Ionic Foot Detox: A Simple Cleansing Routine

| Modified on Aug 05, 2023
The Ionic Foot Detoxification idea is a controversial one. Defenders are amazed at the evident toxins expelled from the body and the positive effects on their overall health. Detractors say that the same "toxins" will be seen after running the foot bath with no feet in it at all!

So what is the truth about the many ionic foot detox baths available out in the marketplace? The idea is that the device emits negative ions into the water. WIth your feet placed in the ionically charged bath, the feet are said to shed heavy metals and other toxins. Additionally, the negative ions entering the body at the feet bind with and neutralize positively charged heavy metals and toxins, which are thus neutralized and can be evacuated by the body's excretory system.

Natural Remedies: The therapy is thought to be good for overall detoxification of the body, improved joint health, improved circulation, reduced fatigue, and a stronger immune system among other positive health effects.

Are the positive claims about Ionic Foot Detoxification cures genuine? Find out below!

Foot Detox Feedback

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Posted by Rose (Ontario) on 03/12/2018

Do detox foot pads work? You put them on at night to detox through the feet? Some reviews at Amazon say they are a hoax and don't work at all. Any information on this product greatly appreciated.

Replied by Timh
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Yes, I have used detox pads extensively, always good results. The proof is in the pads the morning after; usually they will be very dark at first and after a few days, weeks, months of use will become less saturated by toxins as the body gets cleaned out.

I buy 100pcs at a time on Ebay as for the best price, but sometimes Amazon will have some good bulk prices.

Depending on one's age, lifestyle, diet, etc. the range of toxicity will vary, but I would suggest a run of 2 pads each night until gone through 100. You will begin feeling better almost immediately and continue feeling better through the detox process. At the time the pads become less dark, take two capsules of "Red Clover Combination" before retiring, which greatly helps the removal of toxins from deep tissues, organs, and bones.

Please report back of your experience.

Replied by Art
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To be clear, I have never used foot pads because I feel they are a scam, based on the available evidence. The pads discolor after being worn overnight and removed in the morning. Pad manufacturers claim that these discolorations and odors of the pad represents toxins or toxic substances like heavy metals or parasites that are being removed from the body and absorbed by the pads. There are no available studies to confirm that is actually the case and manufacturers make a lot of claims, but offer no scientific proof to substantiate their claims.

In a Dr. Mercola article dating back to late 2008, he attempts to answer whether the pads work or not because he had received so many inquiries about these foot detox pads. Here is a link to that article:

Basically he says the chance of them working as advertised is slim to none. He also references the 20/20 investigative report that found essentially the same thing......the pads do not do what they are advertised to do based on having the pads analyzed in a lab after they are removed from the foot. No toxins, parasites or heavy metals were found on the pads when analyzed.

Here is a link to the ABC 20/20 report:

In any case, this clearly shows that the placebo effect can be quite strong and this is why studies are so helpful in determining if supplements of any type actually work and that you are not merely experiencing a placebo effect.


Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Tracy (Florida) on 04/04/2017

Ionic foot baths - Please do not be taken by this fake remedy.

As a holistic healthcare professional, I do not believe these work and it makes me sad to know that such things are scamming people and making the rest of us honest natural healthcare professionals look bad and like quacks.

For those that say that it does work. I have one question. If so, then how does the water turn the same "detox" color if you put absolutely nothing in it?

Replied by Timh
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I have observed much the opposite of your conclusions, and have been using the spa extensively in my condition with notable results.

In addition I have discovered that adding about 1/2 cup of caffeinated coffee to the spas greatly increases effectiveness as well as helps preserve the lifetime of the array. I also using otc rust remover to help preserve the arrays.

So, essentially, the effectiveness of the spa is in the array. Heat Pad or FIR Belt over the liver also increases detox noticeably. Some units are more powerful than others, so you might want to try another brand.

Replied by Leslie

I was drawn to the same conclusion as you, years back. I tried the machine and I am a pretty healthy person, I never saw a change in the coloring of the water after numerous uses, didn't notice any health changes either, recently I decided to give it one more chance before I gave the machine away... warning this is gross.... for some background I have been doing a parasite cleanse for 6 months and rarely see any in the toilet anymore but it felt to me that this was only because the therapies I am doing don't seem to be strong enough. the morning after trying the Ion foot bath my poop was filled with them!! I tried it again last night to see if it was a coincidence and same results this morning, It Really Works to Draw out the Bad Stuff, it may not show in the foot tub, it will eliminate through our bodies usually paths of elimination from my experience... I am sold on this machine because I want these parasites gone!

Replied by Amy
(Los Angeles)

Dear Leslie,

Just wondering which foot bath you purchased and/or where you purchased it from. Thanks!

Replied by Tracy

It isn't so much that the person will detox through their feet into the water, although that is possible. The Ionic Footbaths work primarily by opening up the body's detoxification pathways, allowing the person to more thoroughly detox through the normal detoxification routes.... The effects last for days afterwards.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by James (Mobile, Alabama) on 05/24/2016

Hello, I need someone to answer this question for me. On the second treatment for my wife after she had it done her body begin to swell like a lots of fluid in her body. So is this a good thing or bad? I need someone to tell me what's going on.Although she is not in pain or anything her body just has swollen.

Thanks and God Bless, James

Replied by Timh
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J: Most of the bad stuff that leaves the body during the spa goes into the water but following the spa there are a number of toxins circulating in the bloodstream and being dumped in the gut, all if which puts a burden on the kidneys.

First, support the kidneys with cranberry juice or cranberry softgels fallowed an hr later by Dr Christophers "Kidney/Bladder Formula."

To support or clean the colon, take one spoon milled flax seed with two oregano softgels at least once a day.

And of course drink plenty of purified water.

Replied by Midwestmad
(Rochester, Minnesota, Usa)

Are you replacing minerals after the foot bath? I would guess she was very deficient in potassium and the foot bath takes more minerals out. You must always replace.

Replied by Joe Baker

Eucalyptus might be to blame for the swelling. Did your wife use eucalyptus during her treatment? My friend almost died from over exposure to eucalyptus oil at a spa in a big hotel in Las Vegas. Her legs swelled up like logs and her left knee swelled up like a bowling ball. This is a serious condition that can lead to death. Immediate treatment using an ozone machine blowing ozone via a tube into the vagina can provide immediate relief in our experience. Repeated treatments of ozone were necessary as the toxins kept re-infecting organs in ways that made the mind foggy for months afterwards. Death is much less likely to occur after the patient has survived past 48 hours.

Better to treat yourself with ozone than to go to an emergency room which doesn't have ozone insulflation protocols.

Replied by Terry
(Absarokee, Mt)

What you are talking about is what we refer to as "burn back." Especially when a person first starts using this process, your body will go through adjustments during which the process of unwanted Toxins and Toxic Heavy Metals and other Septic Elements in the body being expelled from the body will initially interupt what has become the "norm" for the body. In drastic cases, like where I myself was at 9 years ago, it takes a while to get all of these extremely harmful elements out of the body, and the beginning "burnbacks" took a lot out of me. The "scum" floating on top of the water along with what looks like little whitish gray worms not only looked bad, but the smell would literally make a person gag. As things are cleared out of the body though, it's easier on the body.

