3 Acupressure Points for Beautiful, Healthy Skin!

| Modified on Mar 08, 2021
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Acupressure Points for Beautiful Skin

Acupressure, used regularly, can help you achieve beautiful skin by safely and effectively relieving the conditions that affect the skin, causing acne, dry skin and even wrinkles. While you may be aware of the beneficial effects of acupressure for treating conditions like chronic headaches, chronic pain, and other common ailments, you may not be as familiar with its beneficial functions for the skin. The application of regular acupressure practices helps alleviate these conditions and enhance the overall appearance of the skin.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient technique that blends the treatment of acupuncture with massage. Designed to promote wellness and relaxation, acupressure incorporates specific pressure points to engage and relieve different parts of the body.

How Does Acupressure Benefit Skin?

Acupressure for the skin is designed around basic pressure points that rejuvenate the entire body and help reestablish the health and beauty of the skin. By pinpointing specific points, you can effectively increase your metabolism and the circulation of blood in your skin to help restore the texture and glow of the skin. This practice also helps reduce wrinkles and treat acne.

Acupressure Points for Treating Skin Conditions

Like any other massage technique, knowing the right areas to target is important. The following points incorporate general and specific treatment areas to restore the brilliance of your skin.

The Heavenly Pillar

At the base of your skull, one inch outward on either side of the spinal column are two pressure points which comprise the heavenly pillar. By pressing and holding these points for at least 2 minutes a day, you can relieve basic stress on the skin, reduce acne, and promote general health.

Blemish Free Point

The pressure point that is situated one centimeter below the lower ridge of the eye socket is connected to treating blemishes. This point is right below the iris and near the cheek bone. To access this point, place your index fingers on either side of your face and hold a light pressure for 60 seconds. This treatment will treat acne and remove old blemish marks.

Heavenly Glow Point

The pressure point just behind the jaw and a few inches below the ear lobe is responsible for increasing the overall glow and luster of the skin. Regularly accessing this point also balances the thyroid and treats hives.

Adding just these three acupressure practices to your daily beauty routine will help your restore the youthful glow and beauty of your skin in no time. Plus, it also relieves stress and promotes overall health. See Amazon.com for interesting books on the subject.

Continue reading below to see what our readers had to say about it! Let us know if you've tried acupressure for your face and if it worked.

Acupressure User Reviews

3 User Reviews
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Posted by Susan B. (Memphis, Tn) on 01/18/2014

I haven't tried acupressure, but I have tried acupuncture on the face! Ouch!! My acupuncturist put a hundred (or so it seemed) short acupuncture needles in my face and left them there for 45 minutes. I got extreme headaches and sinus pressure after the 2nd treatment and gave up. I am searching for acupressure techniques to try instead.

Acupressure User Reviews
Posted by Janine (Tennessee) on 12/14/2013

I've used acupressure points over the years to help tighten my skin. I started in my early forties. It works if you stick with it. I slacked off after a couple of years and then turned to botox, but I'm sick of that and going to return to acupressure points. Hope to hear from some women who tried it and what points they used!

Replied by Susan
(Porterville, California)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the information you were able to give me about the books on acupressure. I ordered both books today. I discovered your website about 3 weeks ago and LOVE it! I am 56 years old and I want to stave off the signs of ageing with natural items as opposed to commercial products. I have begun taking the ACV, baking soda and water twice a day and after only 3 weeks I have noticed a brightness and deweyness to my skin. I am going to start adding the Blackstrap molasses as well. As soon as I receive the books on Shiatzu I will incorporate those exercises along with the ACV formula. Thank you again for all your help.

Replied by Therese
(Ontario, Canada)

Teresa From Morristown, Tenessee Can you please tell me if the peanut il that you use is the kind form the grocery store that you cook with and also the measurements approx of the Rose hip, vitamin E peanut oil and ACV that you use? Thanks

Acupressure User Reviews
Posted by Teresa (Morristown, Tennessee) on 07/25/2007

I'm 44 and recently had a 19 year old ask me out. I bend over for a few minutes at least once a day to let the blood rush into my face. I also use facial accupressure techniques, which I found out how to do from reading an old book written in the '70s. I've been doing shiatisu facial massage on myself for twenty years, I found this in a book. I also mix rose hips and vitamin E oil and a few drops of ACV into peanut oil and rub my body and face down nightly. I recently started color breathing where you inhale the imagined color pink, (Yvonne Martine's technique) and this is like a mini face lift!

Replied by Susan
(Porterville, California)

I read the email dated 7/25/07 from Teresa of Morristown Tennessee on her routine for Fountain of Youth. She mentioned getting acupressure techniques for the face from a book written in the 1970's. I am wanting to find out the name of this book and the author. Is there anyway you can get this information for me? Thank you.

EC: We went searching just now and found a book in our collection from 1976 called Shiatzu Japanese Pressure Point Massage Zone Therapy Book by Anika Bergson and Vladimir Tuchak. It covers the entire body, not just the face but may be the book Teresa is referring to. Another book by Anika Bergson from 1974 is Zone Therapy Acupressure Techniques. You can buy these books on Amazon for pennies.

Replied by Teresa
(Morristown, TN)

I just read the comment from Susan of Porterville, Ca requesting the name of the book I use for acupressure. One book I find invaluable is Acupressure, Acupuncture Without Needles, The Miracle of Chinese Healing Through your Fingertips by J.V. Cerney. The publisher was Cornerstone Library, NY and the book was republished in 1976 after initially being published in 1974. I'm sorry I haven't answered before but I painted my house and I couldn't lay hands on the book. I just found it today. I have another good acupressure book. When I find it, I'll write and give you the title and author.

Replied by Teresa
(Morristown, Tennessee)

I just go out in my yard and harvest some wild rose hips. It doesn't matter how much. I take whatever I can find on the rose bushes. I bruise them with the back of a spoon to get them open so the rose hip juice can absorb into the peanut oil. Then I use commercial store bought peanut oil (wish I could afford organic) and fill most of a bottle with it, covering the bruised rose hips and add a dash of vitamin E and a dash of apple cider vinegar. I recently started adding a few drops of orange essential oil because I read about a study scientists did showing that orange scent caused people to appear six years younger.


I came across your article about the recipe that includes Peanut oil, rose hips, orange essential oil etc. I am interested in the break down for this recipe. Hoe many drops of the orange essential oil and so on. Thank You, John

Replied by Ladygadabout
(Houston, Texas)

Hello Theresa,

Your Apple Cider Vinegar peanut oil body lotion really does wonders to my skin. I was hoping you would be able to break down your recipe for myself and others on this thread; such as.......

To start...

What size is the bottle you reference in your post?

  • Peanut Oil 3/4?
  • Vitamin E Oil 1/4?
  • ACV tbs or tps?
  • Orange Essence Oil
  • Rose Hips

Thank you in advance for help!

Jennifer, 51 years old, Houston, Texas


Posted by Silver23 (Louisiana, US) on 06/20/2014

Hi, I have been taking some probiotics and now the pressure point on my foot for the small and large intestines are so painful on my left foot that I can barely walk! My question is, Is it better to rub that painful spot out or just leave it alone? TIA

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

Silver23: This would suggest your probiotics remedy is simply not sufficient for the condition. I would suggest a spoon of Milled Flax Seed 1x daily fallowed 1 hr w/ Aloe Vera Juice or Extract Softgels. Oregano Extract Softgels before retiring, and then take the Probiotics first thing upon waking. Buffering remedies may also be needed as well as Digestive Enzyme supplementation.