Natural Aphrodisiac Remedies

| Modified on Oct 26, 2017
Popular stories and internet lore are full of details on natural aphrodisiacs, but are there foods and herbs that will actually stimulate feelings of arousal and romance? Can a home remedy stoke your libido in order to help restore your potency and your love life? Earth Clinic readers have the answers on natural aphrodisiacs that really work!

Chocolate, cayenne pepper, honey, oysters, caviar, and all sorts of other more or less food-like items have been touted as natural aphrodisiacs but results are not always good. Generally, the right aphrodisiac is a personal reaction, but please be careful about using products for improving virility that are touted as safe and natural. Even the famous Spanish Fly can be toxic to the body.

Home Remedies: Gingko biloba and ginseng can improve circulation, which can address potency issues in menu and improve stimulation in women. Our readers support the use of Vitamin E, Mauby Bark, Maca, and avocados as natural aphrodisiacs to promote your sex life.

Avocados, Wheatgrass Juice

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Posted by David (Anchorage, Ak, USA) on 08/30/2009

Natural Aphrodisiac Remedies

I have found that eating an avocado helps with my libido. Also drinking FRESH wheatgrass on a regular basis is great for erections.

Cayenne and Garlic

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Posted by EMANUEL (ROSEVILLE, MICHIGAN) on 03/22/2009


I started smoking at a early age but quit when i was 19 after smoking for 8 years. I quit but had no idea that i would be suffering from occasional impotence that started in my 20s increased in my thirties & horribly in my forties. I never was a fan of hot or spicy seasoning. But after i read about garlic curing impotence i was willing to give it a shot. But i also combined it with cayenne powder, i took almost a teaspoon of each at about 6pm knowing that i would be making love with wife about 9 pm. Folks i was totally shocked, i havent performed like that since i was 2O & THAT WAS JUST THE FIRST DAY.

The secound day i wanted to try it with two other herbs so i took-2 hawthorne berries capsules- 2 grapeseed seed extract capsules- teaspoon of cayenne pepper & garlic powder (this also i found can be substituted with cayenne capsules & galic capsules from any health store & take 2 of each with the other 2 herbs with juice or water 3 hours before sexual activity! My erections & recovery after orgasms at age 47 great Thank god i suffer no more! ALL 4 HERBS TOGETHER WILL MASTER & DEFEAT ANY TYPE OF ERECTIONAL PROBLEM YOU HAVE WITHOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS YOU GET FROM ED MEDICATION. THANKS FOR STARTING THIS WEBSITE....

Replied by Weight Lifter
(Des Moines, Iowa)

Cayenne Pepper and Garlic gave amazing sexual performance results. I am in my forties and for a while now, I have been using Viagra to make my girl friend happy. I read your articles about Cayenne Pepper and Garlic so I gave it a try one evening. I took a teaspoon of each and mixed it in a small amount of grape juice and drank it like a shot of whiskey and followed it by more grape juice so I could tolerate the taste better. That evening, my girl friend wanted to go to a local store. I did so with her. She was looking at some sexy PJs and ...[edited out]. That evening with her was then fantastic. Viagra works but my penis seems to have much less sensitivity when taking it. However, with the Cayenne and Garlic, I was amazingly sensitive and ...[edited out]. The next day, I had the same dosage and again, it was amazing with her. On the second day, I did not drink the concoction. Instead, I sprinkled the Cayenne on a taco salad and did drink the garlic.

EC: Sorry, graphic descriptions were removed!

Replied by Duke
(San Francisco, Ca)

you used powder garlic? Doesn't the smell repel the other person? Cayenne pepper does elevate body heat, but it can also cause acne as well as heartburn. Did you have those complications?

Replied by Tracy
(Winston-salem, Nc, Usa)

My boyfriend suffers from erectile dysfunction due to nerve damage from type 1 (childhood) diabetes. He is 24, thin, and otherwise healthy. His doctor gave him a prescription that has had minimum effectiveness. I poured 1 tablespoon of each into a regular spoon for both of us (I took it as well to be supportive) which we swallowed and followed with milk. We took it late in the morning and had horrible garlic burps all day. I suppose we should have cooked it with food, but garlic doesn't go well with breakfast and I hoped for help as soon as possible. This didn't give us the results we were hoping for (though I was feeling extra affectionate by mid-afternoon). I wish I could try it again, but I doubt he'll be interested in garlic for a while, cooked in food or not. If you're going to experiment, please plan more carefully than I did.

