Natural Aphrodisiac Remedies

Mauby Bark
Posted by Elizabeth (Miami, FL) on 02/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I inadvertantly discovered a natural aphrodisiac a couple of days ago! I was shopping for sodas that did not contain corn syrup at Publix on Friday and came across mauby bark concentrate, made in Trinidad and Tobago, sitting at the bottom of the shelf next to Jamaican-made sodas. It looked interesting, was made with cane sugar, and was inexpensive ($4-5, something like that), so I bought it. Mixed some up when I got home with seltzer water and that night I had 2 sex dreams! One sex dream once in a while, no problem, but 2 sex dreams in one night is unheard of.. ha ha... Needless to say the effect has lasted and I was requesting some "action" from my husband today. I like it. It tastes like root beer. I gave some to my husband and he said it made him feel great, but he hasn't yet noticed the aphrodisiac effect. Maybe it's viagra for the ladies? FINALLY! Warning - each serving contains a lot of sugar, same as a Coke (42 grams), so just be careful about that.

This morning I searched google for more information on Mauby Bark and found it is a very popular drink in the Carribean and that is is "reported to be an aphrodisiac", but no one knows for sure. The only study done on it was for hypertension and apparently, when mixed with coconut milk, works.

Here's a good thread for more info for anyone interested: The one I bought is called Matouk's Mauby Drink Concentrate, but it looks like there will be lots of other brands selling it too. Carribean and international markets will carry it.