Replied by Jeanine
(San Andreas)

Have her heart checked! Is she on blood thinners?

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Barbara (Australia) on 06/13/2014

I have used both the detox pads on the feet overnight with good results, and recently used the foot ionic detox bath. The results in my immediate health were wonderful and I reccommended it to my sister after showing her the sample of my water. She uses a lot of toxic chemicals in her art and has been painting with mud from a gold mining region, therefore would have traces of cyanide and other heavy metals. Her water turned frothy black, and mine was only brown. There will always be knockers and disbelievers but I am a scientist and see the benefits for myself. My pain has gone and I feel far more alert than prior to the detox and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle...just had poison introduced into my system from affected food.

Replied by Shyloh
(Bunbury, Western Australia)

Barbara, can you tell me what unit your bought? I'm looking at one for home use, not commercial.

Replied by Ellen

It isn't as difficult as you make it sound. I made my own system with stainless steel and a battery charger. It works fabulously.

Replied by Karen
(Boca Raton, Fl)

I would like to learn more about how your stainless steel home made negative ion product was developed and worked. I had a great treatment which was life saving for me as it cleansed my lungs and revealed an underlying infection in the lungs. The treatment was at a spa that was closing so I cannot access that foot bath treatment again. The machine was the real McCoy. Please tell us more.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Stellalopez (NY, NY, USA) on 01/31/2013

It is undeniable that negative ions have several benefits especially when it comes to your health. For example, the aforesaid ions can help flush out the toxins that normally take lots of time to exit your body. Similarly, by taking full advantage of the negative ions you can have a reinvigorated, healthy lifestyle. Just so you know to be able to enjoy the aforesaid benefits you'd have to find a system that lets you make the most of negative ions. For this, it makes sense for you to look for a system that is designed with ionic foot detox in mind.

This is because negative ions can be easily made to enter your body through the feet but only if you successfully ionize the water. Anyways, whether you are a man or woman or belong to any age group you can always enjoy the benefits of a foot detox system if it helps you with the aforesaid ionization. Therefore, when you are finding a system you have to ensure that it has the ability to split water into H and OH- ions. Otherwise, the ions are unlikely to enter your body and you won't be able to cleanse yourself without the use of artificial mechanisms.

Just so you know even if the aforesaid system is able to ionize water and split it into ions you may still not be able to enjoy the expected benefits. This is likely to happen when the circulatory and lymphatic systems fail to undertake the transportation of the ions. Interestingly, the aforesaid ions are supposed to get transported throughout the body. In fact, this is imperative for you to enjoy the benefits of negative ions and improve your health. Nevertheless, as soon as the transportation of ions takes places the ions are likely to neutralize the toxins in your body without any difficulty.

The good news is that once the toxins are neutralized they won't stay in your body for a long time. Anyways, with an ionic foot detox spa or system you'd be able to enjoy some or most of the following benefits:

Energized organs: When the ions neutralize the toxins, making them exit your body, you'd have energized organs. Furthermore, your organs are likely to function optimally after detoxification because they'd have received adequate stimulation.

Improved health: Even if your health is not in a great condition right now you'd be able to recover in a quick manner. Plus, headache, tension, and pain are unlikely to bother you anymore.

Replied by Revachampion
(New York City)

Hi Stella, I appreciate this info. Could you recommend a brand to buy? and do you know of a place in NYC where ionic foot baths are done with a good quality machine? I've been researching lots of stuff on the internet and it's overwhelming! Thank you.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Karen (San Anselmo, Ca) on 12/09/2011

Hi All, Read all the reviews. It's not a hoax, but a genuine healing device. Who cares how it works as long as it works! Same is true for vision therapy which can not be explained adequately, but changes behavior and personalities. We just need to look at the outcomes from using them. We had our first treatments last week. I have had many healings and have done many cleanses over the years, and this was one of the most rapid and effective techniques I have ever used. I had two treatments on consecutive days.

Ater the first treatment, I had no more joint pain in my wrist, which I have had for the past 9 mos. My husband was able to sit on the floor crossed-legged for several hours without the usual discomfort. We both felt a bit drained immediately afterwards, just like when we soak or have a sauna, but our energy came up after eating and taking a short rest. We felt extremely relaxed and nurtured.

After the second treatment, I experienced being in my body fully, and could feel my feet firmly planted on the ground. I felt blissfully connedted to my own well- being, or my essence. I am now researching which machine to purchase, as only two treatments made me a firm believer in this particular way of releasing toxins. Almost forgot to mention that it was easier to concentrate after the treatment. Don't believe the negative reports. It's just the forces that want to keep you away from healing yourself of all of your energy draining toxins, and being your true healthy self!

Replied by Big Cat
(Davenpprt, Ia)

I just tried it for the first time. All I can say is I'm feeling better than I did before. I am a 33 year old male that is 6'4" and 250lbs and in good shape. I left with more energy and slept like a baby that night. The next day I still felt great and only had one cup of coffee. I am used to drinking four. My wife says my skin looked better and eyes were clearer. She is going next week and can't wait.

My water had a copper color to it and I could see the bottom. There were a lot of things floating in the water. The lady's water next to me was a dark black green and you could not see the bottom or her feet. She was younger and looked to be in great shape. The guy before me was a brown green with oil stuff in it. His water was the worst looking of the three. All of them said they had great benefits from the detox.

Some people are in such bad shape there might not be any hope for them. Just try it and see if it works for you, if it does its worth it. I am going back next week happy to pay the $25.00.

Have a good day!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Big Cat, I just wanted to say that I tried the foot detox quite awhile ago at a chiropractor's office and I felt such a difference that I decided I had to have one of those machines since it was $40 a pop. When I asked how much the machine cost, I about fell over. I went home determined to find an affordable one. It took me half the day but I did it. This was about 4 years ago. I used it, my husband used it, all my kids used it and everyone benefited from it! When anyone felt they were getting sick we got them on it and it stopped it in its tracks. We found it to be amazing.

I had several friends buy one after they tried ours and even a couple of doctors! Anyway, if it's something that interests you, I can tell you where I got mine. It was quite affordable when you consider how much that would have cost me in visits per session! To your health, Lisa


Could Lisa tell me the name of the unit that she bought, and where she bought it from? Thank-a lot - mark

(Mesa, Az)

Hi Lisa:

Understanding that prices change throughout the years; where did you purchase your machine? What was the cost (at that your time of purchase)? I am unable to understand does one buy the machine; and use your own foot bath?

I have had a detox done before; so I know it works; I would just like to do it on my own.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give.

Cordially, Cheri

Replied by Tina
(Princeton, New Jersey)

Hi Lisa, I have been wanting to get a foot detox machine. Did some research online but could not find one that seemed good. The reviews were so mixed. If you can, please let us know the name and source of your machine. Thanks! Also thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge of natural health cures. I went on the dragon herbs site and already ordered something. I talked on the phone to someone who was informed and very helpful. God bless!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Tina, I know how frustrating that search could be! I spent half a day determined to find one affordable. I took a chance on a website I found and called. The man who answered was very helpful and patient with me which made it a good experience. I ordered one from him that he suggested based on what I wanted.

