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Vaporub for Hemorrhoids

Sat, 21 Nov 20 21:18:44 -0800
Posted by M (New Jersey) on 11/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I just had the biggest hemorrhoid ever. I couldn't close my legs or walk or sit or lay down or stand, or even wear underwear and tighter pants. It was the size of a peach pit and protruded out from my cheeks. I wanted to scream. I desperately tried ACV, sitz baths, castor oil, iodine, aloe. The castor oil soothed it a little, but didn't reduce the size of this raging behemoth. ACV didn't do anything and diluted iodine just burned. Aloe went inside my hole by accident and really stung inside all night long. The sitz baths felt good while doing them, but when I dried off, it was back to normal for ol rhoidy. Vicks is the only thing that has soothed it within a minute of application, and decreased the size by half overnight. I was able to walk, sit, and wear underwear again! In three days it went from the size of a peach pit to a small peanut. I could cry; I am so appreciative.

NOTE: I originally had a can of knock-off Vicks from Amazon (bought a while ago) that did not work at all. Why? It did not have turpentine. Turpentine is the key ingredient. I found that out from my sister and immediately went to the store and bought Vicks, and that was the key. A lot of store brands comparable to Vicks do have turpentine, but you have to check those ingredients!

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation is Causing my Throat to Burn

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:52:51 -0800
Posted by Pamaley (California) on 11/21/2020

Yes, I had this burning side effect but I was really doing a lot more unknowningly (like 15 sprays every 2 hrs-I misread the instructions 😳) So I drank 100% Aloe Vera juice and it went away.. Doing that much might have helped stopped the virus from makin me reallyill.

I totally bypassed all the miserable congestion. I know it would have been bad cz I was feelin bad malaise for 2 days...But it kept going back n forth on 5th day....then I realize I WAS NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER to flush it out...duhhh. As soon as I did...I got bck to norm.


Silicea + for Tooth Infection

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:51:13 -0800
Posted by Steeni (Fl) on 11/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

To start, I have used multiple remedies, but I feel if I had used the silicea from the start, it would not have got so bad (in and out of consciousness, I had to go to ER & get an antibiotic injection). The next day, before attempting oral antibiotic orally, I began taking Silicea and within 3 hours, began filling like myself again.:

1. pain in root of tooth, garlic helped (chew clove every 20 mins, spit, drank water) for 3 days.

2. given full mouth debridement, the pain left root, now felt in the base of the tooth, new batch of garlic was old, plus tongue burned.

3. body pains, head pain, nausea, no choice but to go to ER though I had just ordered Silicea, antibiotic injection, side effects of red itchy eye and almost threw up,

4. Activated coconut carbon paste on a tissue on a bad tooth overnight. Still didn't feel too great. Did org sunflower seed oil pulling (figured out how to do it right), felt great in terms of clarity of thought & can visibly see and feel gum line improving in the whole mouth,

5. began sipping on colloidal silver (CS), felt better but not yet myself, am continuing to put it on a paper towel and over the tooth,

6. 5 pastilles silicea under the tongue, 15 mins after and before eating, within 3 hours returning to myself

Will continue CS on gum bc the tooth tries to get infected after I eat, even after brushing

Also, I will continue sunflower seed oil pulling to help the gum line get to where it needs to be, so maybe I can avoid getting a root canal, which I'm trying to avoid. The tooth that got infected has an exposed root, and I wonder if it also has an old filling.

* I firmly feel that if I had begun the Silicea in the beginning, as well as the CS and proper oil pulling, it would never have got bad enough to go to the ER. Grateful to be on the mend and will update if a root canal is avoided.

  Re: Dietary Changes Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:42:57 -0800
Posted by Sonia (Florida) on 11/21/2020

Hi! Were you adding sugar to green tea? Thank you!

  First Time Using Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:42:34 -0800
Posted by Katherine (LA) on 11/21/2020

I've just tried pumping it into my mouth with the nasal spray for the first time. A lot gets into my throat and tongue. Is it ok to swallow this?

  Re: Treating Heart Conditions

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:41:37 -0800
Posted by vlad (NY) on 11/21/2020

Hello, ORH,

I simply described my (personal) experience with some remedies which may or may not work for other people. A person certainly must help his heart by any means, but he should also realize limitations of existing supplements - we are not yet at the point of magic bullet. I am not in panic (like my doctors observing walls movements or, rather non movements, of my heart on echo), but realistic of what kind of help is available today, so I better pay attention to more practical things, like walking, for instance, as any live being should move somehow. Some people in the same situation do pretty well with their will power management, breathing, which you mentioned, etc. You are asking how many EDTA Chelations I did? It was no less than 40, at least twice a week - pretty long study. After IV, I also tried oral EDTA capsules... but I am glad if EDTA works for you. Hawthorn and CoQ10 definitely helped me after MI. At that time nobody knew about ubiquinol but thanks god, I survived with regular ubiquinone. I tried many more but these two definitely helped. Wish you luck, ORH, be well.

  Re: Silver Pads For Leg Ulcers

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:40:25 -0800
Posted by Donald D. (FL) on 11/21/2020

What kind of Silver Pads did you purchase? I have the same problem with my left foot. Many nights without sleep and tons of pain.

Boron, DMSO for Arthritis in the Back and Neck

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:39:46 -0800
Posted by Bob. S. (USA) on 11/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I have arthritis in the back & neck real bad along with herniated discs, but what I found is that capsules of boron a supplement, taking a loading dose at first 4-5 time usual dose for 4-7 days, combined with DMSO applied topically, takes away the pain far more than the pain killer and muscle relaxant I was prescribed. I also had an epidermal to try to calm the pain, and it worked OK, but the pain just keeps coming back, normal with an epidermal, it is not permanent.

