Slowing Down Early Puberty with Natural Remedies

| Modified on Sep 15, 2022
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Also known as precocious puberty, early puberty is the onset of physical maturation at an unusually early age. Causes of early puberty have been attributed to brain tumors or brain injury affecting the hypothalamus or pituitary gland. Early puberty can also be caused by various brain disorders triggering growth hormone secretion; however, this is only in a minority of children who develop unusually early.

Research has shown that precocious puberty is increasingly common in part because girls with high-fat diets, who are not physically active, or who are clinically obese have a higher risk of physically maturing early; in boys, this can actually cause delayed puberty (and is by no means a naturally healthy cure!). Early puberty can affect adult height potential, psychological development, and social behavior, and can even age bones faster.

Natural Remedies to Halt or Slow Signs of Early Puberty in Children

We are very interested in gathering natural remedies and cures for children affected by early puberty, and support for the families working to help them. If you have an experience with early puberty, please do not hesitate to share your story here. Continue reading to learn what Earth Clinic readers have discovered about Early Puberty and what remedies, if any, helped slow it down.

Chelation Therapy

Posted by Cedar Woman (Middle Tn., US) on 01/16/2015

For anyone who has children having issues with early puberty you may look into heavy metals being a culprit. Heavy metals are everywhere and accumulate in the body. They are known to effect the brain and other important organs of the body in all kinds of ways. They are infamous for disrupting the endocrine system (the system that controls hormones) and could cause issues with growth and puberty. Children are extra susceptible to heavy metals as their bodies are smaller and their organs are still growing and developing.

The process of removing heavy metals stored in the body is called chelation therapy. This can be very effective in getting rid of the metals and in correcting conditions caused by them. BE VERY CAREFUL though to research well before you start chelation as it can be dangerous if done improperly and you can end up releasing more metals from the body tissues than the body is able to eliminate at once thus causing the metals to recirculate and settle back into the tissues causing further poisoning and damage. This usually happens when people try to chelate too quickly.

The safest way to chelate is with low doses of chelates and very SLOWLY! There are many nutritional supplements that can be beneficial in the process too. The best place to start is by looking up Andy Cutler and his low and slow Chelation protocol. He is a scientist who was himself poisoned by metals and has wrote much information on the subject and the SAFEST way to chelate. A google search for him will bring up much information and their is a very supportive yahoo group too. I hope this information is helpful to families looking for answers.

Replied by Justyna

What about PLASTIC??!!!

I was reading all comments and haven't noticed anyone mentioning that they got rid of plastic. Plastic acts like estrogen in our bodies hence early puberty. Try to get rid of heating up your food in plastic containers in the microwave (not to mention that microwaves are bad enough), but glass bottled water, don't put plastics in the dishwashers. Apart of eating organic meat, organic fruit & veg, and no processed food I believe getting rid of plastics is vital.

And it's not about using BPA-free plastic. Apparently stuff that is used to replace BPA is equally harmfull.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere Usa)

Hey Justyna. I watched a TV show called ( The Legend of Mick Dodge.) Mick is a real guy that, that lives out in the forest year round. He gets in the rivers and drinks like any other animal would do. On one of the episodes he says drink water from ANY kind of plastic is not good. He says if it's plastic it leeches out into what you are drinking. He is really as close to ancient civilization as any one can be and seems to be real healthy for his age. Google him to see how he lives, I am not sure if he show still comes on here in the USA.

Replied by Donna M.

I'm just floored. My now 6 year old daughter I stopped vaccinating at about 8 months because of the research that I had done and felt it's not for her with the problems she had already started having. Gastrointestinal problems, eczema just after birth, Gluten intolerant, and by the age of 3 she had her first seizure out of the blue. I'm guessing that's because she was on Miralax for about a year or more per the Dr.'s request for Jenna's almost inability to poo. By age 5 she was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. just about 8 months ago, she spotted her first pubic hair which threw me for a loop. NOW? she has a problem with underarms stinking daily. I tried a natural deodorant (didn't help), we've had to start using dial soap to kill the smell correctly (which she is sensitive to soaps), and now has to use her dad's antiperspirant as he is allergic to deodorant. It helps. We have an appointment to see a pediatrician who also backs up natural approaches. I made the appointment a couple of days ago just to get her in and not really any reason, I just did it. Now, I have something to bring to her attention. I have a lot already on my plate as my 24 year old daughter has epilepsy and has had it for 10 years now. I'm done with "regular Dr.'s" as they kept pushing medication after medication on her. I've been working on rebuilding her cells first and taking a more natural approach. NOW, I have her on natural approaches and almost off of all of her medications that take her quality of life away. and no Dr. at all.

