7 Ways Pycnogenol Can Help You

| Modified on Sep 24, 2021
Pycnogenol Health Benefits

by Leesha Chamberlain
June 28, 2014

Pycnogenol is one of those natural cures that has been in existence for ages but has only recently seen a real increase in acceptance and major use. This unique treatment option delivers a variety of health benefits including regulating blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain, which makes it a great option for treating a wide array of common ailments.

What Is Pycnogenol?

MedlinePlus defines pycnogenol as the U.S. registered trademark for a product that originates from the bark of a pine tree classified as Pinus pinaster. However, the compound can also be derived from other sources, such as peanut skin, grape skin, and witch hazel bark.

According to a comprehensive article offered by Natural Products that Make a Difference, pycnogenol is a water-based extract. Additionally, the compound is particularly safe and effective because pine trees from which the supplement is derived are free of toxic solvents and contain no pesticides.

The extract contains specific bioflavonoids. These same nutrients are found in fresh fruits and vegetables; however, they are more concentrated in pycnogenol. As such, the nutritional supplement is effective for treating and preventing an assortment of health maladies.

What Health Benefits Does Pine Bark Offer?

Life Extension Magazine reports that pycnogenol contains specific phyto-molecules that are primarily responsible for delivering the serum’s health benefits. The nutrient has been reported to fight many of the main causes of ill-health and disease. Pine bark is one of the most effective natural free radical scramblers, a characteristic that also makes the nutrient compound effective for eliminating oxidant stress, inflammation, damage to DNA, glycation, and damage to cell membranes. With all of these attributes and more, pycnogenol delivers a number of different health benefits.

1. Strengthens Your Immune System

One of the most important benefits of pine bark is that it actively strengthens your immune system. This nutrient complex helps eliminate toxic waste in your body and revitalizes it with a number of important nutrients.

2. Improves Your Circulatory System

Pycnogenol cares for your circulatory system in a variety of ways. Upon taking the serum as a daily supplement, it begins to strengthen the walls of your blood vessels as well as your capillaries. It also helps prevent stress-induced constriction in your arteries. It even prevents blood clotting and build up throughout your body.

3. Relieves Pain

Pine bark contains a number of different nutrient systems, one of which is important for pain reduction. The main compounds in pycnogenol help fight pain and inflammation throughout your body. It also helps to lower stress, so you experience pain with a lower intensity.

4. Rejuvenates Skin

We love a fresh, youthful glow as much as the next person, and this nutrient supplement helps you achieve just that. Pine bark binds to and protects collagen, helping keep your skin smooth and tight. It also blocks enzymes and free radicals that break down collagen and elastin, so you develop fewer wrinkles. Pycnogenol even deters photo-ageing caused by overexposure to the sun. And, with a unique ability to restore circulation, pine bark nourishes your skin with plenty of water and oxygen and removes toxins and waste products, so that your skin is replenished and looks its best.

5. Reduces Stress

Living in such a fast-paced world, we all have the tendency to get stressed from time to time, but pycnogenol can help you avoid that. This extract functions to counterbalance the increase in blood pressure that accompanies an increase in stress. It also helps promote circulation, so you always feel your best.

6. Prevents Damage to Your Blood Vessels

A number of common conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, have an adverse effect on your veins and arteries. Pycnogenol is one way to counteract that damage, as it functions to reinforce your blood vessels and promote effective flow of blood throughout your body.

7. Supports Oxygen Flow

Another important attribute of pycnogenol is it supports adequate oxygen supply throughout your body. When you are participating in sports or exercise, your body is under oxidative stress, which increases your metabolism and an increase in oxygen consumption. Pine bark helps your body best utilize that oxygen and protects it from additional free radicals so you are always able to perform your best.

What Conditions Is It Used to Treat?

With all of these health benefits, pycnogenol is effective for treating an assortment of health conditions. According to WebMD, a recommended amount of pycnogenol taken by mouth is 50 to 100 mg three times a day. This dosage is effective for treating issues including poor circulation, high blood pressure, ringing in the ears, diabetes, endometriosis, menopausal symptoms, and heart disease. You can also use a serum formula applied to your skin to improve your skin’s appearance, prevent aging, and spot-treat muscle pain.

Let us know if pycnogenol has cured you of any ailments!

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Pycnogenol User Reviews

4 User Reviews
5 star (4) 

Posted by Bonnie Case (Ohio) on 11/04/2017

I have been taking Pycnogenol for almost two years-I'm 86 and after starting the pycnogenol I have less pain, no more using a walker and feeling much better. My asthma is better also, sleeping all night without waking up to use my puffer-found the book Pycnogenol Phenomenon on Amazon was so helpful. Ordered three of them for family members. I tried three different Brands of pycnogenol- all worked pretty much the same. I'm a retired R.N. and do my research before trying something new.

First thing that improved was my circulation, then blood pressure and lungs. This is NOT a scam.

