Sodium Thiosulfate for Heavy Metal Detox, Calcifications, Candida

Toxin Remover and Chelator

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Posted by Happy (Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa) on 05/13/2013
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Better But With Side Effects

Thiosulfate report: Be careful when using thiosulfate as a toxin remover, chelator: The thiosulfate may also remove too many critical nutrients, like copper, calcium, iron, magnesium; if used without a plan.

I used a fish aquarium water cleaner that I bot in a pet shop; with a odd brand name. The specifed use of it was to clean the tap water of chlorine, it contained sodium thiosulfate plus EDTA as a liquid solution. I found the ingredient list on the distributors website msds sheet. They were not listed on the bottle label. 30% sodium thio-sulfate and 10% EDTA. My purpose was to try and chelate insecticides, pesticides, arsenic, and heavy metals from my tissues.

I and a 2nd person took 2 drops, in water, twice per day, 6 days per week, for 4 weeks. [ 2 drops X 2 t/d X 6 d/wk X 4 weeks]

By the end of week 3 I was having muscle spasms in lower legs, in mornings, while in bed. The 2nd person also experienced some muscle spasms. This indicates a deficiency symptom of calcium, or magnesium, or maybe iron...... This occurred until we stopped the mineral chelator.

By week 3 I began to experience chronic lower back soreness and pains, while doing no physical labor. The lower back area seemed to be loosing calcium at the vertebraes and the lower back seemed to be degenerating, for no apparent reason. As if I was experiencing a calcium deficiency in the vertebrae bones..... Until I stopped the mineral chelator.

By the end of week 3, the 2nd person was showing signs of a copper deficiency, despite supplementing with copper. This showed up as sub-dermal heamatomas, or capillary fragility, and bleeding under the skin after a mild bump or a scrape. She had previously been cured of this sub-dermal heamatoma symptom by supplementing with 2 mg of copper, per day. She was still supplementing with copper, but the capillary fragility was coming back... Until she stopped the mineral chelator.

After 4 weeks we stopped the experiment, and within 2 days our symptoms began to reverse themselves. It is now day 3, and we are better still. The symptoms are now 75% improved, after only 3 days. Leg cramps gone, sub-dermal heamatomas gone. Lower back soreness is 60% better.

This experiment proves to me that the sodium thiosulfate [plus the EDTA in the formula] is a powerful chelator of metals, and therefore is potentially capable of chelating heavy metal, etc. but You must restrict it's use to short periods of time; maybe 1 week per month for general chelating. And supplement heavily of nutritional minerals while on it. In the future, I would only intake it One time per day, at bedtime, away from food. In a cycle of One week on, 3 weeks off.

It would be good to keep in the house for emergency use for accidental poisonings, or suspected poisonings. Perhaps taking it for 3 days after the suspected poisoning occurred, as insurance.

I hope this information helps someone else.

Replied by Missy
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One thing that's a must with Sodium Thiosulfate is that you have to replenish your body daily with minerals and probiotics because STS leaves no prisoners. You can take it up to 4 weeks at a time. Check out Tony Pantalleresco's youtube on sodium thiosulfate and turpentine, (and all of his other topics are so very informative). I tried the turpentine. Awesome! I was able the get off my blood pressure meds!

Replied by Linda
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It is vital that you take a minimum of 10 Billion probiotics and a full coverage of minerals each morning to replenish the body of what was stripped out by the thiosulfate. Tony Pantalleresco says that the Thiosulphate strips everything out of the body including the needed good fauna (good bacteria) and minerals. He also says with the 1 teaspoon of Sodium Thiosulfate you need to take 1 teaspoon of powered ascorbic acid to protect the liver from the metals etc that are being evacuated from the body.

Replied by Gp

You make LOTS of speculations based upon symptoms that could have NOTHING to do with chelation. Discs hurt due to several drops of sodium thiosulfate removing calcium,, really, maybe coincidentally, did you lose calcium in your teeth to, did they hurt? Come on bro, get real! I see SO much insane bs on the internet sometimes I get upset and reply to the ignorance. It'd take lifetimes to reply to all the mid information. Yes I got 10 years of university and 30+ years of real world experience...

Where to Buy

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Posted by Susan (New York) on 08/06/2012

Bill from san fernando, can you check to see if this the right sodium thiosulfate also?

sodium thiosulfate listing.


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Susan... The Sodium Thiosulfate in your link seems to be OK. For the right doasage, just add one flake -- about the size of a grain of rice -- to a glass of water and drink it. This will help to remove chlorine and heavy metals from your body.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Susan, I just thought I'd give a link to where I got my lab grade sodium thiosulfate. I remember being a little apprehensive about where to get it so, I thought this might help others interested in using it. There's enough in here to last a lifetime! ;) It's very inexpensive and I've been using it since last Nov. Also, it's the crystal form (or rice pellet size).

Take care, Lisa


Thank you so much! I've been trying to find this for 3 weeks and was about to give up.

