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  Re: Black Walnut Tooth Powder

1 month ago
Posted by Lynn (Iowa) on 03/10/2024

Have lost a couple fillings so have been rinsing my mouth with a dropperful of black walnut hull tincture in ~1oz of water. It may be working to keep cavities from growing but it stains my teeth, which is unfortunate. Is there a workaround that won't stain my teeth?

  Re: High-Dose Nattokinase for Atherosclerosis

1 month ago
Posted by Archie (California) on 03/10/2024

I had a higher Blood pressure than you have probably ever heard of. I started doing a lot of things to reduce it so all I take now is a low dose of bp med. Not sure what lowered it so much but here is a list of what I did. Quit drinking alcohol, started walking about 2 miles a day Started fasting once a week, Started eating approximatly 2 grams of cayanne pre day, Started lifting weights high reps. I also take Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, K2, D3. My high blood pressure was so high it scared me into doing all of the above. The reading that scared me was taken in the morning after a hot shower when it should be the lowest. My bp machine wouldn't ever register the first several times. so I relaxed for 5 minutes. When it finally registered, it was 245/190. Now it is around 130/70.

 Re: Need Help for Sister With Copper Toxicity

1 month ago
Posted by Art (California) on 03/10/2024

Hi Laura,

I'm glad that she is finally able to eat more and different foods.

The drug that is needed for excess ammonia that reaches the brain is called lactulose and her doctor would have to prescribe it. It helps to prevent the formation of ammonia which can cause brain fog and confusion. If her doctor won't test her liver enzymes then he most likely isn't going to prescribe it for her.

Depending on the dose of lactulose that is prescribed, at low dose lactulose can act as a prebiotic that feeds health promoting gut bacteria and is healthful for the gut microbiome and increases short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which are health improving as discussed here. on the dose used, Figure 3) (1).

At higher dose it can act as a treatment for constipation or act as an ammonia reducer.

Doctor's won't normally prescribe it for ammonia without first testing the liver enzyme levels to make sure they are elevated and causing the problem. If it is possible, she might try another doctor who will work to find out what is causing her problems. I know insurance can be a problem when trying to switch doctors, but her health is important. She might ask her friends if they have a doctor who they feel does a good job for them in order to try and find a new doctor who will work with her to resolve her health issues. I could make supplement suggestions, but I would just be guessing at the problem. She really needs the liver enzyme and kidney function tests in order to know if one or both are compromised. It requires just one syringe of blood to run both blood tests and the results can be available in as little as two days. I just don't understand why her doctor won't do this???


Olive Oil Health Benefits?

1 month ago
Posted by Gracie (Nottingham) on 03/10/2024


I've just purchased a bottle of the above oil, and it didn't come cheap! I received it three days ago, and been taking a tablespoonful every morning before breakfast and one last thing at night, so I'm unable to comment on its effectiveness.

The taste is not unpleasant, and mixed with some apple cider vinegar would make an excellent salad dressing. And, of course, it can be poured over or added to other dishes.

The Mediterranean diet is universally acknowledged as being one of the healthiest diets, primarily because of the recommended high levels of fruit, vegetables, fish, and olive oil. Up to the present I've followed a healthy diet, but the virgin olive oil that I've used has come from a local supermarket, however I cannot claim that I'm bursting with health. But that may be due to my advanced years!

The above oil claims numerous health benefits, such as preventing cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss, to name a few. So my question is, has anyone taken it and derived any benefits? Or have I been persuaded to make an unnecessary purchase through a clever advertising ploy?

 Re: Need Help for Sister With Copper Toxicity

1 month ago
Posted by Laura (Waukesha, WI) on 03/10/2024

Is there a way to block the ammonia? What should she do if it happens again? She has been to 5 different natural doctors (in addition to her OB and the E.R.). One of then gave her dmsa, but she was afraid to take it in case it would strip more minerals and make things worse. She plans to start taking it soon. She believes her liver is getting better, based ok her own research. She is now able to eat yogurt. apple sauce/apple juice and small sips of coconut water.

