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14 Commercial Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver Products And How They Compare

This was an interesting read that helps further clarify which products are what they say they are. I found product #12 (Meso Silver) and product #14 (Coated Silver) interesting for different reasons.

MesoSilver seems to proudly announce that their product is .65 nm sized particles at 20 ppm. Actually this article measured the particle size range at 10 to 50 nm, which might partially explain the amber color (dark iced tea color) instead of yellow color as would be expected for AgNPs in the 20 nm size. The actual ppm were measured at 24.7 ppm, so they are close on that point, but way off on particle size with some particles measuring as high as 50 nm.

Particle size is important for efficacy with 12~20 nm shown as an effective range with minimal toxicity to normal cells, but effective against various pathogens. Particles below 10 nm are significantly more toxic to pathogens, but to normal cells as well. Particle size above 20 nm are less effective against pathogens and particles at 30 to 50 nm are much less effective against pathogens. So to me, MesoSilver is a disappointment. I can kind of understand why their particle size is so far off because of the testing method that they used to determine the particle size. Studies of AgNPs use different methods to measure particle size.

Product #14 (Coated Silver) is interesting because for one, it is claimed to be 20,000 ppm and only requires 4 drops to make 8 ounces of 20 ppm AgNPs. The actual ppm was 19,200, so not too far off target and I would think that at this many ppm, the size of the drops could be very critical in determining how close you stay to the claimed ppm. Another interesting point about #14 is that the particle size range is 10 to 12 nm whereas the other colloidal silver products were over all larger. Now they use a proprietary coating to reach this very high ppm and unfortunately we have no clue what the release of the silver is like from this coating.

Overall, many manufacturers who claim their product is colloidal silver are actually selling colorless ionic silver and this article briefly explains the difference and effects.

Here is a link to the article if you are interested in checking out how these commercial products tested compared to the manufacturers claim.

All of these silver based products are available on Amazon according to the article.