It also took away the severe headaches I started to get after the epidermal, another common side effect.

Again the DMSO and boron work better than the scripts. You can add anything else you like, including turmeric, which also helps quite a bit but don`t count on the recommended dose. You might have to up the amount according to your own needs, but all I can say is it works for me and better than any script I have been given.

Salt Tablet for Atrial Fib

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:34:45 -0800
Posted by Bob. S. (USA) on 11/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I suffer from A-Fib. I have it 24/7 but I have cut it down to a smooth rhythm with just a salt tablet, plain sodium chloride tablet you can but OTC or online at Amazon. I got the idea from taking liquid hydration for muscle cramps and running to the bathroom hoping I would not leave a trail. I think it was due to high potassium levels & not enough sodium in pure form in controlled amount but it did what no MD could do in a day, no less, it started to smooth out, it`s not perfect but vast improvement.

A foot note, US Soldiers in areas of high temperature in SE Asia had to take a salt pill every day to keep from dehydration & an anti malaria pill hydroxychloroquinee daily to prevent malaria. No reported side effects either.

Baking Soda for Nausea

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:31:28 -0800
Posted by Bob. S. (USA) on 11/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

For nausea, try a capsule of baking soda - sodium bicarbonate this you can take with you & a easier way to take it, tastes nasty in water.

It helps with Diarrhea and real fast to. For the nausea try CBD capsules either type will work, no need for full spectrum. I use this for it.

  Re: Another News Article on Dangers of Hydrogen Peroxide

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:30:20 -0800
Posted by Bob. S. (USA) on 11/21/2020

It`s also the dilution of the 35%, Nobody in their right mind would drink a cap or glass full of undiluted 35% HP.

Nobody in their right mind would use the amount`s recommended by some publications I have read either then you will wing up in the RE. This works for me, including sleep, it knocks you out right away.

I take a 1/2 gallon jug, make a mix of lemon juice & real stevia extract then just add a cap or two of the 35% HP put it in the refrigerator & take a swig or a shot glass full as needed, don`t drive or go out, you will start to fall asleep shortly there after.

I do notice that I do get diarrhea for a day or two and may not be for 2-3 days after I use it, whats going on with this I don`t know just that it happens. I also noticed that Sodium Bicarbonate helps with Diarrhea if you occasionally get it, so including it might be a good idea for more then one reason.

Bleach for Cold Sores

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:29:22 -0800
Posted by Fruitful Eden (Or) on 11/21/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Like Gloria (2009), Bleach worked for me when I have a cold sore a few years back. It made sense that it would kill a virus since that's what it says on the bottle. so I diluted a little bleach and pressed it on there until it stung and then I only had to reapply it a few times because it didn't get any worse after that.

  Why Vicks Works for Cold Sores

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:27:58 -0800
Posted by Fruitful Eden (Or) on 11/21/2020

There is also turpentine oil in Vicks vapor rub and I think it might be the turpentine oil that helps.

Bill Thompson's Candida Diet Protocol - Molybdenum Questions

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:27:30 -0800
Posted by Josh (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 11/21/2020

I've been on Bill's anti candida protocol for a day and everything is exceeding my expectations. However, I believe the Sodium Molybdnate Dihydrate was causing me some issues in my throat. How many teaspoons/quarter teaspoons etc is 900mcg of sodium molybdate? Same question for 250mg MgCl. I have the supplements in powder form.

And are other forms of Molybdneum acceptable as well in case I really am allergic to this form? (Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate in particular from Thorne and Douglas Labs). There's no mention of these other forms in Bill Thompson's Killing So Sweetly book.

  Re: Hypericum Mysorense Cured Herpes

Sat, 21 Nov 20 17:25:07 -0800
Posted by Jordan (Memphis) on 11/21/2020


Can you give us an update if hypericum has kept you both breakout free? Did you or Ali ever get tested? I have so many questions. My life is controlled by this horrendous disease. I just ordered hypericum from Biogetica. Can you tell me exactly what (else) you took? Were you on a certain diet? I would pay good money to speak with either of you guys. I've been trying for 4 years to get rid of this stupid disease. I am so desperate. Thank you for your reply!

  Sea Salt in Water for Mucus Conditions Caused Vomiting

Sat, 21 Nov 20 08:14:45 -0800
Posted by Ali (Penn) on 11/21/2020
0 out of 5 stars

I was excited to read about sea salting helping with excess mucus/phlegm as I suffer a lot with this especially first thing in the morning. As I had some sea salt I immediately took half a teaspoon with some soup and water. Within a minute I was rushing to the toilet to be violently sick. I didn't then eat until the evening. I so wanted this to work and assume that you shouldn't take it all at once. Please can you clarify how to take this.

  Food Grade Peroxide for COPD

Sat, 21 Nov 20 08:12:50 -0800
Posted by Tom (USA) on 11/21/2020

Why do you say H2O2 is "elusive" to obtain? Go to Amazon, you'll find all you want.

EC: It was elusive to obtain in 2014, when that post was written.

  Re: Borax Helps to Detox Fluoride

Sat, 21 Nov 20 08:12:01 -0800
Posted by Julie (Paris, France) on 11/21/2020

I'm using Borax too and finally discovered that it dissolves very quickly in warm water.

 Re: Sudden Serious Tooth Decay After Getting Covid-19

Sat, 21 Nov 20 08:10:44 -0800
Posted by Art (California) on 11/20/2020

Hi David,

You may find the following useful to help repair damage to your mouth:


  Citrus Bioflavonoid Hesperidin for Gum Disease

Sat, 21 Nov 20 08:10:15 -0800
Posted by Art (California) on 11/20/2020

Hi Tom,

Hesperidin is also useful for helping to restore skin barrier function and has antioxidant and antiinflammatory qualities while having an excellent safety profile!