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Re: Chalazion

Sat, 08 Dec 18 13:20:21 -0800
Posted by Vinu (Shakopee) on 12/07/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter had Chalazion for the past 2 years. I tried everything from consulting the doctor, putting warm compress, certain vinegar remedies found here. But none of these worked effectively. Now I see that in last week the chalazion shrinked and it is completely gone completely. I think it is some kind of natural process it needs some time.

 Re: Seeking Help for Father With Lung Cancer

Sat, 08 Dec 18 13:19:27 -0800
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/07/2018


I have attached for you a lung remedy of which the main ingredient mullein is anti cancer, also the famous Essaic tea recipe used to fight cancer, and the last link was simply anti cancer herbs.

Ted's extensive wisdom within Earth Clinic, repeated often the importance of avoiding sugars and starches, and alkalizing the body.

The teas will also provide easily absorbed nutrients and I would add a whole food source of vitamin C, such as acerola, amla or rosehip powder, for anti cancer benefit and minimal detox effects.

You might consider an integrative doctor you can consult, I would look at recommendations on forum websites.

Oregano oil drops added to a healing oil like organic castor or olive will help breathing, applied topically to chest and back, to the strength of a "warmth" when applied nightly. *Warning oregano oil is very potent and is usually sold at 25% dilution.

Best to you.

 Re: How Does Lecithin Help Lower High Triglycerides?

Sat, 08 Dec 18 13:18:27 -0800
Posted by Blane (Central Fl) on 12/07/2018

I am using granulated sunflower lecithin - just wondering where it's doing the work. Whether in the bowel to strip out the fat there or in the bloodstream somehow.

 Re: How Does Lecithin Help Lower High Triglycerides?

Sat, 08 Dec 18 13:01:12 -0800
Posted by Blane (Central Fl) on 12/07/2018

So, by all indications, the lecithin somehow got absorbed into your system for the mastitis? Good to know. I'm trying to figure out the best way to ingest it - I was mixing it with my raw oatmeal each morning (consumed with kefir, cinnamon, flax seeds, walnut, and dried fruit), but then thought that it might be binding up the good fats I was getting from that so now I'm taking it with some brewed green tea.

I read years ago in a pamphlet that Dr. Mercola put out to eat two raw carrots a day - tried it for two weeks, and my cholesterol count dropped thirty points. Don't remember what it did for my triglycerides, which is where my problem is. Might need to retest that.

Vitamin A, GABA for Perioral Dermatitis

Fri, 07 Dec 18 10:41:58 -0800
Posted by Madeline (Austin, Tx) on 12/07/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Suggestions for managing PERIORAL DERMATITIS:

I've been struggling with perioral dermatitis (PD) on again/off again for years.

I've recently started supplementing with *MICELLIZED* Vitamin A daily (dosage will vary depending on which kind you buy, don't overdo it as you can create toxic levels of Vitamin A build-up in your body. Do your own homework and get professional medical advice if you're unsure) and that is the first thing that seems to actually help heal the PD.

Also, I started taking Pharma GABA to help me with stress management and sleep hygiene and, to my my surprise, I think it has also helped treat the perioral dermatitis. This has me wondering if there is, in deed, a hormonal component to PD.

Best of luck to anyone dealing with this. I feel your pain but I'm hopeful that I'll figure it out and have my face back to normal again.

Black Seed Oil for Granuloma Annulare

Fri, 07 Dec 18 09:24:04 -0800
Posted by Christine (Santa Barbara ) on 12/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Black Seed Oil applied topically every day has really improved my GA. I also take a tbsp of a cv when the mother in water every night before bed.

  Re: Fresh Aloe Vera for HIV

Fri, 07 Dec 18 09:23:15 -0800
Posted by Diane (Jamaica) on 12/07/2018

how long do u take the aloe vera for?

Vanadium for High Blood Sugar

Fri, 07 Dec 18 09:22:31 -0800
Posted by Canadaguy (Victoria) on 12/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Vanadium and MMS drops really drops my blood sugar.

Ok I'm in Canada so we have different blood sugar measurements, but my doctor says my blood sugar levels of 14 were 'an absolute disaster' . When I started taking vanadium, they went down to 6.0, whick is ok, but 5.9 is the cutoff for the blood test to come back as 'normal' (but probably too high). So I really wanted that extra point!

I got it a few days ago with vanadium and MMS, which I began taking for a tumor. I take 1 mg/day of bis-glycinato-oxo-vanadium that comes with 200mcg of chromium GTF. I have been taking that for years now, and it keeps working! I have taken a level of 2mg/day for a while, but I'm not sure which is better. The blood test I just had after about 1 1/2 months of taking MMS finally got it to a more normal 5.6.

