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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects

| Modified on Aug 22, 2021

Multiple Cures
Posted by Susan (Vermont) on 05/22/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am 49 yrs old and had painful periods, along with heavy flow and migraines.. All at the same time. Plus, I have asthma. UNTIL NOW. I no longer have ANY OF THESE SYMPTOMS since I started using 35% food grade H202 diluted with distilled water. I use the recommended drop dosages and now I'm up to 20 drops 2x daily and have been using it now for about 3 months. I have never felt better in my life. My asthma is almost completely gone and I have no symptoms related to my periods. I went to the OB/GYN today and she told me I may have a uterine cyst.. Then she asked if I had heavy periods, etc... So I told her 'no' since I no longer have them! I wonder if my cyst shrunk or what, but since I'll never know, I wanted to share my story.. It really changed my life completely. I'm even more awake in the morning and can exercise now without breathing problems. If anyone would like to talk to me personally, please feel free to email me.. I'm very happy to help anyone out there that can benefit from my experience.

Colds and Flu
Posted by anne-maree (qld) on 04/06/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have been an avid Earthclinic fan for the past 2-3 years and thank God regularly for this website.

One of the most exciting cures for me has been Hydrogen Peroxide 3% for Colds and Flu's. For about two years now I have been dropping 3-4 droplets into my family's ears and letting sit for about 2 minutes each side before draining. If done when the symptoms begin it has usually meant all symptoms are completely gone in about 24 hours. It has been such a relief to be able to nip colds in the bud and get back to normal life relatively quickly.

This last couple of weeks a new test came along for my family with a nasty respiratory virus which has run rampant in South East Queensland this last couple of months. The droplets in the ears were helping but not making enough of an impact and my husband was hit really hard by this virus so back to Earthclinic I went to do some more research.

I discovered the foot soaking remedy and gave it a go. Lining a large shallow pan with tin foil, I placed a face cloth in and poured about 80mls Hydrogen Peroxide 3% over it. Then my husband placed both feet on top of the face cloth for 5 minutes. He then air-dried his feet for about 10-15 minutes.

About 2 hrs later he reported that the tightness in his chest was significantly reduced and he felt a general overall improvement. The next day (today) he was a lot better, so we did the treatment again and he just continues to slowly improve as the day progresses.

Even though I had the virus last week I woke up this morning again with a scratchy throat and swollen glands so I thought I would give the foot soaking remedy a go as well. By this afternoon I was symptom free.

Once again I am thanking God for this website as I am convinced this remedy has saved my husband weeks and weeks of sickness. As a business owner, he cannot afford to take weeks off. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Earthclinic team and all of the helpful posts others have made to add to all of the wisdom available on this website.

High Blood Pressure
Posted by Joan (Richardson, TX) on 07/16/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I use pharmacy strength hydrogen peroxide -- drops in glass of water twice a day (about 7 drops thus far). My moderately elevated blood pressure reduced to normal, according to my doctor's records, without use of drugs. How long should I continue to pursue this treatment? Should I continue longer or cycle on and off in some way?

Posted by Jerry (Kennewick, Wa) on 09/02/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with stage IV Lymphoma 11/2/09 I'm 47 yrs old. The dr, cut me open and took my lower organs out in hope to cut out a 6. 5x5.6 mass. I woke up from the surgery and he stood over my bed and told my sorry can't help you, your to full of cancer and I would have to remove your intestines, bowls ECT. So I then started taking Chemo five bags every three weeks. Never again! The cancer shrunk to a 3.5cm x 2. 4cm. THE Dr said the chemo didn't remove the cancer any more then this. So I learned about H202, also high doses of coral calcium and vitamin D.

In May this year they said I still had 10% in my bone. Started this regimen and had blood test weekly my white blood cells went from 1.7 to 2.7 the first week, by week four all of my blood work was normal. August 11th they did a PET scan no signs of cancer in my bone or the body. White blood cells 9-1-2010 6.3. The range is 4-11. Since I have taken the H202, I have not had a cold or any sickness.

20 drops in water 2 times a day.

Earth Clinic Report
Posted by Mary Lee (Coaldale, Colorado) on 08/31/2017

I used 35% food grade peroxide for about 7 months. You start out with a few drops with your distilled water ( a must ) and you build up to a certain amount over weeks. I am going to be 70 in September and I came off of all my "precriptions" and I feel better than I have felt in 30 years.

