Sodium Thiosulfate for Heavy Metal Detox, Calcifications, Candida

| Modified on Aug 23, 2021
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Sodium Thiosulfate Health Benefits

Sodium Thiosulfate, one of the critical medicines in the treatment of cyanide poisoning, is getting increasing respect as a powerful natural detoxing agent. It is also used to restore rivers and streams that have been polluted with heavy metals, and it is in that respect that people are beginning to apply it to natural health care.

Earth Clinic readers have been using Sodium Thiosulfate for heavy metal detoxing, destroying candida biofilms, increasing sulfur in the body, and eliminating chlorine from tap water.

What is Sodium Thiosulfate?

Sodium thiosulfate is a colorless crystal of sodium, sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen. Both the EPA and FDA consider it a safe substance and permit its inclusion in foods such as table salt. It is often present at therapeutic bath spas or thermal spas.

Uses and Benefits of Sodium Thiosulfate

Sodium thiosulfate is a powerful detoxing agent to remove mercury and other heavy metals from the body.

It is also a topical anti-fungal such as can be used for ringworm. People also report that it trims the waistline and improves sleep and dream recall!

The famous Ted from Bangkok recommended Sodium Thiosulfate to Earth Clinic readers as early as 2002. He was one of the first health advocates to suggest ST for heavy metal cleansing and remove chlorine from tap water for safer consumption. He also used it to treat cyanide poisoning from apricot seeds in patients using them as an adjunct cancer treatment. ST is mentioned in scores of Ted's posts on Earth Clinic.

Bill Thompson, author of Earth Clinic's popular book, Candida: Killing So Sweetly, also recommends Sodium Thiosulfate as part of his anti-candida protocol.

How to Take Sodium Thiosulfate Internally

Sodium Thiosulfate is used internally to remove chlorine, cyanide, and heavy metals. It is available in a liquid solution or a dry, crystal form.

Liquid Sodium Thiosulfate Dosage

  • If you are using 10% sodium thiosulfate, add 6-10 drops to a liter of water. 
  • If you are trying to remove heavy metals from the body, use this amount a couple of times a week.
  • If you have a 30% solution of sodium thiosulfate, use only 2-3 drops in a liter of water.

Dry Crystal Sodium Thiosulfate Dosage

  • If you have the dry form of sodium thiosulfate, add 1 pellet (about the size of a grain of rice) to a tall glass of water or 2-3 pellets to a liter of water. Stir well and wait until the pellet has fully dissolved before drinking slowly.


  • Sodium Thiosulfate can cause diarrhea as it removes toxins. If you are bothered by this side effect, reduce the amount of sodium thiosulfate you take.
  • Taking vitamin C when you are taking sodium thiosulfate will help your body handle the detoxification.
  • Sodium thiosulfate may also remove other minerals from your body. If you use sodium thiosulfate regularly, you may need a multi-mineral supplement.
  • It is not recommended that you take sodium thiosulfate for more than 4 weeks as it can leech out too many minerals and cause side effects from magnesium and potassium deficiencies.

Topical Application of Sodium Thiosulfate

Sodium Thiosulfate is used topically to dissolve certain types of calcifications and fungal conditions like tinea versicolor and ringworm.

  • A 25% sodium thiosulfate solution is used 2-4 times a day for four weeks to treat tinea versicolor, a condition similar to ringworm and athlete’s foot.
  • Sodium thiosulfate is also used topically to reduce calcium deposits. A 10% solution is applied to the calcification a couple of times a day. Below is an image showing dramatic improvements in a bone calcification.

Side Effects of Sodium Thiosulfate

Side effects from the use of sodium thiosulfate can include diarrhea, dehydration. Agitation and changes in both thoughts and vision can also occur. Nausea and tinnitus are also possible.

Here is what one Earth Clinic reader advises in a post on Earth Clinic:

Happy from Up The Creek writes: "Thiosulfate report: Be careful when using thiosulfate as a toxin remover, chelator: The thiosulfate may also remove too many critical nutrients, like copper, calcium, iron, magnesium; if used without a plan...

...This experiment proves to me that the sodium thiosulfate [plus the EDTA in the formula] is a powerful chelator of metals, and therefore is capable of chelating heavy metal, etc. but You must restrict its use to short periods of time; maybe 1 week per month for general chelating. And supplement heavily with nutritional minerals while on it. In the future, I would only intake it one time per day, at bedtime, away from food, in a cycle of One week on, 3 weeks off. It would be good to keep in the house for emergency use for accidental poisonings or suspected poisonings. Perhaps taking it for 3 days after the suspected poisoning occurred, as insurance."

