Pumpkin Health Benefits

| Modified on Oct 31, 2017

More than just a fall-time favorite, pumpkin is a bountiful nutrition source all year round. Not only is the pumpkin one of the most widely grown crops, but it is also one that is rich in essential antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients. Pumpkin has benefits that range from supporting liver and kidney health to curing insomnia, making it an effective health treatment for a range of purposes.

What is Pumpkin?

While many individuals recognize pumpkins primarily as a seasonal decoration, this variation of the gourd is actually an extremely healthful food source as well. The pumpkin can be described as a relative of the squash that typically appears round in shape and orange in color; however the pumpkin comes in many different varieties.

The pumpkin actually grows from a flower and originates from a fleshy plant that produces seeds, so it is often classified as a fruit. It is also considered a vegetable by many individuals, though, as it is an unsweetened produce – its flavor profile is more similar to that of vegetables.

Nevertheless, pumpkins possess a host of nutritional benefits, making them an apt addition to any nutritional plan. While the actual glycemic index of the fruit is considered relatively high, the carbohydrate count it presents, is low. As these two factors offset one another, pumpkin is classified as a beneficial food source.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Aside from its food classification, pumpkin also presents a number of notable health benefits. The fruit is full of beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin C. These nutrients alone make it a potent antioxidant source, which combats and alleviates a wide array of health conditions and issues. Pumpkins also contain specific chemicals that have diuretic and antibacterial effects.

With these benefits and others, pumpkin can be used to treat a number of health conditions. Bladder irritation, kidney infection, intestinal worms, and benign prostatic hyperplasia all respond well to treatment using pumpkin as a supplement. The treatment also relieves constipation, prevents arteriosclerosis, and functions as a sedative.

The health benefits of pumpkin are virtually limitless. The vegetable can be used as a supplement or even a poultice to cure and treat a wide range of conditions.


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Posted by Fiona (Arizona, USA) on 09/22/2008

I can't thank you enough, this has worked well for me.When i felt Dizzy spells coming i would know my iron level has dropped, so i would eat seeds and i would feel better.

Posted by Mona (Sydney, Australia) on 08/22/2008

PUMPKIN SEEDS for Anemia-IM in my late 20's and i have been Anemic all my life,ive had to have injections and take iron tablets but i got sick of it in the end and my doc told me that if i carried on taking iron tablets all my life i will kill my liver,so he suggested i start eating everything with high iron. The funniest thing was i discoverd pumpkin seeds when i had my second child and was told i needed a blood transfusion, but i rejected and went on a mission to get my iron levels up without it. I ate hand full morning,evening and night and after 2 weeks the doctor was in shock at how fast my iron level went up. SO PLEASE give it a go and let me know the results. GOOD LUCK.

Replied by Jules
(Toronto, Canada)

Tried this remedy for about 3 months, iron levels have improved so much.

Just want to say thanks.


2 User Reviews
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Posted by Eddi (Houston, Texas USA) on 05/28/2009

Hi everyone,

ACV does work and it has helped me in various situations. I mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in honey and I take one or two teaspoonfuls before or after meal once or twice a day. It clears my sore throat, soothes my tummy aches, made me lose weight, opened my sinuses during cold. Please do not overtake acv. Be moderate. I've been constipated and I've had two difficult b-movements ending in harsh stool and slight bleeding due to stretching of tissue. When I eat pumpkin pitas, I go next morning and stool is softened. Pumpkin is good, but not too much bread. Pumpkin pitas are found at Spanish and Mexican bakeries. It's a great snack and heals prostate problems, bladder, low in calories, high in betas, rich in potassium. It's no wonder, I always feel good after I eat pumpkin pitas. God bless and take care.:)

Replied by April
(Holly Springs, Nc)

Pumpkin works well for us! Started giving it to my son at 6 months old and continue to feed it to him a couple times a week. He loves it and it is a healthy way to keep him regular.