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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions

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Posted by Jerry (Mt Dora, Fl) on 06/04/2009

Article from: http://www.physorg.com/news163253821.html

Hydrogen peroxide marshals immune system (w/Video)
June 3rd, 2009

When you were a kid your mom poured it on your scraped finger to stave off infection. When you got older you might have even used it to bleach your hair. Now there's another possible function for this over-the-counter colorless liquid: your body might be using hydrogen peroxide as an envoy that marshals troops of healing cells to wounded tissue.

In the zebrafish tail fin imaged here, a small wound is inflicted at the tip of the fin. Red represents high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, and blue represents low concentrations. The chemical burst far exceeds the single cell diameter and reaches well into the surrounding tissue. Credit: Philipp Niethammer

Using the zebrafish as an animal model, researchers in the lab of Harvard Medical School professor of systems biology Timothy Mitchison and Dana Farber Cancer Institute professor Thomas Look (http://www.dana-farber.org/) have discovered that when the tail fins of these creatures are injured, a burst of hydrogen peroxide is released from the wound and into the surrounding tissue. Teams of rescue-working white blood cells respond to this chemical herald, crawl to the site of damage, and get to work.

"We've known for quite some time that when the body is wounded, white blood cells show up, and it's really a spectacular piece of biology because these cells detect the wound at some distance," says Mitchison. "But we haven't known what they're responding to. We do know something about what summons white blood cells to areas that are chronically inflamed, but in the case of an isolated physical wound, we haven't really known what the signal is."

These findings are reported in the June 4 issue of the journal Nature.

Philipp Niethammer, a postdoc in Mitchison's lab, and Clemmens Grabber, a postdoc in Look's lab, initiated this research project with no interest in wound healing. Rather, they were studying a groups of molecules called reactive oxygen species, or ROS. These small oxygen-derived molecules, of which hydrogen peroxide is one, have the potential to be both helpful and hurtful. Niethammer and Grabber were simply curious to find ways to detect ROS molecules in an organism.

To do this, they took a gene engineered to change color in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and inserted it into zebrafish embryos. Once the embryos entered the larvae stage after a few days, this synthetic gene spread throughout the entire body, essentially "wiring" the fish so that any discreet location in which hydrogen peroxide appears would glow.

But how do you coax the fish to produce a reactive chemical like hydrogen peroxide in the first place?

Since white blood cells have long been known to produce hydrogen peroxide, one obvious way to initiate chemical production would be to inflict a small wound onto the fish, and then, using microscopy, observe patterns of this chemical as white blood cells gathered around the wound. But much to the researchers surprise, they found that hydrogen peroxide immediately appeared at the wound site, prior to the arrival of any white blood cell, and quickly disseminated into neighboring tissue.

They repeated the experiment, this time in zebrafish where they'd disabled a protein that was previously discovered to produce hydrogen peroxide in the human thyroid gland. Not only did hydrogen peroxide not appear at the wound site, but white blood cells failed to respond to the injury.

"This was our real eureka! moment," says Niethammer. "We weren't too surprised that we could block hydrogen peroxide production through this technique, but what we didn't expect at all was that white blood cells wouldn't respond. This proved that the white blood cells needed hydrogen peroxide to sense the wound, and move towards it."

Of course, zebrafish are not people, and while our genomes share many similarities with these tiny fish, it isn't yet clear that natural selection has conserved this process throughout the evolutionary family tree. Still, these findings offer something of a conceptual shift in how to view human conditions where hydrogen peroxide plays a role.

"When we look at how hydrogen peroxide works in people, this really starts getting intriguing," says Mitchison.

In the human body, hydrogen peroxide is produced primarily in three places: lung, gut, and thyroid gland. Because hydrogen peroxide, and the proteins responsible for producing other ROS molecules, are especially present in lung and gut, the researchers hypothesize that human diseases relevant to these findings would include any in the lung and gut that involve disproportionate levels of white blood cells, like asthma, chronic pulmonary obstruction, and some inflammatory gut diseases.

