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| Modified on Oct 22, 2012
Conservation, Renewable Solutions, and Non-Toxic Choices for Our Homes - because less pollution and a more organic approach to all of life can only improve our own health and that of our children!

Help us blaze those paths to a greener future, and join us in this march toward a sustainable tomorrow. Below you'll find solutions for the environmental problems of our Planet Earth. We know there are a thousand and one ecologically friendly ideas out there for recycling, reuse, composting, gardening, heating/cooling, and every other aspect of our natural lives.

Share your own good-for-the-earth-is-good-for-the-body secrets with our community, then browse our pages to collect new ideas to save the world while you're at home, at the office or out shopping.

Bird and Bat Houses

Posted by Staff (Earth Clinic) on 05/01/2009

Adding a bat or birdhouse to your garden can help you reduce insect invaders naturally and provide entertainment as well. Bluebirds and purple martins are particularly good insectivores, but frankly bats are the bug-eating champions.

Bug Solutions

Posted by Susan (USA) on 05/07/2009

Deborah from Rock Valley, NSW Australia writes: "If you mix the boric acid with a bit of honey the cockroaches eat it and die! I put mix in small recycled lid or can and leave under cupboards etc works like a charm! Love the site.

Replied by Susan

Laura from Sarasota, FL writes: "...I also learned that boric acid is used to get rid of insects and cockroaches ...sprinkle it around the perimeters of the base boards or window sills, etc, anywhere where you see the critters exiting or entering. It's worth a try and not toxic for humans.

Bug Solutions
Posted by Susan (USA) on 05/01/2009

Lou from Elma, WA writes: "A botanist friend shared this with me... eat your banana, then throw the skins at the base of any plant with aphid infestation... kills 'em and keeps 'em away, plus add potasium and other minerals to the soil! You must replace peels as soon as they go dark brown... but who doesn't love bananas? Organic is best.

Bug Solutions
Posted by Susan (USA) on 04/01/2009

Bridget from Cheviot Hills, CA writes: "When my friend's son brought home his ladybugs from his first grade show & tell, she liberated them amidst her tomato plants and had an aphid-free season of glory. I hear the Obamas have ladybugs in residence at the White House organic garden as well.

Replied by Susan

Tessa from Manhattan, NY replies: "Very true. And you can hang a bag of raisins in the garden to attract the ladybugs! Ladybugs love raisins.

Bug Solutions
Posted by Susan (USA) on 03/11/2009

Mary from South Bend, Indiana writes: "repels mosquitoes, ticks, crawling insects, even snakes with cedarcide. The cedarcide sprays are fantastic and they even make a product for wood that preserves it and protects it from rot, insects, etc. Check it out. Mary.

Bug Solutions
Posted by Susan (USA) on 10/04/2008

Gretchen from Wheeling, WV writes: "My friend uses blackstrap molasses to keep the bugs off his fruit trees. He said in early spring he paints the base of the tree up to about 12 inches high and he never has to spray his trees and he does not have bugs! He said he would repeat the proceedure in June. He said his apples and peaches were great. He learned it from his grandfather.

Bug Solutions
Posted by Susan (USA) on 08/14/2008

Wendy from USA writes: "The past few years we've tried many things for clover mite control inside and out, we used many nasty chemicals. This year I decided to plant marigolds around the house - I had read about it somewhere. Guess What! It Worked! I also wrapped Basil & Onion chips (from the spice section) in netting and set in all windowsills. These two simple things have been the best bug control yet...

Canning and Preserving

Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 09/30/2012

A family tradition of making strawberry jam or homemade pasta sauce can be simple enough, but a full-blown canning routine is going to require ample time, money, storage space, equipment, and not a small amount of know-how. On the other hand, it can dramatically reduce your family's intake of potentially toxic preservatives and other food additives. Do you have any organic canning tips to share?


Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 09/30/2012

Perhaps you pay per bag or per pound for the amount of garbage you send to the dump. Or maybe your garden could use a bit of enrichment. Any way you cut it, composting is the cool new thing for the fashionable do-it-yourselfer, and the right thing for the planet too. Got any composting tips to offer?


Posted by Kelley (Annapolis, Md) on 10/22/2012

I'm hoping for a recommendation for cookware. What brands are the best health wise & value.


Posted by Hameed (Dallas, Tx/usa) on 10/05/2012

I am planing to change carpet with something good for health.

Carpet are full of dust mites, carcinogens, environmental toxins like formaldehyde, plus all other toxins brought in with shoes like pesticides that can linger on for years as well they are also in laminate, vinyl and hardwood also.

In this situation what is the best option for health. I shall be highly obliged if someone could give me some advice with some proof that new option did make an improvement in their health.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Hameed, You could consider ceramic tile. It's very easy to clean and as long as it's over a concrete slab or ground in your home, you are also being "earthed". Hope this helps, Lisa