Where to Buy Sodium Thiosulfate

Sodium Thiosulfate can be bought at any pool supply store.  Online science stores are another option. Amazon has numerous sellers that sell sodium thiosulfate. Here's one highly rated product.


Sodium Thiosulfate, Fine Crystals, 99.5% min, 500 Grams (1.1 lb.)

Sodium Thiosulfate Reviews

Below are some very interesting reviews from Amazon from those who took sodium thiosulfate as an anti-candida protocol for weight loss, heavy metal cleansing, and much more:

Notadonna: ..." Purity is important with this product for personal use. I learned of sodium thiosulfate from a candida protocol in the book: Candida--Killing So Sweetly by Bill Thompson. This is helping remove biofilm, inside and out. Thompson recommends 6-10 drops of 10% solution. The seller was quick to answer how to create the 10%; it'the ratio by weight (1:9, s.t. and water). My scale indicated 1 Tblsp. s.t. to 2/3 C. water.  I've experimented with a long list of things to kill skin parasites and a subtle fungus. A very effective remedy is so simple. I fill a 2 cup container with borax and about 2 tablespoons of s.t. Add just enough liquid Dr. Bronner's liquid castille soap to cover. Scrub scalp and let set while scrubbing all over. Try to let each area absorb some before rinsing. Dry well with a textured, fresh towel. Do this at least once a day., along with salt or clay baths 12 hours later. For severe infections, reapply a solution of borax or Epsom salt with a little sodium thiosulfate after bathing and let it dry. ( I have spent a fortune on way less effective ingredients.) This is a godsend. Thank you! "

April: "I have heavy metals and too much calcium in my brain. Did some test and they wanted a crap load of money and wanted to inject this in my veins and EDTA. I Did some research and EDTA sucks! Zeolite and (STS) is best. This is my own opinion and do what you like. This stuff makes me sleep deeply and dreams that I would never forget. Controling those dreams too!!! Something I haven't done since I was a kid. Yes tonight I am Superman! Take only 5grams at first and smaller the dose the better. Follow it up with zeolite. To really pull some metals get some Cilantro and MSM. Dose and timing must be thought of before taking!!! Oh, Detox baths with this is a must. Add some clay and borax , salts"

Patricia: "I take 5 grams STS with 5 grams vitamin C (about one teaspoon). I'm on my 5th day of this, It's s clearing out the heavy metals and biofilm and I am feeling better by the day. "

Radiant Alchemy: "We love this stuff, it really works. I am a health practitioner for over 20 years and grew up cleansing, doing enemas and detoxing for spiritual and health benefits and I can tell you, this is one of the only detoxes that is powerful enough to cut through the toxic load most people are being subjected to. Whether it is mold, fungal, bacterial, parasitic, chemical or nano-particulates that you are dealing with you will find relief using STS along with a rotation of other organic minerals and substances, lots of distilled water rotated with a good mineral water and ofcourse real probiotic not from a bottle, to replenish the body after using it. Happy Detoxing!"

David A.: "My hopes are big. I used this twice and already noticed a difference in my digestive system. Waistline is reduced and tummy is flatter. I will order again when I run out. This is good stuff."

Red Moon: "Ok this cba gets the game for my digestion and tummy size... a chemist recommended 5grams so about a teaspoon of this with 5 grams of vitamins C acerbic acid taken at the same time before bed.. omg this helps release the mucus sheath that o or timelines the small intestine and blocks the absorption of vital nutrients..  Be prepared to hydrate before during and after and eat a bit of whole Himalayan salt allow your instincts to tell you what you need.. with this solution you will likely expel the slippery sheath that's blocking absorption and causing bloat and other issues... life saver.. taste is awful bit just down it real quick and open your mouth and take a bit of citrus and you'll be fine. Stay near a toilet... it took about 5 hours for it to work on me.

My waist shrank appetite lessened (be sure to take your vitamins) and pounds shed skin looks great too! Use sparingly like once every 6 months or if you've been eating excessive mucus creating foods then maybe quarterly. Definitely before the holidays. Most doctors don't know about this but please be responsible with your health and find a professional near you and ask. Ask your pharmacist if ita ok to use if you're on any current medications they know more regarding that than most doctors."

Continue reading below for reviews from Earth Clinic readers about how they used Sodium Thiosulfate pellets and liquid to treat various ailments.

Please let us know if you have ever used sodium thiosulfate for bone calcifications, heavy metal detox, insomnia, or to treat candida!

