Sodium Thiosulfate for Heavy Metal Detox, Calcifications, Candida

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 11/29/2015
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Hi Baldev...Good to hear from you again, I hope that you are well.

10% Sodium Thiosulfate can be applied directly to the hands to help remove the excess bone calcium because it is absorbed directly by the skin into the blood. You can apply this easily once or twice a day. It will take a while but it works well to get rid of the excess calcium. Use and apply the 10 % sodium thiosulfate directly on its own to the hands and affected areas. And you could, as you say, also add the sodium thiosulfate to the DMSO + Mag mix as well. Add about 3% sodium thiosulfate to your mix should be sufiicient or just add 6 to 10 drops of sodium thiosulfate to the DMSO + Mag mix(per tablespoon) for the hands when you apply it.

Although the DMSO + Mag Oil are highly useful, you could also add borax to this mix (with no sodium thiosulfate).

As it stands, your current treatment will certainly help arthritic problems in general but you can make this applied dermal treatment even stronger by adding some borax to it. As Ted from Bangkok has mentioned so often, calcium build up and arthritic problems are directly related to infections from mycoplasma and mycobacterium. The mycoplasma eats and destroys cartilage and the mycobacteria live in self-built calcium shells. So right there you have the root cause of both bone calcium build-up and wasting cartilage.

Both mycobacteria and mycoplasma are bacteria that have distinct fungal behaviour. And borax is the ultimate fungal killer. Putting these two cogent facts to good use means that if you also add borax to your DMSO + Mag Oil mix then this means that you will eliminate the actual root cause of these arthritic and bone build-up problems. I would also recommend that anyone with mycoplasma, mycobacteria, fungal or mold problems should also be supplementing Ted's Borax Water remedy every day. The borax remedy for women is 1/8 tspn(1/4 tspn for men) borax + 1 liter of water. You can also add a capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide to this borax water to make it even more powerful( hydrogen peroxide also kills mycoplasma and mycobacteria). Drink the 1 liter of borax water slowly throughout the day and take two days off this remedy at the weekends.

The dermal mix that I would use for application to the hands would be:

50% DMSO(70% solution)

45% Magesium Chloride(50% solution)

5% Borax

Drink 1 liter(or as much as you can) of borax water per day and take two days off this remedy at the weekends.

The best way to use the Mag oil + DMSO + Borax and the DMSO + Mag Oil + sodium thiosulfate remedies would be to use them on alternate days for best and quickest effect. The Mag oil + DMSO + Borax addresses and remedies the core reason for the problem and the DMSO + Mag Oil + Sodium Thiosulfate will help to reduce the calcium build up quickly.

Other remedies that also work well are the following, which are also applied to the skin on a daily basis -- these are also from Ted -- are DMSO + Aloe vera oil + lugols iodine. Castor oil works well too when you rub it on the hands. Turpentine(or pine essential oil), lavender oil and orange oil are also effective as dermal rubs for arthritic problems. Use 3 - 4 drops of these oils in a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply like that. These oils will be absorbed and will act to kill the infection from the inside thereby also helping to get rid of the root problem.

It might also be advisable for people with these arthritic problems to supplement Chanca piedra(called bhoomy amalaki or amla in Ayurvedic medicine) in tea or capsule form on a daily basis. CP is very efficient and safe for removing excess calcium from the blood.

Some more detailed information for you here.

Also please bear in mind that you should not mix sodium thiosulfate or borax or iodine together because they will react and become useless.