Artemisinin for Cancer, Malaria and More

| Modified on Nov 22, 2023
Artemisinin for Cancer and Malaria

Artemisinin has earned some skepticism in past years for its variety of suggested purposes. With its use as an herbicide, some may be slightly wary of using it as an effective herbal remedy; however, the treatment is just that. This pharmaceutical compound has recently earned status as a potent cancer-fighter among other things. Among its repertoire of beneficial properties are its high efficacy, fast action, and reduce likelihood for resistance.

What Is Artemisinin?

Artemisinin is a Chinese herbal compound derived from the Artemisia plant. The compound is also known as wormwood and sweet Annie. The medicinal benefits of the plant come from the shrubby perennial’s upper shoots, flowers, and leaves. While the plant was initially native to Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia, it is now grown in North America as well.

What Health Benefits Does Artemisinin Offer?

Wormwood, not to be confused with sweet wormwood, has grown as a popular health remedy in recent years. The herb is used for treating a variety of specific health condition as it offers a number of common health benefits. Among its most important benefits are its sedative and anti-inflammatory properties.

1. Sedative

Wormwood is often used as a sedative. It contains specific compounds that calm the nerves and muscles and actually promote sleep.

2. Anti-inflammatory

As an anti-inflammatory agent, artemisinin reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain throughout the body. As such, it is used to treat a variety of gastrointestinal issues as well as a variety of other autoimmune diseases.

3. Antibacterial

This herb also has important antibacterial properties. For this reason, it is often used to treat wounds, ulcers, and other skin issues and lesions. It helps to relieve pain and prevent infection.

4. Oxygenator

This herb acts in much the same way as a traditional oxygen treatment. The herb functions to break down infectious or parasitic particles in the body and to destroy these invasive cells. The herb even maintains healthy cells while destroying the unhealthy cells.

5. Low Resistance

Possibly one of the most important benefits of artemisinin is that it is a low-resistance forming drug. It is effective for treating malaria and other conditions because parasites and bacteria have little ability to form drug-resistant strains for this type of treatment.

Is Artemisinin Actually an Anti-Malarial Compound?

One of its primary purposes in the medical treatment world is the drug’s use in treating malaria. Artemisinin contains a compound known as coartem. This compound is capable of eradicating malaria in more than 96% of cases, according to a study presented by Scientific American.

Can Wormwood Actually Treat Cancer?

One of its potentially more important treatment applications for many, though, is wormwood’s application as a cancer treatment. According to the American Cancer Society, the extract shows promise as a cancer treatment drug. According to anecdotal evidence; however, individuals have experienced as great as a 28% tumor shrinkage within 16 hours of treatment with artemisinin alone. When used in conjunction with iron, the effects seem to be even better.

The main reason that artemisinin is such an effective cancer treatment is that it functions primarily through oxidation. The compound enters the cancerous cells and reacts with iron already present in the body. This reaction releases the artemisinin’s peroxide molecule, which creates a highly reactive oxygen species, much like a free radical. The natural reaction then is for the free radical to destroy the entire cancerous cell. The iron only enhances the reaction as cancer cells feed on iron, and a greater amount of iron in the cells leads to bigger reaction.

In terms of actually using the typical wormwood extract, this form of artemisinin is not strong enough, as it only contains 0.3 to 0.5% artemisinin. To treat cancer effectively, you need to take 600 mgs of 100% artemisinin twice a day in conjunction with iron supplements for the treatment to be effective.

Is Artemisinin Used to Treat Any Other Health Conditions or Concerns?

While this extract is regularly being used as an alternative anti-cancer protocol, artemisinin can be used to treat other health conditions and concerns. The treatment is effective for treating parasites, fungus such as candida, and even certain bacteria. It is also a common treatment for appetite disorders, stomach issues, liver and gallbladder complaints, fever, and irregular menstruation. It can also be used externally for wounds, ulcers, skin lesions, and insect bites.

How Do I Use This Remedy?

