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  DMSO for Pulled Muscles, Arthritis, Tennis Elbow & Frozen Shoulder

1 day ago
Posted by Santo (New Territories) on 07/18/2024

What brand did you get and did you blend it with something else?

  Melatonin Topical Pain Relief Question for Art

1 day ago
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 07/19/2024

Hi Julie C,

Apparently larger amounts of melatonin can be dissolved in fatty acids with shorter length carbon chains. This also means that more melatonin will dissolve in short and medium chain fatty acids such as virgin coconut oil than in long chain fatty acid oils like vegetable oil, olive oil, tallow and lard:

"In order to identify suitable oils for the development of melatonin-NE, melatonin solubility in seven oils was determined. Triglycerides with the shortest fatty acid chains (C4) were better solvents for melatonin, with solubility of approximately 4.5 mg melatonin/g of oil. Triglycerides with the longest fatty acid chains, C18, had the lowest melatonin solubility; 0.23 mg melatonin/g of oil. All other oils displayed a melatonin solubility between those values"


I've also found from the research that you can dissolve much larger amounts of melatonin in DMSO(Dimethylsulfoxide) than you can using water, alcohol or oil. In fact, DMSO is perhaps the perfect vehicle to directly transport any orgainic chemical compound(with a molecular mass of less than 1000) through the skin into the blood.

I've recently been using various individual organic and inorganic chemicals on myself such as sodium thiosulfate, magnesium chloride, methylene blue and borax -- as well as using a drop of essential oil per dose like Thieves oil, Peppermint oil -- dissolved in a teaspoon of DMSO + water for various skin or blood problems. This was a very useful exercise. I had a hard growth or bump under my skin at the back of my neck that I could not dissolve or remove -- it's been there for over 20 years. So every two days I would mix 5 drops of 99% DMSO + 5 drops of water + 3 drops of 1% Methylene Blue(MB) and just dab it profusely around the small hard bump on my neck. Eventually, after about a month or so, the bump reduced in size, went flat and then completely disappeared. Interestingly, the blue stain on the back of my neck from the DMSO + MB always disappeared within about 30 mins.

  Re: Diluting Methylene Blue Tips

1 day ago
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 07/19/2024

I prefer to take Methylene Blue(MB) according to the recommendations of Dr Deepak Golwalkar, a well known pulmonologist(lung specialist) in India. He has successfully used MB to help cure many people with tuberculosis, pneumonia and COVID-19. Dr Golwalker uses two simple protocols for COVID-19. See below.

Since I prefer talking in milligram amounts rather than drops and percentages of MB please bear the following in mind because it will, hopefully, greatly simplify your own understanding of drop dosages wrt conversions in % strengths.

0.1% Methylene Blue solution contains 0.05mg MB powder per drop.

1% Methylene Blue solution contains 0.5mg MB powder per drop.

2% Methylene Blue solution contains 1.0mg MB powder per drop.

I currently regularly use Dr Golwalkar's sub-lingual MB protocol which consists of taking approximately 5 drops of 1% MB which is approximately equal to 2.5mgs MB. This is held under the tongue for at least 30 seconds and then swallowed with a little more water so that it can be directly absorbed into the blood from the stomach. And this will give you a blue tongue.

You can also use Dr Golwalkers nebulizer protocol which consists of adding 10 drops of 1%(or one teaspoon of 0.1% MB) to the water in the liquid reservoir in the nebulizer. Dr Golwalker also states that all he took in the morning before going to the hospital was MB under the tongue as described. He would always walk around the COVID-19 wards of his hospital tending his many patients without a mask. He never caught COVID-19 and the hospital he worked in never lost a patient to COVID-19 and all his patients made a FULL recovery with no LONG COVID symptoms.

I am currently using the simple sub-lingual protocol once a day(in the morning) at the moment. I find using the sub-lingual protocol on its own is a great energizer and protector at the same time. And there's really no need to use Dr Golwalker's nebulizer protocol until I'm infected with COVID-19, pneumonia or tuberculosis.

Click this link to see a previous EC post I wrote fully describing the many benefits of using MB.

