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Linen for Sleep Issues +

7 days ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 04/13/2024

I've just been reading that blind people have trouble sleeping but that linen sheets and pillow cases create a significant difference.

Along with the sleep issue, I've come across reports of linen pillow cases doing tremendous things for other issues before but, apparently linen sheets, pajamas and other clothing are useful for all sorts of issues.

I was looking at this because I got some new yoga pants for sleeping and was having "bursitis" (undiagnosed) pains in my thighs and someone suggested wearing my old pj pants, instead. So, last night, I slept in my old pj pants and NO PAIN!

I've always known of the magical properties of linen and that it can prevent bedsores but NEVER heard of it helping with so many things like this. But it actually makes sense, just due to the electromagnetic "frequency" of linen but still, WOW! I've always said linen was like a "mother", providing precisely what's needed to stay either warm or cool, as opposed to cotton, but apparently it does much more than that.

Oedema Back of Eye After Cataract Surgery - Please Help!

7 days ago
Posted by PamB (New Zealand) on 04/12/2024

I had poor cataract surgery done which I had to pay for. Left me with Oedema at back of the eye. They are going to "try this or that" to see if they can get rid of it. Does anyone know of a way I can do something, PLEASE!

I am 84 this year and Carer for my husband, I also have cancer and don't need another problem to deal with

Alfalfa for Dental Enamel

7 days ago
Posted by Liza (Syracuse ) on 04/13/2024

Your site about remineralizing teeth is great and very thorough! Very happy to learn that about green black walnut; yet another amazing thing about it. Alfalfa would be another great addition. According to "The Whole Foods Encyclopedia" by Rebecca Wood, it has fluorine and can rebuild tooth enamel.

  Re: MMS for LS

7 days ago
Posted by Latifa (Geneva) on 04/13/2024

L.S. Rita's feedback on her use of MMS for lichen sclerosis is most interesting. As for the internal use for eight days, gradually increasing the doses, does this mean 8 daily intakes of 125 ml? I did that last year without having knowledge of MMS benefits for lichen sclerosis and found it quite awkward with the 10 minutes abstention before and after food intake. Is there a less constraining alternative for internal use? Can some drops of essential oils be added to the MMS sit bath mixture? Can I use the aquarium MMS for the sit- bath? And for drinking water for human consumption? Does MMS neutralize and eliminate heavy metals? If yes, can this substitute Zéolith? Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

  Re: Borax Soaks

7 days ago
Posted by Cher (Alabama ) on 04/13/2024

This is not true. The underneath of the feet are tender and do absorb. This is a well-known detox pathway in Chinese! Wrapping the feet at night and putting on socks to sleep in is also highly used. Such as with a raw onion tapped under the foot or Vicks Vapor Rub.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice for Gallbladder Pain

7 days ago
Posted by Bonnie (Ontario canada ) on 04/13/2024

Doctors don't make any money off a remedy like this and they were never taught! Pharma runs the med schools, so they promote usage of their products!

  Garlic for Lung Infections

7 days ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 04/13/2024

Garlic Paste for Pneumonia

Published in 4 Health Through Nutrition April 2004

by Dr. Christopher

I remember one time we were called out to a house in the wee hours of the morning. This call was to see a little boy, under the age of tow, that had double pneumonia. The physician on the case had informed the parents that nothing more could be done and he would come back in the morning to sign the child's death certificate. Seeing as it was 40 degrees outside and nearly 50 miles from ambulance service, the parents were told that the boy, if taken by car to a hospital, would surly die.

These parents tried to get other doctors, but at that time of night, and so remote area, no one would offer help. A friend told the parents about us and tried to call us. Having been told of the boys condition we went expecting to give him the cold sheet treatment. Upon arriving there we found the water to the house frozen. We found enough liquid water in the toilet tank above the bowl to give the little chap an enema.

We were not able to give the cold sheet treatment (no water) so only the garlic paste was made up and applied. This was done after a complete massage of the body and feet. After oiling the feet upto the ankles, thoroughly, and massaging the olive oil in well, a half-inch thick of garlic paste was applied to the soles of his feet. (This is put on only the soles and not up onto the sides). Then gauze was placed over to cover the paste, bandages to hold it into place, and a loose white cotton sock was pulled over the bandages to hold them securely.

Garlic paste is made by taking freshly peeled buttons of garlic and garlic about half and half with Vaseline. This amount can vary, according to the toughness of the feet, more Vaseline for tender feet, less for thicker skin. Many of the health minded readers will be shocked by our using a low-vibration ointment like Vaseline instead of using anhydrous lanolin or some lighter more organic type.

The reasoning for this is that the lighter type ointments will penetrate more quickly into the skin, but the Vaseline will hold the garlic on the ointment form. This will also keep the garlic from blistering as easily. (A garlic blister looks bad, buy does not hurt and heals back quickly.)

The little boy was running an extremely high fever and was delirious when he was covered and put back into bed. (this was well after 2:00 am). We assured the parents the child would be all right and would get well.

A few days later we were called again by these parents. They told us that the doctor came back to sign the death certificate that next morning, but the little boy was sitting in his high chair, drinking some juice and breathing normally as if nothing had happened the night before. The doctor became so angry and demanded to know the name of the other doctor who had taken over the case before it had been released by him. He wanted a hearing by “the board” to have the other doctor thrown out of practice for going “against procedure” by taking over a case without written release. The parents asked if his “release” was the death of their child? He probably changed his mind because we were not brought before a hearing.

  Re: Trying to Locate Live Kefir Grains in Canada

7 days ago
Posted by Carol (Golden, BC) on 04/13/2024

Hello, I make my own kefir by using an instant pot and 1/2 cup of kefir mixed into 1 liter of milk and set at the yogurt setting for 8 hours, it works well. It gets thick.