Posted by Sandy (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada) on 01/29/2012
4 out of 5 stars

My 22 year old son was diagnosed with lung cancer just before Christmas 2011. Twenty percent of one lung was affected and spots on the other. He preferred not to go through chemo but is very open to alternative therapies. A friend of his sent him the link to drinking H2O2 and my son asked me to check it out to see if I thought it would be worth a try. After much study on the initial page regarding drinking it, your page came up promptly when I googled food grade hydrogen peroxide. I was encouraged by the testominials from others who had suffered from different cancers and found success by using the H2O2 therapy. So I told my son if he wanted to, we'd try it. Between his initial diagnosis and the time we started the therapy his CT Scans showed that the cancer was growing and that his bloodwork was showing extremely low oxygen levels in his body. Because I didn't know what to expect in the way of side effects for him, I started him out on a very small dosage of only one ounce of 3% f. g. diluted in 8 oz of juice 3 times daily at first, just to see how he would tolerate it. When he didn't suffer from any nausea or vomiting with that amount, we decided to pull out the big guns and start with the dosage schedule for the 35% f. g. therapy. We started out with one small drop 3 times daily in 8 oz of juice or milk at times when he seemed to experience heartburn from it. We are up to 7 drops 3 times daily as I write this update. My son's most recent CT Scan just this past week showed that between the last scan and this one, miraculously, there has been NO GROWTH of the cancer this time and his bloodwork showed that his blood oxygen levels are now THREE TIMES what his recent levels have been! He does have a conventional oncologist who is open to trying whatever her patient wants to try in the way of alternative therapies as long as she doesn't see any harm in them. She was surprised and delighted upon seeing the results of his latest scan and bloodwork. We have also found that his cough has been more productive lately... Along with phlegm he has been coughing up actual solid pieces of what look to be burnt steak. We all think it's better for that horrible stuff to be out than in! My son is encouraged and more hopeful than he's been since his diagnosis. He continues to up his dosage daily, excited to kick the crap outta those cancer cells and get them outta there! Along with ingesting the 35% strength in juice we have also used 3% f. g. in his ears, several times over a couple days span, in order to ward off an oncoming cold last week that would have increased his upper respiratory discomfort for sure. It worked to unplug his ears and lessen the nasal congestion he was experiencing within a few doses. He was having the hardest time breathing at nighttime so we decided to try the dosage for 35% f. g. H2O2 in a cool mist vaporizer, for inhalation at night. We used 2 ounces in approximately one gallon of distilled water... NOT tap water. It must be distilled. He had a much easier time breathing... Right from the first night we plugged it in! So far we are pleased... Still guarded and trying not to get too excited by these successes yet.... But pleased, for sure, with the outcome we've seen. And his doctor was too. For the cancer to have stopped growing in between scans this time and his oxygen levels to be up so much... Without having changed anything else in this equation... We have to assume it is because of the H2O2 therapy. Oh... I might mention that one of the mild side effects he has experienced so far, is that of a rash on his arms. We feel that particular symptom is due to his body eliminating toxins through his skin so we haven't slowed down on the dosage increments because it's been quite bearable for him thus far. We will certainly keep you abreast of any regular updates in regards to his condition. For the best information on ingesting H2O2 make sure you go to http://drinkh2o2.com/#drinking-hydrogen-peroxide This site should clear up any questions you have on dosages and dilutions. Good luck to you all. Please keep posting your stories so we can all be encouraged by seeking support from each other. Thanks EC for the wealth of information on your site.

Posted by Tara (Los Angeles, California) on 05/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I just called my uncle to tell him about hydrogen peroxide (who has throat cancer, though it's in remission), and, I got all excited about it--that I had read here that it had cured some people's cancers, etc, and he just laughed, then said, "Tara--that's why my cancer is in remission."

He said he had stumbled upon this treatment accidently, when 20 years he swallowed some hydrogen peroxide (not on purpose) while brushing his teeth one day.

Then he said--"it just made me feel better, so I continued to do it".

