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 Re: Severe Stomach Pain for 3 Years

Wed, 25 Nov 20 19:25:37 -0800
Posted by GTcharlie (Los Angeles) on 11/25/2020


From TCM theory, it might be the cold and wind that is causing the intestinal contractions, then the pain. If the belly is cold to the touch, feeling hard and stiff, then try this home remedy that costs only a few dollars: make a cloth pouch large enough, or just an old T-shirt, to wrap up up to a pound of large grain rock salt or sea salt.

Pan fry (the traditional way) the loose salt grains, or microwave the pouch/T-shirt pack to a bearable temperature, lay it flat on the belly button area. Moving it around for an even warm up. Reheat and reuse. If heating helps, when leaving home for work, or at bedtime, apply a bean size Capsaicin Cream 0.025% into the inside of the belly button, use a bandaid to cover it. The heat would last for many hours. It also helps with pains too.

Rubbing the belly area with a full palm in a circular motion with hard presses, not just slide across the skin, keep changing directions might help with gas, bloating and bowels. As for the occasional sharp pain, I cannot think of any cause to it except, just a big speculation, he might have worms.

Hope it helps a bit. Best of luck to your friend.

 Re: Severe Stomach Pain for 3 Years

Wed, 25 Nov 20 19:24:53 -0800
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 11/25/2020

Joshua, he might want to try to stay away from sugar, dairy and gluten for 2-3 weeks and see if that makes any difference.

Severe Stomach Pain for 3 Years

Wed, 25 Nov 20 12:04:20 -0800
Posted by Joshua (New York) on 11/25/2020

Hey all, I have a friend who has been suffering for 3 years (increasingly worse as time goes on) from a severe stomach pain. He's at a point where he's losing hope. I am asking on behalf of him for any potential leads/ideas for what a solution or treatment could be. Thank you in advance.

1. Symptom:

Continuous contraction of stomach throughout the whole day. The stomach area is always hard and stiff making it uncomfortable. Occasional sharp pain throughout the right and bottom large intestine area (looking at the body from 3rd person perspective). Ongoing for three years.

2. Tests Performed:

- comprehensive examination

- Endoscope for Large Intestine and stomach

- Visits to Korean Medical Clinics

3. Test Results:

Minor inflammation in the stomach and intestine linings

4. Attempted Treatments (none led to improvement):

- Digestive Medicine

- Diets for gastrointestinal disorders

- Probiotic diet

- Korean 8 constitutional medicine

- Korean Herb Medicine

- Massage/ Exercises

- Some spiritual Treatment (Ancestral Liberation, Wish paper, Special Liberation, Condition)

  Re: Lecithin for Psoriasis

Wed, 25 Nov 20 12:01:41 -0800
Posted by M. (Maryland) on 11/25/2020

To lecithin for cholesterol and that you never had high cholesterol. How much lecithin did you use? Was it soy lecithin? Thanks.

  Re: Severe Hemorrhoid Pain

Wed, 25 Nov 20 09:57:44 -0800
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 11/25/2020

Art, no I haven't heard that high dose melatonin could help. Is the help temporary or more permanent? And, what dosage are we talking about here? I'm willing to try that. I had looked at the LDN some time ago and don't remember why I didn't try it, is it by prescription? That's usually the only thing that stops me from trying something. Thanks again for all your help.

  Re: Tea Tree Oil for Sinus Infections

Wed, 25 Nov 20 09:57:10 -0800
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for your post, Faye.

According to Dr. Ivker, fungal sinusitis is the most common cause of chronic sinusitis. In fact, Dr. Ivker has seen this in 92% of his patients over the last 20 years. “It's become quite common because of widespread use of antibiotics, and the S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet), which fuels this fungal infection, ”.

A 2003 study examined tea tree oil as a treatment for the common yeast infection strain Candida albicans, including 14 drug-resistant derivatives. During lab testing, they found that the oil was effective against all strains.

A follow-up test on rats confirmed these results. The oil cleared drug-resistant infections in rats after three weeks of treatment. Untreated rats or those treated with common yeast infection drug (fluconazole) remained infected at the conclusion of the study.

The main benefit of using tea tree oil to relieve headache/fever/sinus symptoms caused by infection. An alternative to antibiotics and chemical treatments. Tea tree oil contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it an ideal remedy. Tea tree oil helps in sinus headaches by getting to the root of the problem—microbial infection. It also reduces the severity of inflammation of the sinuses so that the mucus can be drained more efficiently. The anti inflammatory property of tea tree oil reduces the inflammation which causes the pain of a migraine. Various studies show that tea tree oil is indeed a potent fighter of inflammation, helping in a wide array of inflammatory diseases [7, 8, 9].

When my sinus get ready bad, I use a nasal sprayer re-purposed for tea tree oil.

