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Colloidal Silver Mouthwash
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 09/05/2021 347 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I've been reviewing my notes on colloidal silver and then the non-experience with the gold.

I think the gold had "no effect" because I'd been using the silver and the same effects are created by colloidal silver, although, not perhaps as dramatically as with the gold for one who isn't already taking silver.

Fell into a funk, during my review, wishing I'd begun my exploration of colloidal silver before my chihuahuas died but took a dose of silver and feel much better. Still sad but can't seem to find the terribleness I was "dwelling on", earlier.

Nevertheless - colloidal silver really IS "all that". I wasn't sick when I started it but I woke up with a sore throat a few times during my "viral flush" and one swish, rinse and gargle and it was gone. Each time.

One thing I will say about the gold is that even after only applying it to my face twice, it was remarked that my skin looked awesome and I looked younger. BUT, I hadn't seen that individual in person since I started on the colloidal silver and wasn't really paying any attention to that side of things so, I don't know.

I used 2 drops of the 100ppm gold in my palm, gave it a couple of spritzes of silver and splatted it on my face which made my face feel sort of dry but super smooth.

I've since sprayed with silver, alone, and it feels awesome, not dry and BECOMES smooth after doing something else for a little bit...not sure what. BUT, it's not dry so I really do prefer it to the gold. If I want "super smooth", I'll exfoliate with some borax.

Ordered a second generator with the features I wish the first had and for comparison, so - looking forward to that and, I'll never run out of colloidal slver so, BONUS!

One "con", in the "pros and cons" of colloidal silver - the hairs on my chin are thick and dark. They were much lighter and quite fine it - alTHOUGH - they're a whole lot easier to see, for plucking, so that's a pro, right?

Anyway - I think silver is all one would need as silver, gold and copper can only actually serve one purpose in the body and that's electrical which makes it a "three bears" sort of thing with gold being too soft, copper too hard and silver just right due to its unique relationship with water that gold and copper don't share.

There's nothing listed in the "benefits of colloidal gold" that one isn't going to get with silver, anyway - eventually. It's super easy, super cheap and it's never met a pathogen it can't kill.

Another point is that some say it kills microbes indiscriminately but I don't see how that can be true because there's a PROFOUND difference in the effects of killing off a cold or virus with silver and killing it and all the GOOD microbes off with patented, man-corrupted antibiotics. It MUST be discriminating. There's no other explanation for it. It MUST be. It appears some might try to use that idea against it but they should be called on that - swiftly and unapologetically.

Colloidal Silver Mouthwash
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 09/02/2021 347 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I've been wanting to empty one of the 3 quart bottles of hydrogen peroxide I got because they're non-reactive, dark and have a flip top lid but I'd just got them and they were all full! DRAT!

SOOO, I decided to soak and wash my bed pillow!!

My pillow is actually a half pillow of "down alternative" so it didn't take much water. I used a whole quart of hydrogen peroxide in a couple gallons of water with a dash of Dr Bronner's liquid soap. Squished and washed with my rapid washer, rinsed and added some colloidal silver to my final rinse water which is awesome but was also necessary as my dryer needs repair, at the moment, so I can only use "air dry" and or line drying as the heating element just stays on the whole time if I use the other settings which gets WAY to hot but with the silver, it doesn't matter because it won't mold or mildew with it taking so long to dry.

ANYway, now I have the perfect dispenser for my colloidal silver! And it holds the whole quart (I make it a quart at a time)! I also have a half gallon mason jar with a dark cover but, for everyday use, the 1 quart peroxide bottle is perfect as I use about a quart a week, between what I'm ingesting and spraying it all over the cotton-pickin' place.

I am SO glad I got the generator! I can make a whole gallon in a day, for the cost of the distilled water!

My colloidal GOLD should be here tomorrow! Can't wait to try THAT! As I said before, I'm already a happy person but I'm thinking maybe it will "cure" my tendency to procrastinate! Which is what happens when there's too MUCH to do because I never know where to start, so I don't do them until each gets to that very last minute, when I have no choice but to just do it, ROFL! But I sort of enjoy that...

Colloidal Silver Mouthwash
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 08/02/2021 347 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal silver mouth rinse/wash works great. there is a difference between my first batch which is 14ppm and my second, which is 10ppm - regarding taste. The 10ppm is more like water - or, at least, less like mouthwash.

