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Posted by Pam (B.c., Ontario) on 03/26/2010
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I have a question for anyone who might know.

I am on the H202 oral treatment and following according to Ted's recommendations and now have the detox symptom of a bad head cold. I know that this is detox because I don't get colds!! I haven't for many many years. But now my children have this same head cold; and are NOT on the treatment, so I'm wondering if a detox symptom like a cold can be contagious. I understand that h202 can kill parasites in the body and I've learned from Hulda Clark that inside a parasite lives many viruses including cold viruses, and that when a parasite dies it releases them into the person-host. So this detox of a head-cold might be contagious then right?

Has anyone read anything like this or had a similar thing happen? I then gave the kids all 5 drops of h202 hoping it would stop this cold - but it hasn't done anything. Any ideas?


Posted by Phoenix75 (Carmel, Ca, U.s.a.) on 01/15/2010
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I have been ingesting the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, diluted to a 3% solution...I am currently taking 1oz in 5ozs of water, 3xs daily, for a week and then I increase...however during the course of this protocol I have noticed that it is exacerbating my immune system conditions...also, when checking my urine ph levels, I was already acidic, but it seems to have made it worse for me. I am at a 5.5 when taking it...can anyone suggest why this is the case and what I can do to make myself more alkaline? Would a combination of baking soda, or apple cider vinegar do the trick?

Posted by Phoenix75 (Carmel, Ca, U.S.A.) on 01/09/2010
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I tried the popular internet dosing routine for the diluted 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide protocol, about ten days ago. The protocol that I attempted was as follows:

Day 1: 3 drops, 3xs a day
Day 2: 4 drops, 3xs a day
Day 3: 5 drops, 3xs a day
Day 4: 6 drops, 3xs a day
Day 5: 7 drops, 3xs a day
Day 6: 8 drops, 3xs a day
Day 7: 9 drops, 3xs a day
Day 8: 10 drops, 3xs a day
Day 9: 12 drops, 3xs a day
Day 10: 14 drops, 3xs a day
etc.etc. up to 25 drops, 3xs a day.

I was only able to complete this protocol for at least ten days.

When I first began I diluted the 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide drops in about 6-8ozs of water. It immediately began killing my stomach and so I increased my water to about 9-11 ozs...11 ozs is way too much water for me to ingest at one time...it made my stomach feel as if it were going to blow up...then someone suggested that I dilute the 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 8ozs of milk which I tried, to no avail...In the past I have suffered from stomach ulcers and this regimen most certainly exacerbated my condition, or perhaps created a new one...it felt like it was ripping my stomach in half...now, perhaps this solution must be further diluted, I am not sure, but what I am sure of is that the initial protocol, that is widely distributed via the internet, was without a doubt a tremendously painful experience for me. I am not in any way indicating that it will most certainly be someone else's experience, verbatim, but nonetheless I feel the need to share what has happened to me in order to possibly aide someone else in their attempts. I do not think that the former protocol for diluted 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is good for ulcerous stomachs...you must be extremely careful if you have these issues...that is really all I can say...

Replied by Bunny
Santa Ana, Ca

If you have an ulcer you should deal with that first. 2 ounces of fresh cabbage juice 5 times a day for a couple of weeks will usually do the trick. Most ulcers are caused by NSAIDS (aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, etc.)so you need to watch those. If this doesn't improve things you'll need to have your doctor run a few tests to see if something larger is going on.

Replied by Helpful User
Denver Co

Your stomach might have felt that way due to the way you ate. You are NOT supposed to take the dose one hour before or after eating due to the acid in your stomach dissolving and the oxygen going through your body. This is true. Because I have a book that explains everything. You can try again with the schedule of no eating and hopefully you will have different results.

Posted by Phoenix75 (Carmel, Ca, U.S.A.) on 01/09/2010
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And here are my thoughts on the 3% store bought hydrogen peroxide:

First of all I have seen all of the postings, via the internet, about using the 3% store bought hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash, etc. so I tried it...on the back of the bottle it says to mix it with an equal amount of water...well, first off I tried it mixed with an equal amount of water and I also tried a miniscule amount of it straight...as mouthwash...I gurgled it around in my mouth, morning and night, after brushing...it made my gums extra sensitive and made them crack open and bleed, all over...the one thing that it did do was kill the toothache that I had...so, perhaps I did not dilute it enough, or properly, etc. and again, I state that this is only my personal experience, and as such, it may not be applicable to everyone else, but it is important to note, nonetheless...

