How to Use Colloidal Silver for Cold Sores

| Modified on Jan 07, 2024

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Posted by Sergio (Kenosha, Wisconsin) on 02/19/2010


First of all I love your website, thank you for making it available to all!

I never knew what colloidal silver was until I found out about it and thoroughly researched its negative and positive sides. ALL negative sides of using Silver comes from people who are making money from pharmaceutic drugs and Silver just stand on their way of ripping people of their hard earned cash. ALL positive sides of Silver come from regular people like me (student) and the rest who have nothing to GAIN BUT HEALTH benefits!

What Colloidal Silver does for me is it heals 'cold sores' in no time, 2-4 days instead of usual 2 weeks from the time I feel tingling, the amazing thing is that NO VESICLES appear and the whole sore spot starts to dry up and heal! Cold sores are Herpex Simplex Virus (HSV-1) -that appears on on the lips. (there is also HSV-2 -genital type, but I do not have it). I would take a mouth full of silver in my mouth 6-10 times a day and hold it in my mouth for as long as possible and swallow it.

Colloidal Silver also helped me with a sore throat I was developing as I am one of those people that I would get a sore throat 1-2 times a year from Dec to March, like a law, when the sore throat was coming and I was feeling it in the morning, I drank about 500mL (500CC) of Silver within 2 days, and I never developed the sore throat and cough than comes with it!! Amazing. The Silver also helps me from getting a sore throat when I come from a shower in the winter and go outside in cold weather, if I didn't drink silver, I would have developed a sore throat and a cough for at least 2 weeks time with bronchi inflammation -100% every time. With Silver I feel like I have an extra immunity shield against germs, bacteria, virii, and other pathogens.

Another thing is that Silver sprayed on bite marks from mosquitoes reduces all itching to virtually 0 in 1-2 hrs, leaving almost no red marks next day. You have to spray 3-4 times within those 2 hrs on the bite mark.

I also put Colloidal silver in my eye one day when it became red for no reason. I felt nothing bad, and the redness went away the next day. I sprayed it in my nose, in my throat, put it in my eye, drank it, and I am fine, full of energy and feel great! I recommend it to almost anyone who I see is sick or is interested in gaining my knowledge.

I make my own Colloidal Silver with a small electronic gadget your can purchase anywhere if you do enough research online. I make about between 5-10 ppm -measure it with PWT (pure water tester) or you can buy a TDS meter (TOtal Disolved Solids) -but it's less precise than a TDS but cheaper of course, use ONLY distilled water, put no salt in the water or anything else!, and I do not heat my water, just use room temperature distilled water and use ONLY .9999% pure silver or 99.99%. NEVER use Sterling Silver as it contains other metals that make it toxic to drink. When buying silver-ask for a certificate of purity.

Keep your batch of Silver in DARK PLACE, never put it in the fridge. Never drink it if it turns dark (gold color is OK).
I recommend everyone invest time in your health, and your knowledge will extend your life! Read, do research, and be open minded. Watch less TV and be responsible for your actions. :)