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Posted by Patricia (Jersey City, NJ) on 05/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My husband and I have been using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for about 3 weeks according to the per day instructions on the bottle: 1st week, 1/4 tsp in 32 oz water; 2nd week 1/2 tsp/32 oz water; 3rd week 3/4 tsp/32 oz water; 4th week 1 tsp/32 oz water, etc. and drink 8 oz water 4x a day. We have a water ionizer and so mix the solution in anti-oxidant water. We're aso taking virgin coconut oil 1 tblsp per day I've experienced nail and hair growth, and decreased blood pressure. Also my grey hair is turning dark again. My question is this: is the ionized water ok for mixing the peroxide? So far, so good, but we don't want to have any adverse effects. Ionized water is good in itself, but are we overdoing it?

Replied by Steve
(Hartford, CT)

As far as your hair turning back to it's original color, do you have any silver fillings?

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Posted by Wayne (Santa Clara, CA) on 04/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've been using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide for some time now. I bought a quart and it came with the dropper bottle. I simply used a small funnel and filled the bottle with about 1 ounce of the 35% liquid and followed the protocol as outlined by Dr. Williams (his articles are posted on the internet). I started with 6 drops in a 16 oz. bottle of water (he recommends distilled water which is much cheaper). Then I added two drops a day as recommended.

The H2O2 far exceeded expectations! I recovered much faster from my running and tennis and my endurance and stamina are way higher than before. The morning stuffiness, runny nose, etc. are gone-no allergies. This is amazing stuff and I'm telling all my friends!


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Posted by Nicole (Woodstock, IL) on 10/29/2008

After finding this website randomly one day I was amazed at some of the natural cures listed on here. I have so many annoying problems that I have been living with for years; it was thrilling to find out that I'm not the only one! I firmly believe that I have viruses and bacteria that live inside me like parasites. Suffering from sinus infections, colds and headaches chronically lead me to try drinking 35% hydrogen peroxide mixed with juice three times daily. I started by added 1 drop of 35% peroxide to an 8oz drink and have increased by one drop each day. Thus far I have only made it to 13 drops per drink and have noticed that my headaches have lessened and I am coughing up nasty mucous. Then I found the information about Bill's inhalation remedy which intrigued me. Rather than use the readily available 3% hydrogen peroxide found in stores I found a website that lists the proper dilution for 35% hydrogen peroxide. It says to use 1 part 35% hydrogen peroxide to 11 parts distilled water. So I've made my own solution using the above dilution chart and have begun inhaling it using Bill's method. (Side note: I tried inhaling my solution via my nose and it was very uncomfortable! It did seem to clear my nasal passage, but I don't think I'll be trying that again!) I'm excited to see where this goes! I'm feeling slightly better each day, but I can't wait to be free of these viruses!

Here's the web address of the other website I mentioned. The dilution chart is listed here and they also have advice on other uses for 35% hydrogen peroxide. Healthy Healing Everyone! http://www.using-hydrogen-peroxide.com/peroxide-dilution-chart.html

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Posted by Lyn (San Francisco, CA) on 09/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Never take h202 with tap water. All water must be filtered or distilled. You never know what chemicals are in the tap water that can interact with the h202.

For me:

I mix 4 drops of 35% food grade h202 as in DROPS (not droppers full) in 16 fl oz bottle of filtered water. OR 2 drops of 35% Food grade h202 in 8 fl.oz glass bottle. (pre-mixed) If I feel it is too strong, i just dilute it with more water.

I shake the bottle before i drink it. I also use the (pre-mixed h202 that I made) with my Hydro Grossan sinus/nasal rinse. I usually out 2 tablespoon of my pre-mixed h202 into the ___ ___ water container, and fill the rest with filtered water and salt. I stir the water content and close the lid. I start rinsing my nose with it twice per day.