The specific use of this remedy varies depending on the intended treatment option. For digestive issues and other more minor ailments, 100-200 milligrams taken by mouth per day is an appropriate treatment option. However, to follow the cancer protocol, you need to take 600 milligrams of 100% artemisinin twice a day to eradicate cancerous cells and fully treat your condition.

While artemisinin has had a somewhat varied acceptance, it is growing as an effective anti-cancer protocol and as a use for a variety of other conditions as well. This treatment may actually be one of the easiest and most-effective cancer treatments available on the market today.

Artemisinin Dosage

Posted by Lois (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 12/05/2022

On the article on artemisinin it references taking with iron, how much and at what time do you take the iron? I have read that if not taken at the right time the artemisinin will go after the supplement rather than the existing iron in the body.

I believe this will help fight my bladder cancer but need all of the correct info. What I take right now is from Double Wood Supplements and 2 capsules is 200mg. The bottle also says not to take more than 3 capsules per day, but your article would mean I would have to take 6 capsules to get the 600mg. Is there any danger in taking this quantity?


Replied by Debra
(Sydney, Australia)
54 posts

Hi Lois,

Where can I find the article you are referring to? I am interested in dosage of Artemisinin. Thank you.

(Alberta Canada)

Hi Debra, not sure if you received the answer to your question, but I found a very lengthy analysis of artemisinin by Dr. Jeffrey Dach here also wrote a book (available on Amazon) called Cracking Cancer Toolkit in which the above link is repeated in Chapter 21. I'm just reading it now but can't seem to find a definitive protocol. I believe Dr. Lee Merritt (on Rumble) can offer insights into a protocol for artemisinin. Pretty sure I read somewhere to take artemisinin for 3 days then stop and take iron for 4. Not sure how many weeks to repeat this cycle.

Artemisinin for Lung Cancer

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Posted by Leenott (Ab, Canada) on 10/20/2014

I was diagnosed with lung cancer in April, 2014. I cut out grains and carbs, took BiCarb every morning, used a salt diffuser.

I was still congested and bought a salt diffuser and overnight the congestion improved hugely.

Then I read asomething about Artemisisin, started taking it around the middle of July, and had been using it for 6 weeks, then I had an xray about 6 weeks ago, and was told by the doctor there a substantial reduction, and that all I had was a bit of congestion in my lower right lung. It's not gone yet, but I feel so much better and can breathe better. This is a post to tell people about this herb.

I absolutely will not take any pharma drugs and haven't for 40 years, so there was no way I was going to do chemo. When you start to research, there are SO many natural cures out there and they are suppressed. It isn't a death sentence, but you need to have the right attitude, this makes a huge difference. Check out Ty Bollinger. One of his books is "Cancer, Step Outside the Box". Well worth reading.

Replied by Damian

Can you tell me what the salt defused was for?

Replied by Leenott
(Victoria, Australia)

The salt diffuser helped to clear the congestion. Not completely but enough that it was easier to breathe in the morning. These devices were developed when it was discovered that people working salt mines had almost no respiratory problems.

Replied by Jon

Hi Leenott, How are you now, would love to hear any updates. Are you still taking artemisinin? Kind regards

Replied by Beverley
(Victoria, Australia)

Hi, am still taking Artemisinin, and will continue for a while yet.

Have had some weird detox effects, the worst about a month ago, almost like a last gasp by the ailment (will not name it, gives it energy! )

I felt awful, no energy, moving from one chair to another was exhausting, but it is WAY better now, and can actually do more, but that detox -if that is what it was, lasted about a month. Artemisinin kills off a LOT of cells VERY quickly and the body has to remove the toxins, so I guess this is what the detox was. Also effected my bladder for a day over the last 3 months, one day per course (10 days on Art., 3 days off)

I also take Bicarb, have done almost from the start, 1 tsp in water first thing in morning and if what I read is correct about c---- not surviving in an alkaline system, then I must be pretty OK, as I have kept it around 8 for the suggested 10 days.