Replied by Cory
(Chengdu, Sichuan)

Just happened to glance at this thread. To make it easier to eat raw garlic and cayenne pepper, perhaps you should try adding it to any Asian dish that you fancy. I personally add it to black vinegar and use it as a dipping sauce for Chinese dumplings. It is really easy to eat and you could add raw garlic to the sauce as well. In Sichuan (P.R. China), the local people use chili powder and raw garlic (plus soy sauce, sesame sauce and other items) in their dipping sauce. Just thought that this might be easier than some of the ways mentioned above. I imagine that it would also be pretty tolerable if you added it into some Mexican food.

Replied by Elizabeth

Yes Cayenne and Garlic have worked wonders in my household. But my husband is not a fan of spicy foods so we bought odorless garlic and cayenne pills from the health food store instead of putting it in food or him torturing himself with trying to eat them straight. Works great and also no bad Garlic burps.

Replied by Anon

Garlic is awesome for breakfast! You whip up four large eggs, a tablespoon of garlic powder, a tablespoon of milk, and a hand full of cheddar cheese shreds. Cook on medium low till just set. Serve with buttered toast and hot sauce :)


Posted by Paul (Naperville, Il) on 01/03/2011

Is 100 % cacao baking chocolate edible just like regular chocolate ? Or you have to include in the baking recipe first ? I like the taste because it has no sugar. Thanks


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Posted by Loren (Queens, Ny) on 03/26/2010

Hi Joyce/Lisa: I hope you guys can help me with this one. After reading so much about Maca, I decided to try it. I am hypothyroid and am currently on meds. After a few days of using the Maca, I noticed a slight chest discomfort. I started to get really worried wondering what could have caused it but did not even associate it with the Maca. This went on for about a week until I had to go out of town and of course left without the Maca. Well, what do you know - Around day 2, I realized that the slight pain was gone. I then reflected on what I was doing different and then suddenly realized that the Maca was the only thing missing during this time. I stopped using it since then and the pain never returned. Any idea why this happened. I was really dissapointed that I cant use it anymore because it seems like such a superfood. Please advice. I am grateful. Thank you guys so much.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Loren,

In fact, there is a contraindication for use of maca for people with thyroid issues. Apparently, there is a high amount of iodine in maca. Also, I'm always leary about the types of meds people are using and adding things to them. I myself am very anti-meds and only go natural routes so I can't really give you feedback in this area.


Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello Loren,

Thanks to you I have learned something today. Knowing nothing about Maca, went visiting on the internet for knowledge. It seems that all the information on its safety and no side effects comes from studies paid for by its producers who have patented it as a plant. (Didn't know this could be done, but apparently it has been in this case.) For those of you who want to know, maca is a member of the mustard, broccoli, radish, etc. family.

Not trusting studies paid for by the people who are making money off the product, looked further and found a great site with lots of comments following the article. Isn't that what good EC'ers do, look at the yeas and nays? One commenter on another site said she had to stop it because she was jittery, couldn't sleep and felt like her heart was racing a lot. She said the problems cleared several days later and that she planned to restart it later at a lower dosage and work up to the recommended dosage. It hadn't been long enough for her to report back apparently after restarting it. However, she did recommend anyone starting Maca start at lower dosage and slowly increase it instead of starting at recommended dosage. Another one said that the woman who sold her the Maca recommended that she only take 1 capsule a day instead of the containers re- commended 4 caps/day.

I was able to find plant data on one site but nothing really helpful with your question. Plant not found in the federal data base on plants.

So go to the site, skip the article, and read the comment. You will find plenty to evaluate. There was another site that offered a video showing some female who gave up treating her acne with Maca, but I think this one had Vanderbilt below the video, and we all know that orthodox medicine doesn't recommend most anything you can purchase without a prescription. For those of you who are wondering, maca is a staple food in Peru, where the people are said to eat several pounds of it per week. You would have to ingest a whole slew of 500 mgm. caps to equal several pounds of the fresh root.