Got an old style nasal spray bottle (mist right side up and drops or stream upside down) and put drops in my ears and misted my sinuses BECAUSE I suspect Covid barricaded itself in there. Misted 3 times per side, even though it seems to be concentrated in the left side BUT, during the "attack of the subwoofer" last Thursday, even though I felt it mostly in the left side without the boom boom of the low frequency sound, WITH it a just barely detectable pressure on the right side sort of spread outward to my right ear.

I've never had sinus or bronchial issues but I could feel that there was something in my sinuses, after Covid from spring 2020. Just a sort of "pressure". Not painful or anything, just...there.

I hesitated to turn it loose because I couldn't decide how to address it but, of course, now, with colloidal silver, it's a no-brainer.

So, I have released the Kraken!! 3 mists, both sides, bent my head down and turned it both ways at which point I could feel the pressure in the sinus cavity - mostly on the left, but some on the right as well.

Okay, so I slept through the first bout of Covid. 3 days. This time, I swished and swallowed before I went to bed, night before last, and, yesterday I slept twice. Once for 7 hours and again for 6. Then last night, slept for 6. Got up, swished and swallowed, fiddle farting around drinking coffee and stuff and suddenly, a sore throat on the left side. Post nasal drip, on the left side and a cough originating from the left side. Which is all sort of weird, really, but interesting.

Just gargled again and the sore throat is gone but I can still feel it. Just like after Covid - above the back of my throat but below the nasal passages. Right where I can't blow my nose or cough it loose from the throat.

Nasal sprayed, head forward, turning back and forth.

Throat's sort of sort of feels like they're going berserk, trying to get away or something. Put some drops in right ear - kind of bubbly with muffled popping, like distant combat sounds. Throat sort of tingly. Feels soda effervescence or something.

I have a cool mist humidifier, just in case.

The "above the back of the throat" stuff has dropped BELOW the back of the throat so, good thing I have the ultrasonic humidifier - I might need it, though I smoke which, apparently, blocks passage through the receptors in the lungs with niacin.

My right ear is...sort of...plugged.

And, now, it's sort of plugged and itchy.

Cough is coming from lower -

Inhaled from the nasal sprayer mist, Bob Munro-style.

Warming up a bit - like a hot flash.

Hot flash gone. All seems normal @ 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Sinuses feel "light" aside from a tiny bit of pressure in a lower pocket on the right side.

Nasal spray again - 3 squirts in the right with definite pressure at various positions and in the ear and sort of in the muscles of the jaw on the side...which is...interesting due to the extreme muscle weakness I experienced after the first bout with it and extending out as it worsened for several months. Very interesting indeed. A virus in the muscles? That's just evil.

Right ear popping when I swallow.

A little pressure up behind and above the eyes with some itching at the hairline.

This is really ticking me off. So much so that, contrary to my fundamental nature, I'm thinking a China-sized parking lot would not be a bad idea. With everyone in the whole world who thinks such things as bio-weapons are a good idea as speed bumps.

I refuse to believe one virus can do all of this AND effect one's mental processes so I'm going to stop here and philosophically gather my thoughts.

Colloidal Silver Mouthwash
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 07/28/2021 347 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to Madelyn of Idaho for sparking the idea but, as some have reported greater efficacy with regard to colloidal silver when they started to swish it in their mouth for a minute or two before swallowing, I just tried it and not only does my mouth feel fresh but it actually leaves that "feeling" of the after effects of mint mouthwash. Not the flavor but that...sort of..."coolness" that mint leaves behind. It's perfect! I can even feel that minty coolness in my nasal passages!

I also read reports of people swishing and then, keeping it in their mouth and breathing deeply over it for bronchial infections.

Swish, breathe, gargle, swallow and you're good to go!! And, taken in that context, the taste of it sort of makes sense to the brain so you can think, "tastes like mouthwash" and get no argument from the bod. VERY interesting!! Awesome, even, I would say! Safe for children and probably an equally effective or almost as effective, shot to their immunity whether they swallow it or spit it out! It even gives you that "coolness" you get with mint when you drink water after? If you know what I mean...