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  Re: Niacinamide for Dementia

5 days ago
Posted by Learner (EarthSchool) on 03/26/2023

Valerian root may benefit you. When I take it, it's like the day feels fresh and brand new. Bananas, fresh parsley, and hot peppers are similar.

Best wishes 💖

  Re: Diluting Methylene Blue

5 days ago
Posted by Edward (VA) on 03/26/2023

With a 1% solution of methylene blue 1 drop = 0.5 mg. In Sloane's book available on Amazon 6mg. or 12 drops of the 1% solution should produce noticeable benefits for a 150lb. person.

  Re: One Easy Way To Prevent or Deal with a UTI / Bladder Infection

5 days ago
Posted by Wendy (Dublin, OH) on 03/26/2023

What I'll add is the following: With any UTI, make sure you request the doctor (your regular doctor, Urgent Care, etc.) send your urine sample to the lab to do a CULTURE. This is how they determine exactly what kind of urinary tract infection you have, whether it's e-coli or, what I have had, klebsiella pneumoniae, thus what kind of antibiotic to prescribe.

I'll share my story: back in 2018, I had been getting monthly UTIs. Docs put me on 3 different antibiotics over those past months, including Cipro (which definitely messed up my hamstring!). However, after each 10-day course, I'd get another infection 4 days later! Turns out I had the klebsiella pneumoniae super-bug (lab count was greater than 100,000!), which is NOT killed off by the antibiotics (including Cipro, even though this is the go-to antibiotic for klebsiella pneumoniae!), thus causing and allowing (IMHO) the UTIs to recur. I then did my research, and discovered Oil of Oregano, which is purported to kill off the super-bug. (Additional info at this EC link:

  Re: Magnesium for Heart Palpitations

5 days ago
Posted by Shelly (Spokane WA ) on 03/25/2023

Mag oxide is the least preferred mag supplement. Not sure about allergic reactions, but I know it's the least absorbed form. Mag glycinate is best for cardiovascular issues.

  Re: L-Lysine for Cold Sores

6 days ago
Posted by Sam (Miami ) on 03/25/2023

It does work, just add vitamin C.

  Re: L-Canavanine in Alfalfa Side Effects

6 days ago
Posted by Dano (North Carolina) on 03/25/2023

L-Canavanine is only found in alfalfa sprouts. The mature plant does not contain it. It is likely used by the sprouts as a defense against animal predation.

  Re: Niacinamide for Dementia

6 days ago
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 03/25/2023

Yes, I meant to say Niacinamide. I tried Niacinamide at least a year before I started the Ginkgo Biloba.

The Niacinamide did help. It moved that blocked feeling in my thinking, However: the Ginkgo Biloba restored some things I had forgotten: names, old songs, dates etc. rather quickly.

Apple Cider Vinegar for a Bladder Infection

6 days ago
Posted by KitCat (Washington ) on 03/25/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for a Bladder Infection

This remedy WORKS!!! I woke in the middle of the night with pain when urinating. I immediately knew what it was. I've come to EC many times over the years for help so this is where I turned to first. I was hoping it worked because I had an event to attend. I immediately took 1 TBSP in water. After 15 minutes I felt better. 45 minutes later another dose, then twice more, each 45 minutes apart. I feel mostly normal. Good enough to attend my events. I will continue the ACV for at least 2 weeks. Thank you to everyone for their input.

 Re: How To Prevent Early Am Heart Failure / Attack?

6 days ago
Posted by Sam (Miami) on 03/25/2023

Thank you. I drink through the night as I my sleep is fragmented. I experience the symptoms you describe regularly, early am. They are terrifying, but doctors just brush it off. My ECGs always abnormal, they observe me for 3 days then discharge. I also have Dysautonomia. In the book “Why my brain isn't working,” Dr K. also talks about proteins. However I have no idea what is going on. Neither do doctors. In fact they don't care.

  Re: Antibiotic-Resistant UTI

6 days ago
Posted by Sam (Miami ) on 03/25/2023

Urolesan. Available on Amazon (unfortunately overpriced x10).

Active ingredients: fir oil, peppermint oil, castor oil, wild carrot liquid extract, hop cones liquid extract (1:1), wild marjoram (Origanum majorana) liquid extract. 8-10 drops on a cube of sugar or bread. Works as magic. #1 in europe.

  Re: Bloodroot

6 days ago
Posted by Christine (WI) on 03/25/2023

I heard Bloodroot only attacks cancer cells....not healthy normal cells. This from a Dr.who used it on her breast cancer and healed herself...IDK

  Re: Cream of Tartar, Essential Oils for Antibiotic-Resistant UTI

6 days ago
Posted by Christen (Capel) on 03/25/2023

Look up D-Mannose! It's the only thing that stopped my chronic uti's and can also be used in place of antibiotics to kill the uti infection.

Licorice, Marshmallows Herb for Barrett's Esophagus

6 days ago
Posted by Roxanne (NYC) on 03/25/2023

I find that I get relief from my Barrett's with licorice (Licorette's) and Dandies marshmallows (the plant not the confection),

  Re: Methylene Blue Solution Dosage

6 days ago
Posted by BabyGirl (California) on 03/25/2023

Is the 90 drops a one-time dose or daily and if so for how long? Can the 90 drops be split in a day? If a one-time treatment would one fast or...? Thanks.

