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Magnesium for Esophageal Spasms

6 days ago
Posted by Jim (Mount Albert, Ontario ) on 03/24/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Esophageal Spasms

Recovering from food poisoning, I found that I was going through severe heartburn and esophageal spasms. Very painful. I suspected that it might be due to a magnesium deficiency. I took a 150g capsule of Magnesium citrate with a little bit of water, and within twenty minutes or so my spasms started to disappear. It also appeared to have helped my heartburn also. Very inexpensive and effective. God Bless.

  Re: Aloe with Beta-Mannan for HPV

6 days ago
Posted by Raul (United States) on 03/24/2023

Is it vera or Beta? Thank you

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide for HPV

6 days ago
Posted by Raul (United States ) on 03/24/2023

I would like any info on this please, if anyone knows. My girlfriend was diagnosed with abnormal cervix and would like info on hydrogen peroxide please. Thank you in advance 😢😢

  Re: Explanation Needed on Liver Detox Remedy

7 days ago
Posted by Bobbie (Sacramento ) on 03/24/2023
5 out of 5 stars

I need to detox after TKA (total knee arthroplasty) and six weeks of meds! So you swallow the garlic and mix the vinegar in the tea to sip?

  Re: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Lung Cancer

7 days ago
Posted by Matthew (Weare, NH) on 03/24/2023

Not sure if you are still on here but how are things going with remission? I just started taking hydrogen peroxide but looking for guidance. Thank you. Best regards, Matthew

  Re: Autoimmune Hepatitis

7 days ago
Posted by Susan A. (USA) on 03/24/2023

Hi Jan, I just read your post from 2018, I want to know how you are now. There is something in common we have, my autoimmune hep. was also caused by meds. an antibiotic they gave for an UTI. And the fact that I have RA didn't help I guess. I've been taking strong meds since 2019, that was the only way they could bring my liver enzymes to a normal range. They were through the roof. Scary. But 8 months ago I decided to reduce my dosage to a minimal. Big mistake, my AST and ALT are higher now. That means I can never get off the medication. It's very sad, as I'm afraid of the consequences of a weakened immune system.

  Re: Remedies to Prevent Kidney Disease

7 days ago
Posted by Dave (Auburn, WA) on 03/24/2023

Do you have a high amount of Uric acid in your system? If so sugar is bad. Black cherry juice may help reduce it.

  Re: Vitamin A

7 days ago
Posted by Susan (Portugal) on 03/24/2023

Hi BevilNC, do you have personal experience with the Vitamin A approach? From my research this seems to have some promising outcomes, but there is some downsides to Vitamin A overdosing..

  Re: BHT Safe for Dogs?

7 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 03/24/2023


BHT is used in dog food to prevent the oils and fats from becoming bad or rancid as described in the following article :

Here are two relevant quotes :

'Butylated hydroxytoluene is an additive often used in dog food to prevent the oils and the fats within the food from going bad. Spoiled dog food could potentially make your dog sick. So BHT is added to extend the life of the dog food as it sits on store shelves. BHT added to food preserves the shelf life of a manufactured dog food. Some dog owners ask themselves just how long they would like their dog's food to be preserved. '

'BHT is a known carcinogen and has been linked to cancer in lab animals.

As a responsible dog owner, reading labels and providing an affordable yet quality food for your dog is not difficult to do. Look for synthetic or chemical-sounding ingredients on dog food packaging. These ingredients will typically be low on the ingredient list because they are added only to preserve to food, giving it the ability to sit on a grocery store or pet store shelf longer. '

On the other hand, the following article says BHT is dangerous also :

Here is a relevant quote :

' It seems the same chemical qualities which make BHT an effective preservative can also make it a suspect for causing cancerous tumors.

Some evidence has suggested certain individuals may have difficulty breaking down the chemical in the liver — which is capable of causing notable behavioral changes.

BHT has been banned as a preservative in food in the countries of Japan, Romania, Sweden and Australia.

Perhaps it is worth asking your vet in order to get more perspective on the use of BHT for your dog.


  Re: Carditone for High Blood Pressure

7 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 03/24/2023

You're very welcome, Colleen, I just wish that they had a workaround for you. On a related note, I did get some benefit from beet root powder capsules, but not as good as Carditone. The beet root powder(BRP) definitely brought my blood pressure down significantly and for some people it has been very effective. One difference I noticed between the two is that if I missed a dose of BRP, it was evident in my pressure reading, whereas if I missed a dose of Carditone it wasn't evident. If you decide to try BRP, please come back and let us know how it worked for you.


 Re: Help Using Garlic Allicin for Tooth Infection (Periapical Abscess)

7 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 03/24/2023


Just in case the garlic doesn't pan out for you, I have a friend who said he always clears tooth infections with antibiotics, but he doesn't swallow the antibiotic. He dissolves the pill or capsule contents in water and then wets a cotton ball with the antibiotic solution and places the cotton ball between the infected tooth and the gum and leaves it there for an hour and removes it. He repeats this process for 3 days and says the it has always worked for him.

Myself, I prefer using colloidal silver in a similar fashion, but more frequently and the infection is usually gone in one and a half to three days.


  Kefir and Vancomycin Taper for C Diff (2)

7 days ago
Posted by Morninglaurie (Michigan) on 03/24/2023

By the way, he had been taking probiotic capsules (100 billion, refrigerated kind- got the ones with the most different strains-the brand name escapes me) for years…no longer takes them, the kefir seems to keep him steady (the pills get expensive. The didn't keep him from getting c diff, nor did they seem to help with the Vancomycin taper. Just our experience.