You have several choices and you don't need to buy the more expensive ones. The simple one works just fine. We have the Ionic Detox Foot Bath with Infrared. A suggestion I would give you is to use trash bags to line the inside each time you fill it up to use it. It makes clean up much easier.

I am so thrilled to hear you called Dragon Herbs. I have never actually called but have gone in there and they are always so helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic to share information! I love their herbs! They helped me restore my health several years ago and today I use them to maintain my health. Did you ask for a catalog? It is a book worth having as you get a wealth of knowledge in it. Anyway, I wish you the best and blessings back at you, Lisa


Hello Lisa, I am a licensed massage therapist, I know many use the trash bags, I WILL NOT, it is is pulling all that crap from your body, what is it pulling from the components of trash bag into your system.. the largest pores of the body are hands and feet, I will use good ole COMET and clean my tub. JMHO.

Replied by Tina
(Princeton, New Jersey)

Hi Lisa, thanks for posting the link for foot detox machines. I am reading through all the options they have and will decide soon. Thanks also for the tip about black garbage bags as liners.

I am not sure if I asked for a catalog from Dragon Herbs but will do so with my next order. Their site is so rich with information and I am currently reading my way through the list. God bless you!

Replied by Merlynn

In 1997, I started the Research and Development Co Q Tech Laboratories in Australia. We invented several HEALING devices based upon Tesla's Field Science, not Einsteins particle science. I built the very first 'footbath detox' unit in the world. All others have been copies (and not very good ones at that) of the concept I pioneered. The usage, the time interval, the precautions were all taken from Q Techs specifications. Anyone else who claims to be the originator of this 'footbath detox' technology is making unprovable claims. With Field Science one determines the outcome by choice not testing after mixing of chemicals. In 2000 we had sold several 100 units in USA and so we held a few expositions and even lectured at a medical conference in Mexico. (Land of free alternative medicine) While in L.A. at a small convention we were introduced to the first case of Autism our device had treated. This 6 year old boy was Autistic after a vaccination at 2 years of age where before he was quite normal. (it may not have been related but....) For the preceding 4 years he didn't talk, or eat or play, he ate through a straw and sat on the floor and acted quite retarded. (sound familiar?) His father purchased one of our devices for his wife who was debilitated with arthritis where he was more than happy with its results so they began using it on their child. When I arrived there some 5 months after treatment had begun, this child was singing, laughing, talking in 2 languages and attending normal schooling. Can you imagine the expression of happiness this family had for our inventiveness? This is but one of 10,000's of stories that this Healing device has given testimonials too. With over 20,000 units have been sold worldwide, miraculous examples of riding the body from the hospital bug 'golden staph' to eczema can also be witnessed. This is not mainstream because it basically makes obsolete everything the FDA or TGA promotes and no university will clinical trial it as they would lose all their existing customers for clinical trials. One unit was sent to a lady Dr in Guadalajara where she used it on all her female patients and after 6 months she noticed those with HPV (genital warts) the warts were dropping off. Something more than Gardasil vaccine could ever do as she testified to at the Medical conference she and we attended. The Science for this remarkable device can be understood at If you want to know how to make your "Dr Mary Staggs" do more than dirty water and actually work and give you miracles of modern medicine send an email to [email protected] Lynn Eykamp It is unfortunate the chinese scammers and cheap copies using out dated theories have tarnished this most remarkable invention. to Quote" Dr Staggs, we understand you were the first person to bring the concept of Ionic Foot Spa Detox systems into Europe? Yes, back in 2001, I heard about Ionic Foot Spa's from both Dr Corey in Florida and Dr Morney in Denver Colorado." Dr Morney took all of Q Tech's data in 2000 and testimonials and pawned them off as his own. He later ask Q Tech to design him a better array ( as his was 'shit'. Mary Staggs is just another 'water dirtier device" in my opinion. We were selling the Q Energy spa into Europe in 2000 Mz Staggs

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

M: Thank You for your work on the Ionic Foot Spas.

Suffering from severe environmental illness, I purchased a unit w/ tub, arrays, and liners a few yrs ago and got mostly orange color water. Eventually I got a different unit from the East which did prove a bit stronger and more effective. I soon had to have this unit repaired and in the meantime purchased a professional grade unit w/ grounding band and fir belt which is a little touchy concerning the level of salt in the water but more effective than the other two prior units.

After a few months using this unit, I got the signal to "add water" and didn't wish to stop the procedure and get up and empty & add water so I just poured some of my handy daily drinking water which is actually watered down coffee/tea. Within seconds of adding the caffeinated drink, the spa water turned much darker hinting to improved detox.

A few weeks later I tried this experiment as a response to "add water" display, again with much darker color water. About 2 months pass and I decided to try adding a full cup regular strength coffee/tea and boom the spa water turned very dark.

So now I am finally getting the hard-core toxins and heavy metals out of the deepest recesses like my bones using this method. The level of improvement in my health is clear demonstration of the increased effectiveness of adding a cup of coffee to the spa water. It must be the same method of enhanced elimination that occurs w/ the coffee enema.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U Timh, , , , , , , I did the ionic foot spa a number of years ago and was impressed, but the owner was a novice so I learned little.

I looked up the price of the one from Australia and it is above my pay grade. I did appreciate M's dissertation.

Our hydro therapist has one for sale that she copied. I may go use that one and see what results I get.

Oh yeah, got my DNA results back and of my 4 parasites only the candida remains. Most of my other measurements were much improved and I do feel better. My doctor has to be using a program similar to Hulda Clarks Syncrometer where the frequency of the critter identifies your problem. As you know the Swiss and German medical folks think she was light years ahead of her time and are following her lead. I have just started on her last book. She died at 80 because she used herself as a Guinea Pig to gain knowledge. One humble woman to share her knowledge with the world.


Replied by Timh
2063 posts


It is my experience that you can transform a typical grade Ion Spa to professional grade by adding a cup of Coffee to the saline water. Do try this method to collaborate my observation.

Thanks for the update as it really gives me something to smile about knowing you are making vertical progress from the swamps of toxins, parasites, and anaerobes. I am coming round much slower than yourself, but maybe I'll catch up with you one day on the sunny side of the mountain.

Also, thanks for the Dr Shallenberger tip; I purchased the Amazon e-book of Bursting With Energy and have been watching many of his Youtube vids. If you continue improving from the disease stage, you will be in good shape for his anti-aging methods. I think it fair to say that a correct program can turn back the clock nearly 20yrs.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U Timh, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Will try the ionic foot spa next month at our Hydro Therapist office and will take a cup of coffee with me.

As all know I's SJS and I have really pulled a dumb stunt this time. Hearing is poor so I run everyone out of the room when I listen to TV. I got a Wi-fi device for Christmas and just started using the ear phones this week. Well this morning I awoke with yellow liquid running out of both ears. Looking in the mirror showed that my ears were blood red and massive.

My wife reminded me that I had used the hearing system every night this week. My TriField meter showed that indeed that was the culprit. The higher the volume then the more into the red the meter went. I understand the dangers of EMF and that's the reason I bought the meter. In short, I have cooked both ears to medium rare. What a dummy.