Replied by Susan
(New York)

Thank you! Lisa

Where to Buy
Posted by Patricia (New York, NY USA) on 12/12/2008 8 posts

Where does someone buy sodium thiosulfate? I went to all pet stores in my area and they don't know what I am talking about. Is there any other name that it is known.

Replied by Haris
(Limassol, Cyprus)

Patricia, you will not get it from pet stores because they will not sell any other useless dechlorinator. You will get it from pharmacies. Also search on the internet and find how to make a solution to last you for years.

Replied by Tricia
(Elmont, New York)
8 posts

Hi Haris, thanks for responding. I just recently noticed. I failed miserably in chemistry and it would be impossible for me to mix anything. How do you make you ST? I would be more content if I had a name to go with. I know Limassol is quite advanced in many ways and you can find most items. The only result I got was from a picture development site. I guess I will try the other stuff that Ted recommends like ACV and baking soda. I heard this afternoon on a health show that eczema and psoriasis is a complete shut down of the immune system, where circulation is affected and being deficient in fish oils and B complex. I believe that Ted has the best explanation. A fungal infection with a possibility of mite infestation and an acid predisposition.

Where to Buy
Posted by Adele (USA) on 08/11/2006

I found the sodium thiosulfate at the pet shop 4 oz. $4.99

Replied by Jacob
(Liverpool, New York)
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Well.. I went to petsmart looking for it.. The products weren't even labeled with the ingredients. I looked up one from the product site and the pdf it had about it made it seem horrible I wrote a letter to petsmart about it. You can get vapor damage and this that and the other thing from it. I'm not sure if i'm even going to try this now any more info?

Replied by Kevin
(Orlando, Fl)

You can usually buy Sodium Thiosulfate from swimming pool stores. You can definitely purchase it from Aquatic Eco-Systems....just do a Google search

Replied by Guy
(Ventura, Ca)

I see the sodium thiosulfate online with the name Pentahydrate next to it. Is this the same thing? If someone has a name brand that is at the pet store could you please email it to me?

Replied by Entheogens
(Palo Alto, California, Usa)

Could someone inform-either via email or here on the board me on either of these?:
1) Instructions on how to mix a dry Sodium Thiosulfate, so that I can consume it?

2) In lieu of the above, could you provide me the name of an appropriate brand of liquid Sodium Thiosulfate that they sell in fish stores here in the US. Most don't have ingredients listed. I went to an aquatic shop yesterday and was sold Prime. After further research, it appears this product contains more than Sodium Thiosulfate and since those ingredients appear to be proprietary, I don't want to risk ingesting this stuff. Thanks.

Replied by Heisenberg
(Who Knows, Umcertain)

The pentahydrate part next to it just means it has 5 water molecules associated it. So yes it's the same thing but if you heat it you could actually vaporize the water and get an even purer concentration of the STS. But it's not really necessary.

Where to Buy: Australia

Posted by Debra (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 04/27/2010

where do you get sodium thiosulfate in Australia?

Tried a few pool shops, looked on the net, sodium thiosulfate in Australia not easy to get. Will it really help get all this metal out of me? Will that finally help with the fibromyalgia pain. Does calcified arteries cause pain?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Debra...try buying the thiosulfate from an aquatic shop that sells fish, fishtanks and supporting goods. I bought my thiosulfate from an aquatic shop.

Sodium thiosulphate is even used in modern medicine today. For example, in chemo for cancer, sodium thiosulfate is regularly used as an IV buffer to flush out all the dangerous heavy metals that are used after cancer chemotherapy -- and used in much larger amounts than the dosages advised on this site. Drinking green tea three times a day would also help to flush out heavy metals or just eat cilantro (chinese parsely, coreander leaf) in salads 3 times a week would also work.

These would all be good remedies to start with against your fibromyalgia problems. Might also be a good idea to flush out all the bad halides from your body as well -- including the likes of fluorine, bromine and chlorine. Taking iodine(Lugol's) internally or foot-painting with iodine using Lugol's or simple tincture of iodine(I do this) is the other way of taking iodine by transdermal absorbtion through skin. Iodine also chelates mercury and lead out of your body and will also act to strengthen and support your immune system.

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Australia)

Hi Debra from Brisbane, I have found a water ager at my friends house and all the name title it has is 'water ager cn, and it is the only one that contains sodium thiosulphate. It also smells like sulphur.(rotton eggs). It is a basically blue label with fishes on it.

I have contacted other companies that do not list their ingredients and asked them for the contents list and very few have sodium thiosulphate in them or maybe as low as 7 per cent, this one is primarily sodium thiosulphate.

My friend probably purchased it in a pet shop on the southside of Brisbane but it is made in Granville NSW.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Phil
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Debra, you can purchase sodium thiosulfate from Clark Rubber in Australia. It is called 'Chlorine Remover' and is available in 500gm containers. It is the crystal form. Hope this helps.

Where to Buy: India

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Posted by Baldev (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 09/12/2011 188 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Rasha, Vikash Pharma does the re packing of this product at 7-A, Aghadi Ind. Estate, Ram mandir Rd. Goregaon (E) Mumbai-400063.

