Colloidal Silver Health Benefits

Arthritis, Kidney Cyst and Mass
Posted by Art (California) on 08/17/2017 1506 posts
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Recently I was talking with a woman who had started on a regimen of colloidal silver for a particular reason and ran into a benefit not related to the original reason that she was taking colloidal silver for. She said that she had been having fairly severe pain in one knee that she had to take aspirin for everyday during her waking hours to take the edge off of the pain and sometimes when it would wake her during the night. After about three weeks of daily dosing, she said that she no longer needed to take aspirin for her knee pain. She said she is going to continue the colloidal silver for the original reason that she started using it, but the pain relief in her knee is now an unexpected bonus. I plan on contacting her later to see how her knee is doing over time.

I have seen anecdotal reports suggesting that colloidal silver may offer some benefit for arthritis, but have never really spent any time looking into it because borax seems to be fairly effective for many people with arthritis. However, since borax is not effective for everyone with arthritis I thought that it might be a good idea to see what the available literature had to offer on the subject. This anecdote made me decide to look and see if there are any studies that might suggest that colloidal silver may be active against any type of arthritis. With that thought in mind, the first thing I found was an abstract of a rat study that suggested there is potential.......well at least in rats that have been dosed with Freund's adjuvant to induce arthritis like symptoms. Here is a link to that abstract and an article link that tend to confirm each other:

The following article suggests that colloidal silver plays a role in inhibition of angiogenesis and angiogenesis is a factor in terms of arthritis, so this is a different angle by which colloidal silver might be useful in controlling arthritis.

This recent article partially discusses the anti inflammatory qualities of colloidal silver.

While this is hardly conclusive evidence, it is at least a couple of steps in the right direction.


So I talked with this woman again and here is what she told me. She had started on colloidal silver and annona muricata (AM) because she had been diagnosed with a cyst on one kidney and a "mass" on the other kidney which her doctor told her may or may not be cancerous. They would need to do further testing to determine if it was cancerous or not.

Apparently it is the colloidal silver that is helping her knee because she started with a loading dose for two weeks and then went down to a maintenance dose. When she went down to the maintenance dose, her knee started to hurt a little bit, so she went all the way back to the loading dose and shortly after, her knee stopped hurting again. She has been taking the same dose of AM everday since she started.

Last week she went back to the doctor so they could see if the cyst or the mass had grown. The doctor called her this past Tuesday and told her that the mass had shrunk substantially and was now the size of a very small stone and the cyst had also shrunk very significantly. In any case, she is elated with these results and said she plans to continue with her protocol for at least two more months. I think she has been on this protocol for about 8 weeks now. Her doctor told her they are just going to monitor her for the time being .

One other thing she mentioned to me was that she had recently found lumps on her breasts as well as under her breasts and she said all of the lumps have also diminished or disappeared. She seems pretty happy with her results so far.