Anyways, back to my 6 year old and her possible Precocious Puberty. Anyone have any ideas of what I can do to attempt a natural approach/reversal to this situation. I don't think they are suppose to start pit stinking until about age 11-13. I don't even want to THINK of her possibly starting earlier than she should.


Hi, I'm curious as to an update with your daughter as mine has similar symptoms. Thanks!

Concerned Parent

My 9yr old daughter is developing too early. Has any natural remedies help at all? Please share!

Replied by Timh
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Most all the problems you listed appear to have some sort of toxicity as the origin. Be sure to filter your home air & water. For body detox you can do Detox Foot Pads or Detox Foot Spas. To relieve the early puberty or excessive estrogen problem take the fallowing nutrients: DIM, Methionine w/ B-12, Evening Primrose Oil. A good Vit/Min supplement will also help in metabolism/detoxification. Eat Brussels Sprouts regularly. For the gastrointestinal problems take Oil of Oregano and Milled Flax Seed. Turmeric is good for many conditions, especially involving inflammation. For Epilepsy, here are some natural nutrients that will help: Chinese Skullcap, Hemp Oil/CBD, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Taurine, and Coconut Oil.

(Orlando, fl)
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That is probably due to what she is eating. Hormones in meat and dairy products including milk, are messing with human hormones.

Solution: Cut out everything where hormones are added. Switch to mostly plant-based organic food.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Renee (Columbus, Oh) on 04/17/2014

Does anyone have any recommendations for boys? My son is 8 and his pediatrician wants to conduct an X-ray of his wrist. After further research, I am going to recommend a MRI or ultrasound to avoid the radiation. My son also has headaches from time to time and his ear and / or finger will get hot deform time to time. I'm wondering if this could all be related so I am also requesting a complete blood panel to include iron, vitamin D, thyroid, etc. We eat organic Edith the exception of his school lunch and occasionally ordering out. Any advice on diet, supplements and additional topics to discuss with his doctor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Replied by Melissa
(Portland, OR)


Growing up I had similar symptoms. I started getting armpit hair probably around 7-8ish and a started my period almost spot on with my 11th birthday.

I read somewhere that this is becoming common with young girls who have divorced parents and when they are around multiple men. I don't remember the specifics, but it has something to do with hormones and kind of speeding up/ forcing puberty to emerge earlier. That is how I grew up, too, though. My parents divorced when I was around 2 and my mother had a new boyfriend all the time, and she has custody of me. So I was around many different men all the time.The longest relationship was probably a year or so when I was young. I did not have an issue with weight, I was normal other than getting body hair a bit younger than normal. I also think I got my first pimples around that time, but not many.

I am not implying that is what's happening with your daughter, but for anyone else reading it is a possibility. I grew up fine, and had no lasting complications. Like your doctor said, just watch her, if she develops breasts or has a period very early, I wouldn't worry too much.

Replied by Heather

Renee: If your child is having headaches and episodes of feeling that her ear/finger is hot she needs an EEG (to rule out sensory seizures) and brain MRI (with and without contrast). Also, radiation from a hand x-ray is very benign. You would get more radiation on a 2 hour flight. Good luck. Heather (Emergency Medicine PA)

Dietary Changes
Posted by Deonna (Cupertino, Ca) on 02/28/2014

I was horified when my daughter started developing breast buds at 7 years old. I took her to her peditrician and she recommended an ORGANIC DIET to slow down the process. Organic milk products and organic meat (especially chicken), avoid all fast food, and avoid lavender and tea tree oil products, and tofu (unless organic). I started this immediately and within 6 months, the breast buds went away. This seems to be slowing down the process, although it won't make it stop completely.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

Deonna: Adding cruciferous vegies like Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, and Cabbage should help considerably if eaten often enough. An extract compound DIM of these vegies will definitely ensure the proper detox & metabolic pathways to prevent this problem. A good health food store multivitamin/mineral supplement will also help. For a good basic multi otc I find the Nature Made brand effective.

Replied by Lisa
(Southwest Ohio)

Deona, How is your daughter doing? I've been reading that vitamin D can also help.