Cream of Tartar, Essential Oils Antibiotic-Resistant UTI

7 days ago
Posted by Torontogirl (FLA) on 03/23/2023
5 out of 5 stars

I found using cream of tartar and internal ingestion of essential oils finally cured a nasty antibiotic resistant UTI.

The oils I used were mostly Juniper, and less of Eucalyptus, Lavendar and Siberian Pine.

The UTI calmed down within a day!

Kefir and Vancomycin Taper for C Diff

7 days ago
Posted by Morninglaurie (Michigan) on 03/24/2023
5 out of 5 stars

I posted this on here a moment ago, but as a reply so I am not sure where it went.

My husband contracted c diff in the hospital…and began a years long battle with it. Eventually had a fecal transplant which took care of it for a while. But with frequent hospitalizations and antibiotics (he has multiple health issues resulting in kidney infections and sepsis) we seldom were off of the vancomycin —-and rarely got to the “taper” part.

We were at the point of wanting another fecal transplant, but during covid, obtaining “clean” fecal matter was a problem. His infectious disease doctor recommended trying kefir and a Vancomycin taper, sending us a study (small, and maybe a pre-study-I tried to find exactly what she sent us, but I believe the link above is it or discusses it).

The conclusion of the small study was that it was as effective or almost as effective as a fecal transplant.

He took 5 oz of Lifeway kefir 4x a day, and did the Vancomycin taper. It worked. He still takes kefir twice daily, and I eventually ordered kefir grains online and began making my own as the store was sometimes out of it. (Homemade is supposed to have twice the probiotics in it)

It has been at least two years now that he has been free of c. Diff.

Recently I was on an antibiotic that gave me diarrhea so I started taking 4 oz of kefir daily….it helped.

I hope this helps someone out there…c.diff is a terribly difficult thing to get rid of.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Stopped Hair Loss, Sinus Infections

7 days ago
Posted by JC (Pennsylvania) on 03/23/2023

So glad to hear this worked for you. Can you please tell me where or the website you purchased the food grade Hydrogen Peroxide and what was the protocol you followed. Many Thanks!

  Re: Herx Reaction From Turpentine

7 days ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 03/24/2023

Another way to get turpentine gum spirits into the blood, take it thoroughly mixed with a few tablespoons of water or milk on an empty stomach. This is how most people in Eastern Europe take this remedy as a blood cleanser. This approach seems to be effective against diseases outside the intestines.

 Re: How To Prevent Early Am Heart Failure / Attack?

7 days ago
Posted by Sam (Miami ) on 03/24/2023


I wish it was that simple.

 Re: How To Prevent Early Am Heart Failure / Attack?

7 days ago
Posted by SBH (Seattle) on 03/22/2023

Hello Sam,

I worked for heart and vascular surgeons for over a decade and performed vascular exams.

Unfortunately, I woke up one morning (2022) with unmistakable and classic heart attack symptoms (extreme bilateral radiating jaw pain, chest pain as if an elephant is sitting on your chest, etc...). Many believe these attacks occur after the "shots". I was in shock because I was an athlete for a long time, eat a healthy diet and am relatively young-ish.

The first thing I remembered was what these surgeons taught: drink a huge glass of water if this happens in the morning because it is often due to dehydration which exacerbates predisposing risk factors. This is one of the reasons why many heart attacks occur in the morning, especially with women.

I drank the glass of water (I always keep a huge covered glass of water next to my bed) thinking it probably would not work and I was a complete goner since I was alone. UNBELIEVABLY, the heart attack symptoms gradually went away over about 15 minutes. I was very scared. After an hour or two with no symptoms, I carefully got out of bed.

Also, I pressed very hard and, for a long time, on one of the key acupuncture points for heart attacks - just below the nose.

Throughout that day I continued to drink a lot of water and also took a huge number of clot-busting enzymes and cayenne pepper tincture and capsules. Both of these are documented to treat heart attacks.

I did not go the hospital because everyone was scared of going to the hospitals due to the Covid issues.

My heart attack symptoms have not reappeared. No heart symptoms at all.

I am very thankful for the training and education I have had in vascular diseases as I think it saved my life along with prayer.

  Re: Methylene Blue for Cancer

7 days ago
Posted by Sam (Miami ) on 03/24/2023

Buy already diluted from compass labs, for example.

Help Using Garlic Allicin for Tooth Infection (Periapical Abscess)

7 days ago
Posted by Martin (Detroit) on 03/24/2023

Hi Contributors at EarthClinic

Please help :

X ray showed there is an infection at the root of the tooth ( periapical abscess ). The doctor said root canal is needed. I told the doctor not to do a root canal just yet. So the doctor has only drained the abscess . Pain is now gone . No further swelling or abscess so far .

Question: is there a way to cure the infection with Garlic / Allicin ( already tried antibiotics which probably only managed to limit the infection but not cure it) i.e. if we do another x ray sometime later and we should be able to see that the infection is gone.

I feel Garlic / Allicin can help to drain the abscess but question is - are they also capable of curing the infection itself which is the source of that abscess? and if yes then How? Antibiotics don't work because they cannot reach the bacteria due to there being no blood vessels to transport to the site of infection, so how can Garlic / Allicin reach the infection?