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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects

Blood Thinner
Posted by Michael (Vancouver, Wa.) on 04/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Warfarin...Blood Thinner

Using 35% H2O2 at 10 drops in 12 oz of distilled water before eating, first thing in morning has reduced my Warfarin amount for the last 5 weeks. INR levels tested weekly.

Started out 1 drop and increased to 10 over several weeks time.

No nausea or other discomfort, aside from some loose stools, I feel great.

Have held steady at 10 drops for 2 weeks now and thinking about increasing H2O2 until some decrease in effectiveness or discomfort is observed.

Tested at Portland VA hospital and Anti-Coag Nutritionists are aware and said no known contraindications.

First started out with 1 drop and increased every 4-5 days.

Have held steady at 10 drops for a couple of weeks.