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 Re: Treat for Tooth Abscess for Bursitis Issues

Thu, 29 Nov 18 11:24:53 -0800
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 11/29/2018

Hi Robert Henry...About 6 years ago I had an infected root canal next to an incisor tooth. This infection occurred two weeks after I had that tooth capped. So the dentist caused this infection. I thought the tooth would have to be pulled which was terrible news for me.

So I tried the following protocol: Take 1/2 teaspoon gum turpentine. Don't swallow it just keep the turps over the infected area in your mouth for at least 2 minutes or for as long as possible. Turps is quickly absorbed by the skin and gums. I did this protocol every day, once a day. In a week the pain was greatly reduced and after a month no more pain. The turps completely killed the root canal infection and I still have that tooth today, pain free. So if this protocol worked to clear out a deep root canal infection it should also work to disinfect and heal a tooth abscess.


Wed, 28 Nov 18 21:19:13 -0800
Posted by Sofia (Colombia.) on 11/28/2018

hello. thanks for earth clinic I treated my self and cure many things with the advice. thanks.

Theres so many supplemets on this list. my uncle metastasid on hip and spine. is there a way to give this via iv. we giving him vit c this way. also cbc rectally. and orally during day. just ordered all I could find. couldnt find zinc chloride. I found zinc sulfate iv. is thats ok?

he has renal failure, diabetis. insulin everyday. swollen ankles and wrist. we stopped oxy cause he halucinates.

thanks for any help.

 Re: Treat for Tooth Abscess for Bursitis Issues

Wed, 28 Nov 18 21:18:44 -0800
Posted by Bj (Michigan) on 11/28/2018

OHR, are you oil pulling? I mixed about 1/4 cup of oil, tea of activated charcoal, and about 10 drops of oregano oil in a small bottle, for my husband to use for oil pulling as he has had issues with infections in his teeth. It seems to help tremendously. The oil mixture needs to be shaken vigorously before using as the charcoal settles into the bottom of the bottle. ~Bj

 Re: Treat for Tooth Abscess for Bursitis Issues

Wed, 28 Nov 18 21:17:10 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/28/2018

HI U JIM,,,,,,, already started on your coconut flakes. Thanks for the tip. My last name is not Henry. That is my middle name. Way back when in the South, when yo Momma got mad at you she called you by your double name. My middle name is Henry. I figure most have the ass at me, so I go by Robert Henry full time. I like to have fun and don't take life too serious.

I do appreciate folks like you that share what they have learned in life. I see my heart doctor Friday and want him to do another extraction fraction test to see what my 30 EDTA Chelations have done along with my Vit K protocol. I am also doing the Serapeptase thing. He blows smoke up my skirt by saying that he cures heart problems with nutrition. He has no clue. I use him for tests.

I go to my anti-aging doctor tomorrow and she will fill my fanny with Testosterone pellets. She also regulates my Estradiol .

Jim, I got a theory why we need term limits. Testosterone can aromatize into Esterdiol but not vice versa. That is the reason old men are ole wemmins. That's the reason old men cry. They are no longer warriors, they are wimps.

That is the reason our nation is in this condition, too many old men and plastic. Look it up. Not going to be my problem in a few years.


 Re: Slowing Early Puberty

Wed, 28 Nov 18 08:53:14 -0800
Posted by Trisha (Okc) on 11/27/2018

If that shot of immunoglobulin is the same as the tetanus then it has the DTaP or the Tdap vaccine in it. It sounds like from reading one of the previous comments that needing a liver cleanse could contribute to early puberty. I'm not sure if I'm understanding that correctly. But vaccines and other types of shots definitely do wreak havoc on liver and kidneys the most I think. I don't have any other information.

 Re: Vaginal Prolapse

Wed, 28 Nov 18 08:52:31 -0800
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 11/28/2018

I must research this exercise. Readers be forewarned if you are considering a mesh for prolapse. It certainly has not been perfected and there is a class action going by those who've had the surgery.

 Re: Treat for Tooth Abscess for Bursitis Issues

Wed, 28 Nov 18 08:52:15 -0800
Posted by Jim (Frostburg, Md) on 11/28/2018

Nice to hear from you, Mr. Henry. From my own experience I can agree raw garlic will effectively 'cure' a swollen infected tooth; but it seems unable to clear up any remaining infection at the root. The only remedy I've found to rid a root-infection is raw sweetened flaked coconut from the grocery baking aisle. I now believe flaked coconut can remedy just about any fungus, mold, virus, or bacterial infection within the body. I have found coconut oil good but not as effective.