My daughter is 7 (almost 8), but for the past year and a half or better she has been developing body odor, beginning stages of acne, a little underarm hair, leg hair, and is slightly overweight even though she exercises heavily at least 3 times a week, and within the last few weeks has really been moody. She is also in the 95th percentile for height. I took her to the doctor, but he said unless we see pubic hair, her cycle starts, or she has breast buds, we shouldn't worry. That all being said, 7 is too early for what she is experiencing.

I have read that a recent study discovered that Vitamin D3 (not D2) is a good choice to help regulate the system and slow down (but not stop) CPP. Has anyone else heard anything similar or had experience with this?


Hi Mom, My daughter is exactly going through the same. Please share if anything helped in slowing down or reversing.

Replied by RK
(Bangalore, India)

Please let me know if any remedy helped. My 6 yo daughter is going through the same.

Replied by Aarti
(New Jersey)

May I know what age did your daughter start her menstruation? My daughter is 7 and with the exact same problem like yours and I have also switched her diet to organic and stopped milk and fatty foods, animal proteins etc.. Now it's 4 months and her breast buds keeps coming up sometimes and sometimes just go back to normal. we need to get her blood works done again in few days and hence very stressed about the results. But with your experience, wanted to know how long did it take for the puberty to begin. This will really help us plan the further course of treatment if at all required. Please reply.


Hello Aarthi,

My daughter who's almost 7 is going through the same. Did you get the blood test done? Please let me know what treatment if any was suggested.

Nattys Mommy

My daughter also has breast buds some day, some days they're smaller, some days they're bigger. I've also switched to organic, chemical free, the only thing I haven't done is gotten a water filter like a lot of moms recommended. Truth is I can't afford one, going completely organic has been very pricey. BTW my little one just turned 8 in June.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Qwerty (USA) on 04/17/2009

Should point out that Japan has the highest consumption of Soya Beans / Soy related products and they don't have any historical data indicating early onset of puberty.

Replied by Nutrition Expert
(Zerbo's, Mi)

This might be so but another factor that is missed is environmental estrogens like BPA that is leached from plastics and microwaved foods in plastics. Another estrogenic property is uncontrolled sugar levels. This is the reason for many reproductive cancers and/ or cysts in adults. Although a child may not be a diabetic, diet that is higher on refined carbohydrates (bromine treated white flour) and little to no trace minerals in the diet will lead to high sugar levels and therefore increase estrogenic properties in young girls. DIM or cruciferous vegetables will help to metabolize these exo-estrogens (environment) more water, iodine to fill in the bromide and fluoride and chloride ions (from tap water), exercise to flush the fat cells of their storage ( or sweating) and animal protein more often to balance blood sugar. No GMO soy products.

Replied by Laura

But is their soy mostly fermented? That makes a big difference.

Early Puberty Treatments

Posted by Hafizur (Jamalpur, Bangladesh) on 12/10/2020

My daughter is aged 6 years & 32 kg of weight gained. We faced early pubertal problems in her. However, under-armed and pubic hair is visible at her very younger age. No breast development yet. After observing those symptoms, we consult the doctor and subjected to some tests regarding hormone & others. The test reports revealed that Testosterone, LH, TSH, Estradiol, DHEA-SO4, & Cortisol level are high compared to normal. After consulting all reports, the doctor comments that the menstrual period will start very soon and prescribed an injection to delay the early menstrual period, which has many side effects. We are very worried about my daughter's situation. We want to delay the menstrual period naturally. Can anyone help us to delay early precocious puberty naturally through diets, physical exercises, or any other means? We are very helpless now in this pandemic situation. We request everyone to provide fruitful suggestions so that we can overcome the problem.

Replied by Mama

Dear Hafizur,

I am sure this is distressing for you as a mom.

Herbalist Rachel Weaver, in her book, By Your Own Doctor, discusses the problem of hormones in meats, even organic meats, contributing to high levels of hormones in people that eat a lot of meat. I would consider dramatically reducing animal products (meat and dairy.)

Emphasize vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans, lentils, etc. Use olive oil for a good fat.

I would also keep junk food (chips, sodas, crackers, etc.) to a rare minimum.

Plenty of water (with a squeeze of lemon if desired) is helpful for flushing out excesses. So is exercise. Walking, jumping on a trampoline, and jump roping are all very good exercise for kids. Exercise is more fun with someone else. Consider exercising with her and you will both benefit physically and relationally.

Avoid screen time after dinner time. Computers and such near bedtime can have a bad effect on sleep, which in turn can be bad for costisol levels.

