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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions

H2O2 Side Effects
Posted by Sistertongue (Albuquerque, New Mexico, Usa) on 10/01/2010
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Heavy metal interaction with H202 caution. I had been happily using h202 for several months, then started have concerning heart palpitations, though I was not linking this in any way to h202. I live in an area with high naturally-occurring arsenic in the water supply. A neighbor mentioned that most filters do not filter out arsenic and that I should be buying drinking water. This little tidbit caused me to look up arsenic poisoning - which fit my symptoms exactly: headaches, confusion, drowsiness and heart arrythmias. The latter is where the h202 caution comes in. I read that "arsenic in cells stimulates the production of h202. When h202 reacts with certain metals such as iron or manganese, it produces a highly reactive hydroxyl radical, " which can cause neurological imbalances and disruptions in the electrical-voltage complex of the heart, resulting in disruptive intervals in the QT (that's that lovely little bio-battery we all have that keeps our heart beating at regular intervals). I stopped taking h202 immediately and stopped drinking my water. I have begun a heavy metal detox (I am also having old mercury/silver fillings removed right now) and will complete this before I go back on the h202. I think it important that, if readers have been exposed to metals or other harmful toxins, they may want to consult with health care providers about h202 interactions before proceeding with its use.

H2O2 Side Effects
Posted by Phoenix75 (Carmel, Ca, U.S.A.) on 01/09/2010
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I tried the popular internet dosing routine for the diluted 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide protocol, about ten days ago. The protocol that I attempted was as follows:

Day 1: 3 drops, 3xs a day
Day 2: 4 drops, 3xs a day
Day 3: 5 drops, 3xs a day
Day 4: 6 drops, 3xs a day
Day 5: 7 drops, 3xs a day
Day 6: 8 drops, 3xs a day
Day 7: 9 drops, 3xs a day
Day 8: 10 drops, 3xs a day
Day 9: 12 drops, 3xs a day
Day 10: 14 drops, 3xs a day
etc.etc. up to 25 drops, 3xs a day.

I was only able to complete this protocol for at least ten days.

When I first began I diluted the 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide drops in about 6-8ozs of water. It immediately began killing my stomach and so I increased my water to about 9-11 ozs...11 ozs is way too much water for me to ingest at one time...it made my stomach feel as if it were going to blow up...then someone suggested that I dilute the 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 8ozs of milk which I tried, to no avail...In the past I have suffered from stomach ulcers and this regimen most certainly exacerbated my condition, or perhaps created a new one...it felt like it was ripping my stomach in half...now, perhaps this solution must be further diluted, I am not sure, but what I am sure of is that the initial protocol, that is widely distributed via the internet, was without a doubt a tremendously painful experience for me. I am not in any way indicating that it will most certainly be someone else's experience, verbatim, but nonetheless I feel the need to share what has happened to me in order to possibly aide someone else in their attempts. I do not think that the former protocol for diluted 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is good for ulcerous stomachs...you must be extremely careful if you have these issues...that is really all I can say...

H2O2 Side Effects
Posted by Mathew (Norfolk, VA) on 01/12/2009
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H202 not to be messed with:

I have taken 35% food grade h202 several times through the last 7 years of my life. always starting at 1 drop and increasing 1 drop a day as far as 25 drops and coming down in the same manner sometimes staying at a certain dosage for a few days.

One day i felt i was getting sick. I hadnt taken h202 in over a year. i decided to experiment with it. i took 10 drops one day skipped a few days and did it again. this is not reccomended as it caused my body severe problems. The h202 shocked my system into a clensing crisis through the skin via Herpes Zoster better known as Shingles.

it was very painful and the nerve which was affected followed into my eye and caused me to get iritis. the iritis caused my vision to go blurry in that eye. I was able to get steriod drops from the opthamologist and managed to rid myself of it after a few months.

I am a firm believer in h202 and its healing abilities but heed my warning: H202 is not to be taken for granted.

H2O2 Side Effects
Posted by Tony (Oregon, USA) on 08/19/2008
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Dear Friends: DO NOT use hydrogen peroxide in enemas or colonics. i tried it once and ended up in the hospital. when the HP hits the bacteria in the colon it explodes and causes severe painful cramping and uncontrollable contractions. i was sick for almost a week and put on a iv for dehydration. ive talked to other people who have done this and ended up in the emergency room too. i am a believer in hydrogen peroxide cures. i inhale it and have not had a cold or coldsore of been sick in 3 years. honest!! inhaling is the best method in my experience. i even swallow whats left in my mouth and never have a problem but never never never use it in an enema!!! it could kill you. it could cause intestine to burst and bleed to death. a painful horrible death.