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Best Brands of Colloidal Silver

Posted by Art (California) on 01/26/2021 2221 posts

14 Commercial Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver Products And How They Compare

This was an interesting read that helps further clarify which products are what they say they are. I found product #12 (Meso Silver) and product #14 (Coated Silver) interesting for different reasons.

MesoSilver seems to proudly announce that their product is .65 nm sized particles at 20 ppm. Actually this article measured the particle size range at 10 to 50 nm, which might partially explain the amber color (dark iced tea color) instead of yellow color as would be expected for AgNPs in the 20 nm size. The actual ppm were measured at 24.7 ppm, so they are close on that point, but way off on particle size with some particles measuring as high as 50 nm.

Particle size is important for efficacy with 12~20 nm shown as an effective range with minimal toxicity to normal cells, but effective against various pathogens. Particles below 10 nm are significantly more toxic to pathogens, but to normal cells as well. Particle size above 20 nm are less effective against pathogens and particles at 30 to 50 nm are much less effective against pathogens. So to me, MesoSilver is a disappointment. I can kind of understand why their particle size is so far off because of the testing method that they used to determine the particle size. Studies of AgNPs use different methods to measure particle size.

Product #14 (Coated Silver) is interesting because for one, it is claimed to be 20,000 ppm and only requires 4 drops to make 8 ounces of 20 ppm AgNPs. The actual ppm was 19,200, so not too far off target and I would think that at this many ppm, the size of the drops could be very critical in determining how close you stay to the claimed ppm. Another interesting point about #14 is that the particle size range is 10 to 12 nm whereas the other colloidal silver products were over all larger. Now they use a proprietary coating to reach this very high ppm and unfortunately we have no clue what the release of the silver is like from this coating.

Overall, many manufacturers who claim their product is colloidal silver are actually selling colorless ionic silver and this article briefly explains the difference and effects.

Here is a link to the article if you are interested in checking out how these commercial products tested compared to the manufacturers claim.

All of these silver based products are available on Amazon according to the article.


Arthritis, Kidney Cyst and Mass

Posted by Art (California) on 08/17/2017 2221 posts

Recently I was talking with a woman who had started on a regimen of colloidal silver for a particular reason and ran into a benefit not related to the original reason that she was taking colloidal silver for. She said that she had been having fairly severe pain in one knee that she had to take aspirin for everyday during her waking hours to take the edge off of the pain and sometimes when it would wake her during the night. After about three weeks of daily dosing, she said that she no longer needed to take aspirin for her knee pain. She said she is going to continue the colloidal silver for the original reason that she started using it, but the pain relief in her knee is now an unexpected bonus. I plan on contacting her later to see how her knee is doing over time.

I have seen anecdotal reports suggesting that colloidal silver may offer some benefit for arthritis, but have never really spent any time looking into it because borax seems to be fairly effective for many people with arthritis. However, since borax is not effective for everyone with arthritis I thought that it might be a good idea to see what the available literature had to offer on the subject. This anecdote made me decide to look and see if there are any studies that might suggest that colloidal silver may be active against any type of arthritis. With that thought in mind, the first thing I found was an abstract of a rat study that suggested there is potential.......well at least in rats that have been dosed with Freund's adjuvant to induce arthritis like symptoms. Here is a link to that abstract and an article link that tend to confirm each other:

The following article suggests that colloidal silver plays a role in inhibition of angiogenesis and angiogenesis is a factor in terms of arthritis, so this is a different angle by which colloidal silver might be useful in controlling arthritis.

This recent article partially discusses the anti inflammatory qualities of colloidal silver.

While this is hardly conclusive evidence, it is at least a couple of steps in the right direction.


So I talked with this woman again and here is what she told me. She had started on colloidal silver and annona muricata (AM) because she had been diagnosed with a cyst on one kidney and a "mass" on the other kidney which her doctor told her may or may not be cancerous. They would need to do further testing to determine if it was cancerous or not.

Apparently it is the colloidal silver that is helping her knee because she started with a loading dose for two weeks and then went down to a maintenance dose. When she went down to the maintenance dose, her knee started to hurt a little bit, so she went all the way back to the loading dose and shortly after, her knee stopped hurting again. She has been taking the same dose of AM everday since she started.