Replied by Astralclean
Atlanta, Ga

In 2007 I went on the h202 therapy and so did some of my friends. They had reactions like diahrea, stomach cramps and such but plowed through it.

I didn't have any reaction but I started out with 1 drop per day in 6-8 oz of water but also added Colloidol (spell?) silver-they work great together. I worked my way up to 11 or 17 drops per day with no reactions.

It may be that sometimes the detoxing in the body that goes on can be somewhat painful or a discompfort and I have read that the stomach may blow out a bit-theres a lot of stuff in the body that is dead and the H202 is eating it up, but not harming the healthy tissues.

Anyway, it was a great experience for me because it lowered my hepatitic C viral load from 23,000,000 copies down to 5,000,000 copies. I stopped because you ARE supposed to NOT EAT 3 hours before and for 1 hour after, maybe that is why I didn't have problem with it.

I love coffee first thing so I made sure I woke up during the night/am-3-4am to drink the H202 (kept the container I was using in a bucket of ice water to keep it cool during the night)and went back to sleep. This way I wasn't going throughout the day with out eating for such long periods of time.That is why I stopped, but I am starting back slowly now to kill the rest of the virus. I am starting with 3% in a gallon of water so that I don't have to fast yet and will work my way back to the normal protocol of NOT EATING 3 hours before and 1 hour after-I like to eat! 8-)

Posted by Echorae (Linesville, Pa.) on 08/04/2009
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I've been on the hydrogen peroxide therapy for 13 days now. My question is: Has anyone noticed a change with taste. Food just doesn't taste the same. Is it Me?!

Posted by Bella (Newmarket, UK) on 03/10/2009

I am new to this site and haven't spotted where questions should be submitted, sorry. Can I please ask this question here and you put it where it belongs? I hope you agree it's important. Here it is:-

"physicians like Dr. Farr believed that taking hydrogen peroxide orally could have a corrosive and tumorous effect on the stomach and small intestine and advised against using it. There is animal research supporting this caution".

He advocated intravenous treatment.

Does anyone know what these animal studies were, and what amounts of H2O2 were involved? Should we be worried about this?

Posted by Linda (Tacoma, Wa) on 03/04/2009

Please help!!!! I have fibromyalgia, emphysema, dry eyes, and a heart that doesnt rest right. I stared taking 35% hydrogen peroxide over 2 weeks ago and at first was amazed at how good I felt just taking 3 drops a day. After slowing starting to increase the drops each day I am getting alot of side effects. These effects being pain and numbness in my chest and my eyes hurt more with blur vision. I am now up to 9 drops 1 time a day and need to know if I should continue or quit and are the side effects I am having a sign that I am getting better or that something is wrong and I should quit? Thanks for any help and thank you.

Replied by Pahlee
Phila, Pa

when u started with the 3 drops, u probably shouldn't have increased it to 9 drops, that was probably too much if u r feeling sideeffects, u should probably discontinue it until you r feeling better, u do not want it to get too far out of hand, then u will have more problems than u can handle, good luck

Replied by Piper
Toronto, On Canada

Hydrogen peroxide has a lot of great uses, but I would be careful taking internally. I bought it as an O2 vitamin but I didn't notice any benefits. Try applying to a stain because it is really good at cleaning. Apply to a cut and see how it sizzles. I would be careful with the dosage. 9 drops sounds like too much.

Posted by Colby (Houston, TX, US) on 02/23/2009
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hi i have been taking colloidal silver for 3 weeks then stopped and started taking a teaspoon of h202 4 times a day for 2 or 3 days i stop because of discomfort...on the 3rd day i was urinating brown and cloudy for 4 times urinating then it went away but after that i started feeling my kidneys for my 1st time as a dull aching pain from both of them and lower abdomine pain please tell me whats happening and whats wrong and how do i fix this its starting to swell and dull pain getting slightly more noticable..i went to doctor and told him what was happening and did a uro but he said i have nothing wrong as seen in urin...please let me know if i am in danger or what...!!!

Replied by Smithy

One teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide? Of course you took too much. No wonder. Where on earth did you get that dosage? I truly hope you were not taking 35% food grade. Stop drinking peroxide! You are only supposed to start with a few drops. Drink a gallon of distilled water a day to flush out your kidneys.