Ammonia Metabolism

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Posted by Paul (Canton, Georgia) on 02/19/2012

I just purchased ThioSulfate, I'm gonna use it to help rid ammonia out of the brain. I'll be taking Glutamine as well.

Replied by Someone Who Cares
(Anywhere, Ks)

Sodium Thiosulsphate is not a "natural" substance. Furthermore, sodium thiosulfate chelates heavy metals as well as CALCIUM, especially if there is a low availability of heavy metals to bind with, and I would NOT recommend prolonged use without consulting a physician. Furthermore, on AMMONIA: I personally use this as an aquarium dechlorinator, and when it binds to chlorine and breaks chloramine (NH2Cl, the stuff used in water treatment) bonds in tap water, it will cause a spike in ammonia concentration because it DOES NOT bind ammonia. Don't take my word for it, buy an ammonia test kit from your local pet store, pour some Sodium thiosulphate in some tap water, and test it for yourself. The FDA very loosely regulates supplements, so be weary of what you put in your body, because they can make almost any claim on a supplement bottle without legal recourse, even if it is a detriment to your health.

Replied by Timh
2085 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Sodium Thiosulfate is not an otc dietary supplement, it is a non-hazardous industry or chemical grade mineral much like Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) and Borax (a salt form of Boron aka Sodium Tetra Borate).

The safe dietary supplement, amino acids Aspartic Acid and Ornithine are also recommended to detox ammonia from the body. You don't need to call your dr if you want to add these supplements to your diet, and if you ask dr about detoxing ammonia from your body, you will likely get an unusual reply and please post it here for educational purposes.

For more (and the latest) information about the safety & regulation of dietary supplements from someone who both knows & cares go to:

Anhydrous vs. Pentahydrate Sodium Thiosulfate

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Posted by Patrick (USA) on 05/02/2021
5 out of 5 stars


I found an USP grade Sodium Thiosulfate from the below company in the anhydrous form and it is triple the price as the other form. It appears that the Pentahydrate form is lab grade / reagent grade and thus not as pure nor recommended as safe for ingestion. I welcome anyone's feedback on this.

I have a heel spur that I want to soak it in a foot bath. Then I'd like to take it internally for general detox.

Thank you,



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Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra, India) on 11/28/2015 188 posts

Hi Bill,

Hope every thing is normal with you now after that bad experience of rain you had.

I read the article under the following link which talks about the Sodium thiosulphate Link:

There is a lady of 93 yrs of age mother of my friend living in other city, suffering from, seems arthritis due to which she used to have severe pain and could not bend the hand fingers. I helped by giving the mix of Mag.Oil and DMSO. It has helped her a lot and she is very happy. But now she has informed me that there is no pain but she is not able to hold the spoon to eat her meals (though at the beginning she said she can hold the spoon). What I feel is that she wants some more relief.

I feel that there is quite a bit of calcification in the joints of the fingers and that is why it is difficult for her to hold the spoon with the fingers.

In the above article, the author states that Sodium thiosulphate can eliminate the calcification, therefore my request to you is to give me your opinion as to how can I use Sodium thiosulphate to help her. Shall I mix this with the liquid I am already sending her if yes how much should I mix. My solution is 50% Mag.Oil( it is good concentration) + 50%, 80% DMSO , this has been working very well with many people. Other options are I can make separate solution of Sodium thiosulphate and DMSO which she can apply at different times and in that how much Sodium Thiosulphate. Why I am asking this is because I had read some where that you take two drops of 10% of sodium thiosulphate.

Kindly give your advice. Thanks, Baldev

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Baldev...Good to hear from you again, I hope that you are well.

10% Sodium Thiosulfate can be applied directly to the hands to help remove the excess bone calcium because it is absorbed directly by the skin into the blood. You can apply this easily once or twice a day. It will take a while but it works well to get rid of the excess calcium. Use and apply the 10 % sodium thiosulfate directly on its own to the hands and affected areas. And you could, as you say, also add the sodium thiosulfate to the DMSO + Mag mix as well. Add about 3% sodium thiosulfate to your mix should be sufiicient or just add 6 to 10 drops of sodium thiosulfate to the DMSO + Mag mix(per tablespoon) for the hands when you apply it.

Although the DMSO + Mag Oil are highly useful, you could also add borax to this mix (with no sodium thiosulfate).

As it stands, your current treatment will certainly help arthritic problems in general but you can make this applied dermal treatment even stronger by adding some borax to it. As Ted from Bangkok has mentioned so often, calcium build up and arthritic problems are directly related to infections from mycoplasma and mycobacterium. The mycoplasma eats and destroys cartilage and the mycobacteria live in self-built calcium shells. So right there you have the root cause of both bone calcium build-up and wasting cartilage.

