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  Re: Questions for Art

3 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 09/24/2022


I don't normally recommend brands. You can consider Swanson as they usually have reasonable prices for both NAC and Quercetin.

The first consideration will be establishing the effective dose for NAC and starting at 600 mg~ 1200 mg /day as already established in other health issues. It will come down to trial and error. Not knowing exactly what is causing the allergic response, it is hard to know the answer to how long will you need to take them, but first you have to establish that these two supplements are helping. You already know the dosing for Quercetin.

Lastly, you might also consider adding Xlear Nasal Spray as it has both Grapefruit Seed Extract and Xylitol in it and can kill pathogens and breakdown biofilms in the nasal passages. Here is a link:

Let us know how you make out with these options.


  Re: Castor Oil for Abscessed Tooth

3 days ago
Posted by keyanna (Ontario Canada) on 09/24/2022

William, what did you do with the castor oil on the painful jaw and tooth?

I am in a lot of pain as I believe under the cap on a back tooth is abscessing...jaw pain and face and ear on that side as well as the gum throbbing away and piercing pain at times.

The dentist filed down the tooth on top to stop grinding on the infected tooth.

Might have to go to a dental surgeon...ack.

right now I am swishing with castor oil for the first time for 15 minutes as I read on this site.

any further ideas how to use the castor oil for this?

Thank you for any feedback.

  Re: Treating Parasites Helped the Thyroid

3 days ago
Posted by Kristina (Pennsylvania) on 09/24/2022

I too have cured hypothyroidism by ridding my body of parasites.

  Re: Polymorphous Light Eruption

3 days ago
Posted by CJ (Santa Barbara, CA) on 09/24/2022

Eucerin Brand "Sun Allergy Protect" 50SPF sunscreen and "Eucerin's "Sensitive Relief After Sun Lotion" are both very helpful and have been formulated specifically for helping with this auto immune condition. Amazon, Walmart, eBay often have them and the names of the products change slightly depending on which country they are coming from.

  Re: Clove Oil Doesn't Help Sensitive Tooth After Crown

3 days ago
Posted by LN (UK) on 09/24/2022

I bought some "dequaspray" for sore throat and found I couldn't use it. not saying it wouldn't work but the sensation was too weird for me. However I have painted it onto aching teeth and sore gums within the family a few times and it has brought immediate and great relief. I think it contains lignocaine and that's what does it. Good for tooth emergencies.

  Re: Colloidal Silver for Lung Infection and Earache Causing Side Effects?

3 days ago
Posted by Dan (NV) on 09/24/2022

I take Sovereign Silver ( colloidal silver) two teaspoons 3 times a day.
No issues so far, we have been consuming for several years now. All in my family..
Next, it's good if the body temperature rises, that means your immune system is working perfectly. Take proper rest and temperature will come down.

  Re: Questions for Art

3 days ago
Posted by Dave (Burton ) on 09/24/2022

Thank you Art! So helpful! I will try those supplements. How long should I take those supplements? Is there any specific brans best for those supplements? If you recommend that will be great!

 Re: Mesh Removal Damage Has Left Friend in Serious Pain

3 days ago
Posted by Vicki (Indiana) on 09/24/2022

Adelle Davis did specifically mention cross-eyed symptom as having been helped with vit. E. She did not give a dosage but the 670 mg. dosage of the natural vit. E at Walmart could be tried for a while to see if that improves the condition.

  Garlic for High Blood Pressure

4 days ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 09/23/2022
5 out of 5 stars

You can normalize blood pressure in three months with garlic, but when you add enough cayenne, it can happen in three days. From the book: Curing With Cayenne by Sam Biser and Dr. Richard Schulze

  Re: Remedies for Diabetic Neuropathy

4 days ago
Posted by Craig (MI) on 09/23/2022

What is considered a high dose of B6?

  Re: Arjuna for AFib

4 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 09/23/2022


That post is from last year and in case you do not get the information you are seeking about Arjuna and might be interested in another option, the following may be of interest to you :

Here is a relevant quote :

' Chronic melatonin supplementation, either in physiological or pharmacological ranges, protects against arrhythmias [8, 21, 97, 163, 169, 189, 191, 192]. Beyond the reported antioxidant properties of melatonin, it reduces severe ventricular arrhythmias by antifibrotic mechanisms, electrical remodeling, direct mitochondrial protection, myocardial Cx43 preservation via PKC signaling, and vitamin D-HSP70/AT1 counterbalance (Figure 2). '


  Re: Need Help for Friend With Bronchiectasis

4 days ago
Posted by Lucy (USA) on 09/23/2022

I was just reading through Ted's remedies for Kidney Disease and came across one of his replies stating that high blood pressure can be caused by MMS.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar, Food Grade Peroxide Helping Hair Loss and More!