 Re: Need Help for Sister With Copper Toxicity

1 month ago
Posted by Laura (author) (Waukesha, WI) on 03/10/2024

Thank you for all of the info. My sister went to the E.R. and they did nothing. My understanding is that the medical industry currently only recognizes a genetic disease called Wilson's as the cause of copper toxicity and refuses to acknowledge over-exposure as a cause. My sister's doctor tried to convince her she had magically developed an auto-immune disorder and she had to fight to get her IUD taken out.

  Activated Charcoal for Blocked Eustachian Tube

1 month ago
Posted by Judy (ut) on 03/09/2024

How much charcoal and oil do you use for eustachion tube help?

  Re: Baker's Cyst on the Left Knee

1 month ago
Posted by Soapy (US) on 03/10/2024

Raydel: I was diagnosed with a Baker's Cyst. My Orthopedic doc said it could be drained in his office. I have not had it done because he said mine was not that big. If it gets worse we can talk again. Talk with your Ortho doc.

  Re: Swollen Ankle

1 month ago
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 03/10/2024

Hi Jean

They do call D.M.S.O. a miracle for what it can do; for a swollen joint, I read that if you grade a small potato and apply it to the joint, it will take the swollen area away.

Barbra O Neil is on YouTube and has a lot of interesting videos..

take care


  Borax Baths

1 month ago
Posted by Elizabeth (Raleigh NC 27612) on 03/10/2024

I have fibromyalgia. Borax baths help me to sleep. Love them.

  Re: Swollen Ankle

1 month ago
Posted by Jean (N. Central Texas) on 03/09/2024

I've found if you treat your bruise quickly with DMSO, it will not swell, bruise or be painful. I've heard that if you treat a stroke victim within an hour with DMSO, it will reverse the stroke. OldGlory

  Re: Mites

1 month ago
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 03/09/2024

Hi Robin

I had scabies and got rid of them with Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It will kill all parasites, mites, ants, bed bugs, fleas, and more. Take 1/4-1/2 plastic spoon only in a coffee cup of water daily. Sprinkle on the area daily/, do this for 90 days. This will kill the ones that hatch. Remember it has to say Food-grade diatomaceous Earth. You can sprinkle it on pets as well.

Hope this helps


  Re: Impetigo

1 month ago
Posted by Pam E. (SW California) on 03/09/2024

Nutribiotic makes a liquid GrapeFruit Seed Extract. A little of that mixed into Aloe Vera Gel & applied topically may have taken care of Diane's Impetigo on her leg (with or without taking the GfSE orally). GfSE *is* an antibiotic, & Nutribiotic's *is* effective on most things I've used it for, but it *must* be diluted first. And one should take probiotics aafter ingesting it, as it destroys the *good* along with *bad* gut bacteria.

Oregano Juice for Baby Cough

1 month ago
Posted by Daren (Leyte Philippines) on 03/09/2024

My 1 year old half filipino son has had an on again/off again cough for 6 months. He's been through several courses of antibiotics. His mother and I became tired of giving our son antibiotics because we know the negative effects of doing that frequently and he's still so young that we don't want to destroy his good gut bacteria, and he would never fully recover from the antibiotics, it would just make him kind of better for awhile then come back.

I learned that in the Philippines a common remedy for children's cough is oregano juice. Here is how you make it, it's so simple! Use 5 small leaves of FRESH oregano. The small leaves are about the size of a U.S. quarter or 10 piece peso. If using the bigger leaves then use 2-3 leaves. (this type of oregano is the kind with thicker leaves, with a fury underside, typically referred to as greek/indian/mexican oregano)

You rinse them well under clean running water, and rub ur fingers on all surfaces of the leaf to clean it well. Then set the leaves aside. Boil a small amount of water. about 1/4 cup. once the water begins to boil remove it from flame. Put your cleaned oregano leaves in a coffee mug or bowl, pour the hot water over the leaves, just enough water to give you a couple tablespoons of liquid. Then mash/squeeze the leaves using fingers or spoon very well until the water turns brownish/yellowish/orangish. do the mashing/squeezing for about 5 minutes. Then remove and discard the leaves.

You will be left with oregano juice liquid. You can add a little sugar to it to make it taste sweet for a baby. (But do NOT use honey for baby)

Give this liquid to baby 3 times daily. (morning, afternoon, night)

My son was so sick he was coughing all night, and it was the painful kind of cough. this went on for about 6 months and I became very worried about pneumonia.