  Re: Kidney Beans for Anal Itch

8 days ago
Posted by sara (the beaches) on 04/12/2024

so you just take corn starch or you added it to your recipe?

  Re: Diatomaceous Earth

8 days ago
Posted by Trish (Victoria) on 04/12/2024

How much is too much Diatomaceous earth in a day?

Colloidal Silver for Ear Mites

8 days ago
Posted by Leah (TX) on 04/12/2024

I have recently discovered that colloidal silver works with ear mites, fungal infections, parasites, and many other issues that come with cat care. You can mix it with water and mist the ears for a cleaning solution or you can put it directly into the ear. I had a cat that had ear mites very badly. They smelled and looked like coffee grounds. She was suffering. I used olive oil to suffocate the ear mites treating each ear twice a day. Now my cat was not at all cooperative but I invented a type of papoose board that I have to use when doing this. Yes, sounds traumatizing but what is worse the constant ear mite and infections or a couple minutes swaddled? After 3 days I started using the colloidal silver. I mixed 2 drops into 1 tsp. Of distilled water and put it in the ears. She was cleared up in 3 days. No coffee grounds or foul odor. I now give the colloidal silver to all my animals. 20 cats and 6 dogs and not one has suffered from any ear mites, infections, or skin issues and it's been 3 years!

  Re: Ivermectin

8 days ago
Posted by Linda (Los angeles) on 04/12/2024

Would Ivermectin work on the Eustachian tubes and rigging, from covid it's been 10months

  Re: Glutathione IV Infusions For Parkinson's Disease

8 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 04/12/2024

Hi Mari,

It may be an option worth considering to contact Dr. Mischley as she has trained dogs that sniff out the "scent of Parkinson's disease". The accuracy of her trained dogs seems to be at least as good, if not better than the currently available testing methods for PD. You would have to mail her a dirty t-shirt of your husbands so that her dogs can sniff it to help determine if your husband may or may not have PD.

Here is her contact information :

Address: 2111 N Northgate Way Suite 221, Seattle, WA 98133
Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM
Phone: (206) 525-8012
[email protected]
Here is a video of one of her trained dogs :

Beet Juice for High Blood Pressure

9 days ago
Posted by DB (Southern California) on 04/11/2024

Beet Juice for high blood pressure

About a month ago during my yearly check up, my blood pressure was in the 150's and I got the warning that I needed to come back in a month for another blood pressure test and if it was still high it was time to go on the meds. I went home and started exercising more, eating better and went to the local Whole Foods and ordered a juice with red beets every morning. Just this week went back to the doctor 20lbs lighter and the BP down at 121/72.... thank you Earth Clinic!!!

  Re: Glutathione IV Infusions For Parkinson's Disease

9 days ago
Posted by Mari (El Paso Tx) on 04/11/2024

Hello, my husband's family has a history of Parkinson's disease and we have been concerned that he may have the beginnings of this condition. There is a Doctor I like to watch on you tube from Costa Rica and his name is Alonso Vega. He has been making videos(spanish) on the importance of glutathione iv infusions to detox the brain. He does indicate that in order to be effective it must be through IV as glutathione supplements don't really work. Just food for thought how glutathione may also have a positive impact to prevent parkinson's disease. We will be taking our son to their clinic for a different condition but while we are there I will also be asking about the treatment for Parkinson.

  Re: Bloody Nose Remedy

9 days ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 04/11/2024

This is very interesting as the point you're pressing is GV26 (acupuncture/acupressure point). GV stands for "Governing Vessel" and GV 26 is known as "the center of a person" and commonly used for many issues in many emergency rooms outside the scope of the western "medicine" machine.

  Re: Warning on Levofloxacin

9 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 04/11/2024

H PayItForward,

You also might be interested in this article I wrote on torn tendons and ligaments in a friend which presumably was caused by at least three courses of Levofloxacin:


  Question for Art Re: Mold/ Fungi / Biofilms

9 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 04/11/2024

Hi Marc,

You didn't say which article you are referring to and I have written a lot, but it seems like the most important thing initially is to get out of the place that has the high mold content. In addition to remedies I mentioned in the article you read, it will likely be beneficial to also include monolaurin for it antifungal and anti inflammatory qualities.

As far as will the remedies be effective for your specific purpose, as with all supplements or prescription medications, it will come down to trial and error to find out what is most effective.


  Re: Black Seed Oil for Asthma

10 days ago
Posted by Lisa (NJ) on 04/11/2024

Hi Melissa,

How often and how much do you take of the Black seed oil. Can you put it in tea or smoothie?

Question for Art Re: Mold/ Fungi / Biofilms

10 days ago
Posted by Marc (California) on 04/10/2024

First time poster & re: Mold/ fungi / biofilms

Thank you Art for this information - I've been using GSE a short time and it seems to be helping so I've looked further and found this post.

My question: do you think this described protocol would be effective against systemic mold infection; the type from water damaged building materials or moldy wood or cellulose products? I suspect that; I have both something in the chest and sinuses and the sinus has been long term (years) undiagnosed; considered it allergies. Had exposure to WDB's in the past. Thought it may be a viral that just hangs on (long virus, or organizing pneumonia). No fever or signs of bacterial infection, no energy or exercise tolerance, constant mucous discharge. I want to go after the biofilms protecting any fungi or mold growth; then the fungi or mold themselves.

With much gratitude...

EC: Hi Marc, you didn't specify which article or post from Art you are referring to, so we put your post on this page: Please share the URL to his post if you can find it.