4 days ago
Posted by JJ (El Paso, Texas ) on 09/23/2022

How much of each ACV and food grade hydrogen peroxide as well as what percent of the hydrogen peroxide is taken to combat hair loss? Thank you!

  Water Kefir for Pinworms

4 days ago
Posted by Angelina (New Jersey) on 09/23/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I started drinking kefir to heal my gut microbiome and passed a bunch of these worms in my stool. I'm still using kefir and working on getting rid of them, but kefir really got the ball rolling.

  Re: Side Effects From Liver Cleanse

4 days ago
Posted by Gegina (florida) on 09/23/2022
0 out of 5 stars

Same happened to me... Trying to detox changed my health to the point of feeling no return? Anxiety panic 24/7 Pain all over body, hard to think, organize easy task are so difficult. Never had it before. It's been almost 4 years still trying to find my old happy go lucky self. Nightmare. Beware of detoxing without a highly qualified professional in my opinion.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Yogurt for Dogs

4 days ago
Posted by Christina (Ontario) on 09/23/2022

I have done a lot of reading on what will work for yeast infections in dogs. Our Bichon / English Bull Dog has suffered from yeast infections his whole life. We have tried many medications /remedies some worked temporarily, but nothing has been as effective as ACV and yogurt and Melaleuca honey. I am including just one site that talks about the benefits of Melaleuca honey but if you google "Melaleuca honey for dogs" you will see that it is a popular, accepted and beneficial treatment for bacteria /fungus treatment along with AVC and yogurt.

  Re: Black Cumin for Fungus

4 days ago
Posted by Longbow_Texas (San Antonio, TX) on 09/23/2022

For toenail fungus, how much, how often, and for how long each time, for how many days?

  Re: Cranberry Extract for Severe Halitosis

4 days ago
Posted by dorothy (texas) on 09/23/2022


Which brand of cranberry extract you used and how many capsules per day?

Also, when did you take the capsules? First thing in the morning one mpty stomach or right after a meal or before sleep?

Thank you

  Re: Arjuna for AFib

4 days ago
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 09/23/2022

Would love to hear from you if you are still on the site? I just started Arjuna, and feel pretty hopeful about the a-fib I began having this year. I can feel mine, but it only happens once in awhile. The regular conventional cardios want to do all this stuff (tests, drugs) but I am on a Ketogenic diet and fixed my T2 Diabetes with just nutrition and exercise. I am wanting to try anything natural I can get to beat the a-fib as well :) Thanks much, hope to hear from you and find out how you are doing!

Cranberry Extract for Severe Halitosis

4 days ago
Posted by Zulu gal (South Africa) on 09/23/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from severe halitosis for close 10 years now and it has made my life a living hell. I have tried a plethora of different remedies, but nothing has worked for me, including the remedies that everyone on this site sings praises about - such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Probiotics, Liquid Chlorophyll, Activated Charcoal, etcetera. These help temporarily, but the stinky mouth and bad taste in the mouth always eventually return. After years of struggling to diagnose the root cause of the issue, I finally managed to pin it down to PND (post nasal drip). Managing chronic PND is expensive as it requires you to see a specialist and their rates are through the roof. Someone suggested I try cutting out gluten and dairy and perhaps going vegan to cure the issue but that wasn't feasible or affordable for me.

About a month ago, I started taking a cranberry extract (supplement) to help manage a recurring UTI and thrush problem - I swear I was getting vaginal thrush every single month. Lo and behold! Not only did the thrush and UTI issues disappear, but so did my halitosis! I was astonished! Especially because I wasn't even trying to cure the bad breath. Isn't that ironic? That I found a cure for my bad breath while attempting to treat a completely different health issue. I have no idea what's in cranberries that makes them completely get rid of bad odor. Even the little body odor I had has gone away. I don't even get morning breath! I will be forever grateful to cranberries for this. I had no idea that the solution to my problem was staring me in the face all along.

P.S. This solution works even better if you drink a lot of water (2 liters daily) and practice good oral hygiene. The solutions to all our health issues really can be found in nature!