I hope you find some solutions for her!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Madelyn

Greetings Hafizur,

I recommend high dose melatonin supplements. Melatonin is a powerful hormone and antioxidant. As melatonin levels decrease, puberty begins. As such, melatonin can be used to prevent early onset of puberty.

More info can be found here:

I would also recommend supplemental vitamin D and K2. Vitamin D also acts as a hormone in the body. And since we are all spending more time indoors these days it seems, supplementing “the sunshine vitamin” is crucial for maintaining our good health.

I would also limit dairy to minimize the hormones that can be found in milk and milk products.

I wish you and your daughter all the best.

Early Puberty Treatments
Posted by Gena (Highland Mills, New York) on 03/10/2012

What is anyone doing.... I have an 11year old son in early puberty who is short and his pediatric endo wants him to go on Lupron. Not sure what to do or if I want him on this drug. Any advice??!!

Replied by Chellie
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I would not do it. My daughter is 7 she has been on Lupron since January 2014. She has gained a lot of weight and 11 is the normal age they are taking her off at 11

Replied by Jessica

Hi Gena,

Would you mind sharing the name of your pediatric endocrinologist who prescribed Lupron to your 11 year old son.

I am in desperate search of a pediatric endocrinologist to help me postpone puberty for my boy who turned 11 year old on Christmas 2015. I am with him every day and he is practically a baby whose body is changing faster than him emotionally. I am also very afraid that he will be short in stature as a result. So, before it is too late, I would like to work with a physician who will simply say no, because he is 11 already. Thanks,


Replied by Deb

Our foods are mostly chemicals these days. Our bodies don't recognize many or know what to do with the chemicals.

Try to eat organic & as natural as possible. GMO is toxic to our bodies avoid it at all cost. Look at ingredients on packages. Only buy organic of these: corn, soy, canola, sugar, papayas, zucchini, squash they will be GMO unless organic.

Replied by Momworrier

Hi, how is your daughter? Is she still on med? Did the med make her gain weight? My daughter is 7and has had all precocious puberty but Dr just watches her. Not doing anything. I want him to put her on med to stop the puberty otherwise she will be too short.

Replied by Suzanna

Please ask for Lupron. My daughter started early puberty at 8, she has been on Lupron since 9. It will be a disaster to start early since they are short. The same with my daughter. She is 12.5 now. Still on Lupron, I am not sure though if that will work anymore.

Replied by Filomena
(Howell NJ)

Please don't take Lupron and try the natural way. I took Lupron and it ruined my life....literally. the long term side effects are HORRIBLE! My daughter is 7.5 and her endo suggested Lupron today and I said ABSOLUTELY NOT! Diet, cleaning products, shampoos, etc. all play a part so please start the natural route and steer FAR away from Lupron. That drug is pure EVIL! Many have become sick and all have the same issues because of that evil drug. I really do hope you take my recommendation seriously.

Early Puberty Treatments
Posted by Julie (USA) on 10/27/2009


I found your site as I was looking to try and find natural ways to help slow down my 10 year old son's precocious puberty. He has a cyst on the pineal gland, is very short and is developmentally delayed. The doctor wants to do lupron shots but we are against it. Do you have any ideas for us or articles to read? Thanks so much, Julie

Replied by Laura

I would look into essential oils that will dissolve that cyst. Also look at side effects and nutritional deficiencies caused by Lupron. Then you can supplement accordingly if you go that route.

Fluorescent Lights

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 04/17/2009 508 posts

I have read (don't remember what in or how long ago) that fluorescent lights cause early puberty. I haven't read anything to refute it since, but since our culture is working on saving electricity by going all fluorescent, we may observe for ourselves whether early puberty gets more rampant, as our old light bulbs disappear.

I also remember reading something more recent blaming dizziness or loss of equilibrium on fluorescent lighting. Haven't seen anyone refuting it either.

Replied by Mom2_3
(Baltimore, Maryland)

Joyce from TN: Where did you get all your info on fluorescent lighting? I have heard that it is bad for your immune system...can you please help me find more info?

Herbal Remedies

Posted by Caryn (Illinois, US) on 08/20/2014

Please help!! My doctor has suggested medication for my young daughters high hormone levels and accelerated bone growth. We changed her diet, environment, etc. but nothing has worked so far - looking for more alternative advice. Also, has anyone actually experienced stopping this naturally??