When I first started out - my nose was totally blocked in one side, constant post nasal drip, could not eat anything without having allergies. I went to doctors and had all kinds of antibiotics and even anti fungal for my candida - nothing worked. I would have phlegm everytime i ate something until I went on strict diet. Even with strict diet, I would still have constant hacking out of plegm after my salads.

One day, I just went on clear broth diet boiling (Chicken bones with filtered water and vegetables(any -but no carrot due to sugar content) and drinking it for every meal. I eat nothing else. This is to help me keep my symptoms down while i do my h202 treatment and let it work. I drank my 2 of my pre-mixed 16 fl. oz of h202 throughout the day (I continue to drink water in between at least 6 cups). I rinsed my nose and throat with the premixed h202 with salt 3 times each nose every 3 hours for the 1st day. The second day, I rinse my nose only twice a day - 3 times each side.I figured that if there is something in my sinus so deep and stubborn, I have to be more aggressive or stubborn than the bug to get rid of it. I was right!

You should have seen the gunk that came out of me. At first it felt uncomfortable, alot of mucus came out through my nose and mouth continuously, i let it come out for 2-3 days whenever it feels like coming out. The 4th day, my post nasal drip lessen considerably and my cough stopped. Amazing! I kept on doing the nose and throat rinse daily (twice a day- once in the morning, once before i sleep) and drinking at least a bottle 8fl oz. of my own pre-mixed h202 daily and now I am back to normal!! I have so much energy to do the things i want to do.

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Posted by Angela (Tonasket, WA.) on 08/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

For health I love soaking in a 1/2 cup of food grade hydrogen peroxide 35% in my big tub of water, I find it effective with lots of stuff to do with immunity since it's a detox for the body. I also read it has many other uses which are mentioned in this website some I see. some I didn't notice were:

as a soak for veggies to keep them fresh. (20 minutes then take out, or just leave in. I find a bunch of cut up salad mix stays nice and fresh within an ice cream bucket of water with 1/4 c. of 3% hydrogen peroxide in it.)

For replacing the acid mantle that soap removes when bathing, spray it at 3% after a bath or shower.(Vinigar also works well, but who wants to smell like that!)

It's a good mouth rinse when you have an infection or sore throat, or just feel a cold coming on.

It's the best thing for ear infections too. Pour it in when you're on your side until you can see it, and then wait until it stops bubbling and empty it out. then do the same on the other side. It's worked every time for everybody I know. (Including a woman who was told by a doctor that he was amazed that she hadn't needed tubes in her ears long before then because of the shape of her ear canal.)

When concerned about salmonella it is a great insurance rinse on meat or veggies, like I mentioned before.

It's used on all animals and in all animals, but just be careful to use very little when feeding it to human or animal. I made the mistake once of forgetting that fish injest their water and put 1/4 c. of 3% in a 1 gal. tank. That was too much and I had a bubbling and floating fish soon. (Dead too) It's supposed to be 1 drop of 35% per gal. of water I found out later.

It's great for plants as a foliar feed, 1 ozHP. to 1 qt. water) an insecticide (mix 8 oz. of molasses with 8 oz. HP, to 1 gal. of water and spray) seed germination aid (1-5 oz. HP. to 1 pint of water, soak for 8 hours)or a fruit tree rejuvinator. (8oz. of HP. to 1 gal of water.) Also as a bleach replacement use 8 oz. of 3% Lots more specifics to but over all it's great stuff!

Replied by Yamil
(El Paso, Texas)

On the suggested use as a foliar feed, are you referring to using the 3% or 35% solution?

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Posted by Jack (Mosier, OR) on 05/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using H2O2 for ear infections, to prevent colds and flu from taking hold, tooth whitening and healing wounds for over 4 years. It has never failed. I use 3 drops in each ear when I feel any symptoms of a cold or flu. I rinse my toothbrush in it prior to brushing. I also use it directly on wounds to prevent infection. It is truly wonderful.