Since then, he's been drinking one 16oz glass of water with a little hydrogen peroxide every day for the last 20 years. He said even though he still has a tumor, it hasn't changed since he started this treatment, and like he said, he's still alive. (The doctors are "baffled", because they think he should have died a long time ago.) [I wish we could hold some kind of conference to exchange these stories--you don't know me, and I don't know you, but if you knew me, you'd know, that I was only writing this because it's the truth, and I'm writing it in the hopes it might keep someone else's loved one alive after a diagnosis of cancer for 20 years too. It's so crazy to think about it (because it counters everything we've grown to believe), that I still have a hard time things like this myself, but after reading about this therapy, then talking my uncle--a lot more lives could be saved if we dropped the propaganda and started having open discussions about human health, irrelevant of money and power--]

Multiple Cures
Posted by Justin (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 03/06/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone, Few years back, I was diagnosed with Asthma, Sinus and chronic fatigue, so I was sent to hospital specialists for treatments and was given a lots of medications and pills, but the conditions only improved a little after few months of treatments.

Quite desperate and with God's help, I found Earth Clinic about 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. After going thru the forums/testimonies, I took a bold step to start with 1 drop together with a glass of filtered water (about 250 ml), taken 2 times per day due to work constrains, gradually increased 1 drop per day. At any time when I feel terrible bad on that particular day, I will maintain my dosage for few days, then continue to increase it when I felt a bit better. After reaching 25 drops, I taper off by taking 25 drops once every other day for 4 days, then 25 drops once every 3rd day for 2 weeks. Then I taper off gradually by 1 drop off per day, until I reached 7 drops as a maintenance level until now. Sometimes I do forget to take it for 1-2 days, but that did not affect as I already walked off the illnesses I mentioned earlier. What I can tell you is that I feel great. Since then I always feel energetic and in excellence health every day, as if I am going to live forever (just a joke). Since then on I never visit any doctors, no do I have any flu/cold or any sickness at all.

I always believe that good things must be shared, so I tried to share with my friends and relatives. You know what! At first they all are skeptical about it and even make a joke on me, saying that I'm trying to be a doctor without a license.

After few weeks, few of my friends tried and are astonished with the results they have had, so words spread, now many of them did tried and most have tremendous results. The sicknesses that they have tried on are : asthma, acne, sinus, chronic fatigue, arthritis, bad breath, teeth-whitening, as a fountain of youth (we call it "young water") etc..

Now, one of my friends are trying it on cancer, once I have the reports from him, I'll write to you.

Since I used it quite often and also supplying to friends and relatives, I keep quite a fairly large stocks. If any one from Malaysia/Singapore who need it may contact me at my email : wmk7398 {at) yahoo [dot] com

Thank you and all the best to everyone.


Posted by Infowarrior (Windsor, Ontario Canada) on 03/01/2012

Yannick, I'm sorry to hear about the health problems you are going through. Are you sure the H2O2 caused your problems? I know that a document I have says that if you have disease or candida issues, you will feel sick to your stomach at first because the bad bacteria in your body is being taken care of but the illness feeling should pass. This is the God's honest truth. My mother had surgery and had to be on oxygen right after. She was on oxygen for 4 years and was tested by doctors. They couldn't figure out why her oxygen levels were so low (even more so when walking with her walker) or how to fix it. I took a water bottle with 8 ounces of distilled water and put 1 drop of h2o2 in it. Then next 8 oz bottle got 2 until I got to the 10th bottle that had 10 drops. A year ago (at Christmas) she came home for a visit from the nursing home and she was on oxygen. They tested her when she got back to the nursing home and said she didn't need oxygen. We had them check her levels when walking and it was fine. She's been fine ever since. I had asked many times while taking it, if her stomach felt fine and she said yes. I had tried it before I gave it to her and had no problems. Now, I'll look into h2o2 destroying red blood cells but I'll tell you that this past summer, I gave her 10 oz of water with 22 drops in and she had no side effects.

I honestly don't know how adding an extra oxygen molecule to your body (water is h2o) could cause you harm. Isn't it important that we make sure our body is not oxygen starved? I really feel that you may have had some type of underlying issue but I'm not a doctor so I don't know. I would talk to a holistic expert that really knows their stuff on this. I'm just a guy who does tons of research on alternative health. I hope you get better.

Posted by Lou (Aransas Pass, Tx) on 03/12/2012

I started taking H202 (food grade) November 11th 2011, I was told my throat cancer was fatal, nothing could be done. Today I was told not only the tumor but also the cancer is gone, no sign of it. You nay sayers can do as you wish, don't listen to us lucky people that feel better than we have in years. But if you do use it, follow the instructions, don't use the cheap stuff you get at local stores, use food grade only. Read up on it, my wife bought this and gave me the max dose, heck we were told I had less than a month, how could it hurt?Now with today's news we can start planning trips we thought would never happen.