I hope it handles the tumor too.

Lemon Juice With Salt for Eye Infections

Fri, 07 Dec 18 09:19:42 -0800
Posted by Sanjay Mehta (Ahmedabad, India) on 12/07/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Lemon juice with added salt is the surest way to beat conjunctivitis.

Often conjunctivitis flares up in humid weather and when you move outdoors, your eyes start getting sticky which is indication of infection trying to latch in. start rinsing eyes with a glassful of water with some lemon juice added. add more if infection is more. if eyes have started to pain, add salt to the water. you will find immediate relief. repeat it every few hours. absolutely no harm to the eyes. the infection is completely cured in a day or two.

I have been successful in keeping myself free from conjuntivitis for several years now, just by following the above method. it also makes sense to wash eyes, once in a while with lemon solution to keep them clean, even with no conjunctivitis.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Helped Itchy Hemorrhoids

Fri, 07 Dec 18 09:17:59 -0800
Posted by C (Gunnison) on 12/07/2018

Hey And73w! Just wanted to point out for others that ACV is an exceptional remedy for assisting blood clotting processes (in addition to helping the opposite - thick, viscous blood). If the area is bleeding, it will likely sting more, but it will also sterilize the area (in so many words; those concerned about the bacteria/etc present in vinegar can simmer it on the stove for a couple minutes, then cool it and apply). Except for in some older people, I've only had success with using vinegar on smaller open wounds, and I can't recall a single side effect other than reddening and stinging, maybe a little skin irritation for one lady.

Hope that helps!

  Re: Aloe Vera Barbadensia for Neurofibromatosis

Fri, 07 Dec 18 09:17:15 -0800
Posted by Kathryn (Troy, Michigan) on 12/06/2018

Hello, my name is Kathryn and I am 23 years old. I am suffering from NF-2 and was diagnosed with two brain tumors. last year I had an 18 hr surgery to have one removed. My hearing on the side and facial motor skills were lost as collateral to the invasive surgery.The tumor was 6.5 cm, HUGE.

I am NOW facing the fact that the remaining tumor has started to grow again. I am desperate to do anything to stop it. If no cure is found I will go deaf and lose more motor function even possibly eyesight.

I am so intrigued with this possible Aloe Vera Barbadensia as an effective option! If anyone could post with more information about this I would be forever grateful.

  Re: Jack's Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne Tea

Fri, 07 Dec 18 09:16:37 -0800
Posted by Robert H. (California) on 12/06/2018

I would like to know if Jack's tea must be ground to a powder, or can it be measured out and used as a regular tea. I do have Mullein seeds and the plant in my area. Also should the seeds be fresh green ones or just the aged brown stalk seeds?

Thank you Jack for all your help, I have Emphysema, and am 71.

Dietary Changes Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Fri, 07 Dec 18 09:15:46 -0800
Posted by Sharon (Tennessee) on 12/06/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I have had RA for about 12 years and I've found that if I don't eat wheat or sugar, I have no pain at all. Also, everything I read about RA says to drink green tea, that it's so good for healing, but I find if I drink green tea, my feet start hurting within 10 minutes. Sugar seems to be the culprit in arthritis pain, at least for me....

 Re: UTI Symptoms But All Testing is Negative

Fri, 07 Dec 18 09:14:12 -0800
Posted by Marnie (Nampa, Id) on 12/06/2018


After over a month of suffering from a UTI, I finally knocked it out with Echinacea Augustifolia tincture. Prior to trying the Echinacea, I had tried cranberry (plain juice and capsules), D-mannose, high doses of vitamin C, and apple cider vinegar. At one point, I began to get worse and had blood in my urine (along with all the other common symptoms of frequent and painful burning urination.) I believe it correlated with taking anything acidic. If I had even 1 cup of coffee I could also feel an increase in bladder irritation and burning when I went pee. So avoid coffee, tea, and sugar.

Next I tried the remedies suggested on I suggest going to that site to learn more about home testing and possible remedies based on test results. I took tons of raw garlic, cayenne pepper, cinnamon tea, and turmeric for a couple of weeks. Things got a somewhat better, but I still had symptoms. I continued with the recommended protocol and added olive leaf extract capsules. I felt a little better at that point, but still not a complete cure. After consuming 300 capsules / 2 bottles (up to 16 capsules daily) of the olive leaf extract, along with smaller amounts of raw garlic and cayenne, 5 mornings of taking 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar mixed with water, and lots of hibiscus tea, I decided I needed to support and rev up my immune system rather than trying the “kill method.”

