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  Re: Salt Crystal Deodorant for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Thu, 25 Feb 21 09:03:13 -0800
Posted by Debarpita (Dubai) on 02/25/2021


Do you mean Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick (unscented)? The one that has to be wetted before application?

  Re: Soda Cystals (aka Washing Soda) for a Rash

Thu, 25 Feb 21 09:02:28 -0800
Posted by Valerie (NC) on 02/25/2021

This is called Washing Soda in the US, and is one ingredient, Sodium Carbonate. I read that sodium bicarbonate is heated to high temperatures to get sodium carbonate. And it is good for so many things, as you said! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  Re: Multiple Cures Reported With Lecithin

Thu, 25 Feb 21 09:01:54 -0800
Posted by Tina (NSW) on 02/25/2021

I started out with a tablespoon of the granules and after a couple of weeks switched over to a 1,200 mg tablet for convenience. 1 x 1,200 mg tablet a day.

  Re: Coconut Oil Helping Psoriasis

Thu, 25 Feb 21 09:01:24 -0800
Posted by Phillip (IL) on 02/25/2021

It's also because she stopped eating sugar, guys. That's a key component she did, which you're probably not doing. As it is a fungus you're dealing with.

  Re: Lecithin for Fatty Liver and High Cholesterol

Thu, 25 Feb 21 09:00:44 -0800
Posted by Tintin (Sydney, Australia) on 02/24/2021

Hi there,

My diet is ashamadly poor, little if no fruit, veges with dinner. mostly proteins, dairy (butter, olive oil, ice cream, full cream milk, cheese), carbs, carbs and more carbs lol, peanut butter/nutella, packet chips/biscuits, coffee, cola and water fill in most of the gaps... and after reading this back it makes me realise I need to really change my ways lol. I basically eat what I feel like so I was really surprised that the Lecithin worked so well, I did notice my bloating and pain disappeared after couple months and didn't correlate that these were the fatty liver symptoms.

  Re: Statins for High Cholesterol

Thu, 25 Feb 21 08:59:55 -0800
Posted by Art (California) on 02/24/2021


Good on you for reconsidering about statins.

Here are a few reasons why statins may not be the best choice.

1. Statins are known to cause muscle pain, liver damage, increased blood sugar and neurological side effects as discussed here:

2. Statins have caused memory loss in some people as discussed here:

3. Statins can cause tendon damage or rupture as reported in the following study link:

On the other hand, "Soy Lecithin" lowers cholesterol and triglycerides as shown in the following study:

It is worth noting that I have not as yet been able to find other cholesterol studies for other forms of lecithin such as sunflower lecithin and my experience is that "granular soy lecithin" has been effective for several friends who have used it.


Broccoli for Skin Cancers

Wed, 24 Feb 21 18:43:07 -0800
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 02/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Broccoli Poultice for Non Melanoma Skincancer

According to researchers, the key cancer-preventing compound in broccoli is sulforaphane, crucial in blocking pathways that cause cancer and in protecting tissue from chemotherapy drugs.

Sulforaphane ma be an excellent candidate for use in the treatment of skin cancer said study author Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine: February - May 2013 (with lots of pictures and case studies)

  Re: Lecithin for Fatty Liver and High Cholesterol

Wed, 24 Feb 21 18:41:46 -0800
Posted by Max (AL) on 02/24/2021

Hi Tintin, great news for you! I also have been diagnosed with fatty liver and I'm going to do the same. You said you didn't change your diet but what does it consist of? Thanks for the post.

  Re: Lecithin for High Cholesterol

Wed, 24 Feb 21 18:41:29 -0800
Posted by Ivybridge (TN) on 02/24/2021

Life Extension states that Metformin is a life extension drug.

  Re: Lecithin for High Cholesterol

Wed, 24 Feb 21 17:16:31 -0800
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (USA) on 02/24/2021

Hi Art, or anyone reading,

I never got the Lecithin, no good reason, and Jan 20,2021 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Now I've had to quit some things, and have gone lower than low carbs, almost zero. My blood sugar is dropping a little after a month, no Meformin for me, but my cholesterol and Trygliserides are high. Cholestrol has stayed at the 300,330(last lab). Of course they wanted me to take a Lepitor, did that last night for the first and last time. My ears (Tinnitus) are insanely spiked to where I just can't take another of those pills. I'm getting on the Lecithin as soon as Amazon can get it sent to me. I don't know what brand to look for but I do take some good supplements from LIfe Extension, like my B Complex. I also am to take D3 and that has no side effects on me I know of.

Thanks to everyone that's posting on this. My doctor is a precious man, very young, and really seems to care about folks but I can't trust the drugs ;(

  Re: Multiple Remedies. for Gingivitis or Sore, Swollen, Red Gums

Wed, 24 Feb 21 17:15:30 -0800
Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 02/24/2021

Hi Lilli (Wa) –

Thank you for your comprehensive list on what you are doing to help restore your gums.