  Re: Grapefruit Tea for COPD

6 days ago
Posted by Freda (Canada ) on 03/25/2023

Thanks for the post on Copd. I was just wondering what stage you and your husband were at when you were cured of Copd. Did you get diagnosed by a doctor? I have severe Copd and have never heard of a cure for it. There are many things to help it but no cure!

  Re: Oregano Oil for Leishmaniasis, a Parasitic Disease

6 days ago
Posted by Amanda (UK) on 03/25/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Antiparasitic Tincture and Oregano Oil for Leishmaniasis

I developed the same thing this year, except I caught it earlier so it was localised in two places on my face. A sore pimple appeared suddenly above my eye so I treated it with my usual anti pimple lotion and it had no effect. It grew and then erupted into a crusty sore. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life so I knew it wasn't just an acne pimple - this was different. It was also through prayer that I was shown to use Greek oregano oil. I actually wasn't sure whether it was a parasite or this leishmaniasis or what it was, but through prayer I remembered a splash of water or something had gone into my eye on a cycle a few days prior and I remember thinking at the time that I need to do something about that but had no eye drops or anything with me and then forgot about it.

I live in a temperate region but it is still the UK so I wouldn't have expected something like this here, but these strange crusty, painful sores developed and it felt as though something was crawling under my skin - in the same place and so I checked on the internet to see whether my suspicions were correct and they were. The likelihood of it being a parasite was slim but I went all out to get rid of it just in case.

I took a herbal anti parasite tincture including black walnut and used oregano oil diluted in carrier oil all over my face for about 5 days. Completely stopped the horrible movement feeling under my skin after 24hrs and stopped the crusty things getting bigger but I continued until I knew for certain they'd be gone. Unfortunately, they have two left craters in my face and although small, they're not very nice. They are genuine indentations though, so whatever it was, managed to remove layers of my skin.

I suspect it was a sandfly too.

  Re: Homemade Colloidal Silver for Lyme Disease

6 days ago
Posted by Jojo (Illinois) on 03/25/2023

Can I ask what dosage of CS you took for lyme and for how long?

  Re: Autoimmune Hepatitis

6 days ago
Posted by Dr Howard (CA LA ) on 03/25/2023

Standard Process makes great remedies the last 70 years and all are clinically tested unlike many other brands. You can contact them.
Use an organic freeze dried multi.


: Nat.sulph label 12X liver problems.Good for pancreas too and helps balance blood sugar.

You will notice a big difference soon. Give it time overall, of course.

Calc.Sulph 6X label purifies blood and liver.

Bioplasma by Hylands has 12 essential minerals in each melting tab. Label

Glandular therapy excellent. Liver extract. New Zealand Label directions.

Bath : Epsom salts label ;Sea Salt 1/2 cup Dead Sea salts best label ; Baking soda 1 cup preference USP best grade; Organic raw unfiltered non pasteurized Apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup.

Always use a good shower filter- chlorine in two water hundreds of chemicals about 67% or more absorbed through the skin which is bad for health and liver, etc.

You can use shower water filtered right into the tub!
Drink Ellis (hydrogen) Water only very powerful- machine made has 13 patents -only it's sold on Etsy and eBay (one oz. Makes one gallon). Savings! Makes 128 gallons! Use spring water. and EBay. They answer any question.
A good affirmation is: “Correct my liver.”

Correct my kidneys, my genes, stem cells, etc. Correct is key to the mind. Everything in life is based on corrections!

l have seen all this work over the years.

Bentonite USP 1/4 cup;

  Re: Multiple Remedies for Psoriasis Patches

6 days ago
Posted by Dr Howard ( CA LA ) on 03/25/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, homeopathy has many good Remedies like lycopodium and others used successfully on psoriasis. Two others are minerals cuprum or copper met. 6 th potency to 30 th. and zinc.

l read this med study and remember reading about these good remedies for psoriasis in the homeopathic materia medica published in 1927 by two MDs.
Those who dealt with the 12 Chief minerals in the body recommend for psoriasis Kali sulph 3X or 6 X the 3 X or 6X potency. Some added in rotation Kali mur 6X (which they also present for shingles).

l have my clients start with low potency say, 3X or 6X then after two or three weeks move to 12X. If the skin is improving stop if it continues. If there is improvement slows or even reverses then take three days a week MWF prior to sleep.Take under tongue.
In homeopathy lf it gets worse stop. When it subsides take MWF and observe.
I would take cuprum or copper 6X first.
Those whom refuse homeopathy can try colloidal copper. Search Amazon for a good copper. Don't know if l can give a brand here so just read up. Fill a small bottle with a mist pump and used on skin and scalp as well as orally. Follow directions on product label. Three pumps is a dose.
Wonderful for skin makes it appear younger! The appearance of Wrinkles are reduced too.
As to Lycopodium 6X MWF at bedtime every other week.

Lycopodium good for hair and skin. Vary dosages. Don't take too frequently. I just gave a guideline. You can take every three weeks or 4 then stop for a few days. Suggestions. Homeopathics are by nature time releasers then continue to work after you cease for awhile.

A good bath for skin is Epsom salts, magnesium flakes, baking soda and Dead Sea salts, apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup. Follow labels.

ALWAYS shower with a good filter. You can fill your tub with filtered water! The chemicals cause many negative conditions.Use a good anti psoriasis shampoo and conditioner.

  Re: Homeopathy - Natrum Muriaticum 30c Tablets for Grover's Disease

6 days ago
Posted by Renee (Qld ) on 03/24/2023

Do you find this to heal Grover's?? I am battling it at the moment and looking for a homeopathic.