"Our lungs are supposed to be sterile; our guts are anything but," says Mitchison. "It's very logical that both those tissues produce hydrogen peroxide all the time. Perhaps in conditions like asthma, the lung epithelia is producing too much hydrogen peroxide because it's chronically irritated, which, if our findings translate to humans, would explain inappropriate levels of white blood cells. This is certainly a question worth pursuing."

Mitchison is currently laying the groundwork for investigating this hypothesis.

More information: Nature, June 3, 2009; 459 (7247) "A tissue-scale gradient of hydrogen peroxide mediates rapid wound detection in zebrafish"; Philipp Niethammer, Clemens Grabher, A. Thomas Look, Timothy J. Mitchison

Source: Harvard Medical School (news : web)

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Posted by Linda (Clinton, Iowa ) on 05/26/2009

I think I might have candida.I was considering just using the 3% hydrogen peroxide from my medicine cabinet until I did a little research.I have smoked for years so I know my body could use some extra oxygen.I wanted to know is their any foods, supplements, techniques or anything else I can do to produce hydrogen peroxide NATURALLY in my body? I read that it is in rain water and breast milk. I just dont want to dilute the 35% GRADE SO i WAS WONDERING CAN i GET IT ELSE WHERE?

Replied by Tigerlily
(Seaside Town, MA)

If you search the web for products that increase the level of oxygen in your blood, that might be a good way. For example, there's one I know of that has fulvic acid with a good number of trace minerals. Just a few drops of this starts the "healing crisis" - I feel a boost of energy and get a sense that my body is detoxing. Recommended doses are up to 21 drops per day, but I usually start with three a day for a few days, then increase to 5, then to 7, etc.... I find that I don't need the full 21 to get the benefits.

Good luck.

Replied by Don
(San Antonio, Texas)

Sounds like a great product, what is the name of it? I'm using 35% Food Grade right now, but is this fulvic acid thing better?

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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 05/21/2009

We received an email this morning and apparently this website was mentioned on the radio show "Coast to Coast" last night about a hydrogen peroxide treatment. Did anyone hear it? If so, can you tell us what it was about? Thanks!

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Interesting that hydrogen peroxide were mentioned on Coast to Coast. I didn't listen myself, but will give some stories relating to this.

The hydrogen peroxide, case after case I see cancer disappearing. It's a long story, but I will be brief. I had once case of a person with cancer on his jaws throughout most of his life, plus cancer around in his forehead area. Ever since childhood, this man, a European had abnormal nail growth full of irregular ridges which he thought is due to his genes. Upon taking the hydrogen peroxide, one capfuls per one liter of water for three weeks, the cancer on his jaws completely disappeared, the skin cancer of his forehead fell off.

In another case a woman of cancer tumor of the breast, which is about 3 inches in diameter, rather small, but upon drinking the hydrogen peroxide in water for about two months and the tumor shrink. It was also interesting that acne, and muddy skin completely disappeared, and the effects of younger looking face set in by about one year. So a 33 year old woman for example began to look like 23 years old. Apparently the hydrogen peroxide cleared up the toxins, and the cells regenerated.

In yet another case, a person had a thick large cancer on his legs. and used a full 35% concentration and claimed it didn't hurt if it was applied on the tumor. In any case the cancer burned off, but with a scar. I don't use 35% and tend to use a much lower concentration. A 3% would be the highest I would do and it still stings. I usually not try to exceed 1.5% concentration.

If there is any other application, I had a 10 year acne on my jaws a long time ago. It disappeared and the skin cleared up by adding one cap 3% H2O2 per liter of water. It's also used for some people who don't like the MMS taste.


Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

This is the show archive link for "Coast to Coast" - you can click any show title and there will be streams you can listen to, or you can download the shows as MP3's. I'll give a listen a little later to see if I catch that Earth Clinic mention :)


05/22/2009: T from Maryland, USA writes: "(Awww, crumbs...the show archive is for paid subscribers :(

Replied by Geneva
(Atlanta, GA)

Hello All, I am so interested in this remedy. Do you know if it works for Fibroid tumors? Can anyone tell me what is the different between Fibroids tumors and cysts? Thanks for the info

Replied by Lori
(Tampa, Florida)

I heard the Coast to Coast show where Earth Clinic.com was mentioned. It began with a discussion about the boy with cancer in Minnesota, the parents want to treat him naturally but the state is taking them to court to force chemothrapy. A women called in and mentioned the H202 threapy for cancer and mentioned this website. Which is how i found it. Have only known about it for a couple days, and love it. Thanks.

EC: Thank you so much for letting us know - much appreciated. Welcome!

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Posted by Ang (Calgary, Alberta) on 05/19/2009

H202 and travel

Hi, I have just started on the H202 drops in distilled water. It's been one week and I am flying within Canada this weekend and wondering if anybody can tell me if I should take it with me or just stop for the weekend. I have lowered my dose in case I have to stop for the weekend but I really don't want to. Any help would be appreciated!

Replied by Ang
(Calgary, Alberta)

I should clarify that it's 35% food grade and I'm concerned about the dangers of taking it with me. Opinions???? Thanks!

Replied by Rena
(Mineral Bluff, Georgia)

Hi Ang, when I went to Europe, I had to buy H2O2 in France due to a tooth ache and I did not have a problem bringing it back in my check in luggage. I would never attempt to put it in my carry on luggage though. Granted it was not food grade H2O2, but perhaps you can transfer it in a small container and put it in check in luggage. The worst thing to happen is they take it away, and you will still have the majority safely at home. Peace, Rena.

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

35% appears to be quite volatile, and besides that I would bet that it is not allowed to be taken on a plane in the first place. Don't do it.

Replied by CailinDeas
(San Francisco, VA)

Although the original posting was from May 09 I just want to say that it is NEVER a good idea to take any corrosive materials on a flight, especially as checked luggage. Remember that the cabins are pressurized and luggage is piled on top of one another and there are electrical wires and sometimes even animals in the cargo hold. Check with your airline carrier but chances are a small amount (an ounce?) could be taken in your carry-on where if it ruptures you will know and can clean it up. There are strict regulations in place for everyone's protection, so if in doubt leave it out. :-)

Replied by Slimmy
(Oregon, US)

When I travel with only carry-on, I simply use an old 2oz. Stevia dropper with the label still on. Fill about half way with 35% h202, then seal in a small zip lock bag. Breeze through TSA and European baggage check every time...

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Posted by Kelly (Reading, Oh) on 05/18/2009

I have a question. I have read alot about H202 therapy and I understand dilution ratio's, but I just read in one of the articles that store bought distilled water isn't pure enough it has to be double distilled? Can boiling tap water for X amount of time make it pure enough? the article wasn't clear on this. I just bought 12% food grade H202 from a local health food store and want to get started asap. Someone please shed some light on the water quality to be used and if boiling water is safe. Many Thanks.

Replied by Stan
(Perth, Western Australia)

You also can use Spring water

Replied by Brian
(New Haven, CT)

Kelly from Reading, Oh

Boiling water is not adequate. Personally I use a countertop distiller at home (from a wise company). The only problem I can think of with the store bought distilled water is the cheap thin plastic bottles which release chemicals very readily (PETE 1 - I use Pete 7 gallon jugs like the gib poland spring bottles are made of - some models use glass containers).

Hope this helps.

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Posted by Ben (Cape Town, RSA) on 05/18/2009

This might be a rethorical question- tell me does taking antioxidants makes the consumption of H2O2 USELESS? and does a high level of oxygen in your blood (a result of H2O2 consumption) negatively affects the T Cells as was indicated by one of the EC readers?

Replied by Dan
(Chicago, Illinois)
5 out of 5 stars

To Ben from Cape Town; Regarding T-Cell counts. I have just started experimenting with 35% orally. I am starting and stopping as I am having some stomach upset. I did four days of the drops as indicated (then stopped) and coincidentally had some lab work done at the same time. I had a 20% to 25% increase in my T-Cell count to my highest ever number (742) I have been following these numbers for 12 years. Obviously this is purely anecdotal and not scientific but it is inspiring me to find an answer to the upset stomach problem.