I already have a few of these steps in my gum routine and now I can add the rest.

One thing that may help (and I've been doing it for years now) is to massage the gums. I do it in the shower because there is a fair amount of drool involved!

I was told how to do it by someone who regularly does facial exercises. However, I found this on the Internet (it explains it better):

Massage Your Gums With Your Fingers

If you don't want to purchase a special gum massage tool, then you can massage your gums with your fingers. Take your index finger and hold it firmly against your gum tissue. Then, move the tip of your finger in a circular motion while sliding it along your gum line for about ten minutes.

You can help your finger move more smoothly against your gum tissue and even help kill additional bacteria in your gums with a plant oil, such as olive, coconut, or sesame oil. Place the oil on the finger you use to massage your gums.

I actually do the massage a bit differently.

I put my thumb on the front of my gum and my index finger on the back of my gum and then I massage in a circular motion. It feels great and you're saving time by massaging both sides simultaneously!



Lecithin for Fatty Liver and High Cholesterol

Wed, 24 Feb 21 17:14:52 -0800
Posted by Tintin (Sydney, Australia ) on 02/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I had fatty liver and high cholesterol 6mths ago on my blood test, I decided to go in favour of natural treatment and followed Ted's advice of incorporating Lecithin in my diet, yesterday was my 6mths follow up blood results and my cholesterol has gone from 7.3 down to 6.2 IN 6 MONTHS! I am so happy and my doctor said he had never seen anyone reduce their levels in such a short time without a prescription aid... also my markers for fatty liver did not turn up on my blood test. Dr said whatever I am doing to keep doing it because it is working, I didn't even change my diet and wasn't even taking the Lecithin every day, I started out once a day then the last month I totally stopped for a break so I can't wait to start again and see what my next blood test shows :) Thanks Ted! You are an earth Angel.

  Re: Bee Propolis

Wed, 24 Feb 21 12:20:33 -0800
Posted by msmaia (usa east coast) on 02/24/2021

Can you just use the raw honey that comes with bee propolis? Will that work? I've been trying it really raw honey, tastes great, watching to see if it helps receding gums.

Multiple Remedies. for Gingivitis or Sore, Swollen, Red Gums

Wed, 24 Feb 21 07:17:59 -0800
Posted by Lilli (Wa) on 02/23/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Years ago, due to an unnecessary oral surgery, I ended up with a shortened gum line along one tooth. I have had issues with it forever because it was prone to infection and swelling. Over the years my dentists only had a gum graft to offer, which none really recommended because it only has around a 50% success rate.

Recently, I had a bad bout with an infection that caused my gum to throb and bleed. I couldn't sleep and was at my wits end and ready to do anything to stop the pain, when I decided to try some of the remedies listed on Earthclinic.

Here are the regimens and remedies that worked best for me:

1. Twice (or more) a day, I used my waterpik on a setting no higher than two. When your gum is really irritated, this may sting a bit and your gum may bleed, but the water really cleans up under the gum where debris and infection are trapped. I fill the well with warm water and a few squirts of hydrogen peroxide. This was the single most effective treatment.

2. I purchased three natural, herbal mouthwashes and alternate rinses during the day.

3. Warm sea salt water rinses reduce pain

4. I made my own tooth powder: 3-4 tbs baking soda, empty one capsule each of: charcoal, Echinacea, and Vit. C powder, one tsp. cinnamon, and a few dashes of cayenne and turmeric. I use about 1/2 tsp., mixed in a little water, and swish it for a several minutes (paying attention to the problem area), before spitting it out without rinsing.

5. Oil pulling with organic virgin coconut oil. Place in your mouth, one teaspoon of coconut oil and swish it around and through your teeth for at least twenty minutes then spit the remainder into a plastic bag and dispose. (to avoid clogs, do not rinse OVCO down the sink)

6. I purchased mini, soft dental bristle brushes (the kind that are shaped like a Christmas tree NOT the hard, plastic variety) and gently brush along the gum line to remove plaque, food, and bacteria. I dip it in mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide and water. The goal is to displace anything that causes irritation. I do this several times during the day, especially after eating.

7. I do tongue scraping right before bedtime.

8. Aloe juice (organic, center leaf) rinse.

I have been following this regimen for 3 weeks and it has been working really well. Almost all of the redness and infection are gone, with no more throbbing, and the gum has pinked up, and even seems to have increased in length a bit.

I plan on using this as a regimen to keep the gums healthy and avoid any further disastrous oral surgeries.

Thank you Earthclinc and all its members who take the time to share their successes. It is a true blessing.