Have fun with those nays which ranged from heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, and hormonal imbalances, and more.

Replied by Loren
(Queens, Ny)

Hi Joyce/Lisa: Thanks a lot for your response. Really do appreciate it. God Bless.

Replied by Sail06
(Katy, Tx, Usa)

Last summer, my husband was in full swing in his mid life crisis, and wanted sex at all times. My system was not up to par. So, I took Maca for 1 month, and had fabulous results. Maca increased my libido and, vaginal dryness, and soon I was up to par with my husband. I experienced no side effects. Just at the time of the suggestion, I experienced an increased interest. I would recommend this root vegetable.

I had bought the capsules, and was opening them up, to make about 1 tbsp, that I used in the following shake:

Blue-Green Power
2 tbsp hemp protein powder
1 tbsp Maca root powder
3 tbsp Spirulina, or other blue-green algae
2 tbsp Flax seeds
2 bananas
3 cups of water

Blend the hemp powder, Spirulina, flax seeds, bananas, and water until smooth. Enjoy.
Per serving: calories 114, protein 7g, carbohydrates 17g, fat 3g, sugar 7g
Percent Daily Values: potassium 10%, vitamin C 9%, calcium 3%, iron 13%, vitamin E 13%, vitamin B6 17%, folate 7%, magnesium 32%, zinc 2%, manganese 18%, dietary fiber 18%

Maca comes from the Andes of Peru. It's a root vegetable and medicinal herb, and looks like a turnip. Maca's great for rebuilding our adrenal glands and has reported beneficial effects for sexual function due to its high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients. You can buy it in bulk powder and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Replied by Robert

The problem with Maca: it's goitrogenic. It will down regulate the thyroid & of course dose dependent. Cruciferous vegies like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc. are also goitrogens. Lightly steaming these veggies, not the maca, will reduce the effects. Personally I believe Maca is over rated from the media hype. I sampled very high end maca & did not notice effects. Cordyceps is superior from a quality supplier. Beware of hype in marketing for any products. Read the clinical science research on PubMed or other science sites.

Mauby Bark

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Posted by Elizabeth (Miami, FL) on 02/15/2009

I inadvertantly discovered a natural aphrodisiac a couple of days ago! I was shopping for sodas that did not contain corn syrup at Publix on Friday and came across mauby bark concentrate, made in Trinidad and Tobago, sitting at the bottom of the shelf next to Jamaican-made sodas. It looked interesting, was made with cane sugar, and was inexpensive ($4-5, something like that), so I bought it. Mixed some up when I got home with seltzer water and that night I had 2 sex dreams! One sex dream once in a while, no problem, but 2 sex dreams in one night is unheard of.. ha ha... Needless to say the effect has lasted and I was requesting some "action" from my husband today. I like it. It tastes like root beer. I gave some to my husband and he said it made him feel great, but he hasn't yet noticed the aphrodisiac effect. Maybe it's viagra for the ladies? FINALLY! Warning - each serving contains a lot of sugar, same as a Coke (42 grams), so just be careful about that.

This morning I searched google for more information on Mauby Bark and found it is a very popular drink in the Carribean and that is is "reported to be an aphrodisiac", but no one knows for sure. The only study done on it was for hypertension and apparently, when mixed with coconut milk, works.

Here's a good thread for more info for anyone interested: The one I bought is called Matouk's Mauby Drink Concentrate, but it looks like there will be lots of other brands selling it too. Carribean and international markets will carry it.

Replied by Elizabeth
(Miami, Florida)

Update to my post last weekend... I tried the extract again on last Sunday and this time it caused dizziness. I am wondering if it didn't dramatically drop my blood pressure since it is said to be a remedy for hypertension. I have low blood pressure to begin with, so I don't think this is a good one for me. I haven't tried it again. However, my husband loves it. He was working on a project last weekend and only got 4 hours of sleep. He had some of the extract mixed in seltzer on Sunday and was energized all day, despite a lack of sleep. He is treating it like a special energizer bunny tonic, only drinking it when needed!