Here is a good recipe:

Material needed:

*Saline Nasal Squeeze Bottle (New with saline water inside purchase from any thrift store for $2)

*Tea tree oil

1. Remove nasal tip from Saline Nasal Squeeze Bottle with needle nose pliers and a piece of paper towel around the nasal tip to prevent scaring the tip.

2. Add 1 to 20 drops tea tree oil depending on your tolerance. (20 drops in 1.5oz saline solution = around 2.5% dilution)

3. Re-cap nasal tip to bottle. Shake bottle well every time because saline/water and oil don't really want to mix together and spray up each nostril at least 3-4x/daily.

4. If you are having chronic sinusitis issues, plan on doing this remedy for at least 3 weeks to fully resolve your problem.

  Re: Lecithin for Psoriasis

Wed, 25 Nov 20 09:55:57 -0800
Posted by Sharon (Missouri) on 11/24/2020

I had psoriasis. (for decades) and the only thing that would clear it up was lecithin. When I first learned of it, I found gel caps that I was taking (1gram) 3x a day, it did start going away, and I looked for other sources, and found lecithin granules which I started taking 1tbl 3x a day which finally mostly got rid of it. But I never could totally get rid of it on my scalp.

I had severe psoriasis, had seen many doctors, and none could help me. Until I read Let's Get Well by Davis....there are clean organic sources of lecithin you can give her.

Good luck. I got the lecithin from a vitamin store. I took it every day for over 30 years, never had high cholesterol either.

  Re: NAC as Preventive & Cure for Covid

Wed, 25 Nov 20 09:53:29 -0800
Posted by sharon (Missouri) on 11/24/2020
0 out of 5 stars


Some people are sensitive to NAC, and it will raise the blood pressure in their lungs, make them feel breathless and raise their heart rate. So if you're taking NAC and experience shortness of breath and pounding heartbeat, it's the NAC.

I am very allergic to NAC. I also started taking niacinamide (250mg) and had the same symptoms. After doing some research online, I found that niacinamide is the precursor to NAC. So I stopped taking the niacinamide.

Coconut Oil Enema for Colitis

Wed, 25 Nov 20 09:51:36 -0800
Posted by Sharon (Missouri) on 11/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I just found this article, about coconut oil, I am so excited. I have IBS. I also oil pull (oral) daily and have for 15 years. I do it for 20 minutes before bed. Reading this article about coconut enema healing a severe colitis issue, I wanted to share here. I know there are people here that need to hear this, and have this article.

Acetone for Cold Sores

Wed, 25 Nov 20 09:49:16 -0800
Posted by Jennifer (San Francisco) on 11/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Acetone for cold sores works. I also have used ice directly early on for a few hours off and on and that helps too.

However, the MOST important thing you can do to PREVENT cold sores is to NEVER consume ANY artificial sweeteners, which all contain aspartame, including almost any type of gum these days, diet sodas, diet drinks of ANY form, etc, as the aspartame WAKES the virus and activates cold sores. I have not had a cold sore in many years as a result of avoiding aspartame. Hope this helps someone.

  Re: MSM Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis, But Causes Heart Palps and Breathing Issues

Wed, 25 Nov 20 09:43:30 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 11/24/2020

MSM is interesting. As it works, it needs lots of vitamin C and it lowers other things. Go to the MSM page here and read up a bit may help you use it for relief and gain all its benefits. Blessings, charity

Hydrogen Peroxide for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Tue, 24 Nov 20 16:51:54 -0800
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 11/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I have inadvertently discovered an incredibly simple treatment for dark circles under the eyes..

I have always had dark circles under my eyes, and they are especially noticeable in the fall and winter. If I eat something with a lot of sugar, my dark circles are twice as dark the next morning, so my best remedy to date was simply to cut back on sugar and wheat. Helpful but not a cure. I have tried a lot of remedies and products over the years to see what could help this issue!

I have now tested this remedy on and off for a year and can confirm, it really works for dark circles.

My remedy is 5 drops of 12% food-grade hydrogen peroxide in a large glass of distilled water, taken twice a day. Within a few hours of taking it for the first time, I noticed the darkness under my eyes reduced by 50%. By the second day, about 80%.

Along with dark circles, I've noticed an immediate improvement in digestion and tons of energy.

If I stop drinking h2o2, the dark circles come back.

  Re: Severe Hemorrhoid Pain

Tue, 24 Nov 20 16:26:11 -0800
Posted by Art (California) on 11/24/2020


With diarrhea, hemorrhoids can be caused by sitting on the toilet frequently for extended periods of time as you wait for the diarrhea to stop. The hard seat significantly reduces normal blood flow to the area which can cause hemorrhoids.

Have you looked into LDN or high dose melatonin(HDM) for the IBS-D. Low dose melatonin may be useful for IBS-C.