  Re: Thicker Hair and UT

Wed, 24 Feb 21 07:16:46 -0800
Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 02/24/2021

Hi she said,

''' I just soak it where I want it, let it dry and off I go for the day'''

Andrea C xxx

Copper Toxicity and Tourettes

Wed, 24 Feb 21 07:16:17 -0800
Posted by Jon (Australia) on 02/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Copper Toxicity linked to Tourette's. (Low zinc & high copper)

There are many connections pointing to copper toxicity as a possible cause of Tourette's.

Someone suffering with Tourette's syndrome (involuntary motor and vocal tics) has a 50% chance of having OCD. Copper toxicity is commonly found in people with OCD, & Tourette's. People with pyroluria are more likely to have OCD and/or Tourette's… people with pyroluria have low zinc - which allows copper levels to get too high. Copper toxicity has a profound impact on mental and physical health and is becoming more common in our society because of the widespread use of copper and the lack of adequate zinc, molybdenum and other minerals in the diet that help keep it in balance.

Let's take a closer look at this issue by answering the following question from a blog visitor…

My 4 yr old grandson has recently been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome. He does eat healthy, is active in karate. My daughter has opted out of medication at this time. She is being told that his copper levels are extremely elevated and they have no answer to this. Our problem is that the tics are getting worse and we are at “wits end” wanting to help him. Thank you in advance. ~Teresa


Hi Teresa, Yes, high copper is a common underlying factor in Tourette's, as well as a lot of other mental health and medical conditions. There are many steps that can be taken to reduce elevated copper, so I am at a loss as to why the treating physician would not have this knowledge. I say it is time to find another doctor. Before we get into the specifics, let me present just a little background on copper toxicity for those reading this page that may not be familiar with this issue.

  Re: Vitamin B6 for Muscle Cramps

Wed, 24 Feb 21 07:14:39 -0800
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 02/24/2021

Thanks for the recommendation to take B6 for leg/feet cramping. Mine cramp so bad a night and I have to get up and walk around. It's like a metal bar along my calf sometimes, hard as a rock and so very painful. I am not dehydrated and get plenty of magnesium/potassium.

Those 3 things have been recommended, and mag oil, too, but don't solve the problem. I've recently started a new brand of multivitamin, so we'll see if that helps, too. But I have B6 on hand and will give it a try.

  Re: Ted's Remedies for Covid-19

Wed, 24 Feb 21 07:13:58 -0800
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 02/24/2021

Hi Peter...The COVID-19 remedy is based on Ted's lysine, BHT, alkalizing fast-cure remedy for H1N1, which should also work for COVID-19 because both are lipid coated viruses.

And if you read Ted's story in my previous post about the family that had H1N1 that took this fast-acting remedy, Ted actually said that they were ALL cured within about one hour after taking the initial recommended doses of lysine, BHT and alkalizing. So the family probably only took the 1000-1500 BHT dose once. As regards the lysine dose, and according to Ted's protocol, you just keep taking the lysine at 2 hour intervals until your symptoms improve. Lysine certainly isn't poison, it's an amino acid or basic protein that is classed as a food.

So what Ted was saying was that his fast remedy cured the family in about an hour. He also said in the story that one member of the family was actually dying. They all recovered -- very quickly.

For myself, if I took this remedy for COVID-19 then, after recovery, I would probably switch to taking Melatonin at high dosage (40 - 80mgs/day) + Vitamin C + Vitamin D3 for at least a few days to a week to ensure there was no ACE-2 inflammatory damage caused to my lungs, heart, brain etc. Post-recovery, it has also been found that many people are having serious problems caused by inflammatory damage to the heart, brain, lungs, liver etc. In one recent British study concerning recovered COVID-19 patients the researchers found that 50% of all recovered patients had various heart problems -- myocarditis, infarction, ischemia etc -- all caused by excessive inflammation problems because of the virus.

  Re: ITP

Wed, 24 Feb 21 07:11:52 -0800
Posted by Lea (Port Towsend, WA) on 02/23/2021

Hi Lea and Dave!

I am also vegan, Lea, and they also want to give me retuxan / retuxabub sp? lol

I've been getting N-Plate and the numbers have been going up and down. Last, thought, It was 197 yay! This is a new diagnosis as of mid last fall. I will talk to a world renown specialist Via zoom in Seattle again. She is pretty west thinking, so, it didn't seem like she was interested In gluten or anything related to food but? I want to go all natural, as well. I'm very new here, Just read for the first time, and would love to know more about CS or whatever would work. I already eat well. I hope this gets to you.

 Re: Seeking Advice and Natural Remedies for Tourette Syndrome

Wed, 24 Feb 21 07:10:48 -0800
Posted by Jon (Australia) on 02/24/2021


Have you looked into copper toxicity? If it was me, I would reduce copper levels and increase zinc levels.

Kind regards