  Melatonin Topical Pain Relief Question for Art

2 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 07/18/2024

Hi Julie C,

I never tested coconut oil for melatonin lotion because some people don't like the smell, but if you try it, please let us know how it works for you as people who like coconut oil will definitely want to know how it works.


  Re: MSM Burning Tongue and Lips

2 days ago
Posted by Annie (Seattle) on 07/18/2024

We respond to vaccines, medicine and supplements differently for we have different genetic makeups.
What works for you might not work for others.

Even in one family. My grandma and mom take LDN for their health problems and it works wonderfully, I, on the other hand, can't take it for more than 3 days for it affects my brain causing brain fog etc. Mom and grandma are Rh positive and I am Rh negative, different blood type. Maybe that is the reason why I have different response to pretty much everything. There are many reasons why your BF is responding differently to MSM.

  Re: Diluting Methylene Blue Tips

2 days ago
Posted by Dee (Florida) on 07/18/2024

I have done my research on MB. I found 2 methods. I just started taking the liquid Methylene Blue with the Ascorbic Acid in Water. I doing the 6 days on and 7th day off method.

2 Methods

How do I mix the methylene blue solution.
The methylene Blue solution I received from Valboren Labs in Florida is in a concentrated liquid form. This should be mixed with distilled or deionized water using the recommended dosing. Dosages between 0.5 milligram per kilogram of bodyweight to 4 mg per kg. As mentioned, methylene blue is a hormetic, so low dosages have the opposite effect of high dosages. Adding 1/16th teaspoon of Ascorbic Acid to the prepared solution will facilitate better absorption and reduce the blue staining potential. After the Ascorbic Acid is added to the solution let it sit for a minimum of 3 hours before taking. With methylene blue less is more. Higher doses are not as effective a low doses (hormetic response). Dosage recommendation varies; Dr. John Lieurance suggests 0.5-1mg/kg of body weigh, t 2 to 4 days a week, with 20 to 60mg daily being therapeutic for many. Do it slowly 2 or 3 drops to start 3 times a week, and work you way up .

Method #2

1-2 drops am in distilled water with 1/16 tsp. of Ascordic acid first 2 days.
Increase dose on third day by 2 drops for 2 days, Continue increasing
dosage by 1 drop every 2 days, until you reach 22 drop or more. Take 6 days
in a row and 7th day off. Note: Do not take Co10 with it.

MSM Burning Tongue and Lips

2 days ago
Posted by patricia (fairfield, usa) on 07/18/2024

i have been using msm for many years with good results and suggested to my boyfriend but when he uses only 3 drops he says it burns his lips and tongue. so after using citric acid activator I tried giving him the hcl activator and he said that burned more. wondering if any one is having this experience as I cannot understand why. I brush my teeth using 3 drops in 3 tablespoons of water and never had a problem.

Melatonin Topical Pain Relief Question for Art

2 days ago
Posted by Julie C (Louisiana ) on 07/18/2024


Regarding the melatonin recipe you gave - would using a coconut oil be an alternative to the lotion? Thank you!

Supplements for UTI

2 days ago
Posted by Alicia (Severna Park, MD) on 07/18/2024

Garden of life Probiotics Urinary tract+ (no refrigeration required)

Cystex UTI pain relief + bacterial control

U.T. Vibrance D-mannose

Lifesource vitamins - All natural anti-B

I took all of these supplements day of first feeling of UTI pain - woke up with intense pain.

Day 2 I have no symptoms and never has this happened even with antibiotics.

I think the probiotics is the game changer. Good luck!

 Re: Shingles in Mouth

2 days ago
Posted by Lydia (Amsterdam) on 07/18/2024

Keep in mind shingles could be a sign of internal malignancy. ask your doctor to do more investigation. if he doesn't know about shingles as a first sign of malignancy (in some cases) see a more experienced doctor. also see a homeopath to guide you, or just try the remedies listed in the article.

you'll need to know this as well:


 Re: Shingles in Mouth

2 days ago
Posted by Lydia (Amsterdam) on 07/18/2024

Read what shingles are and what to do about it

excerpt from this article:

Post Herpetic Neuralgia: In some cases, even after the shingles blisters have resolved, the pain continues to be present. This condition is known as post-herpetic neuralgia. Postherpetic neuralgia is most commonly seen with shingles in the mouth which occurs when the mandibular division or the maxillary part of the trigeminal nerve is involved.