The oregano brought him back to normal in about 5-7 days. We also put him on a rice porridge diet during that same time. (just boiled rice until very soft/mush with enough water to make it like a soup. kind of like oatmeal.) We also added a pinch of sea salt to each meal.

Oregano has been proven scientifically to kill many of the viruses/bacteria that cause pneumonia. This is listed on the NIH gov website. It is also synergistic in it's effect when used with traditional antibiotics.

I feel MUCH better now knowing that I have this remedy to use for next time he gets sick. It's very effective and I don't have to worry about wrecking his natural immune system with antibiotics everytime. I believe antibiotics from the doctor have their place and time but just not everytime, and especially not repeatedly for months.

  ReL Methylene Blue and Vitamin C for Candidiasis

1 month ago
Posted by redragonmagic (florida) on 03/09/2024

I take MB with ascorbic acid (vit. c), 1% or 2.33% MB and a approx 1/8 tsp vit c powder in h2o. my MB dose is not always the same, as it depends on which dilution I use. if using 1%, then I take approx 20 drops 2x/day (so, 40 drops/day) from the supplied dropper to = 10mg 2x/day (20mg/day) for tinnitus, which it has helped. As an aside, my memory has improved. I was actually taking more MB but it gave me really loose stool so I backed off to this dose, which is fine. We'll see how it goes. I also take a day off from MB every so often.

  Re: Apricot Seed Protocol for Cancer

1 month ago
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 03/09/2024

Hi Tammy

On youtube, look up Dr.Lenard Coldwell.. He is #1 Cancer naturalist, he says 12 seeds a day. He has a 95% cure rate. Lots of videos.

God Bless


  Hydrogen Peroxide for BV

1 month ago
Posted by Kim (NC) on 03/09/2024

Hi. I'm trying the hydrogen peroxide 3% for BV and wondering after I douche if I then rinse with vinegar & water after the 3 minutes, or leave it as it is. Some websites say 3% is not enough and you need 6% strength. You are saying to dilute even the 3% down to half and half! I'm a bit confused. And also -like I mentioned -do I douche and leave alone-- or rinse out after 3 minutes with vinegar and water?? Just not sure at the end what I do...leave it or rinse

  Brand of Aloe Vera Juice Safe for Cats?

1 month ago
Posted by Eve (Toronto, Canada) on 03/09/2024

The vet said that my cat has the potential to have CRF. I want to buy aloe juice for him but the organic one from Lily of Desert has organic lemon juice concentrate and I know that citrus is toxin to cats. The one from George's isn't organic and it just shows from aloe vera leave on the bottle without mention which part of the leave. The juice from Lakewood has organic lemon juice concentrate too.

I don't know what to do now, any suggestion please? Thanks!

Borax for Dental Health

1 month ago
Posted by DANIEL (CALIFORNIA USA) on 03/08/2024

Borax Powder for dental teeth and gums issues

I have several dental issues, broken and cracked teeth and cavities and receding gums

I tried baking soda and bentonite clay powder and nothing seemed to help it it just got worse

I started to put some borax on my tooth brush and started brushing my teeth and gums

It seems to be working my teeth feel so clean and my gums don't hurt and my receding gums seem to be better

I plan to continue using borax brush my teeth and I think in 30 days I should have some very positive results

  Statin Use and NK

1 month ago
Posted by Art (California) on 03/09/2024

Hi Jim,

If your doctor won't help you on that front, your pharmacist can check the compatibility of the two together. My doctor always asks me everything I am taking and each visit he asks if I have added any new supplements or stopped taking any and if I have, he adds it to my file or deletes it from my file as the case may be. He is looking for potential interactions and potential negative reactions to the supplements. When I added nattokinase/K2, he ran a liver enzyme test and a kidney function test to make sure it was not impacting those organs negatively since I am looking at longer term use. He also checked because of my long term use of high dose melatonin as well as topical melatonin.

I really like my doctor because he seems very thorough and intent on trying to maintain my health and I feel he is always honest and straightforward with me and also willing to let me try things such as NK instead of a statin drug. He allowed me the time to test NK and was willing to wait for the results to see if I could avoid the statin drug. He did say that if it didn't work, then I would have to go with a statin to get my cholesterol into a more optimal place.