Here's what finally worked for me:

1. One full dropperful of Echinacea Augustifolia tincture per 50 pounds. I weigh about 135 Lbs. so I rounded up to 3 dropperfuls of the tincture (I think that's a total of about 75 drops). This was 1 dose. *Take 1 dose (3 dropperfuls in my case) in a cup of water every 1-2 hours while UTI symptoms persist. This will seem like a large quantity of tincture to consume but it is absolutely safe. I went through about 10 ounces of tincture in total (over the course of a couple weeks) to clear up the infection.

2. Drink about a liter of distilled water every 1-2 hours all day long. Drink more water when I get up in the middle of the night to pee. Avoid cold water. Room temperature or warm is best.

3. First thing in the morning, take a large glass of distilled water with a 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of baking soda added. May take another before bed.

4. Take 1-2 drops of poke root tincture per day. *Do not take more than 1-2 drops (not droppers/ dropperfuls) per day! I only did this for about 5 days. I had the poke root in my medicine cabinet to clear mastitis (breast infection while nursing). I got it from

5. Take large quantities of probiotics. Women can also insert a FemDophilis probiotic capsule in vagina at night.

6. 2 strong cups of yarrow tea daily. Add a couple spoonfuls of loose dried yarrow flowers to freshly boiled water and steep for 30+ minutes. * Once symptoms subside, you can taper off the Echinacea, and stop the poke root. Continue taking the Echinacea— same dosage but less frequently (such as every 4 hours) for a week or so. Continue drinking distilled water.

I would also suggest that you make sure you're not dealing with an STD, fungal infection / yeast, or interstitial cystitis. For more info on suggested herbal remedies, you can do an internet search for “Susun Weed Echinacea bladder infection” and several informative articles will pop up. Hope this helps!

 Re: EECP or G-Strophanthin (Ouabin) for the Heart

Thu, 06 Dec 18 22:00:08 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 12/06/2018

Rsw,,,,,,,, yep, I've found the drops and will pass this on after I've tried it. It's the mustard seed thing and moving mountains. I have been down and thought about my lack of faith and for some reason, things are improving.

Also, I've learned of a couple of other natural things that help. I don't pray to be healed. I pray for the Lord to give me wisdom and discipline. I have to do my part, but I also have to believe things will work out, regardless.

I got a call from my old Cardiologist and meet with him on Tuesday about his EECP treatments. I have to pay cash because Medicare will not cover anyone that has not run out of veins to be by-passed. Guess that gets them out of the control picture.

At my age I am thinking only of avoiding 3 things: CANCER, HEART PROBLEMS AND DEMENTIA. Otherwise, we all need to go like President Bush, whose last words were...I love you too.


What Natural Remedies Can I Take for H. Pylori While Taking A Blood Thinner?

Thu, 06 Dec 18 21:59:23 -0800
Posted by Gloria (Nv) on 12/06/2018

Ted: I was diagnosed with h pylori and was prescribed the antibiotic treatment. I took it but am concerned about it returning. I was diagnosed with afib two years ago and I am on Eliquis, which I don't like being on.

I have done some research on h pylori and have found many good home remedies but a lot of them are not recommended to take while on blood thinners.

I would appreciate you input on this. Thank you.

 Re: EECP or G-Strophanthin (Ouabin) for the Heart

Thu, 06 Dec 18 16:38:19 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 12/06/2018

Kt,,,,,,, no offense taken. Yep, she is a lady and yet, tough as nails. Our back deck is lined with deer antlers and folks think they are mine. Wrong, she can shoot a red bug out of the eye of a needle.....they are hers.

Speaking of humor...... learned last night at church that castor oil causes cancer. I asked an older gentlemen if he had done his kidney stone procedure. No, because he had something worse. He had a planters wart. I told him to use castor oil on it. No, the doctor told him that this drug store stuff causes cancer, and he would remove it with surgery. HELLO!


 Re: Natural Remedies to Eliminate Bacteria in the Heart Causing Carditis?

Thu, 06 Dec 18 16:36:28 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/06/2018

Woldfgang, you might start with eliminating most sugar, and taking chopped raw garlic daily.

  Re: Incline Bed Therapy for Varicose Veins

Thu, 06 Dec 18 16:36:07 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/06/2018

Barbara, different strokes for different folks. The raising of the head side of the bed has totally eliminated any swelling in feet. But it's not a steep incline, only 2-3 inches up from the floor.

  Re: Anti-Candida Diet for Granuloma Annulare

Thu, 06 Dec 18 16:35:46 -0800
Posted by Mary (Usa) on 12/06/2018

My husband has had GA for years. He tried everything but the best by far was using a hair dryer on his arms where the GA is located. It has taken a few months but a few of the rings have disappeared. This is not a quick cure all.

This information is from Doug Kaufman on "Know the Cause" on youtube.