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 Re: Seeking Info on DMSO and Other Natural Treatments for Bronchiectasis

4 days ago
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/18/2022

I would begin with Teds insights under whatever category you need. Ted from Bangkok, Thailand (

Most hospitals begin with saline IV which improves most conditions. Dr. Batmanghelidj says the body produces histamine any time the water mineral balance is off kilter. Minerals are salts usually. Most allergy or auto immune issues are connected to histamine and many drugs have anti histamines in them. His Asthma book is very informative, with lots of pictures to explain things.

Gut health affects absorption of minerals. Salts thin mucus.

Heaters dry out the air and humidifiers help with lung issues, and I take an expectorant to clear up mucus issues.

Astragalus is amazing stuff. 10 Proven Health Benefits of Astragalus - Healthy Focus

Coconut oil, water, or meat all can heal the body as it is anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal,

vitamiin D -3 with K-2 helps our bodies heal

Is Diatomaceous Earth Contraindicated With Diverticulitis?

4 days ago
Posted by Petal (New Zealand) on 01/18/2022

Hi, I want to know if Diatomaceous earth can be bad if someone has diverticulitis?

 Re: Need Help for Gallstone Stuck in Bile Duct for 10 Years, Now Elderly

4 days ago

Seeking Info on DMSO and Other Natural Treatments for Bronchiectasis

4 days ago
Posted by EmmausRoad (Florida) on 01/18/2022

I have been reading the posts about COPD and various methods of treatment and it has created more questions than answers! I've been suffering with Bronchiectasis for over ten years now. I have reached the "anti-biotic resistance" stage and so am looking for alternatives.

I noticed no one talks about clearing methods for phlegm. I learned that at the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville. I don't think I would be here today if not for that one simple technique.

I met a gentleman the other day that drinks DMSO for arthritic pain and he reported amazing results. That got me thinking about it for my Bronchiectasis. I found several posts on the subject here, but not enough information to create my own treatment plan.

I also am interested in using CS and HP, but would like some info on specific amounts to use and frequency of use.

A referral to any articles, or other information in regard to these questions would be most appreciated! I am due to see an infectious disease doctor in February and I can't imagine what kind of heinous drug they might want to resort to.

  Re: Lysine for Herpes

4 days ago
Posted by Deb (Mass) on 01/18/2022

I cured a friend's herpes with lysine.

  Would Love More Info on Castor Oil for Insomnia

4 days ago
Posted by Deb (Mass) on 01/18/2022

Castor oil for insomnia? id like to hear about that.

 Re: Need Help for Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain After Menopause

4 days ago
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/18/2022

As I read your post, I felt like you were on antibiotics and your gut health is off. I could be hearing wrong. We go through many things that can be stressful and alter our health. Empty nest is a big one and then weddings, births, and funerals. Our body uses cholesterol to make hormones. I crashed and burned at 50 and dental work is a big wrench in the works. The white fillings can be estrogenic.

Official Website of John R. Lee, M.D., Expert in Progesterone and HRT (

I am hypothyroid but gut health can even mess up cures

What are the Real Causes of Thyroid Problems? – Dr.Berg - YouTube

  Re: Food Grade Peroxide

4 days ago
Posted by Deb (Rutland Ma) on 01/18/2022

It's all over the internet, dating back to the 1800"s, with all these people's testimonies, I doubt that they take the time out to be on this site and take the time to type a lengthy paragraph, . I don't know of any more proof that you need.

  Re: Silica 30c Homeopathic for Tooth Abscess

4 days ago
Posted by Melinda (Utah) on 01/18/2022

Silica and Silicea are the same thing. This is the regular silica not the silica marina.

  Re: Mild Symptoms Helped With These Supplements

4 days ago
Posted by Julie (WA) on 01/18/2022

Thank you, Marsh.

Mr. "I just got my booster! " brought it home to the rest of us (confirmed through his healthcare provider.) Been ripping through the household, and I confess that I was unprepared. Severity for household members tied to immune system health. I have more than one co-morbidity and am on Day 5 with a 101+ fever. 60-something member who is fit and healthy 3 days. Jabbed was 4 days. Daughter who just got out of the hospital with a C-section is on Day 10. Healthy 20s was 36 hours. 3 year old was overnight. I'm having a hard time forgiving his ignorance and inconsideration. Sigh. Will try these things, as much as we have.

  Re: Is Taking Borax in Tea Ok?

