Sodium Thiosulfate for Heavy Metal Detox, Calcifications, Candida

Ammonia Metabolism
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 09/09/2016 2085 posts
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Sodium Thiosulfate is not an otc dietary supplement, it is a non-hazardous industry or chemical grade mineral much like Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) and Borax (a salt form of Boron aka Sodium Tetra Borate).

The safe dietary supplement, amino acids Aspartic Acid and Ornithine are also recommended to detox ammonia from the body. You don't need to call your dr if you want to add these supplements to your diet, and if you ask dr about detoxing ammonia from your body, you will likely get an unusual reply and please post it here for educational purposes.

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