Replied by Art
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Replied by Timh
2073 posts

@Caryn: Here is a list of nutrients recommended for estrogen dominance ---DIM, Methionine w/ B-12, Evening Primrose Oil. A good Vit/Min supplement will also help in metabolism/detoxification.

Is she taking any kind of pharmaceutical medication that would decrease liver function? If yes, reduce that and consider supplementing ALA as it greatly improves liver function. The liver is the "hormone factory" of our body, that is, it "regulates" hormones.

Replied by Andrea C

Hi there, aged 9 year's I was 5 feet 3 inches and also had gone through puberty and had a full wig 'down stairs' and breasts. At the same time my appendix had burst and I was in Hospital.

And after the operation a Doctor told my mother I was growing too fast for my heart to cope and my hormones were way too accelerated. He then said that when I recovered they wanted to do an operation on my bones to stop the growth rate and also do something about my hormones as well or I would die.

My Mother refused as other family members were quite tall and encountered puberty before the 'recommended' age by Doctors so he held no sway with my Mother.

Aged 12 year's at 5 feet 6 and a half inches I stopped growing naturally and my hormones weren't a problem either. And I'm the eldest grand child and both side of my family and the shortest!!!!

And the other thing is this, my friend gives birth to very well developed BIG babies at 7 months. She has 9 children all born at 7 not 9 months. What Medics 'dictate' as right and wrong is WRONG!!!

Nature has it's own rules and by nature we all mature differently and because you're different doesn't mean that there is something wrong. If your child is happy and healthy then that's their 'NORMAL developing rate. Do not let Doctors scare you into their 'One size fits all' mentality. It does a lot of harm and no good at all.

And we get treated like 'Lab Rats' if we're different and 'experimented' on because Doctors want 'answers??' you can't question nature that's God, and creation is NEVER wrong. It knows no time only night and day.

Don't fall for the 'herd' mentality either that we're all 'carbon copies' because we're the same species?' BS!!!! Let them go 'experiment' on their own kid's, we get treated like 'Aliens' and dissected to suit them, this is NOT about whats best for your child at all.

Love Andrea C xxxxxx

Replied by Melissa
(Ct, US)

Thanks Andrea, this was helpful! I appreciate your honesty and insight.


Herbal Remedies
Posted by Reena (Pembroke Pines, Florida) on 07/12/2013

My 9.5 year old daughter is showing signs of premature puberty wanted to find some natural herbs for slowing it down.

Replied by Leah
(Philly, Pa)

Hello, you will want to make sure she is not drinking fluoridated water. It is associated with premature puberty (and most other degenerative diseases) because it affects the endocrine system (hormones) interfering with roughly 40 enzymes. Also make sure she is not eating gmos, especially avoiding gmo milk (recombinant bovine growth hormone, rBGH) and soy because they also affect immunity, digestion and growth (including potentially causing cancer). Avoid meat that has been raised with growth hormones.

Positive ideas are to look for things like maca root, wild yam extract, lugols iodine, kelp, ginseng. By all means she needn't take all of these as they contain similar vitamins and nutrients (iodine being the main thing) which make them "adaptogens", that is they normalize hormones based on what the body needs. Please research further before deciding either way.

I personally used wild yam extract for pms when I hit puberty early (11). I now use maca root and lugols iodine alternating one or the other but not both at the same time.

Replied by Lisa
(Wyckoff, New Jersey)

Hello, I have a 5 1/2 year old daughter who is off the charts in height. She looks as if she is 7/8 years old. I never worried about it before because my husband's side of the family is extremely tall. This summer she grew a lot and I also noticed that now it seems as if she's developing breasts. She needs to wear deodorant and I noticed her legs are getting hairy. She drinks lots of organic milk, juices and meats. The meat is not organic, so I know that has to change. I will be taking her to the doctor, however, I would prefer to change her diet first and see if that helps. Can you recommend a diet plan or a site I can go to to help? I appreciate any advice you can give me. My daughter is so sweet and young and goes through enough from the kids because of her height. She always comes crying to me because the kids tell her that she's not 5 and she doesn't understand why the kids do not believe her. The older kids don't want to be around her because she acts like a 5 year old. The last thing my daughter needs is breasts!

Thank you for your help. Lisa

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

@Lisa: About 2 decades ago research was conducted as to the "growing" problem of early breast development in girls; and the cause was environmental, or properly defined as "estrogen mimicking chemicals" found in the body of these subjects. You should search the web for more info; other keywords might be "estrogen mimicking compounds or foods".