Posted by Monsterhippy (Dallas, Tx/USA) on 01/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My wife was in the hospital before thanksgiving and they supposedly found a 3cm mass on the head her pancreas. But since we do not have medical coverage and they also would have determined this a pre-existing since she has Hepc also. We have put her on the H2O2 therapy about 5 days now and it seems her color is coming back and she is able to do things without getting sick and throwing up. Also the pain in her gut is gone and and she is starting to eat quite well now. She also has less depression and a better since of well being.

If this truly is healing her like we believe the pharmacutical companies and doctors should be ashamed of what they are putting people through in the name of cash revenue.

These are Gods miracle healers.

God bless you all at earthclinic.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Barbara (Ontario) on 08/16/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide is an amazing solution for pretty much everything. I've ingested so much of it that I've heard a buzz in my head. I cure my ear infections, sinus infection. My eye sight is sharper than before. Spent lots of time bathing in it submerged my entire body or just soaking my feet while watching tv. I can go on and on. So thumb up for the best med ever.

Multiple Cures
Posted by G (Sydney, Au) on 06/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I love food grade hyrdogen peroxide. Kids and cats can = ringworm, so as soon as a spot appeared, several times a day we applied undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide directly to the affected area and the ringworm was dead within a day. Continued to apply to the spot once daily after that. A week later, there's no sign ringworm ever existed - not a mark, scar or even discoloration, nothing. It's brilliant.

As for inner ear infections/colds/bugs/flu - we bought a big box of disposable 3ml pipettes. We fill one with food grade, undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide, squirt it all into the ear, lay on our sides and let it fizz, bubble and tickle away until it stops (20 mins or so) and feel incredibly normal after that while people around us are dropping like flies with whatever's going around.

We also add 2 capfuls of food grade hydrogen peroxide to a humidifier if one of us is feeling a bit congested or wheezy and leave it on while we sleep - sleep like babies and are able to breathe freely.

Hydrogen Peroxide is amazing stuff.

Posted by Edmund (Perth, Wa) on 02/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I did some research in 2008 because I lived with pain on my T5 after suffering from a bout of shingles. The doc got rid of the rash but said I had to learn to live with the pain, it killed my golf. I went from a single figure to a 20+ hcp.

I started ingesting food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, the correct dosage, and it got rid of all my problems within a year.

Have been doing same for eight years now and have not had a cold or sore throat all this time which I suffer at least once every year. Only reaction was the normal reaction in the early stages in the first month and at 76, I am doing fine.

For those that do not know, HP was the antiseptic of the 40's just after I was born.

I still take 10 drops of 3% food grade every day and will continue till my sun sets. If you suffer any reactions I think you are over dosing, so watch it.

Posted by George (Utah, US) on 09/30/2014

I'm a retired RN and have been reading the many conversations about 35% Hydrogen Peroxide on why it works or doesn't. I wanted to share some thoughts on how it might work against cancer or any fast dividing cells. HP when it encounters a cell will inject O2 into the cell until the cell can't take and more, ruptures and the cell dies. If you have a fast dividing cell, like a cancer cell, it will uptake the HP O2 into the cell quicker than a normal cell and deplete HP. Then you would need another dose of HP. Depending on type of cancer and the amount (billions or trillions) of cancer cells that you're dealing with, it could take months of treatment. Again, HP works by injecting O2 into a cell until the cell bursts. I hope this helps.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Annie (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 06/08/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am so grateful to have found this 3% food grade H202. I prayed and prayed for healing and suddenly I came across this valuable piece of info. Before going on H202, my pee stunk like it had garlic or iron in it. The toilet was so smelly even I could not stand the smell. Now after a few days taking the H202, there is no smell at al. I used to suffer from horridly painful cramps in my thigh and calf, now they are a thing to the past. I sleep better and have a bit more pain to clear in my legs, hopefully that too will be gone as the days go by. I heard that so long as the Hydrogen Peroxide has no stabilisers, you can pour it into a food grade plastic bottle and freeze it. Then when the waiter in it is frozen, pour the pure liquid, which is 35%, into a smaller containers and keep it frozen. Just take out enough and put that amount into a smaller bottle with a dropper in the fridge. Replenishing it as you use it up. Hope that helps. Careful, this pure form will and can burn your skin on contact. Annie Low

Earth Clinic Report
Posted by Angela (Yachats, Or) on 08/24/2018

I have done some intense research on this. I'm also well researched over the course of a decade of many natural remedies. I do not for one second trust "the big boys" who run the Western medical establishment. Last year we were all told to stop eating avocados because it would cause heart disease.. Hilarious. Basically, anything that could and does work as preventative care, is discouraged because if every one were to become more healthy, they would stop going to the ER and developing disease. Slowly but surely, I have turned my own inherited issues around completely. The main thing is a heart weakness.

