Napping Cures: Enjoy the Health Benefits of Napping!

Energizer, Good Mood
Posted by Katherine Hart (London, UK) on 05/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Earth Clinic, a whole lot of remedies on here, but I don't see anything for my favorite one - napping! Please add it to your site. Let me tell you about napping. It's one of the all time remedies for mental health in my opinion. I take a nap daily when time permits. I have always done this, going on 20 years now. It not only refreshes me for the rest of the day, but also puts me in a jolly good mood. I tell everyone I know to nap but they laugh at me. One complaint I hear is that people are groggy after they take a long nap. Well of course! Just give yourself about 20 minutes to wake up. I have a good cup of tea to get back to my senses when I wake up. People also complain that they can't sleep at night if they nap during the day. My answer to that is to take a shorter nap!