As for diet, go to the remedies section under "detoxification" to help clean her body of any possible compounds. For starters use a children's health food brand multivitamin/mineral supplement. Evening Primrose Oil, and the amino acid Methionine is recommended for excessive estrogen conditions (be sure to also supplement extra B-12 w/ Folic Acid w/ the Methionine). The supplement SAM-e is a more effective derivative of Methionine but with a higher price-tag, both SAM-e and Methionine help remove excess estrogen AND improve detoxification. Fat soluble antioxidant vitamins and nutrients will also help; these would include Vit-E, A, Carotenes (use "Caritinoid Complex) or increase Caratinoid foods like Carrots, Spinach, etc. (more info here on E. C. ) Green Tea, Acai as well as other plant antioxidants help protect the body of toxins AND turn or burn fat into energy. A "Wild Berry Complex" juice concentrate from a whole or health foods store would certainly help.

Hope this helps and do update us any progress.

Replied by Mike Giller
(Denver, Colorado)

Lisa: Eating improperly processed food from big agra and taking synthetic meds from big pharma would be a BIG MISTAKE!!!! Only God's Goodies can cure her. I am going to give you a complete food program that should completely cure your daughter in 4 days. This is the way the program works. Small amounts of all the bioactive nutrients the body requires to function at peak performance taken in small doses several times a day with lots of water, just like washing clothes, a little soap and a lot of water. Not enough water and the clothes don't get clean. Nutrients only work with water. Make a green smoothie with 4 oz. Of organic baby leaves and 1/2 gallon water. Take 4 oz. Every hour. For carbs eat raw organic berries and fruits, and raw honey. For oils take 10 grams expellar pressed coconut oil, 5 grams raw organic sesame seed oil and 5 grams flax oil a day in divided doses. For protein take grass fed hamburger rare. Instead of milk take 5 grams raw cheese 3 times a day. For salt take sun dried sea salt. For inspiration watch raw superfood and raw 80/10/10 vegan videos on youtube. You can experiment with properly prepared products from reputable companies. You can study the way food affects cellular biology from naturopath doctors.

Replied by Sharon

Hi, Reena. how is you daughter doing? I am now in the same boat as you. I am wondering if you have found anything natural works for your daughter.

Replied by Marilyn
(New York, US)

I'm going through similar situation with my 7 year old daughter. She is 4'2" and weighs 80 lbs. Going for bone x-ray, sonogram, and blood work for high hormone levels. Two years ago I took her to an herbalist and put her on a strict herbal diet to cleanse the blood. Chlorophyll, black walnut, silver, and probiotics daily. It worked-levels went from 20 to 2. I'm doing something new now with Livamend and probiotic eleven (Natures Sunshine). I'll keep you posted. LIVER CLEANSE IS THE KEY!

(St Louis)

Hi Marilyn, could you share this herbal treatment or share where can I go for that? Thank you, Danielle

Replied by Tas
(New York, US)

Thank you all for all the great posts on this thread.


My 7 year old daughter is going through breast development. Looking for a herbal cure. Looks like you have tried something that worked.

Can you please elaborate the exact herbal diet.


Replied by R.
(Winnipeg, Canada)

..I have an 3 years old who has been detected by the docs that she has early puberty, of course they suggest me Lupron, which I was totally against....

I wanted t the natural way so I started giving my daughter only healthy stuff, I saw that her breast went a little back, even her mood changed, she became less depressive. But the problem now is to find a real natural doctor who is also against Lupron and for the Natural way to check her again and tell me that all this natural stuff really reduced this disease...

Replied by Happymomma

A friend had something similar and she changed her daughter's food to organic (meat, dairy, everything.) She also switched all lotions, shampoos to organic without all the chemicals. Her daughter's body went back to the little girl she had been.

She ended up switching their entire family's food to organic because of such great results!

Replied by Riri

I'm going through hell, I have a 3 years old girl which was diagnosed with early puberty, now thanks to my doc who called the SFF now just because I don't want that medication, they are forcing me now to take lupron unless they will take my child... Is that even allowed?? I mean they even forbidden me to go see a natural doctor because for them I guess it's too late... I need some help ... I saw how bad those drugs are...!!!

Replied by Ladymars
(Florida, Us)

Hi, I don't have any suggestions on treatment, I'm afraid. However, when you mentioned that they were threatening to take your child, that could be a possibility. Especially if you live in Mass., look up 'Justina Pelletier'. She is a teenager that was taken from her parents and held in a hospital for about 1-1/2 years, I think, and denied treatment for a genetic disease she had. If it was my child I would talk to an attorney. If I lived in Mass., I would find out the names of the attorneys that helped Justina's parents. I hate to say it, but I would take those threats seriously. Best wishes to you and your daughter.