Replied by Sophie
Syracuse, NY

The quantity you took is too high if you took 35% hydrogenperoxide. But with regards to your symptoms: symptoms are good. They mean that the hydrogenperoxide found an area that it deemed it needed correction.

I have had, since I started, February 3rd... 43 days ago, I have had several 2-3 day periods when I didn't feel well, then I had extremely smelly urine and/or fecal matters for a day or two, and thereafter I had a 2-3 week long clarity, increased mobility, reduced cravings, etc.

So I say, pray for "side effects" because they are not. If you are like me, storing lots of poisons from lifestyle, you want it to be digested by the hydrogen peroxide and empty it through the elimination channels.

One serious warning: if you don't want to re-absorb the poisons, make sure you have a serious colon cleansing to start with. Enemas, colonics, or any of the commercially available colonic cleansing supplements are good. Just do it.

I didn't do it, and I think, at least partially, that is why I had so many healing crisis in the 45 days.

Please let us know how you are doing? OK?

Posted by Mathew (Norfolk, VA) on 01/12/2009
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H202 not to be messed with:

I have taken 35% food grade h202 several times through the last 7 years of my life. always starting at 1 drop and increasing 1 drop a day as far as 25 drops and coming down in the same manner sometimes staying at a certain dosage for a few days.

One day i felt i was getting sick. I hadnt taken h202 in over a year. i decided to experiment with it. i took 10 drops one day skipped a few days and did it again. this is not reccomended as it caused my body severe problems. The h202 shocked my system into a clensing crisis through the skin via Herpes Zoster better known as Shingles.

it was very painful and the nerve which was affected followed into my eye and caused me to get iritis. the iritis caused my vision to go blurry in that eye. I was able to get steriod drops from the opthamologist and managed to rid myself of it after a few months.

I am a firm believer in h202 and its healing abilities but heed my warning: H202 is not to be taken for granted.

Posted by Tony (Oregon, USA) on 08/19/2008
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Dear Friends: DO NOT use hydrogen peroxide in enemas or colonics. i tried it once and ended up in the hospital. when the HP hits the bacteria in the colon it explodes and causes severe painful cramping and uncontrollable contractions. i was sick for almost a week and put on a iv for dehydration. ive talked to other people who have done this and ended up in the emergency room too. i am a believer in hydrogen peroxide cures. i inhale it and have not had a cold or coldsore of been sick in 3 years. honest!! inhaling is the best method in my experience. i even swallow whats left in my mouth and never have a problem but never never never use it in an enema!!! it could kill you. it could cause intestine to burst and bleed to death. a painful horrible death.

Replied by Anon
Anon, Anon

You're using too much. Try just a drop.

Posted by Daniel (Chicago, IL) on 08/15/2008
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Just to let people know that I got a condition known as hairy tongue about a year ago when I first started messing about with H202. If you are going to use it for a mouth wash, make sure that even the 3% Peroxide is diluted. At most, the ratio is supposed to be 1:5 in the water.

Anyway, I took it straight and it caused a horrible unsightly condition called hairy tongue which I have NOT been able to get rid of. I have posted something on this site about six months ago - tried everything, salt water, h202 dilute, lemon water, brushing it with a scraper etc and NOTHING works.

I am not knowing Hydrogen Peroxide. I am sure it is good stuff and has its uses but don't use it as a mouthwash like I did without diluting it. Be careful when experimenting.

Take Care (and if anyone knows something that can help me, please let me know)


Replied by Elizabeth
Jacksonville, NC

re hairy tongue from hydrogen peroxide: I heard that you can restore the body's natural defense (an enzyme???) contained in our saliva. So find someone to kiss, and soon it will be naturally consumed. :)

Replied by Elizabeth
Dallas, TX

in response to the hydrogen peroxide swisher that ended up with 'hairy tongue'- I spoke to a chinese medicine/natural doctor about this, as the clinic recommends swishing with it once a week in oral hygiene care. She told me that hairy tongue is a fungal reaction, and that the reason this would have happened is one would have to have a lot of fungus and bacteria in the mouth. In an act of detoxification, as the fungus and bacteria is pulled out from swishing, this COULD happen (not common, though.) Their recommendation was to keep swishing once a week to continue the detox process.

Replied by Carrie
Boise, Idaho

To the boy with the 'hairy tongue' It sounds like you have "thrush" go see a doctor.