Replied by Elizabeth
(Miami, Florida)

Have to give one more update. I mentioned that I became dizzy after taking mauby bark in my last post and I thought it might be low blood pressure. Well I may have gotten it completely wrong. High blood pressure can also cause dizziness! I won't know which it was unless I take the bark extract again (which I haven't) and then get my blood pressure checked. A light headed feeling lasted several hours after I drank the extract.

Replied by Mytrinifriend
(Port-of-Spain, Trinidad)

I am replying to this e-mail because I have been looking for some indication as to whether Mauby is indeed a stimulant.

My 7 year old son started having frequent erections, at no particular time of the day, for no particular reason. I became very concerned. As a good parent would do, I took him to the Doctor. We went through a list of things and all health possibilities were ruled out. It was only when we started to discuss his diet that we realised that the erections were as a result of his high Mauby consumption. Too much sugar...but I have also learnt that Mauby is indeed a stimulant. My son hated the experience, so I decided to exclude Mauby from his diet and just as we thought, the erections desisted.

Replied by Ali J.
(Scarborough, Trinidad)

Ok. this is shocking to me to find out that mauby has such effects..i grew on mauby. and now my grandmother has her own production of mauby syrup or concentrate, what ever you call it...any way my now 3 yr old son loves it and drinks it everyday and there is no effects on him..may be its the chemical used in the products you had that cause the effect you felt.... but say what if it does have those effect my husband is going to drink alot more mauby. :)

Vitamin E

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Posted by Laura (Honolulu, HI) on 03/19/2009

Hi, sometimes (i'm thinking with hormone flucuations and whatnot) I have a low libido. It can go for months at a time. I have found that taking vitamin e does a lot for my body. I've even heard it been called an aphrodisiac. If you have a low libido, try it out- I was taking 400 IU capsules 3x a day. Sometimes I'd take just 2 or one.. see what works for you!

Vitamin E
Posted by Carmella (NYC) on 10/18/2007

Just wanted to report in about vitamin e after reading about it on your website as an aphrodisiac (sp?). I usually take vitamin e (400, natural e, not synthetic) when I start to feel pms strike. I don't feel I need it until then. The interesting thing is that if I take it 15 to 30 minutes before... you know, errrrrr.... love making with my hubby, I find that it takes me a very short time to reach orgasm. Usually at this point in my cycle (1 week before my period) I get a little numb down there. But when I take vitamin E, things are hot, hot, hot! Ladies, let your friends know -- it really does work!

Vitamin E
Posted by Mary (Portsmouth, UK) on 07/16/2006

I totally agree with the nurse from NYC - Vit E does seem to be an aphrodisiac! I put a few drops in with a plastic spoon nightly, & after a while was aware that my vagina felt & smelt healthy for a change. Suddenly, after four & a half weeks, I had an unexpected surge of libido which has shown no signs of abating. I'm so happy to have got back what used to be a very important part of me & which after a 4 year 'drought' I had become convinced had gone for ever. Tell everyone about it! Especially women post menopause (like me), who think loss of erotic feeling is something they just have to get used to. Incidentally, I was already on a very good high Vit E diet

Replied by Teeko256
(Burlington, Ontario)

Did you open up a Vitamin e cap or did you get oil or something? Also you meant you put it right in your vagina?

Vitamin E
Posted by Joanne (NYC, NY)

A nurse at my college health clinic told me about vitamin E for vaginal dryness. Let me tell you, it works wonders! I take 1 capsule 2x a day. I also think that it is a aphrodisiac. Well, maybe it's just me. Hope to hear back from other women about this!

Replied by Lizzi
(London, Uk)

Yes I have found that to be true. I didn't take vit e for that reason but have noticed higher libido and err vagina very healthy. Also my fingers tend to get really dry and flaky during the winter. This year, since taking vit e they are in better condition. I haven't been taking as much as the woman above. About 200 to 300 a day. Might try taking more!

Vitamin E
Posted by Erica (Tuscon, AZ)

I have been taking Effexor the past year now and, like many others, discovered how much it lowered my sex drive. I did a little research and came upon Vitamin E supplementation. It definitely helps... so does a lot of strenous exercise!

Replied by Paula
(Chicago Heights, IL)

Does Vit. E do the same for men that apparently it does for women??