Replied by Jessie


That is awful. Yes. They can take your child if you do not comply. Complying would be better than losing your child.

I would give her activated charcoal with the medication to bind with it and hopefully render it ineffective. You need an equal amount of charcoal as the medicine you are trying to bind with. Mixed in water. (so maybe 1/4 teaspoon charcoal powder with a few ounces of water.)

But keep studying and reading and being your child's advocate. Just silently. Don't make a big fuss or draw attention.

I would give her a vegan diet, organic if possible. Even organic animal products have hormones, s avoid those. I would not use soy products. Avoid hormone interruptors (anti-bacterial products, triclosan etc.) Perhaps you would make exceptions for special events. But if most of the diet is animal product free that would be good.

You may find better solutions. But this is a starting place.

Replied by Happymoma

There is a man named Micheal Farris that helps protect children/parents situations like these. He is a lawyer and he should be able to tell you of your rights as a parent. He started HSDLA and also Patrick Henry college. He also has defended some high profile cases pertaining to parent/children rights.


I was just going to suggest contacting HSLDA. If they can't take the case they will find someone who can!

Replied by Tryingmom

My daughter showed signs of breast buds at 3.5. We have now put her on almond milk and changed our cleaning supplies. I am wondering what shampoos are you all using?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Tryingmommy,

I use Everyone Soap for Every Kid for my children. You can also use just baking soda. I use that for babies and toddlers sometimes because it works so well for cradle cap.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Geethagiri

My 9year old niece telling pain in one side of her nipple. But there's no sign of bulging in her breast. She is very thin and little underweight too. I noticed hair in her underarms. But nothing on her genitals. Could you suggest something to delay her puberty?

Replied by Aks

I reduced the amount of chocolates, chips and all artificial food item. In addition I stopped using shampoos and soaps for her...only natural things and I think it worked.

Replied by Anne
(Indianapolis, In)

"As for diet, go to the remedies section under "detoxification" to help clean her body of any possible compounds." This was part of your comment about slowing down the early puberty in younger girls. My 9 year old daughter is adopted, was abused in every way possible before we got her at 3.5 years old, was diagnosed as a sociaopath at 6.5, and is now on the verge of starting her period. She is not mentally or emotionally ready for this and I am in drastic need of assistance in finding info. Your comment gave me hope. How do I find this link you referenced now? Help please! Thank you - the desperate Mom in Indiana!Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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Hi there,

I am also dealing with this issue with my 10 year old son. He had accelerated bone growth at 9 years old and was not offered any help by the Endrocrine team- I guess because he was tall but the truth is, he was showing precocious puberty. It seemed to slow down with regular exercise and removing plastics more etc. I think it's still here though and am now researching again .
I've currently switched to organic milk in glass bottles- I've usually only bought organic but I bought it in plastic before.

I buy grass fed organic beef, and when possible organic chicken

I only buy organic fruit and vegetables.

I'm trying to find some help to stop this process naturally.

I could pursue another Endrocrine team but I hear they offer the drug Lipton and I don't think that is great as an option anyway.

I would so appreciate any advice or input anyone might have.

Good luck and good health to everyone!

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My daughter of 7 years old is showing sign of early puberty. What natural remedies can I use?

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Early puberty is usually environmental, vaccines, heavy metals, fluoride.

Many medications have fluoride, some countries fluoridate the water. Plastics especially reusing water bottles have an effect. Farming is notorious for added growth hormones.

We used Teds remedies starting with Borax. Sodium tetraborate. It was quite a miracle. Vitamin D3 can be low, if vaccinated, may not be absorbed.

Here is Ted's remedy page. His second email really boils it down. Janet

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Soooo my 6 year old daughter started her period today😒I'm devastated!!!! She just turned 6 a month ago, she started having underarm odor at 5 yrs old, which I thought was strange since her twin sister and older 8 year old brother haven't had any signs of puberty, the doctor said she was taller than most kids her age, but she has a doctor's appointment today bc I demanded that she be seen asap! I've never had my kids vaccinated at all, I don't believe in vaccines, so I'm not going to accept hormone treatment for my 6 year old.

