Napping Cures: Enjoy the Health Benefits of Napping!

| Modified on Nov 16, 2009
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In all honesty, the therapeutic value of a good nap should not be underestimated! An occasional or regular napping habit can give the body and nervous system a needed period of rest in order to restore itself and make repairs.

Not only can a nap restore your energy and give you greater enthusiasm to return to work or projects at home, but naps can improve your overall mood. This is true whether you are power napping or just catching the occasional snooze. Studies have also shown that those who nap and get sufficient sleep have better cardio health and cognitive functioning.

Home Remedies: A nap should be somewhere from 15-30 minutes and no longer, or else you will wake up groggier than before you lay down. Planning a nap at the same time each day can help you get into a healthy and rejuvenating sleep schedule that includes naps and a good night's sleep.


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Posted by Max (Bayside, NY) on 06/13/2009
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I take power naps everyday for 10-15 minutes. I use to go home after work so tired I would have double vision when I drove home. With power naps, I am alert. I also use an eye massager for 3 minutes. You can find them on the internet. I wake up at 430AM and take a nap at 730 when I get to work. I also take one before I leave at 300PM. Naps are a life saver for me.

Energizer, Good Mood

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Posted by Katherine Hart (London, UK) on 05/02/2009
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Earth Clinic, a whole lot of remedies on here, but I don't see anything for my favorite one - napping! Please add it to your site. Let me tell you about napping. It's one of the all time remedies for mental health in my opinion. I take a nap daily when time permits. I have always done this, going on 20 years now. It not only refreshes me for the rest of the day, but also puts me in a jolly good mood. I tell everyone I know to nap but they laugh at me. One complaint I hear is that people are groggy after they take a long nap. Well of course! Just give yourself about 20 minutes to wake up. I have a good cup of tea to get back to my senses when I wake up. People also complain that they can't sleep at night if they nap during the day. My answer to that is to take a shorter nap!

Replied by Shaun
(York, UK)

I wholeheartedly agree! However, I suggest napping in a chair. If I lay down in a bed sleep is often hard to come by, and if it does I am very, very groggy afterwards. A nap just needs to 10 mins and you will find you are up and away for the rest of the day. It doesn't matter what age you are - it works for all.

Weight Gain

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Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India) on 05/03/2009
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My experience is that napping slows down metabolism drastically for the rest of the day, and makes one put on weight. I think napping is bad as it leads to weight gain. I can put on as much as 1 kg weight by napping for an hour for 3-4 days.

Replied by Geo555
(Portland, Oregon)

yes but these guys are not saying that you need to nap for an hour or more.. there saying cat naps. very short 10 mins I don't believe that it could slow your metabolism that bad napping 2x in one day for 10 mins each. that sounds awesome and i can't wait to begin incorporating it into my routine. that and a rub down with some essential oils in the morning and a cold shower.