Replied by Art
2159 posts

In reply to Bonnie Case (Ohio),

I'm glad to hear that you have had success using Pycnogenol for your health issues! Could you describe how much you take and how often, for those who would like to try it out? Also, did you try regular pine bark extract or just pycnogenol? Thank you!


Pycnogenol User Reviews
Posted by Mee Wan (Calgary, Canada) on 12/27/2016

Hi, My friend in Singapore introduce this product and it has good result that it relieves pain and discomfort in my osteoarthritis knees. I like to know where I could purchase Pycnogenol Tablets in Canada? Than you, MeeWan

EC: Hi MeeWan. Try your local health food store in Calgary, otherwise Amazon.com.

Replied by Vy
(San Diego, Ca)

Hi Mee Wan,

I have been drinking Pycnogenol for over 5 yrs and agree that it helps me a lot for my health issues.

I don't take tablet as my digestive not good so it could not absorb well for me.

Pycnogenol User Reviews
Posted by Rama (Oviedo, Florida) on 07/13/2014

I've just ordered Pycnogenol from iHerb and can't wait to use it. After reading several reviews I thought I'd give it a try. I will post results. I love EarthClinic!!

Replied by Diamond
(Massachusetts, US)

I would like to find out where I could order Pycnogenol as I have severe inflammation as well as poor blood circulation. I also have a problem having packages delivered to Massachusetts via other countries, quoted via the US government. Thank you for any help offered.

Jim Taylor

I get 50 MG capsules from Swanson Vitamins.com.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Diamond: Many online health food stores sell all kinds of antioxidants including Pycn and should be no problem shipping from within the usa.

In severe cases, like one I have, getting enough antioxidant nutrition has been very challenging ---until I discovered Lipospheric or LET nutrition starting w/ Vit-C. Most recently I LET's Grapeseed Extract + Resveratrol w/ profound effect. It seems the Pycnogenol is not as easily available as compared to Grapeseed Extract, and I have no doubt that combined w/ Resveratrol that Grapeseed is in any way inferior to Pycynogenol (or commonly known as Pine Bark Extract).

I mention all this in particular for folks w/ severe cases where they cannot get proper levels of antioxidant nutrition. The LET forms of A.N. are absolutely the best. It may also be noted that digestive disorders can be at fault in unresponsive cases.

Oh, the 2 major www retailers Amazon and Ebay will have listing of hundreds of the items you need and they provide shipping info like tracking numbers where you can view the progress of your package.

Let us know if you have any luck.

Replied by Diamond

I have finally made it back some how to this page.On the info. about Pycn(herb)It seems to be a problem finding this herb in my area, but the plus side is I find that grape seed extract does just as good & this is what I need so much for so long.I was born with a blood disease interfering with my circulation where recently my Dr. told me I'm due for a heart attack, hence I am in a great hurry to get started on this new journey. Thank you every one for your help and info. Good Luck.

Pycnogenol User Reviews
Posted by Lori (Denver, Co) on 07/04/2014

I've been using pycnogenol for 3 weeks and I love it. The first thing I noticed was an increase in circulation to my hands and feet. I have cold hands and feet and mine are considerably warmer. They stay warm so long as the pycnogenol is in my system and then subsides if I happen to skip a day. It definitely gives me energy (don't take it at night if you want to sleep). It also helps dry out my sinuses, which have been irritated with grass pollen for the past 6 weeks. I am taking 1-2 tablets a day with meals.

Replied by Kathi
(New Brunswick Nj)

Lori, thanks for sharing this info. I'd like to try since I too suffer from cold hands/feet, esp in the winter. wondering about your source, given the other warning post. Grateful if you could suggest where to obtain pycnogenol.

Replied by Lori
(Denver, Co)

Hi Kathi,

I ordered the Source Naturals tablets from Amazon after reading the positive reviews. However, last week I started reading the reviews on iherb.com and decided when I run out of the tablets that I will order another brand, Healthy Origins (capsules), as it had an even higher number of positive reviews. Hope it works for you!

Pycnogenol User Reviews
Posted by Pycnogenol Warning (California) on 07/03/2014

I don't have time to google this for you now but Pycnogenol is a huge scam! I found this out a few years ago when I bought pyc. and it wasn't a waste of $$$$. Basically Horphag labs sold out to USA. Pycnogenol is ONLY pyc. if it's derived from FRENCH MARITIME PINE TREES. USA has competely messed up with the processing and they're adding toxic chemicals to the process, don't quote me on that but the gist of it is the pycnog. is so altered in processing that it's no longer bioactive pycn. You need to google it. It's a huge scam and a hoax now. It's no longer pure. I am too busy ATM to find it for you but read up on the French person who discovered it and how they sold out to USA's deceitful greed & it's basically not worth more than a toxic processed food.

Replied by Deedra

What if you harvest it yourself? Wouldn't that be the best solution?

Replied by Phyllis

So does anyone have any recent info about pynnogenol and if the conversation about it being tainted true or not?