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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions

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Posted by Jill (Dania, FL) on 02/09/2008

If the goal of peroxide therapy is to flood the body with oxygen, would an oxygen machine given for bronchitis work just as well? Thank you!

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Posted by Martín (Bilbao, Spain) on 11/17/2007

My name is Martin, write from Bilbao, Spain (Europe). Many thanks Earth Clinic and Ted by your valuable activity about spread folk remedies and contribute to wellfare of the persones and the living being. Shorry but my english is no very good. In spanish language almost no spread these informations about ACV and H2O2. For me, the Apple Cider Vinegar is wonderfull by its capacity for detoxification and antiseptic cuality. The correct use amount of Hidrogen Peroxide (food grade H2O2) may be a fine complement by its hability to revitalize the body increasing oxigen on cells. There are experiencies in the folk remedies area for the combination of ACV and H2O2? I know what on the metabolic terapy area, some doctors are using chelation therapy with intravenous EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) on cleaning the body of harmful chemical substances, intravenous hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used in combination with the chelation "quelox" to increase their effectiveness. These treatments are radicals and no exempts risks, demand make its under medical control. Though more cheaps than conventional medicine treatments, continue still enough expensive for many people. Thanks. Bless for you. Mart

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Posted by Keith (Lawton, United States) on 11/08/2007

An excellent article about the many benefits of hydrogen peroxide therapy and resources. http://educate-yourself.org/cancer/benefitsofhydrogenperozide17jul03.shtml Please read, there's some very interesting things being said about this therapy/cure. I haven't started using it yet, but I will as soon as I get the chance. I hope this information helps someone out there. Love. Keith.

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Posted by L (Delta, Colorado) on 10/05/2007

I'm still skeptical about using over the counter hydrogen peroxide for internal use. I read the label and it did say distilled water but it also said this contains stabilizers do not ingest. I've read on the site that many people are using the stuff anyway. I can't find 35% food grade around here. I have my daughter rinsing with peroxide and her gums are looking so much better, less redness. Do most of you all really use the walmart brand of hydrogen peroxide with no problems and if so how long have you used it? I'm talking about inhaling it and also using the drops in water.

Replied by David
(Akron, Ohio-usa)

L from colorado. The only place you are going to find 35% food grade Hydrgen peroxide is in a health store or on the web. You will not find it at walmart, or in any drug store. I found 35% in 3 health stores here in Ohio and it was like $16.00 for a quart. I looked everywere and that is were i found it. so good luck.

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Posted by Joe (Bethany, OK) on 08/21/2007

Someone in comments on H2O2 asked where there is more information on HP. Dr William C Douglas, M.D. has a book entitled, "Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle" I am not associated with the DR. His book is excellent, someone told me it is available on line as ebook.

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Posted by Edie (Salida, CO) on 07/18/2007

I am using the Bill Munro method, plus squirting h2o2 into my nose. It works wonders, and kept my ears and nose unplugged on a very long flight. I want to "graduate" to drinking it, but don't know how much is safe, or how often I should drink it. I use the 8% food grade, diluted to 3%. Thanks!

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Posted by Sandra (Ventura, CA) on 06/17/2007

I noticed that the hydrogen peroxide that I used to buy in the supermarket used to use ionized water, which tested ph 7.0.. Now it only has purified water which does not test alkaline, so I add a pinch of baking soda to make it ph 7.0. I don't know why they stopped using ionized water and replaced it with purified water. I use it for everything internal and external. I love the way my teeth feel after brushing with hydrogen peroxide. Good breath freshener.

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Posted by Tara (Los Angeles, California) on 06/03/2007

I have a lot of health problems (Lyme Disease, which leads to so many other problems), and I decided to start putting hydrogen peroxide along with the water in my humidifier at night (with a couple of drops of tea tree oil, and I was thinking of maybe changing the essential oil i add in from time to time). I just started it, so I don't know if it will help or not, but I thought I would write this.

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Posted by Gregg (Alta Loma, California) on 05/25/2007

After taking the H202 {internally}for a week now, i can diffenatly feel the difference. I just feel better all day !!! and i am "liking the taste" also. I also soaked in a tub of diluted 35% tap water and felt "great afterwards. LOVE THIS STUFF!

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Posted by Daniel (Rocky River) on 11/18/2006

I thought you would be VERY interested in the link below. A company in my area, Steris (A world leader in fighting infection and contamination.), is using Hydrogen Peroxide to sterilize hospitals, emergency rooms, emergency response vehicles, etc.. I saw a demonstration of the unit to sterilize emergency vehicles. they close up the unit tight, all doors and windows. They then pump a dry vapor form of hydrogen peroxide through the vehicle. After, they simply open the vehicle , and let out the vapor. Done. I asked why they weren't using regular hydrogen peroxide. I was told it could corrode medical devices, and electrical connections. Thought it would greatly interest you guys. http://www.steris.com

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Posted by Solunas (Western, MA)

This article indicates that hydrogen peroxide increases in the early stages of disease which would seem to verify that H2O2 is a major if not THE major defense system in the body. Hydrogen peroxide may be disease indicator ATLANTA, Aug. 21 (UPI) -- U.S. scientists have, for the first time, imaged hydrogen peroxide in animals as an early indicator of disease. http://www.sciencedaily.com...

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
388 posts

People would really get confused in some cases on various articles saying whether H2O2 is good or bad, or acidity is good or bad.

It the same thing with apple cider vinegar thing where the alkalinity increases before the body gets sick. However, some people interpret this to mean that the body "likes acidity" not alkalinity. The truth actually unfolds that bacteria, viruses, and fungus persists whenever pH are more acid than healthy cells where the pH is below 7 while the healthy cells persists in 7.3 - 7.5.