Both mycobacteria and mycoplasma are bacteria that have distinct fungal behaviour. And borax is the ultimate fungal killer. Putting these two cogent facts to good use means that if you also add borax to your DMSO + Mag Oil mix then this means that you will eliminate the actual root cause of these arthritic and bone build-up problems. I would also recommend that anyone with mycoplasma, mycobacteria, fungal or mold problems should also be supplementing Ted's Borax Water remedy every day. The borax remedy for women is 1/8 tspn(1/4 tspn for men) borax + 1 liter of water. You can also add a capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide to this borax water to make it even more powerful( hydrogen peroxide also kills mycoplasma and mycobacteria). Drink the 1 liter of borax water slowly throughout the day and take two days off this remedy at the weekends.

The dermal mix that I would use for application to the hands would be:

50% DMSO(70% solution)

45% Magesium Chloride(50% solution)

5% Borax

Drink 1 liter(or as much as you can) of borax water per day and take two days off this remedy at the weekends.

The best way to use the Mag oil + DMSO + Borax and the DMSO + Mag Oil + sodium thiosulfate remedies would be to use them on alternate days for best and quickest effect. The Mag oil + DMSO + Borax addresses and remedies the core reason for the problem and the DMSO + Mag Oil + Sodium Thiosulfate will help to reduce the calcium build up quickly.

Other remedies that also work well are the following, which are also applied to the skin on a daily basis -- these are also from Ted -- are DMSO + Aloe vera oil + lugols iodine. Castor oil works well too when you rub it on the hands. Turpentine(or pine essential oil), lavender oil and orange oil are also effective as dermal rubs for arthritic problems. Use 3 - 4 drops of these oils in a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply like that. These oils will be absorbed and will act to kill the infection from the inside thereby also helping to get rid of the root problem.

It might also be advisable for people with these arthritic problems to supplement Chanca piedra(called bhoomy amalaki or amla in Ayurvedic medicine) in tea or capsule form on a daily basis. CP is very efficient and safe for removing excess calcium from the blood.

Some more detailed information for you here.

Also please bear in mind that you should not mix sodium thiosulfate or borax or iodine together because they will react and become useless.

5 posts

Hi, I thought DMSO becomes de activated after 20 seconds within a mixture...wouldn't that mean you should apply dmso after and or on top of the mag/boron mixture??

Replied by Tisha R.
5 posts

Hi, my horse has a small calcification on her hind joint P2..will this work if I mix it with mag and then use the dmso as often and how long before it goes? I could only buy the fish one but has a couple other compounds in it...hope that is ok.

Cyanide Poisoning, Heavy Metals, Liver Poisoning

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 09/16/2007 383 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Sodium thiosulfate is a common dechlorinator used to remove chlorine from drinking water. It is also a well known antidote for cyanide poisoning where the sodium thiosulfate reacts with cyanide to form sodium thiocyanate.

Some people who take too much apricot pits (cancer treatment) have a weak form of cyanide poisoning and found it helpful to add the sodium thiosulfate drops to reduced its side effect when they used the apricot pits, which is high in vitamin B17 or sometimes take apple seeds also somewhat high B17 to treat themselves of cancer or other immunity problems.

They have reported to me that the side effects were reduced from taking too much apricot pits, and caused them to be to nauseated, but when sodium thiosulfate drops are taken, no nausea effects from too much apricot pits is seen. Apparently the extra cyanide, if it were to exist in excess, reacted with sodium thiosulfate to form sodium thiocyanate, where the body can get rid of them quickly, but I also suspect that the sodium thiocyanate may have some antiviral, anti-cancer properties, perhaps only a tiny amount from eating apricot pits and the thiosulfate reduced effect, but its reacted components may have the same properties nonetheless. I would therefore imagine that the thiocyanate is less toxic than the apricot pits but also reduces the side effects by allowing the body to rid of them easier.

For me I used sodium thiosulfate to get rid of certain heavy metals, and accumulation of oxidative chemicals in the liver, as the sodium thiosulfate is a good reducing agent (reduces free radicals), but it is also a laxative in some respects, at least only initially in detoxification.

Most people are not aware that sodium thiosulfate is a common dechlorinator used in fish tanks, drinking water and swimming pool water, and sometimes a low amount of can be found in natural hot springs water, but they do have trace sodium sulfide too, which is why it can used to treat skin problems and some to bathe in it to relieved them of skin problems, rheumatism, although indirectly.

In other cases I used s.t. to help with sleep, as the reducing agent, especially the thiosulfate form of reducing agents helps with the sleep.