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Posted by Kimberly (Scottsdale, AZ) on 02/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: chronic systemic candidiasis/numbness/agression/depression/acne/bedwetting. My whole family has been overrun by candida. Our ph has been off for years. As a result, many, many health problems. Found a website with info on 35% grade h202 and of course your site for the ACV and oil pulling.

Gradually building up from 1 drop in 6-8 oz of water 3x's daily of h202 until you reach 25 drops 3x's daily over a course of 2 weeks(for those who can stomache this, please note this is only for CHRONIC ailments and 35% FOOD GRADE h202 ONLY, purchased online or at health food stores). After 2 weeks, once you are up to the full doasge, continue for a week (may need to keep going for weeks, even up to 4 months, depending how bad your case is) and then slowly taper off, decreasing each dosage by 1-2 drops until you reach a maintaining level of 1-3 drops daily, or every other day, depending on what is best FOR YOU. Note: 35% food grade h202 needs to be handled with kid gloves. It is very strong and MUST NOT be abused or taken in large quantities. Death can occur if taken at full strength. Keep in refigerator and if contact with skin, rinse area immediately.

I think if I had to do it all over again, I would have gotten our ph levels balanced BEFORE starting course of h202 therapy, but as it was, I was already in the middle of it when I stumbled upon this site for using ACV in hopes of curing other ailments we all had. For the ACV therapy I used the standard 2 Tbl ACV (organic unpasteurized is best, NOT white vinegar!) mixed with 1/4 tsp baking soda.

Finding the right dosage for your younger children will have to use some smart thinking and regulating. Only you know your child best. Always start with smaller amounts when in doubt and gradually build up. My 16 year old could not stomache more than 20 drops of 35% h202 3x's a day. For my 11 year old I did a max of 14 drops 3x daily and my 6 year old, 8 drops 3xs daily. I have heard lecitin can be used to help lessen the nausea that is often associated with taking h202 orally, though I have not personally tried it.

As for the ACV, my teen was ok with the adult dosage and my younger two by cutting it in half.

Ted has stated on this site that h202 and ACV should not be mixed, so either do one or the other, however, I found for my husband as well as myself, alternating days has been working out so far. In other words, one day doing h202 and then the next day only using ACV.

Oil pulling has also proved beneficial for us, 1 Tbl EVOO (extra virg. olive oil) swishing and pulling through teeth until it turns white and liquid like. Twice weekly.

Ok, here is the list of ailments we had that have been greatly helped by, if not completely cured by doing the 35% food grade h202 drops, ACV/baking soda and the oil pulling:

-CHRONIC systemic candidiasis
-CHRONIC vaginal itching (would get pap smears and tested for yeast infections which would all come up negative, found out from another Dr that lab results for the testing of candida have a 55% inaccuracy)
-MRSA (kept re-occuring and Dr's could not find the reason for it, have spent weeks in the hospital for this)
-numbness in whole body (was running 20 miles a week, had to cut down to zero because of this, Dr prescribed anti anxiety medication for this and of course it didn't work)
-heart palpitations
-fungus (Dr's could not cure for years and years)
-allergies (we have taken EVERY known allergy med out there, none worked)
-bloody nose (2-3 x's a week)
-night time bed wetting (one son did not have a dry night since he was born and now is on his way to never having to wear "pull-ups" ever again--we got all types of conflicting medical advice from different Dr's over this one and not one of them worked to "cure" this)
-acne (Dr put him on 3 month course of tetrycycline to no avail)
-insatiable appetite
-weight gain (we have all lost 3-4 inches around waist)
-chronic mucous in lungs (one son was diagnosed with asthma and put on meds, only to aggravate the stuation, my son was going nuts,to the point of a mental melt down; he would also wake up in the middle of the night gagging on this mucous-phlegm like substance, eventually leading to him throwing up...not fun)
-low energy (I would need 14 hours of sleep some days)
-aggression/irritability(my temper was so bad that my family was becoming scared of me!)
-acid reflux
-stomache ailments (husbands stomache was terribly distended)
-sore joints/muscles (to the point where I needed my sons and husband to literally POUND on my back as hard as they could in order to alleviate the achiness)
-headaches (800 mg of ibuprofen was no longer working)

...basically being a part of the dead, rather than the living!