It is the same with the story of Hydrogen peroxide, bacteria, fungus and viruses that is bubbled or stored in milk box containers, where THEY DON'T SPOIL and can be kept almost indefinitely whenever a low concentration of H2O2 is stored in foods. White blood cells uses H2O2 as a defense system, and I have time and time again managed to avoid fever by taking either H2O2 drops or aspirin. Few would really know that aspirin dissolved in a glass of water or 1/2 glass of water, where a low concentration of acetyl salicylic acid (chemical name of aspirin) actually dissolves the virus, pneumonia virus, viral cancer, tiny mycoplasma, infinitely many more easily than LARGER HEALTHY cells. The reason I know this was during my free time in laboratory class in microbiology that I get a chance to play with all those ideas when I was a college students - which obviously wasn't helpful in getting good grades, but it did help save my own health several times on that account alone. It would seem that acetyl salicylic acid works best in a buffered alkaline solution which would discourage such microbial growth, while the antioxidant activities of vitamin C for example were found to be helpful biochemically against such viral growth in itself.

For me the basis of microbiology principles are simple and straightforward but they make it unnecessarily complicated by also implying that an increase in white blood cells accompanies a major diseases. When in fact white blood cells are the body's major defense system and such defense system were not strong enough in a person whose immune system are already weakened. The same might also be said about alkalinity and peroxide.

It is my personal feelings that some of academic institutions are putting out misinformation so the public can be overdependent on the conventional medicine dogma.

Genital Herpes

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Posted by Nicole (New York) on 02/13/2014

Hello dear Ted, I would like to ask your help about the Hydrogen peroxide. I was diagnosed with HSV2 last year, I read about the internal use of HP. I have been drinking it, 3% food grade HP almost for three months, with half dl distilled water 3times a day, 10 drops each time. Is this the best way to use it? I still always have outbreaks, more than I used to.. Could this be the healing crisis? or it just doesn't work for me? :( I need your advice what is the best way to use it to kill this disgusting virus. Thank you very much.

Genital Herpes
Posted by Ali (Jacksonville, Fl) on 09/13/2009

Adding diluted Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to a pitcher of ice tea has been a God Send. I was devasted when I tested positive about 7 yrs. ago. I never had a severe case and outbreaks were pretty infrequent but it was more the embarrassment than the discomfort that lead me to find a solution. The lysine did not work at all for me. But to my utter amazement and relief the FGHP did! It has been about 3 years since I started adding it and I have not had an "occurrence" since...not one full blown outbreak!!! Although I have felt like it was going to happen due to fatigue or sore legs or a pain in my stomach but then I would make an effort to ingest more of the FDHP than normal which seemed to stop the potential onset in its tracks. Please try this and be careful...read the directions and dilute properly. All I can say is it REALLY worked. I think I might get tested during my next wellness visit to see if it's gone....fingers crossed!

Replied by Sam
(Dubai, Uae)

To Ali from Jacksonville, FL

can you please tell us, what are the directions for use and how do we delute properly ? is there a link where I can read more about how to use the FGHP? can we use it internaly and externaly ? would really appreciate your help .


Replied by Kimmi
(Park City-wichita, Ks)

How on EARTH can you tolerate the taste of even 8 drops of h202 in 8 oz. of water?? I just tried it & thought I was gonna hurl everything I've eaten since 1972! That has to be the worst tasting substance ever! Is there some way I can disguise the taste?? I really would like to try this. I was diagnosed way back in 1997 with HS2, but never having had a "real" outbreak, I truly wondered if I had been misdiagnosed.. And since I've always had cold sores, I wondered if I would have tested positive, anyway. Not sure on that...

So now I've had my first full-blown OB.. And I am NOT amused. I actually thought I had a yeast infection, because at first all it was was intense itching. Got some Monostat 2, used it once, and OMG had the WORST reaction ever.. It felt like someone had poured kerosene inside me (along with itching powder! ) and lit a match to my vajayjay. I thought I was going to have to go to the ER. Worst $15. I ever begged my husband to spend on me! Threw that junk away. Wasn't til today I realized what that itching was, and only because I also got that familiar tingling sensation... (hadn't had any sort of "incident" since 2004, and that was just a pinprick-sized bump that tingled but that never amounted to anything worse).
At any rate, would love to know how some of you disguise that God-awful taste, so I could try this therapy, too... thanks so much, and you guys rock!

P.S.-- Can I also use H202 on the vaginal opening, as well as the labia, as long as I don't get it IN me? I don't want to hurt my tender bits. :P Thanks!

Replied by ella

Any updates? Problem the virus sheds all the time. Do you think it cured you?

Genital Herpes
Posted by Joe (Albuquerque, NM) on 09/05/2008

Soaking in a bath up to your waist with a cup of peroxide has helped in stopping genital herpes outbreaks for me, when you feel the onset of an outbreak.

Genital Herpes
Posted by Joanne (Taos, New Mexico) on 07/19/2008

I suffered greatly from genital herpes on a regular basis until I tried hydrogen peroxide. I was in the painful blister stage when I first tried it, and applied H2O2 with a cotton ball to the area, almost "scubbing" the blisters down because they were so painful and the area was so itchy. Miracle of miracles--it relieved the pain and itch almost immediately, and the next day the problem was reduced by 95%.

Now if I have an outbreak I usually ignore it until it gets uncomfortable, then apply the H202. It seems to be most effective when blisters have formed or are at least beginning, but I have also found I could prevent it from reaching that point by applying earlier.

Knowing that it is easy to fix once it gets worse, I usually can't be bothered to get out the hydrogen peroxide until it gets annoying. I don't pass on the chocolate or other foods that cause breakouts either anymore. I hope you will try it and that it will be a miracle for you as it has been for me.