A thiosulfate form can form a weak sulfide compound which is also a component that works synergistically with the body's available nitrites to help to small extent anyway in controlling blood pressure or extend its effect for some people who take nitroglycerine tablets to treat both heart problems and high blood pressure. The effect is seen to last longer.

In my personal observation a bicarbonate formula, in alkaline form mixed with a very tiny amount of sodium nitrites works the same way based on my experiment as both the nitrogylcerine and the sodium nitrite degrades to nitric oxide in presence of organic acids. Interestingly, if the body were already suffering the acidosis conditions from lack of bicarbonates, the nitric oxide, which is the major component in controlling the body's blood pressure, does not degrade, and is more effective in killing of microbes, where its waste product, and the microbe itself are rich in organic acid. The sodium nitrite, produced by the body's own glial cells located in the brain, would degrade to nitric oxide, burning the acid forming bacteria, viruses and other microbes, much like burning them alive.

The sodium thiosulfate is also used as a photographic fixer, known as "Hypo" to prevent the chemicals of photgraphs from further getting dark and fix the pictures, much like a preservative, from preventing the pictures to be developed from further chemical oxidation.

I have also used it in the past to help sleep as well as to help concentration in event of ADHD, children's hyperactivity, and temper tantrums, and have worked remarkably well especially when a child of hyperactivity, is used to treat glutamine (amino acid) to help detoxify ammonia, and helped with brain development, is used in combination with sodium thiosulfate to reduced the resultant temporary hyperactivity that resulted from glutamine use. When those are used in combination, I have noted to cause a child to improve in leaps and bounds, which can be used for ADHD, hyperactivity, autism, and even emotional disturbances. For me, I also used s.t. as an anti-depressant and anxiety problems as well. At least for me anyway, the sodium thiosulfate has wide use, because of its unique properties as a reductant agent, it reduces free radicals, and reduces the liver accumulating actions of oxidative chemicals, where it is most dramatic as a treatment for cyanide poisoning. Still its everyday use is seen in fish aquariums and a dechlorinator for both drinking water and in use of swimming pools. In my opinion, people who used public bath cause their body to accumulate excess chlorine, the people who sells chlorine knows how much a human body uptake chlorine, which is quite a bit, but also does damages to the body. As a result, some people, like me for example, might after exposure to too much chlorinated water, will use the sodium thiosulfate solution to rinse by body of excess chlorine and perhaps some drops of sodium thiosulfate taken internally. Chickens and livestocks cannot use chlorinated water to chickens and pigs, as chlorinated water causes stunting of growth in pigs and chickens. At least in the case of chickens drinking water chlorinated in the farm, the biopsy of chicken were shown to have heart disease, and perhaps this line of chlorinated water used can be extended to human use as well. Of course human water, with chlorine and fluorine uses, is quite toxic to animals, and it is part of the many reasons why humans get sick. I imagine that the sodium thiosulfate to have much more wider use in the distant future and I have only begin to touch only just a small part of this, and not just its ability to remove heavy metals, chlorine, toxic compounds, excess cyanide, its anti-anxiety, anti-depressant effect, promotes sleep, is a laxative, used as a skin problems such as eczmea, and many other applications, I simply can't remember. There was one case of a child who reportedly got fat from swimming in a chlorinated water too long (for about a month) as the oxidative effect of chlorine tend to do that, and well at least help reduce those effect and at the very least, reduce being bloated, as the sodium thiosulfate would react with the excess blood chlorine to form a simple trace amounts of saline solution in very minute amounts instead of a more toxic chlorine.

The sodium thiosulfate is also used as a common remedy to reduce the side effects which causes deafness in some people from chemotherapy. But in my opinion, the free radicals also generated during x ray therapies, such as CAT scans can reduced such side effects just the same. I had a friend of mine who got a terrible headaches after getting her teeth x-rayed and took both vitamin C and sodium thiosulfate. Those two things stopped the headaches (and hopefully the radiation damages to her brain) the same day. It's probably the antioxidant effects from both the vitamin C and the sodium thiosulfate.

All this information I am telling is really old information (about 30+ years ago) as I found this out while doing experiments in U.S. high school. Nevertheless, with the trend in dumbing down of U.S. schools, I doubt any high school student today who studied chemistry would be aware of this as they are just too busy cramming for exams instead of doing experiments and make small discoveries for themselves. It was about the same time I think that Bill Gates was also playing computer programming at his own high school, which might be a monopoly program simulation, before becoming the world's largest software house.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)
5 out of 5 stars

Agree on the very underrated danger of chlorinated water, whether used for showers, cooking, or drinking.