Am also taking Lugols Iodine, 7 drops along with Tumeric Extract and a lung tonic.

I also discovered a great Chinese medicine which does wonders for congestion. Ban Xia Hou Po Tang.

This has been an interesting journey, one I never expected to take as I have always been so healthy (did smoke until I was 50) literally never got sick, haven't been to a doctor for 40 years ( until April last year)

I am on the mend now, but it has a lot to do with state of mind. Until recently I didn't care, now I do and it's showing. We MUST care and love ourselves first and foremost and I didn't over the last 3 years and really beat myself up.

I hope this helps. If you have a problem, what I am doing helps me. Not saying it is a cure all for everyone, but certainly has helped me. Am happy to keep you updated!


Replied by Nip

Hi Beverley

When I came across your post I was delighted, only due to the fact that I have been doing so much research for my dad who was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer and you seem to be using the very things I have read as being effective! Of course I'm not delighted to hear anyone has this vicious disease, but I am pleased to hear your course of treatment is working for you, you've also given me some hope! I am so overwhelmed with information and seeing your post really helped!

I was hoping you could offer me some information on how you are taking the Art, bicarb and the turmeric. I've read both Art and bicarb need to be taken on an empty stomach, you said you take bicarb first thing;

Do you mix your bicarb with lemon? Do you do 10 days on and 3 days off with bicarb, and is it just once a day?

How long after bicarb do you take Art and do you take it with anything? I keep reading CLA helps it absorb. Do you take Art at night as well and what is your complete dosage? Do you recommend 10 days on and 3 days off?

When and how do you take the Turmeric, and how many times A day? Do you avoid anything, vitamins or food wise?

I'm so sorry to bombard you with these questions but there's so much info out there and I just need some info from someone who is actually experiencing it first hand. I'm struggling to know how to proceed and its delaying me giving my dad the treatments!!

If there is anything else you recommend me giving him or any tips or advice you can offer; please do let me know! I really hope you are well and getting better all the time! I really appreciate any input you can give and for giving your time most importantly!

Kind Regards, Nip

Replied by Beverley
(Victoria, Australia)

Hi Nip,

I spent over an hour on my reply to you and it disappeared. Will try again later, but that REALLY bugs me when something like that happens. I think my laptop needs work.

Are you on Skype? Maybe we could talk that way. Id is leenott23


(Kent, Washington)

Next time you have typed something and then it disappears, hit the control and Z keys, it should bring it back.

Replied by Leenott
(Victoria, Australia)

Nip, I wrote a lot of messages on Skype for you. Beverley

Replied by Duncan
(Plymouth/ England)

Hi, my dad has lung cancer and I was wondering if you could give some info on what brands you used for Artemisinin and what dosage you took? Thanks

Replied by Dagmar
(Montreal, Canada)

Hi Beverly,

In a previous post, Nip asked about dosages and questions on how and when to take Art, bicarb and turmeric. I don't see your answer on the post and would like to know as well as I have a friend who is diagnosed with lung cancer and I would like her to have this info as well.

Thanks, I appreciate it.


Replied by Antonio

Hi Beverly,

My mother has a stage IV NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer) and has been taking artemisinin for 6 weeks. She is having exactly the same (detox?) simptoms you had. She has been sweating a lot in the night, and can hardly stand up. How are you now?



Replied by Ying
(Winter Park, Fl)

I need help to know how to take all the items you mentioned on your message.

I am Chinese, do not write and spell well. Please help me with the same questions you have last year. I have stage 4 lung cancer.

Thank you, Blessings, Ying

Replied by Angela


I'm interested in the dosage you were taking and if it was the 100% Artemisinin...and if so, where did you find it and in what form? I have found the 100mg online, however, they aren't the 100% Artemisinin.

Hoping you are well! Angela

Replied by Gabrielle

Hello. How are you taking artemisinin? Dosage? Are you taking something else as well..