Moving on: I am 100% that the cases reported from people dying or going to the ER from ingesting hydrogen peroxide was because of mis-interpreting the advice they read, and mis-interpreting directions. FIRST OF ALL, it must be 35% food-grade and NOT over the counter due to the stabilizers, heavy metals, and other nasty industrial additives. That stuff is made in in industrial factories. It doesn't undergo the intense purification process that Food grade does in a lab. SECOND of all, when people look at recipes, they can get 3% to 35% confused. Some recipes call for 1-2 tablespoons (or ounces) of the PRE-deluted 3% that you've made from your 35% food grade - NOT the 35% itself. While other recipes DO call for straight 35%, such as larger recipes for your hot tub, your bath tub, or laundry. This can confuse people if they don't pay attention to detail. PAY attention to detail, and ONLY look at recipes you find through official websites like Garden of Eden. There are all kinds of recipes floating around the internet, and sometimes people can mis-write the recipe they are sharing, confusing the reader as to if they should be using 1-2 ounces of the pre-diluted 3%, or the straight 35%... Now, that said, when it comes to ingesting it... IT is ONLY 1-3 drops for a glass of water with a glass dropper. That's IT people! You have to gradually increase slowly, you can't just start taking tons of Oxygen not expect to have consequences.

Moving on, I tried this PROPERLY unlike those who landed themselves in the ER. I used 1-2 drops to start in a glass of water.. Within 24 hours, I cannot tell you how many improvements I had in my cognitive function, my clarity of mind, my energy, and my over all health. Instead of doing it twice a day, I have chosen to just do it once a day. No need to over do a good thing. 1-2 drops of 35% in a glass of water is more powerful than you would think. I feel like I could run 100 mile marathon, and my mental clarity is through the roof. I am 100% convinced of the effectiveness of this. The only health challenge I'm facing is a heart weakness that I inherited from my mom. I'm 33, and sometimes it aches. I have more breathing capacity now than ever before, and I've only been doing this for two days! I will continue to play it safe and only use 1-2 drops. Next week, I may increase that dosage to 3-4. Due to my tiny body weight (110 pounds and 5'6 in height), I don't see the need to gradually increase beyond that. The effects I'm feeling are incredible enough. I have read people gradually move up to 15-20 drops.. Its difficult to imagine doing that when I already feel like super woman on 1-2 drops!

All I can say is DO NOT jump into using 35% food grade until you FULLY understand the educational material available to you. And DO NOT make mistakes when diluting! If directions are properly followed, you will be okay. Its human error that caused these medical emergencies.


3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Alexander (Louisiana) on 12/22/2017

I know I am responding to a very old post, but I had to add what helped me and my shingles problem. My shingles outbreaks were continously, in the same place. As soon as one outbreak would heal, another would break out.

Then I started taking Vitamin C to bowel tolerance and have never had another shingles outbreak in years. Not to mention my overall health has also improved.

It's worth a try.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Leizel (Bacolor, Pampanga Philippines) on 06/08/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi! I'm so gratefull that I've found this site. H2O2 really a big help for me and my kids. My kids always on medicines for coughs and cold, antibiotics and non stop nebulization for their asthma before. I thank God that He let me discover H2O2. Every time my kids have symptoms I just put 3 drops in each ear and drain. It really works now and no more meds. More power to your site and God bless!

Posted by Marie (South Carolina) on 01/06/2016

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide kills harmful bacteria in your gut, not healthy bacteria. It's great that you're taking probiotics. Please do your research more thoroughly before posting. I would also advise taking conventional medicine studies with a grain of salt as they are tweaked to fit their agenda.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Patricia (Jersey City, NJ) on 05/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My husband and I have been using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for about 3 weeks according to the per day instructions on the bottle: 1st week, 1/4 tsp in 32 oz water; 2nd week 1/2 tsp/32 oz water; 3rd week 3/4 tsp/32 oz water; 4th week 1 tsp/32 oz water, etc. and drink 8 oz water 4x a day. We have a water ionizer and so mix the solution in anti-oxidant water. We're aso taking virgin coconut oil 1 tblsp per day I've experienced nail and hair growth, and decreased blood pressure. Also my grey hair is turning dark again. My question is this: is the ionized water ok for mixing the peroxide? So far, so good, but we don't want to have any adverse effects. Ionized water is good in itself, but are we overdoing it?