The lesson is not to do as I do, do as I say. I have rinsed them with H2O2 and C S as Bill usually recommends, and now I have them wrapped in Al foil to alleviate the pain. If I am not a picture from life's other side.

Timh, promise not tell anyone about this. Will give this hearing system to an enemy.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

Timh , , , , , , , , don't want to draw this saga out, but the egg whites did the trick for my burned ears. I promise that I will do better in the next life, if I don't come back as a goat.

Yo buddy=====ORH=========

Replied by Michelle

Hi Lisa, where did you get your foot bath? I am in Scramento at Dr. Lubekis clinic and the ones they use cost $2500...ouch.

Replied by Lola


can you please recommend a good brand of detox foot bath, something reasonable in price pref 200 or under, if a good one can be bought for much less great if not I will gladly spend 200 or so. Thanks, Lola

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Lola, why spend money? Just put some detoxing stuff in water and soak your feet! Read up on Epsom Salts, Borax, Baking Soda and more, right here on EC.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Lola: For mild detox you can add a spoon or two of Bentonite Clay to a warm footbath and also get some minerals in the body as Mmsg suggested with those specific baths.

I have used detox fs extensively in the last few yrs and can offer categorizing them in two distinct classes. Basic and Advanced. So, depending on how much use you anticipate you can decide which is best in your case.

If you already have a tub you can save some money by buying only the device and arrays. As for arrays, you will get much more use from them by adding 1/2 cup of caffeinated coffee to the spa water. Occasional cleaning with vinegar helps the lifespan also. The addition of coffee somehow increases the power of the detox, so I would suggest maybe 10 spas before begin adding the coffee as this will be a more gradual detox minimalizing any elimination reaction or die-off.

Here is an Ebay link with a variety of DFP which you may find many options and narrow down for your liking.

Replied by Lola


Thanks for responding. I don't know which ones are good. is it worth it to spend 335 on a system or can I get one just as good for under 200.

I am not sure how to choose.

Also, I have what feels like granulated stuff in my neck, it feels crusty in there, it hurts like crazy and also feels irritated and like there is something in there. Is there any way to dissolve it, tho I crave massage, it does not seem to help. I have lymes Any advice appreciated. Thanks

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

I have both SIMPLE ION IONIC CELL DETOX FOOT BATH AQUA CLEANSE SPA WITH TUB CLEANSE SPA and NEW IONIC DETOX ZEN SPA AQUA FOOT BATH CLEANSE CHI MACHINE 2014 MODEL. The simple model is dependable and have used 100's times. The zen spa model is a little stronger but is difficult to manage the salt levels in the water. As for any area like the neck you speak of that needs addressing, the zen spa has the Far Infared aka FIR belt which penetrates and releases the bad stuff from hiding. Used over the liver during detox the FIR belt stimulates elimination over the entire bloodstream and helps purify the blood. The other models with multiple units would be good for use for more than one person.

I would recommend the simple model for starters which may prove to be sufficient in your case. The tips I gave on cleaning & maintain the arrays is important so you can get better mileage from the arrays and increase the power of the spa.

Replied by Ijo


Please if you could get in touch with me, I have been using the machines for years, including the Mary Staags, I was looking for a supplier that sold 'medical grade arrays' there are a couple of suppliers here that I don't trust and they charge an arm and a leg for their systems, I just feel that its ethically wrong. I have been ill since birth growing up in a coal mining town, I have since moved away, and am still detoxing all the rubbish out of my body, I want to get ahold of the best machine.

Thank you for your time

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Katy (Orlando, Fl) on 11/24/2011

I have been on Morphine for 6 yrs. (multiple severe injuries) and numerous other medications for more than 20. I have been nearly bedridden and wondering how long it will be until I needed a nursing home (I am 47). I have been doing Ionic Detox for the last 3 months. After two treatments I could walk again. Now, I am not using a cane anymore. My fibromyalgia pain level has improved (though I continue to have severe nerve pain obviously not solved by a detox bath). My urine has changed from being very cloudy and leaving hard to clean sediment in my toilet (the bottom is permanently ruined, none of the cleaners worked). My skin has improved 80%, I constantly had rashes, boils and acne all over my face, back, shoulders, butt, arms, legs, chest and ears. My joints don't hurt anything like they did.

Initially, the water was black, then orange, then yellow, then green, etc. Now it is nearly clear.

Is it a one stop cure? No. Did it improve the side effects I have? Most definitely.

I only wished I had bought a machine, I've spend about $1000. at various places but I used a lot of coupons from the daily savings internet companies so try that avenue first and see if you benefit.

Replied by Anon
(Anon, Us)

I found this while searching for information about Ionic Foot Detox: Would welcome anyone's input, as I was thinking of trying it.

Replied by J22shelton
(St. Louis, Mo)

I've had a positive experience with the foot bath. At first, I wasn't sure if anything was coming out of my feet. I just knew the low level electronic voltage made my neck pain virtually go away when I used it twice a week, so I purchased a cheap machine off of E-Bay to save money so I wouldn't have to go back to my expensive Chiropractor.

But since using it, I've noticed the water is black if I've recently been out drinking with my friends. It's frothy when I'm fighting off a yeast infection, and the water is orange when my arthritis flares up. So I was skeptical at first, but this has basically proven to me that the bath does actually remove toxins from your feet. Also, my manual mentions black particles may come off the array and that the water color can be impacted by nuances in the local water. So they are straightforward that not everything in the tub comes from your feet, too.

After a treatment, I notice that the next day I always wake up before my alarm goes off, feeling refreshed and strong, with no neck pain. It saddens me that so many people I know come to a quick conclusion that this is a scam, without even giving it a fair try.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Margie (Spokane, Washington) on 01/15/2010

You know I've gotten many of these foots baths, and I consistantly feel better, my Candida which was bad has really diminished in its severity. My shoulders were getting sore at night and stiff, they don't hurt anymore now. There are many other things I've noticed, but can't think fo them right now, I just know there has been great improvement and I will continue to do this and I recommend it to everybody.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Cissy (Dallas, Tx) on 08/27/2009

I have been sick for two years w/adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. This stuff hit me out of nowhere! My mom tried the foot detox and said it increased her energy level. She paid for me to come with her.

The best I feel is when I use the machine. She bought one of her own. Seriously, I can not say enough good about this machine! Most days I have no energy and feel only slightly above the level of an invalid. The machine isn't miraculous, I'm not out dancing but I am better able to move about the house and get daily activities done and just over all feel better. I am a fan and I say 'yeah'.

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking "What machine, and what is foot detox?" Can you explain, it sure sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Sue (LR, AR USA) on 12/18/2008

I have been researching this ionic footbath phenomena. Did you know you can make your own ionic foot bath with a 6-volt battery and nail, costing you a few dollars?? Does this not seem like a scam selling these units close to a couple of grand? Of course you can get a made in china brand for a few hundred $$'s. Do you really think that much gunk can come out of your feet in 30 minutes? People feeling benefits is caused by the placebo effect. Get real, really is what is happening is you are soaking your feet in what could be toxic metal sludge being degraded from the metal array! And how about the chlorine gas that is coming up out of the foot bath into your face!! What do you think electrolysis is used for: making this gas, by adding salt to the water it is the conductor which creates the gas. Can't you smell a strong bleach smell towards the end of a session in this foot bath?? It made me feel nauseous!