Last week she went back to the doctor so they could see if the cyst or the mass had grown. The doctor called her this past Tuesday and told her that the mass had shrunk substantially and was now the size of a very small stone and the cyst had also shrunk very significantly. In any case, she is elated with these results and said she plans to continue with her protocol for at least two more months. I think she has been on this protocol for about 8 weeks now. Her doctor told her they are just going to monitor her for the time being .

One other thing she mentioned to me was that she had recently found lumps on her breasts as well as under her breasts and she said all of the lumps have also diminished or disappeared. She seems pretty happy with her results so far.

Side Effects

Posted by Art (California ) on 06/30/2017 2221 posts

In reply to Cshopeful (Georgia),

The majority of recent studies suggest that particle size is a very important point when it comes to the effectiveness of colloidal silver and either too small or too large is not optimal. From those studies it appears that a particle size range in the 12~20nm range is optimal for antibacterial and antiviral activity. Particles much larger than 20 nm are less effective against viral and bacterial pathogens while particles below 10 nm are much more toxic to normal cells.......especially below 5nm.

In terms of parts per million, it would be easier to say how much silver is actually in a given dose in mgs. For example, if you take one tablespoon of 320 ppm CS or you take one cup of 20 ppm colloidal silver, you have ingested the same amount of silver either way or roughly 5mg of silver particles.

Regarding the skin discoloration you mentioned in the area where you applied silver, did you use ionic silver or colloidal silver? Ionic silver is smaller than colloidal silver and can directly enter cells, but once inside it can bind to many things such as selenium or chloride as two typical examples, but once it binds it becomes too large to leave the cell and is trapped in the cell. Since this was a topical application, these cells would be close to the skin surface and solar rays can react with these silver based products causing a photo reaction that appears as a dark spot. I believe this is a process similar to how black and white photographs are developed.

Colloidal silver on the other hand, when applied topically is too large to enter cells as ionic silver does. While CS can release ions, it is no where near the amount as you would get with a product that is 80% ionic or more. Another important difference between ionic silver and colloidal silver is that ionic silver has been shown to be up to 25 times more toxic to normal human cells.

Unfortunately, we consumers are in a tough spot when trying to determine if a commercial product is really colloidal silver or ionic silver because almost all manufacturers describe their products as "colloidal silver", even if they are wholly or mostly ionic silver and some products are mostly colloidal silver, but are also likely to contain a significant amount of ionic silver if not fully reduced to colloidal silver.. Generally, if the product is in a blue or brown bottle or it appears to be colorless like water, it is probably ionic silver. Reducing ionic silver to colloidal silver is another expense for CS manufacturers and consequently the majority of available products will be ionic silver or mostly ionic silver. If the product in question is in the yellow to brown color range, it is probably at least partially reduced colloidal silver.

In terms of cost, retail CS is expensive. Making it yourself requires an initial outlay that isn't always cheap, but once you have the correct equipment and materials to make high quality colloidal silver, it is very inexpensive to make it for the rest of your life.

The only way to be sure of what you have and what quality it is, is to make it yourself since no manufacturer that I am aware of actually describes their manufacturing process in detail. A good quality generator that at least has current regulation is a must and a computer controlled generator is the best in order to make high quality colloidal silver each and every batch.


Pink Eye

Posted by Janet (California) on 01/19/2017

I too had conjunctivitis a few years ago. My MD gave me 2 rounds of antibiotics to treat it. It wasn't getting any better and she was about to give me a prescription for a third round. Going home, I remembered the home-made bottle of ionic silver I had in my closet. Not having anything to lose, I sprayed in on my eye a few times over the next day. I was amazed at how quickly it cleared up!!


Posted by Jemmren (Cobbora) on 02/26/2016

A few years ago I developed Cellulitis leg ulcers right up to my knee, and I had a terrible time with side effects from antibiotics then I found Earth Clinic...a literal lifesaver!! From many posts from long time users of Colloidal Silver, I purchased my own colloidal silver maker and all but the original ulcer, were cured over a 10 day period by taking 1/4 cup ( 5 tablespoons) Colloidal Silver every 2 hours, and spraying the entire area the same.. In the medical profession there is an almost ridiculed disbelief of Silver C and one site that reinforces that belief system is Webmed, which most GP's use..