Posted by Trish (Kansas City, MO) on 04/06/2008

In response to Tom...not to sound as if I'm attacking you but you reference 'quackwatch.com' as grounds to try and 'disprove' the marvels of H2O2 therapy. Quackwatch was created by and is operated by a MEDICAL DOCTOR, someone who obviously doesn't want patients turning to homeopathic and alternative treatments to cure what ails them. If everyone in the U.S. and Western Europe started practing what people in the East have done for centuries, there would be a lot of physicians out of a job. They are trained in diagnosing and prescription-writing, not curing an illness with nutrition or any other natural remedy...and they run the risk of losing their licenses to practice medicine if they do give such advice. If everyone who has cancer in this country ran out and started buying peroxide to kill off the growth just think what would be at jeopardy....TRILLIONS of dollars for the pharmacies and governement. No wonder there 'studies' attempting to disprove such theories. Also, you cannot always believe every study that has been 'published' and in plain sight for all the public to see. Many studies have been 'fixed' or do not give accurate findings. For instance, if an FDA scientist has financial ties with someone (and most do) or could reap the benefites of a 'bonus' just from saying a new drug is now okay to place on the market, he/she is very inclinced to pass a drug as being safe even if it hasn't been tested long enough or even shows having problems. This senario is sadly true and there are scientists who have spoken out against drugs being passed too swiftly for sale. But you will never read those interviews and if you do, you did some serious research and dirt-digging like I have (or you know 'insiders'). So just because we have 'studies' that discredit the theory of H2O2 having an effect on cancer groth by flooding the body with oxygen doesn't mean that the therapy doesn't work. Even if this particular study had valid findings, please compare one study to millions of people all over the world who use peroxide therapy and the success stories they have. The FDA tries everything in it's power to discredit natural remedies by stating none of them have been tested in an FDA-approved laboratory. So what?! If people on the other side of the world have been doing something for 2,000+ years to cure a common cold and it has worked, I would safely conclude there's some truth to the remedy. I have been using H2O2 therapy for quite a while now and have enjoyed many of it's benefits. I may not be fighting cancer (not knowingly anyhow), but I never have to rely on coffee of other substances to get going in the morning, especially if I didn't get enough sleep. Several drops of peroxide in my first few glasses of water in the morning really wake me up and help me become alert. The inhalation method has helped me break up moucus in my chest from an old cold. Since started the therapy I haven't caught a single cold or bout of flu. The only time I have gotten a cold was from a week of VERY little sleep due to an extremely stressful situation that had occured a while back. Other than that cold, I haven't been sick once. I was around 8 or 9 people almost everyday at work this winter who were constantly sick a flu that kept going around and I was the ONLY person who never got sick. Using it in a steam bath has made my skin glow and look very youthful. I could go on and on, but I'm just trying to get across a simple point. There are many people who have a lot to lose as Americans educate themselves more on the miracles of natural remedies and using things that God has provided us with naturally to cure disease. Drugs do NOT cure diseases! They only cover up the symptoms. I don't care what the FDA states, and I don't care about their threats. They want us to stay sick so we keep running back to buy drugs and fatten up the wallets of Big Pharma, medical doctor, and the FDA. It's a vicious cycle that needs to be broken, and people need to educate themselves and learn the truth about our healthcare system.

Posted by Hawk (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 08/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Tom J., The link you listed is from Quackwatch. That site would not be biased in anyway towards any remedy that is not allopathic in nature, now would it? Tom, please this is the wrong place to try and infiltrate with FDA and Big Pharma biased negativity, which BTW, quackwatch is a part of.

Colds and Flu
Posted by Jestar (USA) on 04/09/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I do hydrogen peroxide foot soaks: warm water, hydrogen peroxide about half a big bottle, a big chunk of Epsom salt, and a teaspoon of Celtic sea salt. I soak for about an hour. I learned this from Dr. Magid Ali