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| Modified on Nov 15, 2011
The essential oils in rose petals have been treasured as aromatics, food additives, and as natural remedies down through the centuries. The beauty of the rose is indeed in its flower but not entirely dedicated to the eye alone! Home remedies can be prepared with rosewater, rose essential oils from specialty shops, or the rose blossoms in your own yard.

In addition to its essential oils, the curative powers of rose petals owe something significant to their high vitamin C content, a powerful antioxidant and disease fighter. It also contains several other vitamins and nicotinamide (an important form of B vitamin).

Not only the rose petals but also the rose hips (a sort of fruit of the rose) is used medicinally. Rose hips have particularly high vitamin C content. Therapeutic rose tea can be made from either the petals or the plant's leaves.

Natural Cures: Rose preparations are good for improving immune function, treating urinary issues, relieving headaches, lifting the spirits, or addressing digestive issues.

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Posted by Desertpunky (Socaldesert, Usa) on 11/15/2011

I am not an expert on rose petals but if one reads about essential oils they will find that roses have the highest frequency of all plant life. It is no wonder it draws you to its healing powers with its beauty and scent.

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Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio ) on 10/13/2008

Hello everyone. I saw there is not a whole lot of information about Rose Petals as an herb on this site, So I decided to share my experience with you all. Rose Petals and Rose water is wonderfully healing. One time I got really, really sick. I decided to add Rose petals to my usual spearmint, lemon balm tea mixture. I remember I felt a difference within minutes of drinking that tea. I drank several cups over the next few days, until my symptoms disappeared. I got well quickly. Helped my throat. Tastes good too.

I had a good Persian friend who introduced me to Persian cuisine. I noticed they use a lot of rose water and rose herb in their dishes. Like rose water ice cream. We underestimate rose petals, as a healing remedy, because they are so pretty, or at least I did, but I read somewhere that bacteria dies off within minutes of contact with fresh rose petals. I use small,dried, red rose petals. You can buy them at your local herbalist or online.

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If you live in Atlanta, the fabulous international market called "Sharhrazad" (6435 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs) has a great selection of Rose waters. Check the aisle in the back of the store... The store also sells large containers of turmeric.

Replied by Nancy
(Rialto, Ca)

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