Basic directions: Chew and swallow 2 or 3 rounded teaspoon-fulls of the flaked coconut per day. Being straight 'up front' here, I've never read of coconut curing a root-abscess anywhere; I only found this by a happy accident. In my own case the pain was gone in 24 hours. I couldn't believe it but a month later the pain began coming back. I chewed some more and 24-hours later, gone again.

Raw coconut has become my 'go-to' remedy. If I feel myself coming down with a cold or flu virus I take a rounded tsp 5-6 times per day.

BTW, I make a tea of the raw coconut using boiling water for my cats, giving them an eyedropper-squirt when one seems to be suffering various health troubles. I used to give them garlic tea and though it seemed to help, they hated garlic. I'll also share that between fresh raw chicken, the coconut tea, and some fish oil, all of my cat-health issues seem to be solved.

 Re: Treat for Tooth Abscess for Bursitis Issues

Wed, 28 Nov 18 08:51:46 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 11/28/2018

ORH, besides whatever else you're doing for that tooth, try rinsing with baking soda water after each time you eat or drink anything but water.

 Re: Hyperparathyroidism

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:57:22 -0800
Posted by Aline Snoeyink (Wyoming Mi) on 11/27/2018

When suggesting 1-2 drops Lugol's, are you referring to 2% or 5% solution?

One more thing, thank you for the clarity in presenting answers for our questions. I searched for over an hour prior to finding your web site!

  Supplements for Essential Tremors

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:56:28 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/27/2018

Essential Tremors - I'd like to up my dosage of Mag. Glycinate. I'm taking 400 mg total per day right not. I was taking the Mag. citrate with this to equal 600 magnesium mg per day but I feel more confident about just taking the glycinate. I did read a blurb on how good the Mag. malate is as well so I may even change over to that. It will be 2 months for me being on the magnesium, and my tremors are better at times, but very bad at other times still. Any advice is welcome. What I'd like to try is what another gal is taking and that is the following, and she had a blood pressure issue so I don't know if this kind of a regime would help my tremor but I'm willing to try. Really like to hear from some of you on this amount though. This lady is taking the following amounts, and I'll just copy and paste her routine. She no longer has any blood pressure issues:

"i used to have high blood pressure I take 2 kal glycinate and 2 source naturals ultra mag in the am 2 ultra mag in the afternoon and 2 glycinate and 2 ultra mag in the eve before bed . I weigh 110 lbs and my blood pressure is 114 over 70 most times. I hope that helps. it took me 3 weeks before my blood pressure came down."

Borax + Other Remedies Causing Lots of Side Effects

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:51:32 -0800
Posted by Hina (Sindh) on 11/27/2018
0 out of 5 stars

I have reactive arthritis since 5 years. I'm on day 5 of using borax (two pinch), Baking soda 1/2 teaspoon in half glass of water, ACV, Coconut Oil two times a day 1, I have left wheat, sugar and also doing juice fasting(vegetables mostly). I'm feeling energized but with side effects - low back pain shoulder pain pinched nerves in elbow and lot of acne (milia) comes up on face. I also have dry eyes due to ReA. Hoping I will recover fast. Do anybody have this kind of side effect and when they will subside?

Treat for Tooth Abscess for Bursitis Issues

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:49:10 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/27/2018


HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, my latest ail is in my left shoulder and arm. I have been adding liniment and DMSO and going to my Chiropractor. Nothing is helping, so I went on EC ailments and guess what ...... I think my problem is due to an a abscessed tooth which I have been trying to treat with my PEMF device and garlic. I have designed a treatment plan from what I read on EC. That will include castor oil and DMSO, ACV and ginger root. I may have to pull the tooth and my hi dollar dentist says he wants $4000 for a bridge. The jaw bone is gone or he would he would do an implant. Dang, I'm 82, and I can chew on the right side.

There is some good logic to have all your teeth pulled in your old age. Your teeth are in your communication system throughout your body and can cause you misery. Our ancestors knew this. There is a reason the Native Americans had a MEDICINE MAN that knew to sweat to detox.