  Re: MSM Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis, But Causes Heart Palps and Breathing Issues

Tue, 24 Nov 20 16:25:51 -0800
Posted by If it 13 (Ireland) on 11/24/2020

Did you ever go for a massager? There is one on eBay and Amazon websites. It's a shoulder massager with straps at both sides. When using it, go deep and then don't do it for few days to recover. Then redo it and don't be afraid to lie back to a wall etc but get to the muscle and keep it on it. You will get great relief after a few days. Go on the internet and see diagrams of where the muscle is and go along it with the massager.

Coconut Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil for Shingles

Tue, 24 Nov 20 12:09:08 -0800
Posted by Pam B. (Mobile, Alabama ) on 11/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I've had Shingles a few times. The experts will tell you they last 2-4 weeks. I had an area on my chest. Twice a day I applied coconut oil and a few drops of Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil. It worked for me. The Shingles were gone in 10 days.

Antifungal Cream for Ringworm Helping Dry Shingles

Tue, 24 Nov 20 12:07:38 -0800
Posted by Christine (Malaga, Spain) on 11/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Antifungal Cream for Shingles

Well, here we are on vacation and in lockdown and my partner is laid low with his first case of shingles. Travelling as we are and without our usual pharmacopoeia of natural remedies, we had to try what we have on hand and it happened to be clotrimazole antifungal cream. Within a couple of hours, the pain and sensitivity subsided and the sores were more localized. Thank you everyone for salvaging an already strange vacation.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Causing Cancer

Tue, 24 Nov 20 06:35:16 -0800
Posted by Andrew (Penang) on 11/23/2020

Hi, yes, h202 is a strong oxidant, but if you have read William Campbell's book reviewing over 6000 scientific studies, you would have known this:

(1) Our human cells have lots of catalase, and this enzyme decomposes h202 right away when the chemical enters the body, releasing oxygen and water.

(2) Also, the h202 stimulates the enzymatic system in the body to produce many more times oxygen than that released by the intake of h202 alone.

(3) Read more brother on the scientific studies behind h202 in the body, and do not just use logic and frighten the masses with your chemistry knowledge of h202 being a powerful corrosive oxidant.

(4) But you are right in your logic for some animals though. Some domestic animals have low catalase in their bodies and will die quickly if they drink even a bit of 3 percent h202.

Read the book and find out which animals. Do your homework.


  Re: Glyconutrients for Cataracts

Tue, 24 Nov 20 06:33:48 -0800
Posted by D (San diego) on 11/23/2020

Which brand did you use? My mother is blind is almost blind in both eyes. Please help and give suggestions if effective.

  Re: Severe Hemorrhoid Pain

Mon, 23 Nov 20 16:39:00 -0800
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 11/23/2020

Hi GertJr, I have had plenty of clumsy of my own, No worries : ) Love, Charity

Onion Poultice for Sinus Issues

Mon, 23 Nov 20 16:38:47 -0800
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/23/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Onion Poultice

I have used this remedy many times to resolve sinus issues and migraines. I first heard of it thru Romanian and Appalachian Folk Remedies. It can also be used for fever, headaches, sinus infections (especially the frontal sinus cavities located just behind your eyes in the brow region).

Onions are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, relieves congestion in the body, help immune system function, detoxify the body, People use onion juice in their ear for earache and rubbed onion juice on their forehead for fever. Onions contains active phytochemical that can reduce the effect of fever, relieve pain and prevent cold. Onion poultice can be used to draw out congestion from the lungs, lymph nodes or anywhere on the body and facilitate healing instead of running to the doctor for meds.


For those persons who suffer a lot from the common cold or chest congestion, they would do well to drink a cup of hot onion/garlic tea several times each day. The tea assists in loosening up stopped sinuses and unplugging the bronchial system. This same dosage of tea will clean out any bladder/liver/kidneys problems too. When applied externally, fresh onion juice prevents bacterial and fungal infections.

How to Make an Onion Poultice:


  • Paper towel
  • 1 onion (red, white, yellow your choice)
  • 1 tablespoon ginger powder sprinkled over it, (optional)
  • Roller pin or coffee mug to crush onion


  • Slice off 2 slices off the onion about ¼ inch thick. Chop the onion slices into little bits. The onion bits should be as small is you can get them.
  • Place the chopped onions in the middle of the paper towel, (sprinkle ginger powder over it optional) and wrap it “burrito style”, that is, fold the longer sides over the onions first and then fold the ends.
  • Now used a rolling pin or similar device (I use the flat edge of the knife and press), roll over the onions to crush them releasing their juices so it is absorbed into the paper towel cloth.

The onion poultice is now ready to place on the forehead of the person suffering from head pain. You can secure it in place with saran wrap and ace bandage.

Leave the onion poultice in place for 20 minutes (I leave it on for 2 hours with no problems). It can be gently reheated in the microwave and reused as necessary throughout the day. It is best to make a fresh onion poultice every 24 hours or so.

I also suggest drinking onion/garlic/ginger/honey tea 2 – 3 times daily til sinus/head pain issue is resolved.