Replied by Rafael
(Panama City, Florida)

My question may appear to be stupid but, I would like to know what "T cell" is.

I have been following the protocol and am now up to 16 drops of 35% Food Grade 3 times a day. I have not noticed anything other than some boil-like eruptions are starting to show up on different parts of my body.

What can I do to prevent me from throwing up after taking H2O2?

EC: "T cells belong to a group of white blood cells known as lymphocytes, and play a central role in cell-mediated immunity."

Replied by Mathew
(Norfolk, VA)

the best thing you could do is make sure you take it at least 3 hours after you eat. It always makes me queezy even when i think about taking it. Mind over matter. it works. i havent thrown up before but have felt like it many times. remember if you do throw it up then you have to take it again.

i also got boils. but they went away and havent come back in years now.

keep it up.

Replied by Rafael
(Panama City, Florida)

This is to thank EC for answering my question on T cells and to thank Matthew for his advice. "Mind over matter" really works.

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Posted by Luis (Cali, Colombia) on 05/17/2009

Hydrogen Peroxide and DMSO

In the book "DMSO: Nature's Healer by Dr. Morton Walker (who acknowledges Dr.William C.Douglass, H202 advocator, in page vii), I read the following:

"If superoxide anions are present in quantity as a result of ecological alteration such as radiation toxicity, water pollution, chemotherapy, or other stressors, the body's ability to detoxify is affected. Instead, superoxide, and superoxide dismutase form hydrogen peroxide. Lipid peroxidation takes place. More hydroxyl radicals develop and bring on cellular damage with degenerative disease. DMSO offsets these effects and brings the body back to a more normal state."

"Free radical pathology is an intrincate part of virtually every metabolic dysfuction you can think of. To illustrate, cancer manufactures prodigious quantities of hydrogen peroxide, which then generate the hydroxyl radical. This is probably part of the reason why DMSO has proved to be valuable in the treatment of cancer."

*Bolds are mine.

I am very concerned because H202 is supposed to cure cancer. I don't understand. Does cancer manufactures its own hydrogen peroxide? Is hydrogen peroxide a danger in our blood and cells? It is nonsense.

I am taking hydrogen peroxide by inhalation right now. I have been following the advices of many physicians who advocate this molecule, including Dr.Williams.

Could you please give me an explanation? Am I misunderstanding something?

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Best regards,


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Posted by Vinnie (Livonia, USA) on 05/15/2009

ACV and 35% H2O2: Can you take them both during the same time period?

Replied by Bob
(Memphis, TN)

I am currently taking both ACV and 35% food grade h202 and have had no problems. The only problem is if you do one right after the other you might feel a little bloated.

To update those interested in the h202 therapy: I am on day 32 and up to 21 drops 3x daily. I couldn't even tell I was taking it until I got to about 12 drops 3x a day. At around 20 drops it starts tasting really metallic and is easier to get down if you hold your nose and just gulp it. It is one of those tastes kind of like medicine that really makes you shiver when you take it. It even makes you shiver when you "think" about taking it. Anyway, the side effects for me are really just I am sweating a lot, especially when I go workout at the gym. I am also much hotter than I normally am. I'm not a heavy person and usually the late 70's and early 80's in temperature feel good to me and I don't turn on the a/c until it gets in somewhere in the mid 80's. Those are the only things I have experienced.

Good luck!

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Posted by Dominic (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) on 04/29/2009

Some people are referring to H2O2 simply as water. This is wrong!! H2O is water(2 molecules of Hydrogen and 1 molecule of Oxygen). H2O2 is Hydrogen Peroxide (2 molecules of each).

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Posted by Asif (Tripoli, Libya) on 03/24/2009

I am intrested in inhaling H202 and have question for experts out there. The part of the world where I live I could only find 6% H2O2 and now wondering how can I dilute the same to 3% H2O2.

