Movement Arts that Heal
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Movement Arts that Heal

| Modified on Feb 22, 2011
Tai Chi, Gi Gung, other martial arts, and yoga are some of the best known of the healing movement arts anyone can incorporate into their daily routines for better health. These often very gentle exercises can stimulate blood flow to stagnant areas of the body and stimulate the lymphatic and immune systems to cleanse and heal the body.

Simply sweating is a terrifically healthy thing for you to do, cleansing your skin and with it your whole body of a number of toxins. However, these moving arts promise additional benefits beyond mere exercise. Gi Gung, Tai Chi, Bagwa, and similar martial arts styles claim to generate and move energy throughout the body -- chi -- and centuries of practitioners have given evidence to support those health claims.

Natural Cures: The healing arts of movement can be terrific for general flexibility, to heal joint and muscle damage and pain, for arthritis, to boost the immune system, and to improve blood flow to the brain and throughout the body. Even the sick and very elderly can find forms of Tai Chi or Gi Gung that they can practice on a daily basis for improved health.

Tai Chi, Qi Gong

Posted by Chris Parsons (Pemberton, Bc) on 11/18/2009

Hi There, I think i may have contacted you before with a similar question but, anyways, here it is again. By the way, I love the site and recommend it to many clients - I am an acupuncturist and do Cranialsacral therapy as well as run Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes. I was suprised to not be able to find these arts as remedies as they are amazing for so many may be that your site is more due to the emphasis on herbals and simple single substance remedies. Whatever the case, maybe you would consider putting it under your remedies section. I am confident as a martial artist of 15 years, that it can change a person's life!

Great site!! Love it and I check in frequently


EC: Agree, agree, agree! Thanks for the suggestion!


Replied by Apple
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

I was diagnosed with uterine fibroid two years ago. I've visited western doctors and all of them recommended surgical procedures. Enzymes pills, TCM only helped first couple of months, before the pain during menses returned full force. No diet change or organic food per se helped. Last week, I started myself with qi gong and reflexology to tackle stagnation of chi in uterus. I'll allow myself 3 months to gauge results. Hope when I next write in, I'd report good results... BTW, I love this site! I have recommended Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap Molasses to my loved ones. Thank you.

Replied by Heather
(London, Ky)

I was just diagnosed with gastroparesis. I have began yoga and it helps some. Plus, my toddlers love to join me, so it makes even more fun! I have also been reading about many other alternative remedies (ACV, Probiotics, etc,etc.) I have also tried just about everything a dr can write for and some seem to work at first, some dont, but without fail they eventually quit working for me. I would rather approach my many health problems naturally. Many of these "folk remedies" have been around for thousands of years.. Hmm. something is wrong with that picture? Wish it more drs could prescribe alternative therapies. There is so much truth behind so many of them!

Replied by Jess
(Charlottesville, Va)

I have used 5 Rhythms dance as a cure. You literally sweat your prayers and there are no dance steps to learn! I cured myself of overeating this way. It is strong magic.