I do have from time to time a small cluster shingles like rash on my torso and homeopathic remedies do work wonderfully and really fast

The article lists specific remedies for specific shingles conditions.

  Re: Toddler With Mono and Low Immunoglobulin A

2 days ago
Posted by Debbie (New York ) on 07/18/2024

Hello … I'm replying to ur post because I also was just diagnosed with RNG (tissue disease) I have not had any of the problems that u have incurred.. my heart goes out to u and hope u find some remedies that will take ur pain away ..

  Re: DMSO for Neuropathy

2 days ago
Posted by Marsh (Colorado) on 07/18/2024

I was just about to ask if anyone at EC has tried DMSO. A few months ago, at night, the bottom of my feet began feeling warm and 'stuffed', it then moved up to the calf area. Not all the time and not both extremeties at the same time. I applied DMSO when the sensation occurs and it's disappeared on several occasions. I've noticed that if I cheat by eating sugar or drink even a little wine, it reappears. After reading about neuropathy on EC, I'm going to try Dr. Berg's Keto diet and start on ALA. Thank God for EC.

  Re: Numbness From Diabetic Neuropathy

2 days ago
Posted by Marsh (Colorado) on 07/18/2024

I too crave sweets, love them! To avoid, I just don't purchase. Instead keep on hand fresh and organic blueberries, bananas (eat only 1/2) that still have a little green, apples (a few thin slices, raspberries, blackberries and some sweet treats that use monk fruit (maybe stevia) as sweetener. Try giving up sugars for a week, remind yourself the damage that's caused by it and the cravings usually lessen. Good luck!

Shingles in Mouth

2 days ago
Posted by Kaitii (Norfolk Island) on 07/18/2024

Hi everyone, I've had ulcers in my mouth and have been struggling with this for a couple of weeks now. Doing what I can naturally but not a great deal of relief so decided to go to the doctors. He told he it was shingles. I've never heard of anyone getting shingles in their mouth. Has anyone else experienced this dreadful thing? Any advice would be greatly received. Many thanks in advance ... Kaitii xx

  Re: Seeking Daily Dosage of Nattokinase with A-Fib

3 days ago
Posted by Healthnut (Marietta, GA) on 07/17/2024

Thank you for the explanation. I am so glad it doesn't stand for the typical American "FU"

 Can Borax Help Vasculitis?

3 days ago
Posted by Uncertain (la) on 07/17/2024

Thank you Art. You are a gem.

 Re: Husband Diagnosed With Micro Papillary Bladder Cancer

3 days ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 07/17/2024

Dr. John R. Christopher's "the incurables" - cancer is, apparently, one of the easier issues to fix.

  Re: Alkalizing for BV

3 days ago
Posted by Ginger (Midland) on 07/17/2024

Will limes work just the same in water as lemons?

  Re: Diatomaceous Earth

4 days ago
Posted by Pam E. (SW California) on 07/16/2024

FOOD GRADE D.E. is no more dangerous to breathe than everyday, organic, house & garden dust.

The D.E. that is so dangerous to breathe is HEAT TREATED so that the water soluble mineral (silica) within it becomes crystalised nearly throughout, so has a very large percentage of sharp & dangerous edges throughout it. This of course causes a lot of tissue damage, whether ingested or breathed in... .

However, FOOD GRADE D.E. has extremely small & few sharp edges, so that it doesn't even cause harm to ingest it ... in fact, it has actually been found to improve digestion, as well as health in general, to have it added in acceptable amounts to one's diet ... whether human or animal.... OF COURSE, breathing it is no more a good idea than breathing organic house or garden dust ... dust just isn't good for our lungs. However, it CANNOT do the harm that the Pool-Gade, HEAT-TREATED D.E. is very capable of!

I invite you, & anyone else who wants to understand how safe F.G.D.E. is, to please read this article:

"The difference between Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Pool Grade Diatomaceous Earth"

- Amorphous Silica in F.G.D.E. vs Crystalline Silica in Pool/Filter-Grade D.E. - Explained