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Posted by JOHNNY (CAPO BEACH, CA) on 02/18/2009


Replied by Sam
(Irvine, CA)

To Johnny fr. Capo Bch., If you want to injest the Hydrogen Per. then you will need the 35% (food grade) only. It's the only type safe for ingesting. You can mix the 35% (3-4 drops) with Distilled water, and drink daily. Otherwise, for any other purpose you can use the drugstore type such as you have. The drugstore type is not safe for injesting, OK?!

You can find the 35%, Food Grade type at the following: { www.h2o2oxytech.com }. Click on the upper left of the home page, find the retailer near you! For additional info, and more complete & conclusive understanding of H-202, and applications of this Amazing Product, see the Book Called "Flood Your Body with Oxygen", by Ed McCabe.
To your health, Sam!

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Posted by D. Barwood (Benque Viejo, Cayo District) on 01/29/2009

I am having trouble understanding the H2O2 Therapy-some say 3% in bath, some say 6%-7% Food Grade, some say 35% but indicate danger. I have been into "Orthomolecular Medicine" for 30 years.

I am taking all the major vitamins and minerals including-ginseng, aloe vera, ginger, hawthorne, turmeric curcumin, ginseng, bilberry, butchers broom, fengreek, 2ala's, chromium, garlic, bromlein, l-carnosine, coq10, bee pollen, calcium magnesium, potasium, flax seed, acidophilus, l-glutamine, worm wood, lecithin, grapeseed extract, selenium, zinc, glucosamine chondroitin, pancreatin, pau d' arco, l-argine, l-ornithine, l-lysine (I vary what I take).

I have had Candida for 20 years, now diabeties, angina, hardening of the arteries. Bluntly - H2O2 Seems the safest however there is much confusion about the correct dosage to take and the percentage of peroxide. Appreciate your prompt assistance in advance.

Replied by Simona
(Irvine, CA)
5 out of 5 stars

Dear D. Barwood, and all others on this site with so many questions,

There is much confusion on this site about the H-202, and the percentages and how to apply or injest. I just finished reading the Most intelligently written book on H-202, called "Flood Your Body with Oxygen", by Ed McCabe. Read 1st, chapter 9, it will answer all your questions, specifically, to each of you, on all applications of H-202, orally/topically and the Power of H-202, Oxygen for your body!!!
Go to: www.oxygenhealth.com

To all the mis-informed, so called experts, and uneducated people who call this all nonsence, Oxygen & Water is in the H-202, and Oxygen is what your body runs on everyday, the minute you stop your Oxygen intake, How long do you think you'll survive?? Disease CANNOT SURVIVE IN AN OXYGENATED BODY! Therefore, when you ingest Extra Oxygen, H-202, food grade, (35%) diluted to 3% in (Distilled Water Only) IT WILL KILL ALL BACTERIA, FUNGUS, VIRUS, PARASITES, YEAST, EXPELS TOXINS OUT OF THE BODY , AND DOES NOT KILL HEALTHY CELLS !!!

Listen Up PLEASE: The peroxisomes are areas in our cells programmed to make hydrogen peroxide. The white blood cells engulf bacteria, viruses, or other unwanted invaders and squirt hydrogen peroxide on them. They simply burn up, or oxidize, the offending microorganism! That's your immune system in Action! The very fact that all your cells make Peroxide defines this process as your first line of immune defense. But, You must have enough Oxygen in your system to make it in the first place.

The peroxisomes make our peroxide continually, but normal healthy cells are left unharmed! This is Extremely Important for You to grasp, for it is the reason we can put Oxygen Therapies into our bodies without hurting the normal cells.

PEROXIDE: CALLED Oxygen Water, Dioxogen, Alphozone & Hydrozone.

For the past 100 years in America, people have tried imbibing or orally ingesting diluted solutions of pure H-202. They diluted it in distilled water and drank it. This old folk remedy that goes back to the 18th century has a remarkable ability to kill bacteria, and is unique in its simplicity. This information about the power of H-202, has been written about in the Medical Journals by Doctors in the US back in the early 1920's. Thousands of reports have been written about the Doctors success in treating their patients with diluted Hydrogen Peroxide!