Hot showers are especially damaging due to the large amounts of chlorinated steam absorbed directly via the lungs.

There is a small book out recently published which details the health damage caused by chronic exposure:
September 2008
'Coronaries Cholesterol Chlorine' book title
Joseph M. Price M.D. Author

Replied by Gean
(Salina, Ks)

The bottle of tap water conditioner that I bought is 30% sodium thiosulfate and 9% EDTA tetrasodium salt. Would it be safe to put say 1 drop of this in a glass of water?

Heavy Metal Detox, Allergic Skin Reactions

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Posted by Marigold Morning (Sweet Home, OR) on 05/01/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I love this stuff!! I've used it on and off for 10 years.

After reading Ted's posts on it, for the various uses, it's a must in my medicine cupboard. I use it every time I go to the dentist and have any tooth work done (I've had all my old amalgams removed, but still deal with brain fog, concentration and sometimes fatigue)

I use it once a week as a long term metal detox (3 drops with 1000mg vit C in water) And also for toxin exposure from paint (my lungs, kidneys and liver sometimes don't feel good after breathing fumes of even the eco friendly latex paint)

I have used it for allergic skin reactions from applied skin products and accidentally getting bleach on my skin. (Apply the liquid diluted with a little water, and rinse off till it's no longer slippery and then wash again with soap and water.)

We love you Ted!!!!

Heavy Metal Removal

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Posted by Michael (Florida, US) on 02/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

One teaspoon of Sodium Thiosulfate and one teaspoon of Ascorbic Acid in glass of 4 oz. water every night:

I have used this formula every night for two weeks and have noticed a considerable improvement in health. It was clear from the odor that metals were being removed from my system.

Heavy Metal Removal, Insomnia

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Posted by Bill Thompson (San Fernando, La Union) on 07/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using Sodium Thiosulphate for a number of years now.

I use it to remove heavy metals and as an anti-oxidant to help me sleep and it works pretty well. I believe its fairly hard avoiding processed foods and water nowadays, so this is one of the reasons I take it regularly.

I take about 8 drops a day in water -- I have the 10% Sodium Thiosulphate solution sold for fish tanks. But Ted describes that he takes the flakes -- he takes one flake of ST -- about the size of a grain of rice -- in water.

I also eat cilantro or coriander leaf in salads and drink green tea regularly which also helps to remove heavy metals. Sodium Thiosulphate is also used in much larger amounts as an IV buffer or flush after a cancer patient has had chemotherapy. Sodium Thiosulphate also removes arsenic as well as cyanide from the body. Very useful stuff.

Supplementing Lugol's Iodine (Aqueous Iodine) has similar action, but acts to remove Fluorine and Bromine from the body. It also removes mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminium too.

To make the 10% ST solution, just add 10 grams Sodium Thiosulfate to 90 grams (ratio 1:9) of water and you will have the 10% solution so you can use drops if you want.

Large Calcification, Increase Sulfur Intake

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Posted by Evan Jones (Indonesia) on 07/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I keep a 100ml bottle of water mixed with Sodium ThioSulfate crystals & wet my body with it after showering. I air dry, allowing the STS to be absorbed transdermally.

Purpose: to increase sulphur intake.

For proof of efficacy of topical STS, see:

See clinical photos of a "dramatic diminution of a large calcification treated with topical sodium thiosulfate.

Replied by Dot
(Stowe, Vt)

What was the concentration of crystals to water? My daughter has had 3 surgeries snd 2 infections (hospitalized for 4-6 days), as a result of calcium deposits. Any hope or onformatipn is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

Sodium Thiosulfate Dosage

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 11/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

You can supplement one crystal of sodium thiosulfate -- about the size of a grain of rice -- mixed in a glass of water and drink that. This is what Ted from Bangkok recommends.

You can also measure out and make a 10% water solution of sodium thiosulfate and just take 6 to 10 drops of that solution in a glass of water on a daily basis.

I use the 10% sodium thiosulfate solution which I bought from an aquatics or aquaculture shop. This has served me well for many years. I've always found sodium thiosulfate easy to take with no problems. But Ted warns that, the first time you take the sodium thiosulfate, you may well get diarrhea and after that no more diarrhea. Sodium thiosulfate not only removes heavy metals but also removes cyanide, arsenic and chlorine so it is highly useful for the body. I've also found that taking ST also helps me to sleep as well, very relaxing. That's why I usually take it at night before bed.