However I got it in the powder form from some shop at Princess street, some time ago. That is the place where lot of shops are there who sell all sorts of chemicals, one has to really search. If you need any further information you can call me 09322887066. I live in Mumbai.


Where to Buy: South Africa

Posted by Brighton (Johannesburg ) on 05/02/2021

Can you recommend a supplier or good brand that I can take?

Where to Buy: Uk

Posted by Dj (London, England) on 07/15/2010

Hi there

I am mercury toxic as shown via blood and urine tests.

have found several sodium thiosulphate suppliers in the UK (chemical firms)that appear to offer to the photographic industry. It is marketed as solid and has the letters LRG in the description. Prices appear good at about £10 per 500gm

Are all forms of SD safe to take? and does anyone know what dose might be a safe starter for mercury removal?

Appreciate any help in this

Cheers DJ

Replied by Isabelle
(Garden Grove, Ca Usa)

Hello! Sodium thiosulfate aka hypo aka rice is sold pure in photo shop. I am using it whithout any ill effect. Good luck!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Dj. . . You should be able to buy Sodium Thiosulphate at any aquatics shop in UK. This form should be pure enough because this form of Sodium Thiosulphate has to be pure, because it is used to eliminate heavy metals and chlorine from the water of live fish tanks. I've used this form of ST for about the last 3 years with no ill effects.

You can also eliminate heavy metals by supplementing with Lugol's Iodine or an Aqueous Solution of Iodine(British version). Iodine also usefully eliminates toxic bromine and flourine from your body as well.

You can also eliminate heavy metals simply by drinking green tea 3 times a day or eating half a cupful of Cilantro(coriander leaf) in salads three times a week. Using this diet method will get rid of your heavy metal problem in about a month.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)

You could give Iodine a try! About as cheap, maybe more so. But only if it's LUGOLS. You'll have to find out if you can get the original 5% so-called LUGOLs where you live, or only a 2. 2% diluted version.
See around slide 43 here:

Iodoral is a tablet infused with LUGOLS = 2 drops of 5%= 12. 5 mg total Iodine. So 50mg is 4 Iodoral tablets. I looked at a few websites to find out the per gram cost of I in this tablet compared to LUGOLS drops, and it's quite a difference! Ten times as much per gram, and more, for the convenience of a tablet. 50 mg of 5% LUGOLS would be 8 drops. I don't know if one can start right at DAY 1 with 50mg I ingested. The info in the slide comes from Dr. Brownstein, but his site seems to have only videos for purchase and not much free information:

Replied by Dj
(London, England)

Thank you everyone for your input. I will source the items and start a programme and keep progress, updating when needed.


Replied by Dj
(London, England)

Hi again

I got a 99. 9% pure ST and it has arrived in crystal form. So Ted's 10% solution and 10 drops a few times a month means this version I have must be diluted. To create a 10% solution I'll need to do some quite specific weights and measures calculations with solid and liquid conversions unless anyone has used the solid form or has some simple teaspoon/tablespoon quantities to suggest?

Cheers for now

Replied by Isabelle
(Garden Grove, Ca Usa)

Hello! I just prepared it again today for I used my first batch already. 10 gr sodium thiosulfate 90 gr of distilled water = 10% solution. If you have a scale it is easy. Put your container on the scale, pour 10 gr of sodium thiosulfate(rice)and add carefully 90 gr of water. If you have to work with a measuring cup it is a little more difficult; density is 1. 667 g/cm3 but the solubility is 20.9g/100ml so if I understand well: if you make a saturated solution it is automatically a 20% so by adding the same amount of water in the saturated solution you get a 10%. Good luck!

Replied by Dj
(London, GB)

Thanks, Isabelle. x

Replied by Svetlana
(Kiev, Ukraine)

you can order medicine on ukraine.

2 producers thiosulphate of sodium as solution for injections:

Darnica (Ukraine, Kiev), Biolek (Ukraine, Kharkov)

Replied by Lisa
(Kevil, Ky)

I found one dechlorinator at Petsmart that listed the ingredients. They are sodium thiosulphate, EDTA and polyvinylpyrrolidone. Is the PVP a problem to consume? I read online that it is in all kinds of things, including tylenol, personal care products.

Replied by Rachel
(Cheltenham, Gloucestershire)

Hi this is for DC in the UK, Dont know if you will get this as the thread was back in 2010.

Please could you tell me where you bought the Sodium thiosulfate you used for mercury detox. Did you work out the dilutions/dosages ok and what has been the result of treating yourself with this..... Did you have any ill effects?. Would be grateful for response, thanks a million

regards Rachel

Where to Buy: USA

Posted by Jovana (Tx) on 11/12/2014

Sodium Thiosulfate crystals 99.5% pure, where can I buy it? Thanks, Jovana

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Jovana...You can buy 99.5% pure sodium thiosulfate from ebay.

Sodium Thiosulfate Crystals