Thanks to all who have passed on info in order to improve the quality of life for others. You guys rock Earth Clinic, (and a shout out to Dr. David G. Williams for h202 therapy as well)!

Replied by Kimberly

Please web search 35% h202 and look for any and all titles with Dr. David G. Williams. He has a very detailed dosage chart and lists what to do and what NOT to do while doing the hydro-therapy. There are a few important factors I have failed to mention in my previous entry that are important. As you become more comfortable taking 35% h202, you can adjust accordingly with slight variations like I have.

Replied by Kevin
(Seattle, Washington)
0 out of 5 stars

I've just started the second week of being on 25 drops/3 x daily (as prescribed above & on other sites that describe Williams's H202 treatment) and a few days ago I was feeling some discomfort in my kidneys. I read elsewhere that kidney discomfort was normal. The discomfort has passed, and now I'm feeling more & more nauseated when I take the doses as prescribed. I felt like the whole herx thing should have happened earlier in this process. Is this the normal time in this process that I should be feeling this way? Thanks to anyone who can offer any advice /assistance.

Replied by Barb

Hydrogen Peroxide must be taken on an empty stomach. Take 1 hour before you eat..

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Posted by June (KC, KS) on 01/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I thought I would share my H2O2 experience. I've been using both store-bought and food grade H2O2 for the past few months for a variety of remedies.

I had trouble finding food grade H2O2 locally, but was able to order 12% food grade H2O2 from amazon.com. for about $12 a bottle. I did mention H2O2 to my local health food store and noticed recently that they are now carrying the same brand I purchased online. I'm happy to see them offering this product to their customers.

A few months ago I began working at a hospital. Of course I was concerned about exposure to illnesses, especially the varieties of flu that seem to be so contagious and hard to rid the body of. One particular strain of respiratory flu keeps people ill for months.

I can tell I'm being exposed to respiratory illness because I feel it in my chest first in the form of congestion and pressure. (One of my co-workers had the same symptoms after we worked together one day and did contract the illness!)

Quite often I take a pint of diluted food grade H2O2 with me to work and drink it periodically throughout my shift. By the end of my workday I can tell it has cleared my lungs of any congestion I might have felt earlier. So far I have made it through winter without suffering flu symptoms.

The bottle has instructions for diluting the H2O2 and gradually builds the ratio of H2O2 to water. However, I have stuck with the 3/4-1 teaspoon H2O2 per quart of distilled water, as it seems to work well for me.

(I also give it to my cats as their drinking water and they love it! They also love ACV water...animals are so smart!)

I have also read, I think here at earthclinic, that it's important to use distilled water with H2O2 because H2O2 can bind with heavy metals in tap water and create toxins.

This autumn, before purchasing the H2O2, I did fall victim to the respiratory crud, but managed to recover from it within a couple of weeks, unlike many people I've seen at the hospital who say they have suffered symptoms for months without any relief. I take a lot of herbal supplements and home remedies, including a product called Swedish Bitters which has helped my immune system tremendously, so I'm sure this helped me recover.

I also use store-bought H2O2 for use in my ears. I did have trouble with it leaving behind liquid and causing earache. And a couple times after using H2O2 I had sharp pains in my ears. I remedied this by putting a small amount of coconut oil in each ear after draining the H2O2 and it helped pretty quickly.

Now if I use H2O2 in my ears I add a drop of alcohol and only use a drop or two of H2O2 (full strength). This seems to be enough to ward off any virus-related earaches.

I also use H2O2 mixed with distilled water as a nasal wash and this is very effective in immediately ridding me of sore throat issues and any kind of infection I might feel at the back of my palate and upper portion of my throat where sinus drainage occurs. It burns a little, even with using distilled water, but I've come to recognize it as a good burn because I know it's killing the infection.