Does anyone know if using tea tree on her hair could've had something to do with this? I just saw someone mention tea tree and lavender not being good for kids🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️


I know you might disagree but vaccines can save your child's life and other members of your family if your child becomes ill and passes on diseases.

Early puberty - what kind of foods does she eat and is she overweight?


I support your decision to protect your child from the poisons in vaccines.

Precocious puberty used to be rare but now it's becoming more and more prevalent because of all the estrogen in the environment.

I raised my daughter without vaccines. She has a strong immune system and she is very grateful she wasn't subjected to all that. She also started her period at age ten (I started at age 16). We didn't eat much meat but we had organic dairy.

After years of reading I found out that the oral contraceptives that have been prescribed to women since the 1960's end up in our environment. I also found that the animal farming industry uses a lot of estrogen-based supplements to boost production. I now think that may have contributed to her early menses.

We stopped eating dairy and most animal products. We both feel healthier without them.

(north carolina)

She's not overweight at all, just really tall for her age, but she saw her pediatrician and all is well, she had an ulcer bump on her private area and bottom due to riding her bike aggressively, the bump busted and started bleeding so thank God it's not a period, thank you guys for the feedback! Oh and I will never vaccinate my children, I've done my research and know plenty of vaccine injured children and I will not play Russian roulette with my kids. Thank you for the feedback 😊

Nutrition, Toxic-Free Environment

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Posted by Mompreneurof4 (Indio, Ca) on 02/15/2015

My daughter, who is now 11 years old, started developing breasts and eventually getting a menstrual period, I also noticed mood swings and body odor. Her pediatrician prescribed hormone therapy which I refused because I wanted to get to the bottom of the cause. after several hours and days of researching and reading I did what I could with the resources I had at the time.

This is what I did


-Switched to organic milk(grass fed is best)

-Switched to animal protein with no added antibiotics or growth hormones

-No soy

-No fast food(I made my own "fast food")

-Whole foods and spices(No MSG, No artificial ingredients)

Body Care:

-Switched to natural body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash.

-Switched to Fluoride-free toothpaste

-No body sprays, perfumes

-No deodorants

Home Cleaning:

-Switched to Essential oil based cleaning products and to natural alternative cleaning sprays from the local grocery store and natural laundry detergent.

-No febreeze, glade, airwick are fresheners(I used essential oils and baking soda as an air freshener)

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At what age did you start noticing early puberty in your child and started your natural approach to help delay precocious puberty? Did you see a noticeable improvement after changing diet and environmental toxins? Thank you.

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Be careful with the oils. There was a study that linked lavender oil to high estrogen levels and young girls and boys developing breasts. Not saying they are bad, just research before use.


This will give you a balanced view of what really happened:: Https:// I used tea tree oil on my children for years before reading about those warnings. None of them had hormone problems.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear 101mom,

Good caution regarding essential oils. I use them and love them, but they are very strong! It takes a huge amount of plant material to get essential oils. When people used herbs for making medicinal teas and such, they were not getting the benefit in a very concentrated way, though they were getting benefit. I think it can be very easy to "overdo" essential oils and makes side effects much more likely.

~Mama to Many~

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Did the regimen that you started stop the menstruation?

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What deodorant do you suggest for a child with early puberty development?


I love the frankincense roll on by tropical traditions. So does my husband.

Replied by Janet

I recommend either the stick deodorants from either Herbalix or Ava Anderson. Stay away from any deodorant that contains fragrance, propylene glycol, aluminum, polysorbate 80, and other chemicals.

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Has your child c.p.p condition slowed down?

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Yes, lavender and tea tree oil have estrogen hormones.

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What age did you notice on your daughter. My daughter is 7 I first notice breast buds week after she turned 6. Dr rlly want me to do the Lupron. I'm nervous. We have done all the testing levels are high. Just not for sure if I want those hormones in her lil body. Plus I hvnt read anything good about Lupron, the long term effect..just makes me nervous

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Not sure this article is written from an impartial perspective as it is posted on a site that sells courses about use of essential oils.

If essential oils are able to improve hormonal conditions, it seems likely that they could affect hormones negatively if used improperly or excessively.

I use essential oils but do not use them indiscriminately. The dose makes the poison.

Stop Using Products With Lavender

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Posted by Kelly (Arkansas) on 04/24/2022

In reply to the thread from 2006 here:

The cause of precocious puberty most definitely can be from lavender, my child went from being flatchested to having breast buds pubic hair are menstruating within 4 months using a topical lavender product. Her breast was flattened within days when I ceased using it.