Replied by Tony
(Houston Tx)

No data on humans but I found this on dogs,, it mentions you..or dog have to have breakfast high in Vitamin C and E and then lunch with protein I believe and the Medicine is the way to give it to dogs in Dog trials,, it mentions human trials are years ahead so I doubt any one will feel safe to prescribe it, but I I was to test it I would do it like that and would for it for 5 days and start with 100 mg a day.

Replied by Leenott

I am not currently taking Artemisinin, but will start again in a few weeks. I haven't been back for another xray (radiation) but my intuition is telling me it's on it's last legs, this is just another kick!!

I take Doctor's Best, I buy it through When I start again, it will be 6 x 100 mg when I wake in the morning and 6 x 100 mg last thing at night. I still take bicarb in the morning. 10 days on, 3 days off.

Replied by Idot 13

Did you do research on paraffin oil? It's worth a try.

Replied by Sandra

Congrats... I heard of using the chinese worm wood but in a different way..

A study showed that if you are not sedentary, you will need to move around a bit for it to circulate in the body but this factor cured cancer and tumors in 16 hrs. You will need to eat a food rich in iron. Like chickpeas/ garbanzo beans then an hour after your meal you take a few drops of the artimesisin and wait. This doctor said not to repeat this for more than 4 days because it can accumulate in your liver....I would say def not for people with bad livers.

If you're sick your first thing should be to clean your gut and intestines, then adrenals and lymph systems, kidneys too this way you can eliminate the toxins properly. Eat 80% fruit. Or at least try.

Also for lungs steam palo de arco drink, topical and steam.

God bless.

Replied by Andrew

Leenott, can you give us an update on how you're doing with your artemesinin therapy? Has it helped you?

Antonio, can you give us an update on how your mom did with the artemisinin? How is she now?

Thanks. Andrew

Replied by Ed
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Artemisinin for Ovarian Small Cell Carcinoma

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Posted by Ann (New South Wales) on 02/10/2021

Hi everyone,

I take Artemisinin (under the guidance of a Naturopathic Doctor) as I was diagnosed with Ovarian small cell carcinoma - Stage 1B officially in 2015 but it should have been found in 2012 (long story of pathology results going missing).

Anyway, I chose not to do conventional treatments except for surgery to debulk the tumour, and I have had great success with natural treatment, so I am a supporter of Artemisinin for a cancer protocol.

If I can add my two cents worth, so to speak, what I learned from my cancer journey is to give 110% to whatever treatment you believe is going to get you healthy again - whatever that treatment is. If it is chemo, then follow what your gut and heart tell you is best for YOU! Not what everyone else wants you to do.

I have been an RN for almost 40 years now and I personally do not believe chemotherapy is the best way to go - I used to give chemotherapy to patients and truly did not see many success stories - but I have witness many success stories with alternate treatments. Be guided by the evidence, the practitioner you put your complete faith in, and mostly by what you feel is best for you to do. I wish everyone much love and success in regaining their health.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story.

Replied by Benedict

Hi Ann,

You are absolutely right and spot on. Even Australian government studies confirmed Chemotherapy has a success rate of only miserable 2.3% for 5 years survival rate.

Best Form

Posted by Tom (Ecuador) on 02/21/2019

There are different types of artisimi. Which one is the most beneficial?


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Posted by Dr. Lisa (Seattle, WA) on 06/15/2014

You've reported interesting information here regarding artemesia and cancer treatment, but I believe what you've reported is gravely misleading and here's why. You've presented this as a broad treatment for cancer. There are many different types of cancer and the studies have been done only in vitro. The problem with these test (I speak from the experience of a basic science researcher) is that you are using an article environment and usually using doses of the herb that are much greater than that can be physiologically achieved. In addition, you've reported or inferred that the cancer will be gone or affected in 16 days. Cancer patients are reaching for life, they fear conventional drugs and the side effects. To dangle this in front of them is wrong to me.