Sodium Thiosulfate Dosage
Posted by Angelo (Tampa, Florida) on 11/09/2014

I have Sodium Thiosulfate crystals 99.5% pure. I want to know how to convert it to safer ingestible percentages. What formulas can I use?

I have heard STS can be taken intravenously, could you use the same solution or would other steps be involved to purify it for injection?

Replied by Timh
2085 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I first tried just a few pellets orally for heavy metal detox w/ decent results but soon progressed to a few spoons in a very warm footbath, then progressed again to 1/4-1/2 cup in a hot whole body bath and finally getting the metals out of my bones w/ all parameters of health improving.

Replied by Mich

How long did you take the baths with the sodium thiosulfate?

Sodium Thiosulfate Dosage
Posted by Glenda (San Francisco) on 03/14/2014

Normal drinking water is chlorinated at 4 ppm, sodium thiosulfate will dechlorinate the water, for a commercial aquarium product at 2 drops of the product for 1 gallon of water with 4 ppm of chlorine ( same as city drinking water). On the web, a sodium thiosulfate calculator was found that indicated that 53 mg of sodium thiosulfate per gallon of water with 4 ppm of chlorine, the chlorine will be deactivate. go here

Now.. maybe Ted can answer this, if 2 drops will dechlorinate at 4ppm for 1 gallon of water, then 1 ml contains 650 mg of sodium thiosulfate or a concentratrion of 65%. Is that correct, 65 % concentration to get 2 drops to dechlorinate 1 gallon??? Or is there other agents added to the product which synergestically work to dechlorinate, with a lower concentration of sodium thiosulfate?

Sodium Thiosulfate Dosage
Posted by Joe (Wpb, Florida) on 06/02/2010

Bill, below is data from Ted.

...The drinking water will therefore constantly reduce the toxins but there is another kind of toxins that H2O2 might not be able to neutralized and it can be switched over once a month or twice a month, only one or two day with the sodium thiosulfate drops. Which is 10% sodium thiosulfate, 10 drops per liter of water. It tends to neutralize other types of toxins. Initial taking of this may have a laxative effect, more like detoxification, thereafter no more problems.

I located a sodium thiosulfate bottle for aquarium usage. Is this always in a 10% solution or do I have to dilute it more to get there? The company does not tell specifics with %. Thank You for any help : Joe

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Hi Joe...I also obtain my bottles of sodium thiosulfate from an aquatics shop and although they don't say so on the labels, they are usually always 10% strength. And I wouldn't worry too much about this, because sodium thiosulfate is regularly used in much heavier dosages via IV for cancer chemo patients, where the chemo -- which usually contains dangerous lead and mercury to kill the cancer -- is buffered out of the body with the sodium thiosulfate after the chemotherapy.

The point is that we are only using drops of sodium thiosulfate here, but in chemo they use much larger amounts. I usually use 6-10 drops in my drinking water several times a month -- because getting rid of heavy metals and chlorine poisons from our food and water is a continual ongoing battle which will never end.

I also take iodine not only for health, but also to flush out dangerous halides -- like bromine and fluorine -- from my body. Iodine also helps to rid your body of cadmium, mercury and lead as well which makes iodine a very worthwhile and essential supplement.

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The aquarium bottle that I found is broken down with following ingredients and %. Will this be ok to use and how would i need to mix to get to 10% solution ? Thanks again Joe :)

Sodium Thiosulfate 30.2%
EDTA Tetrasodium salt 9.8%

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Bill, Are you using a full glass of water for the 6-10 drops of sodium thiosulfate ? Since my solution is in 30% concentration how many drops should I add ? Taken several times per month ? would once a week be sufficient ?

Then, I guess both the acv/bs or lemon/bs help with weight loss which is one benefit I don't need. (Being already thin) I thought is was the vinegar that facilitates this but i guess both remedies do this. Maybe it's a result of having the bicarbs put the body in more balance with markers?

I'm going to buy some mag chloride flakes to make the oil (skin application), but can the oil be taken orally too.

Do any of the alkalizing remedies or borax (1 liter), and Iodine remove the good flora in the GI too ?
(need for probiotics later)

Thanks Again, Joe

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Hi Joe...Yes, use 6-10 drops of 10% Sodium Thiosulfate(ST) in a full glass of water. If you have a 30% ST solution, then it will be 3 times as strong as the 10% ST solution. So just divide the original dose by three -- and take 2 - 3 drops of the 30% solution in a full glass of water.

Also, as Ted has said, the first time you take the Sodium Thiosulfate, you may well get diarrhea. But this is just the ST purging the heavy metals etc. from your bowels and is normal. This should only happen once, the first time you take the ST.