4 days ago
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 01/17/2022

If you drink tap water you are kinda defeating the purpose. The borax will stay busy detoxing incoming fluoride and never get around to the accumulation in your body. You need to discontinue the use of fluoridated water for any drinking or cooking and use only nonfluoride tooth products. I'd say in your tea is fine but make the tea with distilled water or mineral water

 Re: Recurring Impetigo on Chin - Someone Else in House Might Be a Carrier

4 days ago
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/18/2022

Copied from

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand

I can take baking soda and citrates can be taken along with antibiotics without any problems, but antibiotics often leads to vitamin deficiencies, in particular is the thiamine vitamin B1, but I may have to take vitamin complex (usually the B50 or B100), but not necessarily everyday, such as twice a week, being the average.

It should be noted that the impetigo is a group of streptococcus or staphylococcus aureus, and they tend to grow best whenever the body is acid (metabolic acidosis) and the body is low on magnesium.

Taking the magnesium citrate 500 mg, which is a higher than average, taken for 5 days a week, when there's a sign of problem as more is needed. I used citrates, bicarbonate more as a form of antibiotic, as well as the zinc acetate or zinc gluconate. Perhaps I am not so lucky but traditional antibiotics is not working for me at all, perhaps you might be lucky then me. A topical application of milk of magnesia 50% in a solution of 1% H2O2 applied to the nose area, just the area affected can kill them.

Another possible formula in case the impetigo is not due to streptococcus or staphylococcus aureus, which seems in at least one case lead to lupus (their origin may have started from nanoinsects as a carrier), and I might try borax in hydrogen peroxide 1% topically in the nose area. These are two formula I like to use.

  Re: Ivermectin

4 days ago
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 01/17/2022

Ivermectin is not a horse de-wormer. It is used for that but that is not its first use.

  Re: Serpina for Anxiety

4 days ago
Posted by Diana (California ) on 01/17/2022

Hello Joseph, thank you for sharing.

Could you take the herb when taking antidepressants? Thank you.

 Re: Brother With Diabetes - Update

4 days ago
Posted by Betty (CA) on 01/17/2022

Brother's A1C is down to 10.6

Glucose down to 160 average 1 hr after meals.

Thank you, Art. He is making progress! Can't wait for him to come home so we can add melatonin.

  Re: Lugol's Iodine for Bladder Infections

4 days ago
Posted by Jamielynn (MT) on 01/17/2022

Hi I am really curious, have you been able to beat a UTI more than one occasion with this stuff?? I currently have a UTI and am willing to try anything except synthetic antibiotics.

  Re: Ivermectin

4 days ago
Posted by nick (new brunswick) on 01/17/2022

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for the Where are they located? Did you order form them?

  Re: 3 Different Cures for COVID

5 days ago
Posted by Gillian on 01/17/2022

Hi Arn,

Can you provide details of the selenium study, please?

  Re: Kefir Sold in Grocery Stores for Diabetes

5 days ago
Posted by Rob S. (USA) on 01/17/2022

No, the bacteria is dead by the time it gets out of the machine that made it & is limited in strains.

Go with homemade kefir. All you need are some grains and 100% whole milk.

This company is the best in my view everything you require is on the site including instructions.

Each person is different, so you need to try different things until you find something that works for you. From experience & advice from an MD & naturopath, I started with Berberine & Bitter Melon x3 times daily, it worked for me, but I got a better effect by adding cinnamon in green-black tea daily, a strong black seed oil but only as needed = a few times a week. I also changed my diet to eliminate carbs & all sugar except when my nose begins to dry out & does not produce any mucous than I take a little lactose = milk sugar, don't overdo it a little goes a long way otherwise you will need to blow your nose all day long for a few weeks or more, it may take a few days for it to take effect as well. The main thing is to change your diet, eliminate all carbs and sugar. Lookup the DIP diet, just do a search for it. Go to YouTube and look for videos by biswaroop or go to his website, it is on the home page. he is the best, you will see this when you watch a few of his videos, you can clearly see he knows what he is talking about.

Need Help for Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain After Menopause

5 days ago
Posted by Suzette (Currently Illinois, but moving to Tennessee ) on 01/17/2022

Hello friends,

I have had hypothyroidism since going through menopause and turning 50. I've always been between 100lbs to 110lbs my entire life until turning 50 and going through menopause as well as getting hypothyroidism. Once that happened I shot up to 160lbs. I'm horrified! I desperately need help! I'm currently taking 88mcg of levothyroxine, but that hasn't helped. Then I read on here about taking iodine, but then when I read about iodine on WebMD, they said it makes you gain weight. I'm thinking they are talking about a different iodine....I hope.

I have a friend who told me to take 20 drops of Lugol's Iodine on my wrist. I have been doing that the past few days, but it leaves my arms very orange. I'm willing to live with that if it actually will help me lose weight, but I'm desperate and doctors are of zero help since all they do is keep changing my thyroid medication. I also heard about PURE ESSENTIALS thyroid pills and got those and have been taking those.

Am I taking too much? It only been about a week for the pills and a few days with the iodine. Am I doing things right or wrong? Would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance!