Natural Aphrodisiac Remedies

Posted by Loren (Queens, Ny) on 03/26/2010
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Hi Joyce/Lisa: I hope you guys can help me with this one. After reading so much about Maca, I decided to try it. I am hypothyroid and am currently on meds. After a few days of using the Maca, I noticed a slight chest discomfort. I started to get really worried wondering what could have caused it but did not even associate it with the Maca. This went on for about a week until I had to go out of town and of course left without the Maca. Well, what do you know - Around day 2, I realized that the slight pain was gone. I then reflected on what I was doing different and then suddenly realized that the Maca was the only thing missing during this time. I stopped using it since then and the pain never returned. Any idea why this happened. I was really dissapointed that I cant use it anymore because it seems like such a superfood. Please advice. I am grateful. Thank you guys so much.