I have been using this wonderful product myself for the last 2 yrs, with great success!!! I have not had a cold, flu, nor any other issue. In fact if I get a headache I just take a glass of water (distilled) with 35% (about 5-6 drops) of H.P. in my water, drink it, and headache gone. I also place the H-202 in my water when I exercise and have excellent energie in my workouts. I also place diluted 35% H.P. (in distilled water) in a spray bottle and spray on any area of pain in my body, spray several times per day, and with great results. OXYGEN IN THE BODY, OR APPLIED TO THE SKIN, HEALS!!!!!!!!

1. Never mix the Hydrogen Per. with any other liquid other than Distilled Water if taking orally!
2. For oral use to irradicate whatever issue in your body, Always Start Slowly, example;
start with distilled water 4-5 once, and 3 drops 35% H.P. 3x p/day, then increase by one drop every other day, you will notice as time passes that you will feel cleansing reactions such as, a cold, or a rash in a previously injured area, or loose stools, or a fever. The cleansing reaction means the oxygen has hit the spot where you start burning up, or oxidizing, or destroying the bacteria, the viruses, the fungus, and the pathogens.

If the cleansing symptoms are too harsh slow down the dosage of H-202 intake for a week of so and then start to increase dosage again, accordingly.

Always use Caution & Common sense. Read the Book mentioned above first, and educate yourself!

3. Always, (when taken orally, the water with H.P. take One Hour before a meal, and one hr. after.
4. NEVER, just Stop taking the H-202 in water suddenly, you must decrease your drops slowly each day and then just take a few drops 4-5 p/day for maintenance..., if you STOP suddenly you will experience that your body has not finished it's cleansing and will give you other symptoms. Taking the H-202 orally, high amounts, for issues should be taken for a period of 2-3mos as your body will experience a cleansing and it needs that time to clean itself out!
5. Wear gloves when handling the 35% H.P., as it can burn/irritate your skin.
6. Never, Ever, take the H-202 anywhere near your eyes, it will cause major damage.




Remember, the H-202 by itself cannot do it all, one also needs to eat a healthy menu, ie;
lots of fruit, vegetables, chicken, fish, drink lots of water and stay away from sugars, boxed food, fast food, dairy..., and BREATHE MORE OXYGEN, YOUR BODY WILL LOVE YOU!!!

**I do hope this has been helpful for many of you! I wanted to return the favor to "TED", and say "Thank You TED" for a wonderful site, with much wisdom! This site has given me so much and has opened my eyes and helped me to see a hidden Secret!!
God Bless All of You,

Simona, Irvine, CA

Replied by Roro
(Beirut, Lebanon)

Hi Simona, Thank you for you explaination it was greatly helpful. However I would like to ask one more think, I've been reading about this therapy but never mentioned the illness could be cured with it. Does it cure fatigue? depression? stomach ulcers? hormonal imbalance etc...

I don't have these illness except experiencing some fatigue but my belived ones has few of the obove mentioned illness. Do you have any idea from the book you have or any site with detailed info?

Thank you

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Posted by Paula (San Francisco, CA) on 01/25/2009

I take 2 teaspoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a half glass of cranberry/raspberry juice per day. This is equivalent to 16 drops of 35% h202. Goes down real well, no side effects, no stomach problems.

My question is, am I reducing the effects of h202, releasing 02 by mixing the h202 in juice instead of water? btw, sometimes i have taken 3 teaspoons of 3% h202 in a glass of cran/rasp juice, with no ill effects. (equivalent to 24 drops of 35% h202)! Need your inputs.

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Posted by May13 (Oceanside, CA) on 12/23/2008

How do I use h202 in a steam inhaler? I have an asthma and I want to be helped.

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Posted by Jill (Dania, FL) on 02/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

If the goal of peroxide therapy is to flood the body with oxygen, would an oxygen machine given for bronchitis work just as well? Thank you!