At times I also gargle with H2O2, usually diluted food grade, and then swallow. Very effective in clearing a sore throat.

Because of my work at the hospital I've also begun spritzing myself with a store-bought H2O2/distilled water mix (probably a 1% solution) after work. Ted recommends this somewhere as a preventive method after he visits hospitals, although I think he might mix his with baking soda and use it as a scrub. I've only just started using this remedy, but it makes sense that it would help rid my body of anything I might have carried away from the hospital.

I also use H2O2 for one of my cats who has been plagued with earmites since I found him abandoned as a kitten. I've never been able to completely rid him of the problem, probably because I have not been diligent enough, but the H2O2 definitely helps. As you know, it dissolves ear wax and earmites thrive in those waxy conditions.

Thank you earthclinic.com for all your wonderful remedies. I have learned so much from this site and continue to do so. Thank you Ted for your contributions!

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Posted by FranSix (Toronto, Canada) on 01/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had been attempting to see a specialist who treats patients with blood chelation therapy and hydrogen peroxide injection. In the meantime, I engaged in some of the therapies written about here. I will eventually obtain peroxide treatments with the specialist here to follow up.

I chose footbaths, since I have no tub in my apartment. I really took to the footbaths and do it now as a matter of course. I also tried inhaling when I came down with the flu, a hazard at my workplace. The inhaling method I found to be very harsh, so I limited it to only enough to get over having the flu, which was in a matter of 48-60 hours. I do keep a nasal spray bottle on hand in case there is no other source available and inhale just prior to taking a shower.

This was the most challenging virus I had picked up in a long time. I was aiming overall at defeating post viral fatigue syndrome and the effects of periodontal work.

The fatigue didn't come back as strongly, so I believe the effect of the footbaths is according to remedy. The night sweats that accompany chronic fatigue are not as prominent. I have enough energy now to take care of basic chores without putting them off. I also attempted to drink some tea with peroxide according to recommendation, but will not repeat that, since I found it harsh.

Needless to say taking baths and footbaths and occasional baths on the road with 3% peroxide produced a lot of phlegm initially, and one day black phlegm came out. Footbaths I started out with 500ml and now use 1l. in hot water with epsom salts and tea tree oil. Its a pleasant way to start the day prior to taking a shower. In a bath when on the road I usually buy 6 bottles of 500ml. in a nearby pharmacy and use it as part of the routine.

Other improvements are better complexion and improved varicose veins in my feet. I also have some improvement in cardiovascular function and seem to breathe easier.

I am very concerned that the medical profession has no clue about peroxide and its possible use in properly treating fatigue syndrome, since the alternative is to have you assessed incorrectly as depressed or subjected to treatments which have no effect.

I am hoping that peroxide therapy will help me return to working out and enjoying life a little more.

Here is a story recently recounted in the NY Times. I am certain that peroxide therapy will help this condition:


Multiple Cures
Posted by Joyce (Bloomfield , CT) on 11/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars


Multiple Cures
Posted by Delia (Vancouver, Canada) on 11/08/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I used hydrogen peroxide for:
* Ear infection
* Colds & Flue very effective than garlic.

I used to have a very bad cold that will turn to bronchitis, since i am using hydrogen I dont get bronchitis.

Used it for my pimples, used to get big pimples I am drinking a drop of hydrogen peroxide with my water after drinking it I dont feel the pain aroung my leg going towards my hip. I used it for my gum & teeth infection. Love hydrogen peroxide its so cheap and I dont know why? those dentist told me that it can cause more damage, i dont see the reason why. Dentist are very expensive.

