Colloidal Silver Health Benefits

Bacterial Resistance to Colloidal Silver
Posted by Lisa (Jax) on 10/25/2023

I wanted to comment on an older post about developing bacterial resistance to Colloidal silver (CS) (from Art). I have had recurring infections for 15 years due to heavy metals, autoimmune and most likely parasites. So during this time, I relied on CS, using Sovereign Silver and Mesosilver because antibiotics had become less effective and had affected my bowels. Both worked well, but I had to keep increasing the dose after a couple of years.I began with 7-10 teaspoons a day, then went to tablespoons. After about 13 years, neither worked well, so I tried coated silver by Cymbiotika. This is the very strong silver which is 60,000 mcg per drop and I took the max dose of 5 drops, and it worked great for 5 months, then stopped. All of this time, I had been trying to chelate and work on health issues and have not been able to stabilize the infections in order to get well.

My point is that I would agree with Art that taking silver every day is not a good idea. Take it when you need it. I now have no fallback now except antibiotics. Use other supplements or dietary changes to work on your health. It may be that there is another silver I can use or increase the amount, but most likely there is another health issue I am missing.

I am doing all of the right things, diet-wise, have infusions of glutathione, and C twice a month, ozone treatments occasionally. Looking at iodine again. I will do a parasite cleanse again, this time using Fenbendazole and hope this will lessen the toxic load.

Here is the link that Art posted: et al43 showed, of the flagellum protein production.