Golden Milk Treatment for Joints

May 11, 2016

Gurudev Khar Khalsa, a Sat Nam Rasayan healer and Kundalini Yoga teacher in Los Angeles sent us this Ayurvedic tea for lubricating the joints. Gurudev tells us that the almond oil is a very important part of this recipe. Turmeric is called "the internal healer" in Ayurveda. Turmeric is also a blood purifier and is best known for its ability to help the female reproductive organs. Some research indicates that turmeric may be of value in preventing diabetes and cancer.

Recipe: 1/8 teaspoon turmeric, 3 cardamom pods (optional), 1/4 cup water. Simmer 5 to 7 minutes, then add : 1 cup of milk, 2 tablespoons almond oil (cold pressed). Bring just to the boiling point (but do not boil). Add honey or maple syrup to taste. Sip slowly as a hot tea.

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Posted by Kira (Saratoga, NY) on 12/23/2008

Golden Milk Recipe: Can't always get raw milk and pasteurized milk doesn't go to well with my body, can I mix the turmeric with something else and get such benefits? It would seem so, because GMO store milk isn't so good, it's the turmeric that is?!

Replied by Tess
Palm Beach, FL

What about trying goat milk instead of cow milk?

Posted by Sungriffin (Chicago, Il) on 12/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I made this Golden Milk this evening. It is very satisfying, yet it reminded me strongly of avocado soup, except it is a lot easier to make.

Posted by Anand (Los Angeles, CA) on 09/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Milk with Turmeric works amazing: Drink it for a 1-2 weeks and you will find disease all gone.

Replied by Suzi
Missoula, Montana

Anand, once again I see something so uplifting, and then have to email and ask how much you take exactly! It seems counter-productive to post a cure or remedy on this site and not instruct us just how much worked for you...we all need to know. Thanks!

EC: Suzi, Anand may be using the traditional recipe at the top of the golden milk page! Scroll up.

Replied by Karina
Munich, Bavaria
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for this Golden Milk recipe - I took it for the skin healing effects but to my surprise I found the effect very calming and it became my favorite before bed drink! It seems to have a centering & gives a relaxed feeling.

Replied by Tussy
Clinton, Iowa

Hi karina I wanted to know did it heal your skin?

Replied by Karina
Munich, B.

Hi Tussy, I have done a lot recently to heal my skin - so I can not pinpoint directly to where the Golden Milk comes in specifically [but there are a lot of reviews on this site see under Turmeric where they started with turmeric alone and they said yes]. For years I thought I was having acne - but it seems I simply had malnutrition & a weak stomach. Here is what I did to come to point where I feel things are finally balanced & my skin is having no outbreaks anymore - just minor signs which seem to be soon as well of the past. I found Schizandra [if it grows in your region take it fresh otherwise in capsules 3x 3 per day] and after about 3 months of taking it made a major improvement not just to my skin - but overall - it has detoxifying qualities - I will continue to take this fruit it is an Asian tonic and skin secret and somehow deserves its fame. Another major step came when I took part in a green smoothie program for 2 weeks & after that it became clear that it was malnutrition which had such a detrimental effect on my body & skin. This was so amazing as it seems to have taken away food cravings and the skin became purer and pores smaller. During that I started as well to take Golden Milk and I feel it adds to the overall well being - it certainly relaxes & centers. Furthermore I read on this site it is good for the female reproductive system - again I can not give specifics but it seems to feel good. What I learned from this website is that everybody finds something which works for them there are certainly subtleties where only we ourselves can know what is good at each time. I wish you luck & hope this gives you some idea.


Hi, can you hint at what brand of schizandra you used and the dosage? I'm about to start with the green smoothies and golden milk. I thought it would be great to add the schizandra since I have a weak digestion as well. My body has literally been breaking down left and right and it all started with IBS so I know its my digestion.

Thank you

Replied by Azg
Toronto, On

I wanted to point out that one should NEVER use the MICROWAVE in holistic healing practises. The Microwave KILLS ENZYMES and any VITALITY in foods. This is why even Doctors tell women to NEVER heat Breastmilk in the microwave for their babies.

Vitality doesn't have to be enzymes or beneficial vitamins...think about water, which has neither enzymes or vitamins...

In highschool we did an experiment where we tried to sprout seeds. One group of seeds were watered with filtered water, one group of seeds were watered with tap water, and the last group of seeds were watered with water that was previously microwaved (but brought back to room temperature before putting on the seeds).