One more thing, if a patient uses this herb with certain chemotherapies, there can be interactions. You haven't mentioned this either.

I would encourage you to be cautious about making any statement regarding cancer treatments or cures based on in vitro or poorly powered studies.

Replied by Alma
(California, US)

For every question there is an answer. For every problem there is a solution. Western medicine has never cured a cancer. They cut it out, but never cured it. So why even think of going to the zero out of a million, who benefits from your pain by selling you the business of cancer treatment. Western medicine is bunk. I am a retired RN and it is bunk, I have never seen anyone healed by western medicine. Or even properly diagnosed.

Western medicine manipulates and does false studies, as well as hiding findings that heal, but won't make them money. Drink some apple cider vinegar, and some baking soda, read up on it, educate yourself in nutrition, be aware that our food supply and water supply and air, is poisoned and polluted,

And stop believing the lies.

(Valle de Angeles, Honduras)

Where I can By Artemisin puré?


I totally agree with you!

Replied by April

I fully agree!!!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U LISA, , , , , , , , , , the booger bears are going to get you girl. You can't speak the truth least the Big Pharma police will come after you. Of course you are right on. The DR. ahead of you toed the line, which you would expect.

I get a charge when an MD writes the local newspaper editor about why a road needs to be paved and then signs his name ....MD. Kiss my grits. What has a title of MD have to do with a road being paved. He will die of drowning when he sees his reflection in the water pool and falls in love.


Replied by Leenott
(Victoria, Australia)

No where in my post did I say that it was for all cancers. ALL I mentioned was lung cancer as that is MY point of interest.Also that it had reduced when I took Artemisinin.

I also said I wouldn't go the chemo route, so I have no idea if it reacts with chemo.

ALL I said was it helped ME. NOTHING more and I have/had no intention of misleading anyone.

WHERE did I say it would eliminate cancer in 16 days ? I have no idea if this happens, all I can report on is what is happening with me.

You are putting words in my mouth.

Replied by Ny
(Houston, Tx)

Beverly, Lisa was not referring to you. Her comments were directed to the Earth Clinic contributor and the information shared that started this topic of discussion.

I hope all is well with you and everyone else who was experiencing a health challenge. Any updates that you can provide (Beverly, Leenott, and others) would be great. It's been a while and challenges with cancer specifically is something that requires consistent conversation, over time, to show true milestones for healing.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is greatly appreciated. Best of Health to Everyone!

Replied by Larinda L.
(Washington State)

I am a supporter of Artemisinin. I know several people that were totally set free of breast cancer and medically proven in just a few days. Biopsy to prove it. God did make things on this earth to treat our bodies.

It is however proven that 98% of chemo treatments only make people sicker and doesn't help. Radiation is extremely dangerous also. I wish I could share medical proof here but I cannot.

I am a huge supporter of Artemisinin and other natural ways to fight horrid cancer. I have dealt with cancer my self and please, believe me, it does help. I think people should be careful what they say when they only have opinions and not any proof. People are fighting for their life!

Replied by Esnart Dinala

question: what was the dose to heal cancer and how can one take the atermisian?

Replied by Miriam

Hi Larinda,

I feel very excited after reading your reply about breast cancer and Art. I have breast cancer and have just started taking Swanson's Full Spectrum Wormwood capsules. I am taking 425 mg twice a day. I have been unable to find on the internet how much iron one should have in their system (blood test results) or what amount of iron supplement is needed. My family doctor does not support me with alternative remedies and I do not plan to go through conventional treatment (thank you Ty Bollinger).

My plan is to do 4 days on and 3 days off as I read that the body gets used to Art and stops absorbing it. The 3 days off resets the body to absorb again. This is according to Dr. Saputo's youtube video. Do you know how much iron the people you know who healed themselves of breast cancer took? Thank you.

Michael Moss

Liposomal Artemisinin doesn't have to be pulsed and is more bioavailable.


