's see if CS really works.

Replied by Lloyd
(Charlotte, Nc)

Concerning my earlier post in which I reported my use of colloidal silver to treat the blood in my urine; It is now Monday 6:00 pm and as I expected, after using the CS last night and this morning and this afternoon... no blood ALL day.

I'll retake the CS tonight and before bed time and with that, fully expect the blood will not return as I believe I've killed the viral/ fungal or bacterial infection.

CS does work in my opinion. (Of course, it is possible the blood in the urine for the better part of a full day might have been caused by something else than an infection. Excess exercise can cause blood I've heard. So my CS experiment doesn't PROVE the effectiveness of CS but the blood in urine test is not the first time I've used CS to knock out what I think is an infection producing blood in the urine. This is about the fifth time this has happened in the past eight years. CS worked every time.)

Replied by Bo
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I was scared for years to take CS because, well lets face it, the stuff sounds just Too Good To Be True. and I've tried lots of things that caused new problems instead of fixing the old ones. from conventional Rx & OTCs & Antibiotics eventually to Herbals & Supplements & Folk Remedies galore. and only ever found a few that safely worked for me. I am a Canary, with a lot of health issues and a wonky immune system… any weird side effect or new way for my system to get unbalanced, I'm sure to experience it.

I finally took the leap in Sept after coming down with something awful that none of my usual trusted remedies could fix… I was getting really sick really fast, and more scared of that than the silver. in less than 12 hours i'd gone from "a little sore throat" to Barely Functional- and I can't do Rx Antibiotics! So I dragged off to the store and tried a sovereign silver nasal spray, squirting just a few sprays into the back of my throat, terrified some new awful would happen. instead, half an hour later… I realized my terribly sore throat- had simply stopped being sore. my foggy thinking began to clear. my chills disappeared. and I became intensely sleepy, I had to go straight to bed and I slept 10 hours unwaking which is phenomenal since for years i'd habitually awakened every 2-3 hours to use the bathroom. I slept all night!

Next day, I felt groggy and my joints ached, muscles twitched all over. I took a little more silver, reasoning I was still alive after the last micro-dose. immediately my tongue became sore & red and my nose began draining and I had a coughing fit that lasted 10 minutes. BUT- my head cleared again and my body pain went away. Sore throat stayed gone. Weird "strawberry tongue" & other side effects eventually went away too.

so, after a few hours when I felt the chills and "sliding back downhill" prodrome coming on again, I tried a bit more… similar Good/Bad effects as before…some diarrhea, another sore tongue, more sneezing & drainage… this sort of thing went on for the next several days following each dose. Since overall I kept improving more than not, I reasoned, I was experiencing odd Herxheimer effects. Eventually, the strange effects faded and some very good and lasting things have replaced them.

i continue to take sovereign silver every day, I am up to about half the manufacturers recommended dosing (again, I am a Canary & very sensitive) and the only Herx I continue to experience is a nose that runs like a faucet.

The Good: much clearer head- no more "brain fog" 80% of the time! I sleep most of the night, waking once to use bathroom or sometimes not at all. my digestion and elimination are much improved, IBS down by more than half. After 10+ years of bad Chronic Fatigue- I HAVE A LIFE AGAIN! Sure I still get Way Too Tired- but it is no longer unrelenting- I have more energy than in years, which for me means at least several good hours every day- and some days all good! A chronic low grade sinus infection and stubborn nasal sores- GONE. Itchy watery eyes- Mostly GONE. Bleeding from between two molars- GONE most of the time. When food gets stuck in the gap, it will start again- more Silver- and its gone again for days! Itching, Flaking Skin- not gone, but ever so much improved.

One more awesomely unexpected blessing: for years I had Persistent Stomach Bloating which several drs ignored ("its nothing"- "just IBS" - "you are getting older")… I often looked 5 months pregnant and my guts would ache… I lost no weight, but it dawned on me during the holidays that I was Enjoying Food, my guts didn't hurt so often, and omg- my stomach is flat again! Most of the time! I had this unidentified problem for years- and it is just GONE, almost all the time now!

So I figure… well, if eventually I turn silver- you know what, I will wear it proudly because I am that thankful for all the Good that CS has done for me personally.

Also, I've realized that most of the posters claiming horror stories about silver have any more back up than the rest of us who praise it do… it's just mostly Anecdotal. Actual cases of Argyria seem few and most of the documentation does seem to indicate substantial overuse. including that one lady who became so bitter and has spent the rest of her life vilifying the mineral. I did once work with a fellah who had it, tho I didn't know why he looked so odd until later- he was the healthiest one of us- never took a sick day! Always smiling too, and a ball of energy. maybe he was wearing his silver with pride as well :)

I wrote a book, sorry. but I hope my story helps someone else in their own decision-making process, one way or the other.