Please do not fall for this scam. Check out this website made by a chemistry professor:

Replied by Tanya
(Anc, Ak)

Seriously? I don't know what kind of foot bath you recieved, but it wasn't an ionic one. There is NO chlorine involved nor ANY smells whatsoever. I have been having these done since I first found out about them 5 years ago, and I'm 26 yrs old now.

It has been proven that if you leave the arrays in with NO human body party, it will get a little bit yellow. And 2. Why does everyones water look different then? I think you are just a negative spammer or a stupid person who doesn't even have book or street smarts LOL.

The first time I ever had it done, my water looked dark pea soup green, the 2nd time almost a year later it was dirty, but not too frothy or dark as before. I do not smoke, no soda and eat very healthy so I'm not around too many toxins.

ALSO!!! PROOF> I could feel whatever it is being sucked out of me while in the bath out thru my feet. Iam HIGHLY intuned with my body, even when I have acupuncture I can feel every vein and nerve ending circulating blood. These are the BEST simple machines ever invented and today I officially bought one so I can share it with all my friends! And YES I'll be posting pictures :) Thank you!

It makes me so happy to read about the people above who had been suffering from things stuck in their bodies that eventully developed illness, and doing this treatment has cleaned and cured them! Absolutely wonderful! And many blessings to them! Xo

Replied by Bioorganicchemist
(Mishawaka, In)

Yea... I myself had parasites... And they come out... So there is no bunk about that... If blood hold a positive charge and you put a negative charge on it... The cell will release the crap that is hanging on to it! Also... Reverse osmosis is the action... The crap wants to go to a higher level of salt... Thus the running at 1.8 so it will leave the body... Any good organic chemist knows this works! I bought my own machine for $133 on the web... It works great and my parasite issue is resolved!!! Anyone with parasites is poisoned by the Medical industry to rid their body of them and usually they come back... This is a God send!!!

Replied by Nicole
(Sydney, NSW)

I tried the foot bath when I was in Japan about 10 years ago. I was a very heavy smoker at the time and decided to give it a go to see if it could assist with the toxin build up. My water stank to high hell and was as black as anything, with a green algae like substance floating on top.

After 20 minutes I felt energised, like I could have run around the block.

However this positive effect was only short lived (probably because I lit up directly afterwards). But the effects of the foot detox are real. Even for someone who has no condition (other than nicotine addiction) I didn't' feel unwell before the treatment and yet somehow I felt about 100 times better afterwards.

Replied by Barbara

I'm sorry, but I don't feel you have the right to reply unless you have honestly tried this. And, as a scientist, I can honestly say that you obviously have no grasp of chemistry. When Salt (Sodium Chloride) breaks down into its elements (Sodium, Na+) and (Chlorine Cl-), they are the cause of the conduction causing the 'battery'. You are not generating chlorine gas. If that were so, you would die everytime you ate salt. Think about it. Chlorine is a halogen and is one electron short of a full shell, and as a result, will bond to anything to get that last electron - usually something from group 1, like Hydrogen, or Sodium that can offer up one. This is called Ionic Bonding, thus Ionization. So now that that's cleared up. I have may disorders including fibromyalgia, and a shunt in my brain due to Intracranial Hypertension due to cerebral spinal fluid not draining properly which causes severe headaches, and nerve pain left over from surgeries. I was skeptical at first, but I was tired of all the drugs and was willing to give it a try. I was amazed. The water was brownish orange, there was definitely fat deposits because there was oily residue on the top. There was some sludge which could have been from the array, but my headache was definitely better. What I did note was that I kept urinating all night after, like my body was trying to cleanse itself. The next morning I got up not feeling tired like I normally do. I tried it the following week with the same results only there was white foamy stuff in the water indicating lymph..... I was sick. So you tell me, is it really a placebo effect??????

Replied by Midwestmad
(Rochester, Minnesota, Usa)

The metal used is extremely important. You can't just use nails! I made my own and it works fabulously. You must not research with an open mind.

Replied by Mary
(Gold Coast)

I tried this foot Ion detox .. about 2 weeks ago. Right after I left the clinic I had a nauseating migraine followed by vomiting. Since then, I began having pains from my lower back and down my legs, and it affects my sleep. Does any one have the same after effects? I've never had back injuries or sprains. What cure could I use?

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Mary: Folks with lots of toxins stored in their body (after several yrs accumulating) will experience this reaction (to some degree). This means you have a big toxin load to rid and it will take proly up to 30 spas or ore to come clean.

In the meantime, the lower back pain and down the legs is the over-burden placed on your Kidneys. Take either D-Mannose or Cranberry Softgels to rid infection from Kidneys. You may also need to do some mild K cleansing with the herb Chaparral.

Also in the meantime, do Detox Footpads (one on each foot every night until detox is done).

When you do another spa, take Oregano Softgels prior and Bentonite Clay post spa. This should prevent migraine and nausea. Milled Flax Seeds taken with meals will keep Colon clean.

Any antioxidant supplement will help much. Vit-C taken with MSM is recommended for immediate detox. For ongoing support take Broad Spectrum Vit-E + Selenium + Ubiquinol, and 3mg Melatonin before retiring (for a good night's sleep).

Once you feel nearly clean from repeated spas and all the above mentioned, take Dr. Christopher's Red Clover Combination herb (2-4 caps) prior to spa for a deep tissue thorough cleansing.

More. You can also take Mineral Hot Baths to detox/cleans during this process. 1/4 Cup Epsom Salts + 1/4 cup Borax in hot bath for 1 hr 2x per wk.

Your indoor air will need additional purification as will drinking and bathing/showering water.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Becky (Bakersfield, CA, USA) on 12/07/2008

So, I just finish paying $100 USD for 3 sessions of the ionic foot detox bath. I've decided that it may be benifical for me to just buy my own. After all, how great would it be to detox my grandpa with arthritis and my dad with years of smoking damage, and pain pills from surgeries? So I started to do my research, and almost everything I've seen is negative. I am a type one diabetic and I have lyphedema in my left leg. I was a heavy smoker for about 10 years. I went to have my feet detoxed for a 3 day period. (once a day for 30 mins). The first day the water turned very black very fast. I was told it was detoxing my lungs and liver. She showed me a large amount of heavy metals that came out of my body also. The next morning I felt a bit nauseous and had a head ache, which I was told might be a side effect.

On day two the water was much more green and brown, with a bit of foam at the top. She said I was detoxing yeast or candida, know to cause diseases and cancers when built up in the body. Although there was no white foam indicating lymphatic detox I did feel movement or pain in my leg like something was happening. I also felt a pulsating pain in my kidney where I have a swollen lyphnode. I also saw very tiny parasites that looked like mini white rice. She also said that she could see some cholesterol coming out. My last cholesterol blood test was 113, a bit high but not too bad.