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Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 09/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to let you know that I started the H202, treatments tonight. I have been told that I have COPD. I have so many medicines around the house it is depressing. But this is about my ears. Since March I have been dealing with a hyper sensitivity to sound, smells etc. This manifested itself in the form of my entire body vibrating in response to noise. After days of the vibrating for 24 hrs a day for 6 days I was on the edge of sanity. I thought I was reacting to an external source, like a generator or something like that. I met with some friends and I was telling them about what was happening. One of them asked if I might have an inner ear infection. WOW, I never would have guess that. As it turns out, I do have an infection in the left ear canal. I was trying to find something on vibrating when I saw something on HP. I went to your site and read most of the responses. I was in such bad shape and I couldn't get in to see the doctor and no money for an emergency room visit, so, I decided to "go for it".

First I created a bowl of water, mixed 3%, over the counter peroxide in, then I used the cap to pour it up my nose. It burned since I didn't have distilled water at that time. Using the distilled water won't sting. Within 5 mins. the vibrations had stopped. I was able to breathe through my left nostril for the first time in months. Then I pored some in my left ear. I experienced vertigo, never had that before. But, it did tell me I was dealing with an ear infection. The vibrations stopped. It has been 24 hrs since I started the treatments. When the vibrating starts, I know it's time for another dose.

I also created the spray for my throat and added some to my water. It is amazing how much clearer my airways are. I can also see a very small improvement in my vision. I've been told that I need cataract surgery. Hopefully all of this will help that clear up some too. And! I have had a hugh reduction in my desire for a cigarette. I've smoked 15 cigs. today, whereas I normally smoke 2 packs. I just haven't wanted one. Amazing. I believe the infection is coming from a tooth, so I've also started rising my mouth with HP. At least it is giving me some relief until I can get to the doctor. I will continue use and I will keep you posted. I'm also passing your web address to family and friends. Hopefully they will check you out. Thank you so much for your site and I am so grateful for all the people who have taken the time to share the experiences.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Pam (Kansas Ctiy, MO) on 08/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I love this website. The thought of losing so many loved ones recently makes me very sad. Had I known about Earth Clinic, perhaps they would still be here. I have been using several different remedies. I tried the hydrogen peroxide method first. I use it in my water mostly, but sometimes I use the spray pump. I smoke heavily and my breathing has changed so much for the better. I have much more energy and overall feel good. I am diabetic and have very dry peeling feet. I soak my feet in enough water to cover the top of my feet and add about 1/2 cup of peroxide to the water and soak about 30 minutes or longer if I have the time. After 2 times, I could see my feet start to heal.

Also, I found 3% peroxide without stabilizers at the family dollar store. I can taste the difference. Thank you so much.

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Posted by Erik (Erie, Colorado) on 08/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to let everyone out there know i'm 35 yrs old, work on a shipping dock, and have the most energy of all my employees who are at least 10-15 yrs younger than i am. i have been using these techniques for sometime now and it's just amazing h202 also replaces mouth wash and kills mildew in showers, I have stopped using chemically treated house hold cleaners and know use H202 3% grade for now i had a stain on my carpet for yrs i sprayed some H202 on that stain let it set for a few minutes then just wipe it away -- it was amazing. i also use it in my water 4-5 drops per glass and use it to clean my ears of wax and it even helped clean up a very bad infection i had on my foot. i wish people would see it's the effectiveness of the product and not the price and how well it works. Just let everyone know that is so much more than a temporary solution. it is the solution to cure most all viruses and so called diseases. I've had family members die from cancer who could of been saved just from this vital information. so please no matter how much people say it's impossible or you're wrong, keep it up and don't give up telling everyone you know. I will have to try the baking soda technique as well. thank you.

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Posted by Riki (DaLian, China) on 05/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have used H2O2 as a mouth wash and cleaning open wounds for nearly 40 years and it always work. I read about all the other remedies on this site! One idea I haven't seen is: I use shampoo out of a bottle until I can pour 100ml H2O2 into it. I have to shake the bottle when I want to use it. I have stayed blond and have no grey hairs and it keeps my scalp healthy.

EC: We asked Riki for more details. Read her response here.