The group of seeds that were watered with microwaved water NEVER SPROUTED. The Microwave removed ALL VITALITY from the water.

Please post this somewhere on your website where many people can find this information...I've found a number of comments where people are heating teas and such with the microwave - BAD IDEA!

EC: Good point, thank you. We'll create a new page for microwaving hazards.

Replied by Theo
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This is totally not true. I read something similar a couple of years ago about a high school experiment where plants died on microwaved water. Naturally, I was a little freaked out. So at work I decided to reproduce the experiment. I bought a bunch of plants and separated them into 3 groups: tap water, boiled water, microwaved water. All of the waters were cooled to room temperature before feeding. None of the plants died over the next 3 months. All of my co-workers witnessed this experiment.

Although afterwards I figured my experiment could have been done a little better. I should have picked plants that were water only because the soil might have been a big confounding variable. Also, I could have picked plants that died easier as my particular plant species seemed quite resilient.

In any case, there was no death in the plants. Or any vitality lost.

Replied by Azg
Toronto, On

Theo, try the experiment again with seeds. And ask your doctor why they don't recommend that women heat up breastmilk in the microwave.

Replied by Selena
Chula, Ga

In reply to Azg from Toronto, On -- the reason why doctors don't recommend heating breast milk in the microwave....(Let's make it clear I am not endorsing the use of microwaves, I rarely use mine and try to avoid.) The reason why is that it increases the risk of burning the baby because it does not heat evenly. It is not just breast milk but all baby liquids. An infant can quickly get burned in the throat causing swelling and possible suffocation. Just thought I would clear that up for you.

Replied by Katie
Warner Robins, Ga

Hi, I'd like to clear up for you what my doctor and also my childrens pediatrition told me about microwave use. The method of heating is radiation, and the radiation causes a chemical change in the make up of formulas if microwaved for more than 30 seconds. When it comes to uneven heating it is simple to shake the formula up really well and then test it to see how hot it is...much like heating a bottle any other way. It is safer to slowly bring the bottle to the right temperature on the stove, but people do still burn babies with milk that is too hot. Doctors do not tell you to abstain from microwaves because of uneven heating, they cannot tell you the truth because most people would quit using the microwave if they knew that it can change the chemical make up of your food. Some will tell you, but others may not believe it or just don't care. If you look up how microwaves operate it is explained and made to look harmless but pay attention closely because they do tell you how radiation works, and anyone with a basic background in chemistry will understand the simple explanations available, so please google it because they are teaching things like this to children in school to help explain the difference between conduction, convection, and radiation for heating purposes.

Replied by Jonadoug
Mid, Mi

Yeah, simply put: The microwave uses small (i.e. micro) waves of energy and spins them around radically to clash against, and speed up the movement of, the molecules in the food. Fast moving molecules make the food hot (Maybe remember from 6th grade science that cold items have slow moving molecules in them while hot items have molecules that are moving quickly within them, which energy is the heat- heat moves from a hot place to a cold place so as the heat energy is used, the molecules slow down and the item cools-, but I digressed). Anyway when the molecules are heated this way they are damaged and thus the molecules of the food are now different. I stopped using a microwave 4 years ago when I read all about it. I read a hospital once used a microwave to more quickly heat blood for a patient and the patient died, which was attributed to this molecule changing process.

Replied by Juan
Laredo, Texas/U.S.A.

The microwave kills all enzymes on all the food that gets microwave. these enzymes are good for your body,e nzymes help your body fight diseases. it came out on experiments that were done on the effects of microwaving. JM.

Replied by Jane
Redding, Ct

I am very interested in trying Golden Milk. I am wondering how important the almond oil is: what it does and if it can be replaced with a different oil.

Replied by Nancy

I recently found the Golden milk recipe & absolutely love it. I look forward to having a mug nightly before bed. This is the link to the recipe I use: I use almond milk mostly, but sometimes mixed with a little cow's milk (dairy ease), and add coconut oil at the end, because that's what I have on hand.

Joint Pain  

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Posted by Nirinjan (Traverse City, Michigan) on 12/30/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Golden Milk is great and cheap way to get the turmeric into the body vs. buying pills. You can make the first part, the turmeric paste, in a larger amount and store it in the refrigerator for a weeks supply. Then just add to the milk and oil. We would drink this after doing yoga for 8 hours a day and no joint pain in the morning.