Replied by Gigi
Palm Coast, Florida USA

I got the 'hairy tongue' symptom also. But, I followed Ted's info somewhere that the HP should be diluted - I was taking 3%. I stopped taking the HP for a week, then began with a diluted form and my hairy tongue disappeared, and did not occur again. It did not seem like thrush was involved. Gigi

Posted by Bev (Pikeville, KY) on 06/17/2008
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I have been drinking 6 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a bottle of water 2 times daily for 3 days and have developed 4 HUGE painful zits on my chin. They feel almost like boils. Any reasons as to why?

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Hi Beth, Those huge 4 zits could just be coincicence or it could be that your peroxide is making some bad guys exit through the closest route - your skin.

I have read that toothpaste will dry up those zits but I personally would probably use peroxide externally on them because it doesn't contain all that toxin called fluoride that brings us other unwanted problems, and it does kill off bad guys.

Replied by Bev
Pikeville, KY

Hi Joyce, Thank you for your speedy reply. I have a quick question though, should I continue the peroxide-water? I'm not sure. I would like to clean my liver but not sure how to start? any comments are appreciated. Thank you so much for your care and your time, Bev.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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If your problem is history, why continue the treatment? You can find a good liver cleanse at any health food store and you will likely find that they are loaded with two weeds everyone is trying to eradicate from their yards: thistle and dandelions! Both are known to be liver friendly.

Replied by Trae
Nashua, NH

You may have experienced the skin eruptions because of the toxins leaving your body quickly-- certain parts of the face correspond to organs too- I remember reading once that the chin reacts from the liver- ..boils tend to hurt reeeally bad...and go deep into the tissue--I think you'd know ...hydrogen peroxide on them will help clear them out. I think I would tough it out and don't stop too early out of fear...that's usually why people don't get results they are seeking. Best luck to you!

Replied by T W
Milan, Ten, USA

If you will look up boils on the EC site, you will find that Turmeric will help you get rid of boils. It is so good that it even helps heal MRSA boils. Give it a look-see.

Posted by Olivia (Brooklyn, New York) on 06/14/2008
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Caution drinking Hydrogen Peroxide: I tried drinking less than a quarter capful of Rite Aid brand 3% hydrogen peroxide this morning in a 12 oz glass of water. I immediately felt my body tingling and I drank another glass of water to dilute the effect. Within minutes I felt a weird sensation and had to rush to the bathroom. I have been rushing to the bathroom practically all morning. I did not know whether to laugh or cry because I suffer from chronic constipation and I thought I welcome the frequent bathroom visits but not due to an upset stomach. I drank another glass of water and continued feeling funny. I went to Rite Aid and spoke to the pharmacist who told me I should be okay. I felt better after having a late breakfast. I have a sensitive stomach and I was told the HP may have been too much of an irritant for it. Just a word of caution if you are going to use 3% like I did for the first time, maybe you should start with one drop and see the effect or diarrhea and a racing pulse may be the side effect for a while. It is now about five hours later and I feel almost normal.

Replied by Kevin
Bancroft, NE

I would never ingest over-the-counter HP, because of the additives. That is probably what made you nauseous!

Replied by Caleb
Hendersonville, TN

Over the counter 3.5% HP is NOT food grade, it is for topical use and has metallics in it that are harmful when consumed. 35% FOOD GRADE HP (diluted) is the only HP safe for consuming.

Replied by Pahlee
Phila., Pa.

I have been on this site for quite some time now, and this is the first that I have heard of about using h2o2 for a laxative, is there anymore information on h202 for a laxative. please inform me, thanx


Posted by Lynne (Texas, USA) on 04/11/2013

Hi TED/Bill, For seboheric dematitis, I am using TED remedy ACV H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide 1%) + Water = 1:1:10 on my scalp. But, I can see hairs coming out when I wash my scalp with this mixture but my scalp itching and scaling is healing to some extent. Does prolonged use of this solution cause permanent damage to scalp follicles, hair loss etc?

I found an article that suggested 1% Hydrogen peroxide can cause damage to scalp follicles and baldness, and I am worried with the above solution.

Hair Lightener

Posted by Wendy (Ontario Canada) on 03/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

hydrogen peroxide actually is a safe alternative to bleach LOL for those of us who want lighter/blonder hair it works awesome to lighten it up... I just spray 3% on certain areas or do strands... sitting in the sun helps more ;-) alternating with lemon juice can get you some nice highlights...