Also, ST is not something that I take every day. If you have heavy metal poisoning, then I would take this twice a week. I would also eat cilantro leaves(half a cup) three times a week in salads as well as drink green tea every day. The ST, along with these simple dietary protocols will all help to rid you of heavy metals from your body. I take ST about once a week now, I also eat plenty of Cilantro and drink green tea regularly.

The mag chloride can be taken orally as well. If you're using mag oil, then take 10 drops of mag oil in a full glass of water every day. If you get loose stools or diarrhea, then just cut back the dose. However, the best way to take mag oil, in my opinion, is transdermally -- rubbed onto and absorbed through the skin, because more magnesium is absorbed quicker and there will be no stool or bowel problems because you are absorbing the magnesium directly into the blood.

If you want to confirm heavy metals in your body, the best and cheapest way is to get a hair mineral analysis done. This will also tell you the minerals that you are defficient or have in excess in your body. A hair analysis will also identify any excess halides -- bromine, fluorine and chlorine -- in you body and is quite useful in this respect.

Having taken borax for a while now(nearly 18 months), I have never had intestinal problems caused by this supplement. I take borax several times a month -- I take borax in water for four days and then take at least 3 days off a week. Borax is the ultimate fungal killer, balances the hormones and works well with magnesium to regulate calcium in your bone and body tissues.

Similarly, with iodine, I have never had a problem. In fact, it is quite well known that your salivary glands, stomach, prostate and the mucus glands in you nose, throat, lungs and intestines all contain and secrete iodine with mucus for protection against the bad viruses and bacteria in you body and this greatly aids your immune system in doing its job, so you can regard iodine as very body-friendly.

Sodium Thiosulfate Side Effects

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Posted by Justme (Israel) on 09/13/2014
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Almost all tap water we drink is chlorinated. The issue is that while some municipalities use Chlorine, many use Chloramine instead, mainly because it's cheaper and in certain conditions more effective.

The problem is that Sodium Thiosulfate combines/reacts with Chloramine and that releases Ammonia, which we all know is very dangerous!

This must be addressed. Benefiting from Sodium Thiosulfate's benefits while enhancing Ammonia levels is a real danger.

Any feedback/precautions/fixes are more than welcome :)

Many thanks,

Replied by Marina

Thanks for the warning. On that basis it would be prudent to ensure we drink only filered water that has been tested to include the removal of that specific contaminant avoiding the risk of ammonia been produced Therefore allowing us to reap the health benefits of ST without the possible side effects.

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Distilled water must be used. Best investment ever. I have been using my distiller for years now. After distillation, distiller stinks of chlorine. Once a week, sometimes twice, the distiller has a thick white powder, probably fluoride. Have Hashimotos so can't take any risks. Brought TSH level from 31 to normal by avoiding all grains and gluten.

Sodium Thiosulphate for Bath Water

Posted by Keto (UK) on 05/08/2021

Sodium Thiosulphate - At bath time.

I hear that Sodium Thiosulfate treats a variety of skin conditions, plus it de-chlorinates water.

My question is: What would be a good volume of Sodium Thiosulfate crystals to add to a standard (UK) bath of approx. 100 litres?

Thanks to anyone that offers advice :)


Stroke Recovery

Posted by Viraj (Nagpur, Maharashtra, India) on 02/20/2017 1 posts

Mr Ted, Mr. Bill & Mr. Baldevji or anyone helping,

I am 49 yr, I was faced a stroke with seizure first time in july 17. Also very low blood sodium level at that time admitted in hospital. During Hospitalization I was detected calcified plaques in neck blood arteries & many tiny plaques in aorta.checkup .During Hospitalization I was detected calcified plaques in neck blood arteries & many tiny calcified plaques in aorta. Now I am under control treatment of doctor. Daily taking tablets. My doctor told me we can suggest u only regular medicine. During Hospitalization I was detected calcified plaques in neck blood arteries & many tiny plaques in aorta. Now I think no doctor won't suggest root cause medicine. Now kindly guide me to get rid from this problem.

Also what was the reason for such serious problem I faced & how how can I prevent further lesson. Please Help me.

Replied by Timh
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V: The root problem is likely chronic infection which is often an oral issue. Use otc Antiseptic Mouth Wash or Swish Colloidal Silver in the mouth, H2O2 can be used also.

For clearing the arteries, there is a recipe here on E.C. of herbs that clean and allow the plaques to absolve. Take in capsules or as a tea ---Garlic, Cayenne, Ginger, Hawthorn, Lemon, ACV. The herb Chanca Piedra is effective in removing excess Calcium from the body.