I am going to continue to address my abscessed tooth and my shoulder.

But my advice to you is not to get old. All you can do is tell stories.


Nattokinase for Gallbladder Polyp

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:45:50 -0800
Posted by Sariray (Ny) on 11/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Had a moderately sized 5mm gallbladder polyp. was recommended the enzyme nattokinase by my natural health proffessional. Took it twice a day, on an empty stomach. After 4-5 months went for follow up sonogram and polyp is no longer there!!

Remedies Needed for Adult With ADHD

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:44:19 -0800
Posted by Joseph G (Mechanicsville, Va) on 11/27/2018

I think I have ADD. I can't sleep at night because my brain goes into overdrive, I have a hard time focusing/concentrating on anything, since childhood, and daydream constantly (my daydreams are much nicer than my daily life! ). I've been taking benadryl, 25 mg, at bedtime for sleep but don't want to do that long term. Does anyone have suggestions for me? I'me 60+ years old and would like to have a calm, restfull night and stop the daydreaming.

  Re: Dietary Changes for Hot Flashes

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:42:44 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/27/2018

I too believe it's an imbalance. I am still getting hotflashes during the day, and while I'm reading in bed before I fall asleep. I also think I can think myself into a hotflash. But I am taking the advice on the ACV, as well as other supplements I need to get that balance. Before I started on this journey to better health (with EarthClinic guidance) I remember now that I was sweating profusely when I got a hotflash. I'm not anymore, and the hotflashes are way, less intense. So something is working. My food intakes is mostly vegetables, then fish/poultry, then fruits right with my meals. Then I also use them as snacks in between. I drink water mainly, love Ginger Tea (I grate the root and make my own), and add Blackstrap Molasses to that. I also use Coconut Oil every day by scooping a tbsp of it into a glass container with a lid, and setting it in warm water til it melts. Then I just drink it. I am hoping to be rid of the body-temp swings eventually.

Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement for RLS

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:42:10 -0800
Posted by Rita (Virginia) on 11/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I've gotten great relief from RLS by taking a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement just before climbing into bed at night (or if the RLS bothers me earlier in the evening, I'll take the supplement then). Within 15 minutes of taking the supplement, my RLS symptoms go away. This has been working consistently for several years and I'm posting this in hopes that it may help others. When I first tackled the RLS problem, I tried just taking individual supplements since I had read that a potassium, magnesium or iron deficiency could be causing the RLS, but the individual supplement method didn't help my problem. Apparently, in my case there must be a deficiency of several minerals. As long as I take the multiple vitamin and mineral supplement, I don't suffer from RLS. That's why I think that RLS sufferers get relief by taking black strap molasses since it contains many minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.

  Re: Importance of Creosote Sweeping Log to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Fireplaces

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:39:27 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/27/2018

KT, think you are right about the small fires, but our family room is 22' high and the flue is close to that. Even a small fire will run us out of the house.

What I've learned is that safety is knowing how to handle something. I've handled lot of hazardous materials in my life and a soaked corn cob is not a problem. We used that trick most of our lives. I thank you for your concern however.

I am going to get some of those logs.


  Re: Essential Tremors Thread

Tue, 27 Nov 18 16:39:03 -0800
Posted by Earth Clinic (La) on 11/27/2018

To everyone following this wonderful thread... please note that we will moving the site shortly to a new platform and the "notify me" email function will not be available to start with. You will be still, however, be able to find this thread on the new platform under the Ailments - Essential Tremors.

Comments will NOT have the notify me option to begin with, but we hope to add that customized component in time.

Garlic for BV

Tue, 27 Nov 18 09:02:51 -0800
Posted by M (New York, Ny) on 11/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I tried vinegar douches which only helped with smell, peroxide douches which helped with smell but caused burning, garlic bulb insert which made it worse just to name a few.
What worked for me was natural garlic pills which contained powder and at least 400mg. I took 3 pills every eight hours (3x a day) for a week. For the first time I didn't have to harm my body with flagyl.

 Re: Vaginal Prolapse

Tue, 27 Nov 18 09:02:18 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 11/27/2018

Charity, in Europe they are using hypopressive exercises for prolapse. I don't know if it's "in" in America.