In November last year we had a massive heatwave here and in the space of a week, 3 people got bitten by Wolf Spiders, including myself.. In a normal person , 5-10 days is the normal healing period... with my compromised health problem, I'm still battling the infection in my other leg..but the most wonderful relief is obtained by spraying the biofilm with Silver C..

Biofilm apparently, is a film of nasty germs over a wound like a canopy, and also the part exposed to the air.. Without Silver C, I would be leg-less literally because of the sheer negativity of doctors against the wound care that is available.. When I was working, it was costing me $48 per 1100 kms of Silver C and I was using 2 bottles per week..

Now I'm unemployed and make my own to 16 ppm and still spray it on , only now I drink it as well as spraying it, sometimes using up to 3 litres per week.. After leaving it to stir, using the purest drinking water available, for about 12 hours, I strain it with 2 coffee filters in a funnel and straight into my old brown glass bottles ( from SC bought at health food shop).

Had I relied on doctors and antibiotics, as I did previously for over 3 yrs, I would be a really bad statistic in the health system. I've had to refuse doctors and nurses touching my leg due to non washing of hands or poking at it with those wooden tongue depressors because they have told me I will lose my leg... The stats prove it apparently! Silver C stops that..

Years ago I lived in a mining town where electricity was non existent and hygiene a definite risk factor yet many of the older residents were sprightly and very rarely got sick .. Their secret ? Silver Colloidal made with a couple of batteries and wires.. Very, very basic units and also a lot of the European migrants thrived on the stuff, giving it to their animals for everything from spider/ant bites to chronic chest infections.. None died and today are still walking around, many in their 80's and 90's which testifies itself to the health benefits of Silver C...

We in the western world have been a bit slow to catch onto this marvellous stuff but please be assured that if Silver C is strained it is perfectly safe to consume, at the very least.. And to confound it further, I believe a lot of the older migrants just made it and drank it... No straining it yet none are blue! So a terrific amount would have to be consumed to get Aggria..( is this how it is spelt ?) Thank you from me And know this.... Never take your health for granted! Start early and enjoy life...❤️


Posted by Teresa (Big Spring, Texas) on 12/05/2015

Colloidal silver is the most amazing thing in the world! Please don't be scared of it. We have been taking it for over 15 years. I first found it when my husband found out he had hep C.. We did 2 years of medications and injections with our Dr's. After 2 years the virus was much worse and he was in very bad shape. Our oncologist told him to go home and enjoy his time left and that he would try to get him on a liver transplant list in Omaha Nebraska . I came home and found Colloidal Silver. Long story short we purchased a 5 gallon carboy. Jerry took 4 TBS a day for 9 months . The virus is gone!! It has never returned. That was in the year 2000..He is as healthy as a horse now. We have since purchased approx 5 more carboys since then. We have used it for bladder infections, tooth infections, arthritis, colds & lung infections.

We have saved the lives of MANY animals who had parvo virus and cats with FIV virus. My father in law used it for arthritis and got off all his medications as well as selling his hot tub. In the process it lowered his blood pressure and was able to get off high blood pressure pills as well. He is now 80 and just drove 9 hours from Kansas to Texas to spend the holidays with us. The read alone is worth your time. Nothing to be afraid of I promise you. We are real people. Never turned blue lol.. Healthy and happy. We LOVE silver. It saved my husband's life. I can't say enough good things about it. My entire family take it now. We buy the carboys and split it up tween the family members.


Posted by Angela (Smallville, Iowa) on 05/29/2009

I was infected and took a teaspoon of ionic silver hydrosol 10PPM only once everyday for 3 weeks. So in response I'm not sure that brand type is particularly relevant to anything other than perhaps cure time, though I've read differences between colloidal silver and silver hydrosol are included but not limited to, that it can be boiled and frozen while still retaining the necessary composition to remain fully effective. Anywho, Here it is 6 months and 3 blood tests later, and I am herpes free.

Posted by Tom (Ohio, USA) on 09/03/2008

I found out that colloidal silver kills all viruses, bacteria and fungus - I had herpes and took a teaspoon of colloidal silver 5 times a day for 3 months and it is gone. I have been re-checked and am negative for herpes. I was amazed to find that these diseases can be cured. Anyone who says that you cannot cure disease is a propagandaist. May God Bless you and Heal you.