Hello, did you take iron with artemisinin? How did it go? I read the study article artemisinin killed cancer in 16 hours. I don't know whether iron should be taken or not; I read different suggestions. Some suggests not to take iron because human body already has iron.

Replied by Michael


I don't believe that full spectrum wormwood is 100% Artemisinin. Its price is only a small friction of the cost of pure 100% Artemisinin brands, while it offers far more in the way of micrograms/ milligrams. According to "Artemesia herb products are not the same as the concentrated forms of the derivatives .... The highest concentrations of artemisinin (the active agent) in the raw herb in the best of conditions does not even get beyond one-half percent. Dr. Singh tested some products, finding perhaps only 10-20 percent of anti-cancer activity against cultured cancer cells compared to pure artemisinin. Allergy Research Group distributes a high-grade artemisinin confirmed by independent lab analysis.." I'm only beginning to take pure artemisinin for a fungal infection, so can't report more at this time.

Replied by Tam

Would you please share details about how they took it to cure breast cancer. Plz

Replied by Frankie knows

Funny this dr is, if you have gone to college for medicine all alternatives cause problems, lets take chemo, what could go wrong, if you are going down hill the chances of chemo killing you are HUGE. What possible harm is there in trying an alternative. Stop the chemo and try ANYTHING. What do you have to lose, CHEMO killed my nephew. They did extreme chemo because they have run out of answers. The results were so bad they pulled him from treatment and let him die. Cause of death???? You guessed it, cancer. ALSO, why is everyone's cancer today labeled stage 4. I call BS. Stage four is to scare the hell out of you so you jump for the chemo trap. If your cancer is set to take you out in 4 weeks, chemo is the last thing you should shock your body with. God bless all that think for themselves.

Replied by Annette
(Atlanta, GA)

Dr. Lisa,

here are the links below that discuss the "in vivo" studies that were done, both of which are on Pub Med. Happy reading!


1 User Review
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Posted by June H. (United States) on 04/29/2020

I take artemisinin 800 mg every 8 hrs when my Lupus flares. Then I reduce to 600 to 800 every 12 hrs. Works faster than other meds. I haven't had a cold since I started taking it 7 years ago.

Replied by kim

Do you buy it in supplement form (and if so can you share the brand) or do you use the herb? I purchased the organic herb in dried form but not sure how to take it..

Replied by Nicole

Do you still continue to take it? Have you had any side effects? I would love to know how you are doing taking this herb. I've done so much research and am planning on experimenting with it. I also have lupus and am having a really bad flare with large rashes on my face and want to avoid to continue using steroids on my face or prescription medications.

Side Effects

Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 09/16/2020

Hi there!

Arthrem or Artemisia annua :-

At one time I seriously considered taking it for Joint issues but for some reason I decided at the time not to proceed with it.

There is some concern about this one in New Zealand at the moment and I would urge caution in the meantime.

You could check the CARM site and (our own) Medsafe site for more information.

Cheers and Have a Good Day,


Where to Buy: Germany

Posted by Koslowski (Wuppertal) on 09/20/2022

Dear Sir or Madam,

Could you give me sources of supply for Artemisinin ? could the substance also be obtained in Europe via pharmacies ? I would be very grateful for advice. Kindley regards from Dr. Koslowski from Germany.

Replied by Rob

Here in the USA (Kentucky) in grows everywhere if you know what it looks like. If your can't find the herb online in Germany, you can grow it yourself in pots. Just search "wormwood seeds" and see what pop's up. It also goes by the name Mugwort.


Thank you Rob & Madelyn for the useful info.

Replied by Madelyn

Hello Dr. Koslowski,

I use Artemisia Annua, also known as Sweet Wormwood, as a source of artemisinin. We are able to buy it in the United States from Swanson Vitamins. They sell the herb in capsules, which makes it easy for my family to take, but I personally open the capsule and mix with water. Hopefully you're able to find a source for it in Germany.


This one is very helpful too:-

you will find most of what you are looking for here