On day 3 when I went in the water was more orange indicating that my joints were detoxing, during this I felt sharp pain in my lower back, I told her and she looked at the water and said that my joints were detoxing, I do have a stiff back most of the time.
Although I didnt notice a huge difference I did notice some. I feel that I am breathing better and I was a bit more energetic.
Overall I think that there may be something to all of this. Your body detoxes in 3 ways: Kidney, fecal matter and through pours in the skin.

So I dont think that this method is too far fetched.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Darrel (Toronto, Canada) on 11/28/2008

In response to James from Sedona, Arizona

The ionic foot spa theory originated from Royal Rife. The Aqua Detox is said to have been developed by "Dr." Mary Staggs based on "research" by Royal Rife

The ionic foot spa may or may not work. But from all the stuff I read on people who did test NOTHING is detoxing from your foot and that's the theory I bought the machine on. It's seems to be pretty much based on balancing your energy and stimulating your stimulating it, that is where people are probably most benefiting.

Replied by Karene
3 posts

I'm sorry but those who say the foot detox does not work are very wrong. There always has to be someone who says its the placebo effect.

Today my son detoxed with the machine and his water was dark brown and had a very strong odor. I detoxed a little after him, and my water was green with no odor.

We live in the same house-same water used-same sea salt.

I was detoxing at a chiropractor's office. He is a friend and so is his staff. I have known them for years. When I would go in the room to detox with other people, we would all compare our water. They were always different, yet it was the same faucet water used for all of them.

After I used it today, my husband said that he noticed my attitude changed. I have fibromyalgia and chronic lyme as well as other stuff and lately I could barely walk. When I was done detoxing-I was able to get up and walk with much less pain. I will keep doing it, because I know it works.

I had forgotten how good I feel when using this. I haven't used it in a couple years.

I do want to let people know that I usually take a good multivitamin and drink water while I am detoxing. My chiropractor taught me that, because sometimes your electrolytes can mess up a little, especially if you have that tendency.

Please don't listen to the naysayers. There is always going to be someone negative in the crowd. They probably never even gave it a chance.

Replied by Scott
(Sandy, Ut)

I totally agree with you. The litmus test that proves more than just dissolved solids pulled from the salt added to the soak is when you dip your finger in the stuff when no feet are in the water - nothing sticks to your finer; whereas when you do the same thing with feet in the water, residues stick to the finger. Also, I liked your description of the color differences between you and your son's soaks. If I drink a couple chocolate whey protein shakes during the day it overloads my lymphatic system... I know this because my soak water will literally turn chocolate brown - and if I dip my finger or a wadded up paper towel in the solution they come out with a thick, creamy brown residue that is the same consistency as the powdered protein shake mix! There's no gray-area that this technology works. --Cheers

Replied by Laurie C.
(Nanaimo B.c.)

I want to add that the ionic foot bath that I have DOES work:) Parasites come out of my feet when I use it. Maybe the naysayers have a dud machine?? Parasites cam out of my friends' feet when she used it. My foot bath was a homemade job. The man who made it is no longer among us. So, I will eventually have to buy a different one...or make one myself. His appears to be made out of a battery charger.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Alan (Makaha, Hawaii) on 07/04/2008

I have been using a foot detox machine for about 6 months, several times a week, with a week or two off every 3 or 4 weeks. I can't honestly say that I've seen any improvements in my health; perhaps less headcolds. But since I'm 62, maybe it takes some time to get a lifetime's worth of junk out of the body. Hard to know the answer.

However, I don't agree with those who say these machines are fake and don't actually pull stuff out of the body. Here's why: For many years I've had a problem with frequent urination. Rather than have to get out of bed to walk to the bathroom numerous times each night, I got into the habit of using a jar next to my bed. What I discovered was that sediments would form in the bottom of the jar. Periodically I'd have to scrape that caked crud out of the jar. This went on for at least 10 years. It was unnerving to see that crusty material because I always worried I might be an eventual candidate for kidney stones. Anyway, since I have been detoxing, my urine is now crystal clear and the urine jar has had ZERO sediment build-up on the bottom.

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Jan (Nashville, Tennessee) on 04/05/2008

I have two of these footbath units and have used them for over two years. I find that they work, but they have different effects on different people. I seen lots of crap come out in the water with me, but I am an active person. More stuff comes out when I massage my legs with body lotion during the treatment. When I first began to use the footbath there was a good deal of white foam and curdy stuff that looked like cottage cheese. The water frequently smelled like liver or fish. I cut back drastically on dairy products and peanut butter and there is no more foam---my doctor said that the milk and peanut butter were causing congestion, which is what the foam was. Now there is a good deal of black stuff in the footbath. There is no smell to it; this is after 2.5 years of using it once a week. It always makes me very sleepy while it is running. I have run the footbath for a man who had cancer and very little came out; with him there was a small amount of green matter floating on top of the water. I have run the footbath for a woman who was had been married to three men who had been heavy smokers; a thin, black, oily substance came out of her. She was always terribly ill with flu-like symptoms for a week after the footbath. She was a fairly active person who walked for exercise. I ran the footbath for a woman who had been in a nursing home for two years and who was barely mobible; she had poor circulation and had had pneumonia three times of which we knew; one of those instances of pneumonia was staph pneumonia; she had constant kidney infections due to e. coli. But the footbath didn't make her sick; she said that her joints felt better after she used it. Not much showed up in the water when she used it. There was a good deal of what looked like orange algae. The water smelled like fish and liver when she used it. All these baths were run in Nashville, Tenn, with city water, using sea salt and water that had been filtered with a Paragon filter. Often when I feel like something's pulling on my feet while I do the footbath. I always get very sleepy during the bath but engergized afterward. It's not a miracle cure, and doesn't work for everyone, such as my friend who had the flu symptoms, but it has made me feel better. I sleep better, I'm losing weight, I have more energy, and, above all, my joints don't hurt anymore. I also don't have that feeling of overall pain.

Replied by Yvetta
(Nashville, Tn)

Are you still offering the ion foot bath? Are you in Nashville? Iveta

Foot Detox Feedback
Posted by Darrel (Toronto, Canada) on 03/01/2008

Ionic Foot Detoxification Methods. I just bought one of these and then read Ted's email now i'm all confused. I emailed the guy that I bought the ionic spa from and told him what Ted said and he told me this:

You need to understand how the cellspa works. You think that the material in the water after the use of the cellspa means toxins. It is actually a mixing of the oxidation of the water and the toxins. While the array increases the oxidation of the water, at the same time, is where the electromagnetic circuit (body to water) closes.

You will need a microscope to find out the difference on the water contents after you use the cellspa, with your feet in the water, and without your feet on the water.

If you would check the water contents under the microscope when your feet were not placed in the water, you will find just water and water oxidation, no toxins at all.

If you would check the water contents under the microscope when your feet were placed in the water, you will find the same results, plus different kind of toxins derivated from your body cleanse, depending on your body physical condition.

Replied by Darrel
(Toronto, Canada)

Update: Ok, after doing a bunch of these detoxes. I don't notice or feel any different. The stuff is definitively coming out of the array not your feet when you keep an eye you can see stuff coming out of the array. Anyways people on a forum I been to did tests on it and got the same result as Teds. So I just waisted a bunch of money.

Here's some of what they said.

We borrowed a popular unit from a friend of ours and ran our three employees through it according to the instructions provided with the unit. Then we ran the unit twice without feet in it at all. Here's what we found.

The water was visually identical in all cases.

This is most likely because the gunk that you see in the water has nothing to do with your feet or detoxing your body. It comes from the corroded metal electrode in the water. This electrode corrodes at a hyper rate caused by a process called electrolysis. The result is everything from foam to slimy films to black flecks in the water.

We had the water lab tested for metal content, including heavy metals. We found no difference between the normal sample and the control samples (samples that had no feet in them).

I also know that some people say that the water looks different depending on who's feet are in the water. We found this to be somewhat true as well, but, when the water was mixed, it all looked exactly the same. In fact, when the feet came out of the water, I could see that the water began to settle towards a similar appearance in all cases. It's possible that the initial differing appearance is caused by various oils or other substances on the surface of the skin of the person being bathed.

The appearance of the water also -I tend to believe - depends on how much a person moves around in the water. The electrode gives off a lot of muck in the water. If a person is fidgety, they tend to mix more of the greens and browns into the water from the corroding electrode. If they are more still, the water has a lighter brown hazy appearance. I believe that this is likely why companies that have been more honest in their advertising have admitted that, even with no feet in the water, the water turns brown. They then say that the water is more brown when feet are in it, but this is, in my opinion, because of the movement of the feet in the water. This mixing action increases the efficiency of the electrolysis by circulating fresh water near the electrode. This circulation also carries the particles from the electrode into the water instead of allowing it to settle.

In speaking to a number of people at the convention we attended in September, we also learned that many people believe that the black specks that are found in the bottom of the water are heavy metals that have come out of the feet.

Well, I was initially skeptical of this because the basic physics of this make it quite impossible. When confronted with this idea, some explained that they believe that the metals come out in very small particles and then coagulate because of the electricity present. Since we found these same dark specs at the bottom of both of our foot bath sessions that had no feet in them, I believe this is, at least, unlikely. It is also very unlikely because if the amount of particles that came out of the bath really came from a person and were heavy metals, they would be dead to begin with. The amount of mercury (and other heavy metals) that cause death is way too small to be seen, especially in the volume of water used in a foot bath.

I've also seen live cell analysis showing that peoples' red blood cells look healthier after an electronic foot bath. This could be true, yet, in speaking to a person I know who does live cell analysis, they told me that it's very easy to manipulate these tests- making one look like the cells are "lazy" and making the very next test making the cells look healthy and active. I'm not saying the company did this. I'm just saying that I would like to see tests done by a disinterested third party.

I would like to see a study where people take the supplements that are normally given to people when they have a foot bath and they soak their feet in water with the minerals added but have no electricity applied to the water. It would be interesting to see if this causes people to feel differently as well.

I truly wish our tests had shown that these foot baths remove heavy metals because I would have been thrilled to have found a quick and safe way to detox. Also, I would be manufacturing these devices right now and making quite a bit of money. Unfortunately, we don't make much money doing what we're currently doing, but we pay the bills (usually) and people benefit, and that's rewarding.


I realize that the idea of 'Ionic Foot Baths' (IFB) can seem very convincing, and I'm sorry to have to rain on the parade, but I feel I must point out that anyone who has learned how to make Colloidal Silver (CS) can see at once what these baths are really about.

Both procedures, IFB and CS, use electrolysis - the setting up of a small current of electricity between two electrodes that are immersed in water. When making CS it's extremely important to use the PUREST water available. It's also important to control the current so that it never exceeds 1.0 milliamp.

If the water is impure and contains a lot of minerals (as is the case with most tap water), or if the current is too high, you will get exactly the same results as these 'Ionic Foot Baths'; you will end up with dirty discolored water. The sludge and discoloration will have come from the electrodes, and from the impurities in the water which will have undergone chemical changes by reacting with electricity. The various colors that have been reported could simply be the product of the kind of mineral salts, such as sea salt, that have been added to the starting solution.

You can very easily duplicate what happens in an 'Ionic Foot Bath' by connecting up three nine-volt batteries to two wires, stripping the ends of the wires, inserting them in a jar of water, and adding a pinch of sea salt or some other mineral salt. Cloudiness and discoloration should appear fairly quickly, and sludge will eventually build up on your electrodes if you let this little experiment in electrolysis run for half an hour or so.

A foot bath is always nice and refreshing. An 'Ionic Foot Bath' is probably even more stimulating. But to suppose that the resultant debris has actually been drawn from deep inside your body is, I'm sorry to say, really stretching the imagination. The impurities in tap water, which are normally invisible to the naked eye, quickly become visible when you run a current of electricity through it.

Here the link:

Replied by Darrel
(Toronto, Canada)

Ionoic Foot Detoxification:

lol -- even the inventor says all these colour changes and foot detoxing is false. Her claim is that this basically stimulates the organs with electricity.

Replied by James
(Sedona, Arizona)

Well Darrel from Toronto... I went to the link of the person you said was the "inventor" - go to the article... she is a distributor, not an inventor. That makes me question your "scientific" information on this.

I suggest others do their research beyond these postings.

Replied by Kaygee
(Cobourg, Ontario)

If the ionic foot bath is the electroydes creating the discoloration in the water... then how would you explain a friend of mine had small worms coming out of her feet while in the foot bath.

My husband and I have a ionic foot bath.

We use the same water, salt. His water is black/brown and mine will be yellow to orange, sometimes I get black/brown. He feels good or no difference in energy levels after, while I am drained for up to a week but I have a relieve in leg heaviness. Note that we do these baths one right after the other. We have noticed the chlorine smell.. But only when we have no sediments and the water is barely changed.... when this happens my energy is not drained.

My husband always has far more sediment in the water then I do... he is healthy and smaller than I am.

So what is happening for sure... I don't know but some people swear by it. Some say the colour of the water is not important but the ionizing in the body is what is promoting detox.

Replied by Rachael
(Scottsville, Ky, Usa)

First, let me inform you that there are lots of different foot detox machines on the market. Some ONLY oxygenate the blood, some ONLY change your PH balance, some actually do what they claim to do. Second, the proper way to use the machine(if you get the right one), depends on how bad your body is. You need to use the machine 2-3 times a week until you get a clear reading, then you only need to use it once a month, every other month, or when you feel you need it. You will get a better reading by the third use. My third use the bottom of my feet started to itch just in certain spots, when my friend raised my feet to clean them off, I have very large parasites stuck to my feet just in the spots that were itching and one of them was only half way out. So anyone who says that skin in impermeably (which I just read an article on foot detox scams) is an idiot. You pick up worms and parasites by walking around barefoot and stepping on them, you can get them if a dog licks you. So, common sense tells us that if you can get them thru the skin, you can get rid of them through the skin. DUH! I have MS so I have done lots of medications and extra strong steroid treatments through IV. I was sick for 2 months with every bit of stomach trouble you can imagine. I ended up in the ER twice where they gave me 2 antibiotics that didn't work, made me sick and caused a severe reaction to my MS medicine. My first ionic foot bath showed lots of parasites and worms(I have lots of animals that I care for and clean up after). It was at a MS support group where they came and offered this trial. Me, my boyfriend, and 2 other people had parasites and worms, the other 7 showed no signs of them. Everyones water was different. I have done 4 treatments so far but it is going to take a while to clean me out. My worst problem is my stomach so that is what my water is showing most of, but I had a lot of blue in the right spots showing that it was cleaning some of my brain, it finally started cleaning my lungs and blood, and it showed her signs of my high blood pressure. I am waiting for it to get to my thyroid where I have had a single cyst on one side for 5 years. It was biopsied 4yrs ago and 2yrs ago it stopped growing. I haven't had it checked in 2yrs and I am due for an ultrasound, but I am hoping this will take care of it first. The lady I go to works with several doctors, 1 I know is an oncologist, who sends his patients to her when they have chemo. She is making a difference and she only charges $25 a visit and she doesn't charge people when she knows they are on hard times and can't afford it. She also treats many people from our Amish communities.

So what is it gonna hurt to try it for a while and see if it helps? Just be careful which machine you use. Only a few of them actually do the full detox. The reason you do your feet is in 30minutes your blood will run from the bottom of your feet, through your whole body then back down to your feet. So it picks up the negative ions, circulates it through your whole body and anything that sticks to these negative ions gets pulled back out through your feet. If you do it too long at one sitting or too close together you can do harm to your body. You will pull too much at once and your body needs to slowly get use to being clean slowly. Once you get all the "gunk" out of your body then your body's natural healing properties can start to work because nothing is blocking it. God created our bodies with amazing abilities, and healing itself is one of them, block too many foreign things block our bodies ability to work properly.

I don't want to offend anyone, but if you don't believe it works then don't use it. If it helps you, then by all means do it. What will it hurt? And most of the people who say it doesn't work has never been in a shape where doctors are no longer able to help and willing to try anything to some relief even if it doesn't cure everything.

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

Rachael, are you allowed to mention a brand. I've spent a house on treatments, supplements, home remedies. Im living in a car when Im not allowed in a car because Ive lost my licence. Because I cant go inside... there is new paint. Ive spent this last week looking, renting or buying it doesnt matter - everyone paints or recarpets. This is just 1 thing that has made me so sick. Ive spent my whole life looking for somewhere to live. Im so over it I cant tell you but Id give a foot detox machine a go. The patches I used on my feet always used to come off black. I know Im toxic but Ive been detoxing for years!! I just wish something would work.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Rachael, I can testify about the foot detox machine being very effective. I was introduced to it at a chiropractor's office several years ago at this point, and couldn't believe the difference I felt after a treatment. But, at $50 a pop, I was determined to find my own machine. There are very expensive ones but I spent about half a day scouring the internet and finally found one. It wasn't expensive at all (at least, relatively speaking! ) My entire family benefited from it. When one of us felt as if we were getting sick, in their feet would go and that would abate the oncoming illness immediately. It was so amazing, my dad ordered one, I had drs. order them from me, friends came over to use it and then would buy their own. I know there are many that doubt this but I have seen first hand how effective it is. And yes, if you don't believe in it, then don't try it. Here's to health, Lisa

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

Lisa, can you mention brand? Can you tell me where to find your post with the link about supplements? I appreciate some are synthetic and a stressed body (like mine) could have trouble metabolising them. I am taking mostly what Ted suggests although I've read somewhere here that lysine can be hard on the liver. You say you don't take any supplements. I don't trust our food. Because I'm so toxic I've read detox or die. And there's a truck load of supplements she recommends.

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

Wow! These are really expensive. Not only the electricity but the plastic they are made of could very well upset my body - dont like buying anything I cant smell first.. Been stung so many times. Do you have any other suggestions. Placing my feet in a bucket of himalayan salts? I dont understand how the ions work? Once Im on the computer because it electricutes me I go a bit brain dead.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Robyn, if you can soak your feet in saltwater, it certainly helps. Dunno if it will do what a foot detox machine does, but it can only help. If you can tolerate it.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Robyn, Well, relatively speaking, after doing a lot of research on these, they are not that expensive. Although, when I first searched, it was about 6 years ago so perhaps, that has changed. Anyway, yes, this machine for you wouldn't work which is why I said I was aware you would most likely have issues with it. I think Mmsg's suggestion is a really great one although it would not do the same thing as the foot detox machine.

One other suggestion I have is to get the foot detox pads as those are very effective. I remember Timh would talk about using them often. I used them a long time ago after being introduced to them from my Asian massage therapist. They are common in Asian culture but I know they are available widely now. I used to get mine in Chinatown. Best to you Robyn. I know your path is difficult. Lisa

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As for the machines, to keep cost down, you can order the machine without a basin (which you can purchase for a few dollars at your local housware store) or liners or salt. The machine will usually come with at least 2 arrays (the coil that goes into the water). I have used a spa since 2008 w/ marginal success as I usually experience a detox crises (pancreatitis). Lately I have made some in-roads on the parasite infestation and I do 2 oil pulling immediately fallowing a session, which I can cheer for no more overload. Most of the manufacturers give warning on the very first few sessions as can be toxic overload. Evidently many of the negative ions remain in the body (and circulation) after the session and for several days hence.

A good sauna or steam room sweat treatment works well fallowing detox sessions, as do hot mineral baths. In most people, the toxic overload isn't a problem after the first 4-10 sessions. I have done several hundred and still need to fallow w/ one of the several clean-up methods just mentioned.

As an adjunct, I often dose 1 grm Vit-C plus 50 mg grapeseed extract 15 min prior and sometimes 3 caps Dr. Christopher's "Red Clover Combination". If one experiences Liver toxicity fallowing sessions (as I have), NAC plus Milk Thistle Seed extract will be necessary for a day or two. Drink plenty liquids! Detox pads work very well fallowing spa sessions. Maybe more Melatonin before retiring to boost antioxidant protection.

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I agree that it is a good idea to try this out. I bought a homemade unit about 12 years ago, used it for awhile then forgot about it. But, I have been reading about how neurological illnesses like Lyme and MS involve parasites and/or bacteria, like borrelia. I have been diagnosed with Lyme. So, I decided to haul out my ionic foot bath. This morning I had parasites come out of the bottom of my feet. Some are thin, white and stringy looking others are short, white and fat. One was stuck halfway out of the side of my foot. I actually did see this same phenomenon the last time I used the machine several years ago. Flukes also came out then. As well, my friend had the stringy white parasites come out using my machine. The metal on my machine was starting to corrode and I was worried it wouldn't work properly. But, it is still affecting the parasites. So, I am going to keep using it. I hope everyone gives it a try. Just get a machine that works. I cannot advise you on which one, because the man who made mine is deceased.

I did a second treatment and this time the water had a lot of white sort of curds. Never seen that before. I guess something is moving.

Now I am doing a green clay and MSM foot bath. We shall see what happens. I am trying to use the stuff I already have, which others are recommending.

I do have a headache from my footbath treatments. I know that activated charcoal will help. So, I'll go get some:)

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